Rude Tales of Magic
Rude Tales of Magic
Rude Tales of Magic
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Branson Reese and his jester's retinue, Christopher Hastings, Carly Monardo, Tim Platt, Joe Lepore, and Ali Fisher, buck and bumble through the magical backwater world of Cordelia. One hopes you enjoy both japes AND scrapes, because honestly, it would be impossible to disentangle one from the other, given their profound entwinement in this particular piece of entertainment. Produced by Taylor Moore @ Fortunate Horse.
The Shish Kebab Express
Oct 21
1 hr 30 min
Rain of Terror
Snatched! In the midst of hard won revelations and a daring jailhouse rescue, our heroes have been taken by the most freshman cult in Cordelia. What plans do the Fractus stans have in store? Can Count Ivan weather the storm? And who will reckon with the Devil of the Desert? All this and infinitely more, awaits you....if you dare.
Oct 13
1 hr 36 min
UNLOCKED: Blood Tales of Depravity
Ever wanted to hear “The Rude Crew” play Vampire: The Masquerade? No? Well eat shit because -due to our producer falling ill- it’s HERE! That’s right this BONUS EPISODE has crash landed on the shores of Whitby and is available FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION! Revel in this “music of the night” as a team of vampires go absolutely apeshit on the biggest apple of them all: New York City. Blood, intrigue, and mesh shirts abound in this FORBIDDEN episode of Rude Tales of Magic. This ain’t your daddy’s TTRPG, unless your dad is a goth guy from the 90s. Priests… you MIGHT wanna skip this one.
Oct 6
2 hr 30 min
A Stranger Comes to Town
It's been over a month since the destruction of Mt. Fractus, and our heroes find themselves settled into their new lives in the Trashlands. But when a stranger with a glint in his eye comes to town, the gang discovers he's brought deception, death, and discovery along for the ride. Can our crew survive each other and the consequences of their actions long enough to survive the Trashlands? And if not here....where?
Sep 22
1 hr 26 min
TEASER Lasers and Feelings #1
To whet your appetites until the return of the Polaris University gang in two weeks, listen to this: a new trailer for our just released Lasers and Feelings episode. NOW ON PATREON!!! Joe Lepore guides dangerous Dr. Meredith Gray (Ali Fisher), mixologist alien Groomda (Tim Platt), protocol droid Threadcount-900 (Christopher Hastings), and hotshot pilot Legs Loveless (Producer Taylor Moore) on a madcap and self destructive space adventure as they race aboard their spaceship the Raptor to try and stop galactic armageddon. Lasers and Feelings is a great game, and if you've never played before this is actually a pretty good introduction. Whodda thunk.
Sep 8
3 min
[Miniseries] Come at the King: The Final Chapter
Aug 25
1 hr 56 min
[Miniseries] Come at the King: Chapter 6
**NEW DIGITAL LIVE SHOW on AUGUST 28TH** Get tickets now at rudetalesofmagic dot com! Meanwhile in Part 6, the chickens (and the harpies) are coming home to roost. Promises are broken, hidden agendas are revealed, and the clown inside takes the center ring. All this and a disastrous introduction to the gothic southern swamps of...LAROQUETTE! THE END IS NIGH
Aug 12
1 hr 30 min
[Miniseries] Come at the King: Chapter 5
A single moment of chaos and madness throws the fate of the entire Cordelian Empire into question as our heroes face the final, shocking carnage of the Power Ball. But perhaps the greatest danger they face is merely the darkness within...themselves! Also hello! We have our FIRST T-SHIRTS up for sale at Theeeeeyyyy'rrree GREAT!
Jul 28
1 hr 15 min
[Miniseries] Come at the King: Chapter 4
It's high crimes, light treason, and social faux pas par excellence at the Power Ball in the caverns beneath Payola, and our inverted-heroes (the opposite of heroes in a way if you think about it) must navigate the slippery social ladder and high society chaos as their prey draws breathlessly near. Masks on, listener, and save a spot on your dance card...for danger!
Jul 14
1 hr 23 min
[Miniseries] Come at the King: Chapter 3
From low life hit men to haute couture fisticuffs, this week our not-so-merry band of journeymen killers-for-hire bounce from frying pan to fire as they find a way to turn even the acts of sleeping and buying a new shirt into high stakes emotional battles of life, death and of course...FASHION. hon hon hon.
Jul 1
1 hr 13 min
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