Round Springfield
Round Springfield
Allie Goertz, Julia Prescott, and Maximum Fun
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Best. Podcast. Ever.
Two words: I love it!
I’ve burned through the entire series and it was time well spent! The show is funny, informative and an excellent listen for any fan!
Feels like Home
Listening to this podcast, it feels like I'm in good company. It feels nostalgic, hilarious, and as if I've known these people (hosts and guests) my whole life simply through our connection of the Simpsons. They have so many awesome guests that add their own story of what the Simpsons meant to them either as a viewer or writer, or add to the behind the scenes of the Simpsons. Their final episode is bittersweet as they get to talk to the Simpson’s heavyweight champion. I will miss hear them talk about the Simpsons, but I’m excited to see what they’ll do next.
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Best Simpson podcast ever!
I don’t ever make reviews on any podcast, but working from home has me exploring the podcast world. I tried another show and listened to a few episodes but hated how negative it was. I tried this one out and loved how corny and cute it was! Their banter reminds me of my and my brothers banter! Go banana!
Meana vc
WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE! least I do! I just can’t listen to other Simpsons podcasts, Allie and Julia are the only hosts that make me laugh and keep me interested. Here’s to hoping you two do some extra episodes and get, I don’t know, Matt Groening? That may be far fetched, but Julie Kavner in this setting would be my second dream pick. Third would be Dan Castellaneta. Then Hank Azaria. Probably asking a lot because it’s truly amazing the big time plates that have appeared on this show already. Thank you!!!
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Gripper Love
The julia fan club
Can you guys please send me your self and your friend podcasting with you to come to my 19th birthday party I would like it if you come
Great Show
Very informative. I enjoy this window into the world of animation.
Lord Snerts
Stay away from politics
I am a huge Simpsons fan and enjoyed learning more about writers, producers and cast. However, it is discouraging when the show goes off the rails from time to time with rants about how terrible Trump is. I get it, people in entertainment lean to the left. However, alienating half your shows listeners who lean to the right is not good for ratings. More Simpsons, less politics.
Get over yourselves
Amazing how they can talk about something so funny in such a boring way. The hosts will go on for hours about their personal lives or trump or any other inane subject they can think of and simply won’t stay on topic. How many times an episode do we have to hear you work for mad? Also tons of ads. Do not recommend.
meta mothie
Love 👍👍
Really love this Pod. I love hearing from from the writers, especially Bill Oakley (more please) and Nancy Cartwright was incredible. I know it’s easier said than done but it would be such a thrill to hear from more voice actors and creators.
Great Job.
The best of the Simpsons podcasts out there...very fun and informative without the whining and non-stop political opinions of the others. I would say this will appeal more to the hardcore Simpsons fan but is there really any other kind?
Bake em’ away toys! These ladies have crawled into my heart and I don’t even love the simpsons as hard as they do. I love their friendship and hearing professionals and super fans chat about it.
A Simpsons Podcast That’s Not Really About the Simpsons
You know how Doughboys is a podcast about chain restaurants except that it also kind of isn’t? This podcast is like that but bad. Despite being an episode-based podcast, it rarely offers any interesting insight into its subject matter, instead opting for lazy synopses and half-remembered retellings of jokes that contradict the hosts’ proud self-identification as superfans. Most infuriating, however, is Allie’s constant inability to resist interrupting the conversation to shoehorn anecdotes seemingly meant to prove that she’s lived the most twee life ever.
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Difficult to follow
While the hosts love their subject, you have to be a hardcore Simpson’s fan to enjoy this show. They explain very little and talk over each other a lot. Super fans will enjoy the gush but casual fans will be too confused to gain much insight. I gave it about five episodes.
I call the big one Bitey.
By far the best Simpsons podcast out there.
5 stars. Duh!!!
Downloaded every ep
What a great way to fill in my Simpsons episode gaps!
Best podcast ever!
Allie and Julia are fantastic! They are so fun, and absolutely hilarious. I have listened to all of their episodes. I adore them! I most definitely recommend this podcast!💕
💚 Amber 💜
My favorite!
This is by far my favorite Simpsons podcast. Not only is it hilarious, but I love that it takes on the emotional content and character study that makes the Simpsons such a rich and fascinating topic to explore. It’s so great to be able to hear from other ladies who feel so passionate about the Simpsons like I do, since there seems to be fewer of us. Only issue is that depending on how well the guest does, the podcast can be amazing or meh. Overall it’s fantastic and it’s a podcast that I look forward to listening to every week.
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Best Scooby Doo Podcast Ever!
You won’t believe how good it is. Can’t wait for it.
This podcast is the best!
Allie and Julia are so good at diving into episodes of The Simpsons in thoughtful and hilarious ways. The two of them are brilliantly funny and they not only get amazing guests but then foster such good discussions with those guests! This podcast is the best!
Love it
The Simpsons was my favorite show growing up and this podcast is a great dedication to it - they really love the show! Allie and Julia are funny and have awesome chemistry.
A fantastic podcast
This show has reignited my passionate love of a great show. I hope the hosts keep up the great work!
I just discovered this today and really love it! Referencing high fidelity makes it even better
I love this show
I'm a huge Simpsons fan (seasons 3-8 almost entirely) and this podcast is right up my alley. It feels like laughing about a Simpsons episode with an old friend. Thank you Allie and Julia!
Cross Podcast interview?
I recently found the pod and as a life long simpsons fan, it’s great. I love that people who took part in the show appear with the other celebrities appearing as well. In the past I’ve loved podcasts where hosts of other shows appear in another podcast. Have you two considered having the stuff you should know hosts (Josh and Chuck) on to share their favorite episode? They drop simpsons quotes or remember certain episodes on their show on a regular basis. It would be cool if you got them to be on your show!
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Poor Talking Simpson’s knock off.
There is a better version of this podcast. This is simply an unimpressive Talking Simpson’s rip-off.
Perfectly cromulent
I grew up with The Simpsons, and I love hearing about it from other comedy nerd ladies who are my same age. The hosts are so positive and passionate and their description of "we feel the most about The Simpsons, we don't know the most about The Simpsons" makes this massive topic feel approachable. I love the variety of guests from inside and outside the show, and the rapport between the hosts is so fun. New episodes are always a great start to my week!
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Oh hell yeah!
Do I even need to say more?
Episodes won’t play
I’ve already given the podcast a 5 star review because I love listening so much and am still in the process of going through every episode. My only qualm is that the episodes aren’t available to play or at least that’s what the playback error message says a lot of the time. I hav reopen the Podcasts app over and over again until the episode plays.. and the number of ads for modcloth and the socks and feral audio interrupts the episodes too frequently :/
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So much fun!
I LOVE this podcast. It's such a fun idea, and I always listen to each epsiode all the way through.
Love it!
I could listen again! And again and again! And again and again and again!
A celebration of the best tv show of all time!
By two funny people, no less! Love it!
77% Dark Chocolate
Pretty good!
I like the women and feel like they would be my friends irl. I'm not sure about the beat-by-beat thing they do- if I wanted to hear the jokes from the episode I would just watch it and let homer take care of the delivery. I really enjoy when they talk about why they like each episode, cultural influences, what kind of an impact the show had on their or the guests lives, and that kind of stuff. Their insights as writers are interesting and fun listening too. I hope they go more toward that direction in the future. Overall one of my faves!
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Awesome hosts
Two rad ladies with great rapport (I didn't dumb it down) and cool guests which all make for a great podcast, especially for the greatest show on earth.
Smart, funny and endearing
I love this podcast! So much nostalgia and great guests!
Mostly ok
I listened to an episode where they were whining about the ending of Ace Ventura and Transphobia. Newsflash, you can find things like that very humorous without having hate in your heart. Go cry somewhere else.
Everybodys dad
Dear Listen Lady, please advise...
I love this podcast, but it seems like the transition to feral hasn't been so smooth. While the quality definitely improved, it feels like the show lost some of its character. And over the course of the show the banter between Ali and Julia has become more formulaic and, well, less interesting. I used to live for this podcast but lately I haven't wanted to listen. Hoping they find their stride again.
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peak Simpsons entertainment
Allie and Julia are the best. they're hilarious and very knowledgable about particularly the "golden era" of The Simpsons (roughly seasons 2-11) even though they're relatively young in relation to the show. Allie is thoughtful and charming, Julia is knowledgable and quirky in her own right. They get great guests including Dana Gould, Josh Weinstein, and great comedians and entertainers like Weird Al, Samm Levine, Mike Mitchell, Jon Gabrus, Jesse Thorn, and Jordan Morris. They reference the big Simpsons guidebook for facts you may not know and just on their own have a fair amount of knowledge about the goings on behind the show in the writer's room and whatnot. Can sometimes have some weird edits and strangely placed drops of clips of an episode, but in general I'm not sure how you could do better for a Simpsons podcast. They'll get Conan eventually.
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A fun friend talk about the simpsons
I really like this show. It's just a few friends sitting down and having fun talking about a great show. Gave it 4 and not a 5 cuz since feral audio started backing the show it has gone down a bit. Also lame they don't think anything past season 10/11 is not a good.
triple j 92
a review of everything's coming up simpson:
among other things, i love the simpsons and i love podcasts. and then i heard about this simpsons podcast. so i listened and now i love the simpsons and podcasts and everything's coming up podcast and allie and julia!!!
The two hosts, Allie and Julia, are ridiculously hilarious, engaging, and relatable! The guests who come on this podcast are very knowledgeable and passionate about the Simpsons, which makes the listening experience all the better. The conversations between the hosts and guests are genuine, sincere, and candid. There are various laughs to be had and many heartfelt moments—just like the Simpsons! Best. Simpsons. Podcast. Ever.
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The Move to Feral Has Its Downsides
While the recent move to Feral Audio has certainly done a lot to raise the prestige of the show to new and old listeners alike, I believe it has lost something in the process. The last two episodes contained guests who both have experience working for The Simpsons and are a part of the Feral Audio family. While these guests have a ton of insight into the behind the scenes process of making episodes, the purpose of Allie and Julia at these times seem to only be to act as a sounding board for one long uninterrupted anecdote of the guest to another. This show does best when Allie and Julia are allowed the freedom to be off-the-wall as they skip around from an episode quote to a non-sequitor to a personal memory in the space of a few minutes. These women are comedians that bring great perspective to already great episodes and should be allowed to run wild and free or as the old saying goes "Let your comedians run wild and free."
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If you'd like to listen to a laundry list of the jokes contained in an episode of The Simpsons, peppered with overanalyzation and heaped with exaggerated sentimentality, this is the podcast for you! It could potentially be entertaining if they replaced one of the two ultra-twee cohosts with a comedian. Currently, however, the timid energies of these two beta-females meld into one big ball of nothing. Even a decent guest can't right the ship.
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Needs More Volume
I really enjoy the show and their attention to detail, but it's quieter than most other podcasts and that's definitely a problem in my car, where I do most of my podcast listening.
Two ladies who are uninformed outside of memes talking about The Simpsons in a very rushed manner while constantly laughing at their own jokes and references; sometimes laughing for no reason aside from awkwardness. It was endearing at first but after a few episodes I had to walk away. If you're a diehard Simpson fan there are better outlets to get your fix from that provide background information and much better clips from the show. Keep looking.
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now thats a podcast
i live with my grand daughter and she loves to put this podcast on and dance. thank you, simpsons women for your wonderful podcast!!
So much fun!
I loved the Simpsons back in my school days. Most of the time, I only laughed at the visual gags because I was too young and stupid. Now I am older and still stupid, I get to relive those funnier moments via your podcast. Keep it up ladies! By the way, I find the master volume of this show is much lower than other podcasts. I know I can turn up my volume on my phone but it is a bit weird.
Cheuk Seto
Yes, Yes, This Rocks!
Do you like The Simpsons? Do you like funny people? Do you like football...and nachos? Then this is the podcast for you. Go beyond mere minutiae and trivia as Allie and Julia (along with a fantastic lineup of guests) not only recount their favorite gags, but also discuss the personal impact the show had both emotionally and comedically. The Simpsons is at its best when it mixes the smart and the heart, and this podcast delivers a great deal of both.
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Great podcast!
Re-igniting my Simpsons flame. It's a real treat to be reminded of great episodes, as well as being reminded how brilliant The Simpsons is and that we may take it for granted sometimes.
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