Round Springfield
Round Springfield
Allie Goertz, Julia Prescott, and Maximum Fun
Matt Groening
2 hour 17 minutes Posted Jul 12, 2021 at 10:33 am.
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Show notes

THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE. Allie and Julia round out the home stretch of RS with the heavy hitters of the heavy hitters -- the Papi of the Pod, the Sultan of the Simps, the Cartoonist Creator who started it all... a young upstart named Matt Groening! In this multi-hour (!) super-mega-episode, the girls dig into Matt's early days in Oregon, the go-go '80s of Hollywood and how he's never lost the spirit of the 'drawing kid' who landed here with a dream and a scrappy sense of humor. Will this episode unlock secrets to the show's many mysteries? Do they uncover Fry from Futurama's true origin story? Is he an *overachiever* and proud of it?!  Only one way to find out (hint: by immediately downloading this episode and listening to it in its entirety). IT'S THE PENULTIMATE POD! Our last episode is out July 19th!

Heads up:  We recorded this episode in December 2020, and this episode was recorded remotely during quarantine. You might notice differing audio quality from previous episodes (this one sounds like a zoom call … because it is!) – but we’re trying to make it work for you! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.