Round Springfield
Round Springfield
Allie Goertz, Julia Prescott, and Maximum Fun
Disenchantment w/ Josh Weinstein
1 hour 24 minutes Posted Jan 28, 2019 at 2:22 pm.
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Show notes

We're breaking format this week to bring you an in depth look at Disenchantment with Josh Weinstein! The last time Josh joined us on the podcast he gave us a sneak peek at the series. While he couldn't tell us much at the time, this time around he really spills the beans. He'll let us know about some easter eggs that are hidden in the show. He'll also hint at a few things the online community hasn't even noticed that will be important in future episodes of the series. Yep, Josh reads your reddit fan theories. Please note: this episode will contain some light Disenchantment spoilers. You've been warned!