Rough Cut
Rough Cut
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Essential Filmmaker pod
Highly recommend for doc filmmakers. The guests are great , plenty of practical authentic advice and perspective. Really well curated. I listen to every ep when it drops.
Pigeon Vision
Favorite filmmaking podcast
This is absolutely required listening for filmmakers, whether they are in the doc or narrative space. Really insightful and specific conversations with interesting professionals. Informative, entertaining, and the hosts are incredibly charming.
Required Filmmaking Curriculum
I’m a self-taught filmmaker and listening to this podcast is part of my core curriculum. Without access to professors or industry connections, I’ve been able to learn an incredible amount just listening to this show. The hosts know how to find interesting and relevant guests that inform and entertain episode after episode. LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST!
This podcast is a MUST for any filmmaker and anyone with an interest in non-fiction films !!
I can’t express enough how much I look forward to the next episode of Rough Cut. As a filmmaker, it has been an incredible tool and source of information. I definitely feel like many aspects of the industry are clearer to me now thanks to the contribution of the incredible roster of guests and also thanks to Jennie’s interviewing skills. What a host! I also find Rough Cut extremely entertaining. It’s fascinating to hear these creators talk about their crafts. Would highly recommend to any filmmaker but also to anyone with an interest in non-fiction films!
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It’s like getting coffee with a filmmaker
This podcast is the single greatest resource to freelance nonfiction filmmakers trying to navigate actual career strategy. Each episode feels like I am getting to have a conversation over coffee with a industry person I look up to. Each question asked is so thoughtful. I have recommended this podcast to all of my friends in the industry. If you are a VC member and don’t listen to this podcast, you need to.
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Interesting, behind the scenes look!
I am new to the documentary film making world, and it has been so interesting and exciting to hear from some of my favorite film makers and meet new ones. Very cool, BTS view from different angles and and people who have different passions. Listen up!
A must for content creators
This podcast has been such a great resource to learn more about all sides of content creation—pitching, editing, filming, business, creative, etc. Jennie and Sky really know the industry and are able to get so much about the process and motivation out of their interviews. 10/10!
MD Ptacin
Very interesting and educational
I am definitely not a movie nerd but this podcast is worth getting into!
An absolute must-listen for all storytellers
Whether you are film-adjacent, or straddling the worlds of journalism and narrative media production, or just simply orbiting the many methods of telling authentic visual stories in your line of work, do not miss out on these conversations. Here you’ll find excellent company among some of the scrappiest and most curious people to have ever held up a camera.
Mia’s Apple Acct (GMAIL)
Conversations about behind the scenes of filmmaking
Listen in on conversations with fascinating filmmakers. Each episode holds a compelling combination of inspiration, honesty, technical chit chat & reallness. Any human can appreciate this podcast, but creators especially will love it!!
Love it!
Jennie is such an interesting host, she’s either asking/expounding upon the exact question I want the answer to or asking something I didn’t realize I needed to know lol. One of the best new podcasts around. A must listen for anyone interested in film!
So insightful
Love this show! Gets me inside the minds of some of the best filmmakers out there. Super smart, really interesting.