Rotten Horror Picture Show
Rotten Horror Picture Show
The Pensky File
Amanda and Clay dive deep into Rotten Tomatoes’ list of the “200 Best Horror Movies of All Time”. There will be classics, cult classics, hidden gems, some stuff that’s just kinda OK, and a few that are so bad it’s SCARY! Come along for the ride… IF YOU DARE!
23. IT (#42)
Clowns. Scary, right? Well this week on The Rotten Horror Picture Show, we’re spending some time floating with the granddaddy of scary clowns, the monstrous Pennywise, as we head into the sewers of 2017’s IT! The second adaptation of Stephen King’s sprawling love letter to childhood and the horrors of nostalgia, It is a raucous...
Nov 25
1 hr 27 min
22. REC (#144)
Time to throw on your night-vision-green party lamps and shake it like a handheld camera, because this week Rotten Horror Picture Show takes its first dive into the found footage genre with the classic Spanish zombie (or zombie-adjacent) film, 2007’s REC! It’s got outbreaks, it’s got rabid children, it’s got shadowy government hazmat guys, it’s...
Nov 11
1 hr 22 min
21. Fright Night (#110)
Vampires, werewolves, grizzly ghouls from every tomb closing in to seal your doom, fearless vampire killers — it’s the most fun a horror fan could have, and it’s all here for you in this week’s episode of The Rotten Horror Picture Show, as we dive into the 1985 horror/comedy classic, Fright Night! There’s nothing scarier...
Oct 28
1 hr 16 min
20. The Autopsy of Jane Doe (Wild Card #4)
It’s never a good sign when you find a dead woman in the dirt floor of a basement, but it’s an even worse sign when she turns out to be a vengeful witch, hell-bent on wreaking vengeance on you from beyond her undead grave! And there you were thinking it was just going to be...
Oct 14
1 hr 16 min
19. The Thing (#138)
1982 was a hell of a year for movies, spear-headed by the blockbuster Steven Spielberg classic ET, but 1982 also might have been the greatest single year for cult classics of all time. Bladerunner, The Dark Crystal, Creepshow – the list goes on – but at the top of that list is the box-office-bomb-turned-genre-classic, John...
Sep 30
1 hr 40 min
18. Candyman (#185)
Candyman…Candyman…Candyman…Candyman…CANDYMAN!!! Did it work? Are you dead? Are WE dead? Well assuming we’re both alive (unless this is now a podcast from the afterlife), this week on Rotten Horror Picture Show we delve into the depths of haunted Chicago, and the history of racial prejudice at the heart of 1992’s Candyman! Skeptical graduate student Helen...
Sep 16
1 hr 3 min
17. Halloween 2018 (#91)
40 years ago it was “the night HE came home!” Well now he’s back again, free from the shackles of mental institutions and 38 years of convoluted continuity, and The Shape is looking to pick up right where he left off – stabby stab stabbing the innocent residents of Haddonfield, Illinois. But unfortunately for him,...
Sep 2
1 hr 25 min
16. Carrie (#56)
You’ve heard it before: “high school is hell!” Well among the countless teenaged horror stories out there, there’s one that sits high atop the monstrous peak as arguably the most brutal, heart wrenching “high-school-as-horror-story” of all time, and that’s Brian DePalma’s 1976 classic, Carrie. Not only did it literalize the horrors of growing up and...
Aug 17
1 hr 32 min
15. Return of the Living Dead (Wild Card #3)
The 1980’s – heyday of neon colors, trickle-down economics, synthesizer music, and the golden age of the horror-comedy. In this episode of The Rotten Horror Picture Show, Clay and Amanda dig up arguably the most underrated horror-comedy of all time, 1985’s Return of the Living Dead! Released the same year as fellow horror-comedy all-time great...
Aug 4
1 hr 10 min
14. The Fly (#71)
What happens when you take Hollywood’s foremost cinematic comedian, pair him with the 80’s headiest gross-out filmmaker, and put them in a transportation pod along with a campy 50’s horror classic? You get something unique, disgusting, and effective: David Cronenberg’s The Fly. Produced by Mel Brooks, and assumed by many to be a comedic send...
Jul 21
1 hr 15 min
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