It’s time for Barbara
This is phine, and Rosie, and your sattiling up for a fun time with this podcast! Come along with us as we complete viral challenges, review shows, and try to become famous! Thanks, fishies!
RoPhono EP 5~ Broadway but mostly other stuff
Phine and Karis to struggle to stay on topic in this supposedly broadway themed episode. Rosie was not available for this weeks podcast. Fun times :)
Jul 23
1 hr 40 min
RoPhono EP 4~Big Fat Hot Potent Brother
Rosie and Phine just want Andrew Brady to come on the show. They also tell the tale of why they couldn’t gather questions. Phine is the rock and he footles around. Rosie barley talks in this one, and that’s Phine’s fault.
Jul 18
26 min
RoPhono EP 3.5~Childhood Memories?
Rosie and Phine try to talk about childhood memories in this extra episode before the next big brother review. They fail. It turns out, Rosie and Phine have some shitty memories, but that’s okay, because now you can laugh at them on this chaotic episode of RoPhono.
Jul 14
41 min
RoPhono EP 3~Nighty Nightmares
Rosie and phine delve into their deepest, darkest nightmares. And don’t forget to Follow @abeltupertus on Instagram! (We don’t think Bryce has one). Enjoy, mate.
Jul 7
48 min
RoPhono EP 2~Big Boy Brother 101
This is a telling off big brother! I’m telling you off! Rosie and Phine talk about big brother, and answer your questions.
Jul 4
39 min
RoPhono EP 1~ Zodiac Signs
Today Rosie and Phine share their opinions on zodiac signs, and take a deep dive into the internet to learn which ones they are most like.
Jun 30
1 hr 6 min
RoPhono EP.0~INTRO
Get ready because a storms a-brewin’
Jun 27
33 sec