Rolling With Rainbows
Rolling With Rainbows
Rolling With Rainbows
The Horror At Narragansett, Episode 23: The Stranger In The Swamp
1 hour 42 minutes Posted Jan 5, 2022 at 10:57 am.
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Show notes

cw spiders

In this episode, A new character is introduced, and Celia (Jo, @winterymute, she/they), Felicity (Nat, @snorenat, she/they) and Octavia (Jess @thatJessVideos, she/they) struggle through a swamp somewhere in Rhode Island.

Shout out to TwoRabbit for the consulting work they did on this arc

The Horror at Narragansett is an original Call of Cthulhu campaign by Sophia McAllister (they/she, @sophie_frm_mars)

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