Rolling Misadventures
Rolling Misadventures
Rolling Misadventures and Loudspeaker Networks
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A Misadventure for the ages!
This show is, essentially what everyone needs when they're looking for a laugh, or inspiration. Derek, Charles and Megan are excellent, experienced hosts and the ideas they and their guests come up with are top notch. The editing truly brings the podcast together and makes for an exciting (Mis)adventure!
Kamijace - The Weekly Cooldown
Whose Line is it Anyway meets RPG
What a fun ride! I often find myself needing an emotional break from serious RPG podcasts and searching for something fun, and, I think that search is over. These people are really flippin good at improv roleplaying and I want to laugh with them and learn from them!
Great intro to actual plays
Okay, so I've listened to a bunch of "actual play TTRPG podcasts." And while I love them, it's often hard to tell if people with zero TTRPG experience will enjoy them. Not here! The short, contained stories (usually 2 episodes) and narrative structure of the game they are playing make this show a GREAT way to test the waters with your buddy who do far only listens to news and "two to three friends talking" shows. Plus this show is, ya know, good.
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Excellent find! We came across your show on IG and decided to give it a listen - very glad we did! The hosts are a breath of fresh air and a joy to listen to - the topics are interesting and bingeworthy. Keep up the great work - cannot wait to binge more content <3 Yergy & Drewby
The Misery Machine
Choose your own
The choose your own adventure episode was fantastic! It was really fun, I took me back to my childhood (CYOA books, my Introduction to D&D) I hope to see more in the future!!
Amazing Show
Absolutely love this podcast, the stories and the voice acting. It's engaging from the very beginning and keeps you hooked through the end.
Hashtag Questions
I'm already hooked only a couple episodes in. The rapport of the cast is wonderful and I'm already totally hooked by the world and the characters. Really can't wait to see where the show goes. Definitely subscribed and a huge recommendation from me.
Epic Film Guys
So Much Fun
There is nothing better than a great idea excuted by talented people. and that is what this is. They truly have a knack for improv story telling and make the show a joy to listen to. Do youself a favor and check this show out!!!
Fun even if you're not familiar...
...I'm woefully uneducated when it comes to roleplaying games, so I was skeptical. Unnecessary. It's a fun listen!
Kate - Ignorance Was Bliss
VHS Dust forever
This show stands alone
These three are spectacular. They play a game that doesn't have a GM, so they tell the story in rotating fashion, playing three main characters and then filling in the other characters as needed. They take on wild scenarios, starting with a blade runner type situation, then moving to a British theater farce, all fun. They do it remotely but they're so quick and the sound is so good it feels like they're in the same room. I want to be a guest, it sounds like they're having so much fun!
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A fun show with fun people!
I had never heard of Fiasco before but this show is seriously a fresh take on the DnD style podcast! Its a mix of drama and delightfully ludicrous comedy! Put it in your earballs!