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Childhood friends Cody & Paul used to sit in a small basement arguing about Star Wars. Flash forward to today and throw in craft beer and some mics, and now the debates are a little livelier, a little drunker, and everyone’s invited, because Star Wars is here until the end of time! Join Mopar Melton, Commander Cody, and the rowdiest crowd of nerds you’ll ever meet for the original 21+ Star Wars show, where you’ll feel like you’re in the room with your best friends each and every week.
247. Live from Chi Chi's: The High Republic preview and The Mandalorian Chapter 12
Star Wars is bringing in real "frontier" vibes for The High Republic, and was that a prototype of Snoke we saw in the tank?!
Nov 23
1 hr 33 min
246. Holo Dick Pics: Happy Life Day, and The Mandalorian Chapter 11
What better way to ring in Life Day 2020 then with a badass squadron of Mandalorians, featuring Bo Katan!
Nov 16
1 hr 16 min
245. Jedis, Goddamn Jedis: Video Games and The Mandalorian Chapter 10
Please dear god do not use The Mandalorian to create filler episodes, please and thank you.
Nov 9
1 hr 11 min
243. Star Wars Peanut Butter: The Mandalorian Season 2 Premiere
We distract ourselves with Spider-Man 3 and the Xbox Series X/S before getting deep into The Mandalorian S2E1 - Chapter 9 aka "The Marshal."
Nov 2
1 hr 49 min
242. Pesty Bitch: The Mandalorian Season 2 Preview
Last and final thoughts and predictions for Mando Season 2 before we actually get INTO IT.
Oct 26
1 hr 15 min
241. Robo Commando: Considering the next era of Disney Star Wars
The High Republic teases us with new Jedi Padawans, and we consider the next era of Star Wars.
Oct 19
1 hr 23 min
240. Padmé Mulberry: The Phantom Menace novelization knows much; reveals some
Oct 12
1 hr 28 min
239. Shroudery: Star Wars Squadrons is actually a real game that you can play
Rogue Squadron has never been more relevant - yeah, you heard that correctly - we're famous now.
Oct 5
1 hr 19 min
238. Mark Maguire, Jedi Knight: New High Republic crossguard lightsaber takes us back to 2014 fandom
Star Wars: Squadrons comes out soon and it's guaranteed that we're going to find something to complain about.
Sep 29
1 hr 22 min
237. Karpyshyn Petition: Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer and why won't Disney take risks?
What if Earth was in Star Wars? What if Disney actually took risks? What if Mopar pronounced words correctly? THESE ARE ALL QUESTIONS THAT WE NEED ANSWERED.
Sep 21
1 hr 38 min
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