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The Virtual Millionaire Show
Michael McDonald

The No Quitters Guide to Investing in Real Estate Ft Nathan Brooks

54 minutes Posted Apr 12, 2023 at 2:58 pm.
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Join us Live as we discuss how Nathan has flipped 700+ properties and built a flipping EMPIRE!

Nathan led Bridge as one of the top-producing turnkey rental providers in the nation, adding over $45 million in value to his clients' portfolios in just a few short years. Having invested in real estate since 2007, Nathan is an accomplished investor, sought-after speaker, writer, and real estate coach. He regularly produces educational content to fuel his passion for helping other people learn about and find success in real estate investing. To this end, he recently wrote his first book, The No Quitters Guide to Investing in Real Estate, which has already received accolades from heavy hitters in the industry like Bigger Pockets’ Brandon Turner.
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