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The Virtual Millionaire Show
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From Carribean Roots to Nationwide Investor Ft Damon Hart
41 minutes Posted Apr 5, 2023 at 7:25 am.
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Show notes

Damon Hart is also known as Mr. Foxy, and he is really good at investing in real estate. He was born on a beautiful island called St. Thomas in the Caribbean. His parents worked as Mail Carriers for the USPS, and they taught him to work hard and never give up. After he went to college in Pennsylvania, he worked in sales jobs, but he wasn't very happy.  Finally, he figured out that real estate was his passion. He bought houses and then sold them or rented them out. He was really good at it and became well-known for being creative and fast at closing deals.  Besides being a real estate investor, he is also a nice person who likes to help others. He gives money and his time to groups that help children. He also loves to travel and play sports. He has visited more than 10 countries and plans to keep traveling.  Damon Hart, also known as Mr. Foxy, believes he is an expert in real estate because he's made tons of mistakes and helps aspiring investors to get started and avoid the pitfalls getting into the business may present.  

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