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Countdown to excitement! Every week Christina Warren, Brianna Wu and Simone de Rochefort have accelerated geek conversation. Tech, comics, movies, games and books, no galaxy is off limits! Hosted by Christina Warren, Brianna Wu, and Simone De Rochefort.
470: Terminated
On the final episode of Rocket, awards are dispensed and reflections are had. Thanks for an amazing 9 years!
Dec 28, 2023
2 hr
469: Very Large Online Problems
A major hack at Insomniac Games begs the question: why does this keep happening to Sony companies? Then, Apple may finally face patent consequences, as it halts sales of its newest Watches in the U.S.
Dec 21, 2023
46 min
468: This One Was Epic
We’re FINALLY discussing Epic v. Google, as the jury has finally delivered a verdict! Then, a much-needed update on Beeper Mini, with a Rocket Rule and some mea culpas. And then, E3 is dead! For real this time!
Dec 14, 2023
58 min
467: Turn on Push Notifications
The government is spying on us, and what else is new? An exciting new app could heal the great Android - iPhone divide. Also, the Fallout TV show has a trailer!
Dec 7, 2023
58 min
466: Husband Pollution
A mea culpa from Christina, and two mystifying product launches from YouTube and Amazon. Then, it’s the best time of the year: Spotify Wrapped and Apple Replay!
Nov 30, 2023
44 min
465: Succession Main Theme Dot Mp3
Sam Altman is out at OpenAI. Or in? HE’S OUT. HE’S AT MICROSOFT. He’s in again! No wait — then, Binance’s CEO is DEFINITELY admitting to money laundering, so there’s that. We’ve also got your Christmas list covered this Black Friday.
Nov 22, 2023
59 min
464: Always Listen to Christina
Simone is out so Christina and Bri discuss the OpenAI event in a little more detail, talk about Humane’s new AI Pin and then spend some time discussing the new Steam Deck OLED.
Nov 16, 2023
49 min
463: GPTs For All
Open AI had a developer conference and keynote this week, with big news for the future of ChatGPT — including how you can build your own GPT agent. Then, Nintendo announced a long-rumored Legend of Zelda movie!
Nov 9, 2023
44 min
462: The Scary Fast Episode
It’s Apple’s Scary Fast week, so let’s talk new chips and computers! Then, iPod Wizard Morry Kolman joins us to break down his iPod Nano habit — where he gets them, and what he’s doing with them.
Nov 2, 2023
56 min
461: Incremental Upgrades
The gang is back together, and discussing a SPOOKY upcoming Apple event, that may see us burdened or blessed with speedy new MacBooks and iMacs. Over on YouTube, popular creator Sssniperwolf is facing demonization over a doxing incident.
Oct 26, 2023
54 min
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