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Rock At Night Magazine
A glimpse into the rock music entertainment industry--today and yesterday--as well as other genres. Rock At Night provides interviews with fresh up and coming bands around the world as well as classic staples. Interviews with people currently working in the music industry as well as those with nostalgic memories from the past provide fun entertainment to those interested in the music industry. The sample of Rock At Night's intro song "Get On Down" was provided by our own member Billy Alford with permission.
Chatting with Detroit rock band Van Go Go
Detroit band Van Go Go discusses the origin of the band, which initially formed 12 years ago; what makes Detroit a hub for music creativity; how the band reformed in 2020 and created new music during COVID; their experience working with producer Chuck Alkazian; and the future of playing live shows. [...]
Apr 30
19 min
Chatting with Ann Courtney of the rock band Mother Feather
Ann Courtney of Mother Feather discusses the band's new song, "You're a Dead Man," lyric videos such as "Egyptology," early influences such as Marc Bolan and T. Rex, touring, festivals, style, glam culture and clothing, the charity Madre, the creative process and so much more. [...]
Apr 16
35 min
Chatting with Veronica Witkin of the glam rock band Retra
Veronica Witkin of the glam rock band Retra discusses the formation of the new band; how they met Audra Isadora, the new vocalist; having a male band member; glam rock music and fashion; life on the road and touring in Europe; the meaning of the name ‘Retra’; and future plans for the band. [...]
Apr 14
36 min
Chatting with Katie Pedretty, Director of Public Relations at Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, Florida
Katie Pedretty discusses her start at KROQ-FM (she was studying to be an attorney and worked at an ad agency at the time she interviewed with the General Sales Manager, Jeff Freeman); her experience working in the 1980s, the time of “Valley Girls” and MTV; feeling awestruck in the presence of legends such as Bob Dylan and her favorite band as a teen, The Tubes; the changes she has observed through the years in the record industry; and working in the music industry during COVID [...]
Apr 13
20 min
Chatting with Jyrki 69 of The 69 Cats and The 69 Eyes
Jyrki 69 of The 69 Cats and The 69 Eyes discusses his fascination with Elvis Presley; how Finland is deeply rooted in rock 'n' roll and glam rock (think Hanoi Rock and Leningrad Cowboys); the impetus of The 69 Cats; and the new album Seven Year Itch. [...]
Apr 9
39 min
Chatting with guitarist/songwriter Arielle
Arielle spoke about women in the music business, her new line of guitars coming out, her own personal morals and ethics about her work, the cities where the music scene is best and where she likes to live and so many more topics. [...]
Feb 12
40 min
Chatting with Chicago blues sensation Joanna Connor
In this podcast, Chicago blues sensation Joanna Connor discusses her moving to Chicago as a young musician; the making of her upcoming album 4801 South Indiana Avenue; working with Joe Bonamassa; touring in Europe; and more! [...]
Feb 9
26 min
Chatting with Colin Clive–Lead Guitarist and Founding Member of Mustard Plug
Rock At Night chats with Colin Clive, lead guitarist and founding member of ska band MUSTARD PLUG. [...]
Jan 28
30 min
Chatting with The Eric Wayne Band
Virginia Southern Rockers Eric Wayne and Brian McKee of The Eric Wayne Band discuss being a musician during COVID lockdown, their upcoming tour, social media presence, and more! [...]
Dec 17, 2020
33 min
Chatting with musician/songwriter Mindi Abair
Mindi Abair discusses her experience as a female in the male-dominated music world; her involvement with The Recording Academy, She Rocks Awards, and MusiCares; her latest release “Forever”; Yamaha's digital saxophone; working with Greg Allman; and more! [...]
Oct 30, 2020
1 hr 10 min
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