Rob Anspach's E-Heroes
Rob Anspach's E-Heroes
Rob Anspach's E-Heroes
The Interview Series For Entrepreneurs
Ep 193 – Freedom and Flexibility
Rob Anspach interviews Navy Commander Theresa Carpenter on public affairs strategies, media planning, the long game and her podcast Stories of Service.
Jun 22
38 min
Ep 192 – Sales Is Everything
Rob Anspach interviews Josh Elledge on showing up, building relationships, strategy, repositioning, rev share, value pricing and upping your influence.
Jun 15
31 min
Ep 191 – Podcast Secrets
Rob Anspach interviews Michael Neeley about creating authority and a livable income through podcasting, why monetization is important, the importance of reverse engineering, when to use cohosts and what podfading is all about.
Jun 8
34 min
Ep 190 – Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself
Rob Anspach interviews Renae Peterson on avoiding external trappings, why you should reflect before you project, how to show up and own your power.
Jun 1
34 min
Ep 189- Pivoting From Zero To Hero
Rob Anspach interviews the Hidden Rules Expert Ashley Armstrong on pivoting into new opportunities, saying YES to Dan Hollings, being part of a team and making people feel safe with crypto.
May 25
46 min
Ep 188 – A Lifestyle You Love
Rob Anspach interviews Colleen Gallagher on mentors, institutional learning, surviving cancer, traveling to New Zealand and how to get the most from your life journey.
May 18
38 min
Ep 187 – Closing High Priced Deals
Rob Anspach interviews Ben Gay III on feeling safe, lifetime guarantees, dying on stage and why having the patience of a sniper will produce more results.
May 11
49 min
Ep 186 – What Sales Leaders Do Differently
Rob Anspach interviews Tracy Kay on what the top 2% of leaders do differently and how you can emulate that to increase sales.
May 4
36 min
Ep 185 – Disrupt Your Now
Rob Anspach interviews Lisa Kipps-Brown on her fantastic book “Disrupt Your Now” and about SaaS, entrepreneurs over 50 and life before “dial up.”
Apr 27
39 min
Ep 184- Millionaire Smarts
Rob Anspach interviews Lee Milteer on her new program Millionaire Smarts Club, working with Stephen Oliver, her book Success Is An Inside Job and important advice her dad gave her long ago.
Apr 20
31 min
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