Rob Anspach's E-Heroes
Rob Anspach's E-Heroes
Rob Anspach's E-Heroes
The Interview Series For Entrepreneurs
Ep 255 – Attitudes & Disciplines
Rob Anspach interviews Brad Szollose on design, being a consultant versus independent contractor, billing, and having a discipline to deal with clients that have attitude or entitlement issues.
Aug 30
1 hr 4 min
Ep 254 – Becoming A Client Attraction Machine
Rob Anspach interviews the magnificent Dave Dee on attraction marketing, selling from the stage, plate lickers, mastering your craft, GKIC, origin stories and why most entrepreneurs muddle their sales process.
Aug 23
52 min
Ep 253 – Dynamic Self Syndication
Rob Anspach interviews Tom Foster on lawyer marketing, dynamic self syndication, keyword spying, ego bait, video education, ppc overspending, and knowing your avatar.
Aug 16
36 min
Ep  252 – Moments That Rock
Rob Anspach interviews the foremost record promoter of all time Tony Michaelides on moments that rock, working with David Bowie, U2, The Police, Tom Petty, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Matchbox 20 and what the ingredient of greatness is and importance of showing up.
Aug 9
49 min
Ep 251 – Hire People Who Get Shit Done
Rob Anspach interviews Doug Crowe about competitors versus resources, skillsets and outsourcing, firing a client, writing or authoring and hiring people who get shit done.
Aug 2
47 min
Ep 250 – Better Than Yesterday
Rob Anspach interviews the Messy Military Lawyer Jocelyn Stewart on being better than yesterday, TikTok success, using her voice to educate and being mission driven in her approach.
Jul 26
42 min
Ep 248 – Lead The Team
Rob Anspach interviews Mike Philips about team leadership, patience, athletic coaching, the automotive industry and Rob’s books especially “Lessons From The Dojo”.
Jul 12
44 min
Ep 247 – Sales Tenacity
Rob Anspach interviews Nicholas Loise about direct mail, closing the sales, scarcity mindset, fear of asking for the order and why we are programmed for safety.
Jul 5
35 min
Ep 246 – The Success Finder
Rob Anspach interviews Brandon Straza about leaders and learners, why he created the distraction free Success Finder platform, eliminating the noise and the importance of gaining back time.
Jun 28
38 min
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