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Want more Juliet...
Enjoy this podcast, love the topics! I will say I find Amanda takes over too much and talks about herself and her opinion OVER Juliet too much. Juliet let’s her but as a listener it is annoying. Let Juliet speak, Amanda!
Awesome podcast about the Challenge
Just discovered this podcast, but I really enjoy it. I also agree with most of your takes on the Challenge. Quickly added it to my library and look forward to listening every week for the rest of the season.
I look forward to this podcast every single week. My only complaint is that it’s not longer. Bill and Jacoby could talk about the dust under their couches and I would listen.
“The Challenge”... Natalie was pregnant and then had a miscarriage
So normally I listen to “The Challenge podcast” hosted by Tori and Anessa which is definitely better than this podcast and recommend it... However I wanted to switch it up and listen to some other people talk about the show. So when I stumbled upon this podcast I was super excited because it seemed like it was going to be good... but honestly the host are just plain rude. They make fun of people who aren’t completely fluent in the English language and fat shaming a lot. On top of that they talk women on the show is pretty disrespectful way. I was hoping for better but all I got was disappointment.
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Best Challenge Recap
MTV needs to hire Jacoby Bill , and Nom as the official recap hosts!!!!
Why the rope?
If you finished the rope you got to help your partner hold on before TJ dropped the plank ostensibly helping her save strength to hold on later. Come on guys. Use your brains.
Great show again!! Still haven’t watched the show, but I feel I can now comment based on their knowledge. Grow a pair Josh!
Nam is the favorite
Are we sure Nam wasn’t last seen at a gas station with Derek Zoolander?
Best Challenge Recap!!!
This is the best Challenge recap. Funny and to the point. I would agree with the other review old season recaps!
Wanted to like it
Grating voices. Incessant giggling, rambling. Mostly uninteresting takes on pop culture.
Need to get better handle on the Facts
Wish this was better bc the story is brilliant but the podcasters covering this need to immerse themselves better in the topic bc between the mispronunciations, scrambling of details at times feels super unprepared and rushed. Bring on a guest who knows more about the topic and has the range on such a juicy story.
Reperations 2020
Is DISH Being invaded?
What are Simmons/Jacoby doing on DISH? They can’t hold a candle to Tea Time and Jam Session.
Fernandina Nina
Challenge rewatchable?!?!?!
Jacoby and bill go over old seasons?!?!?! Are ya with me IM HERE FOR IT!!!!
Praise be for Juliet
Long time fan of Juliet’s Bachelor Party (right reasons) pod, and just stumbled upon this looking at other ringer content. Had no idea she hosted, but am SO happy to have found it. Everything Juliet touches is podcast gold!
Grating voices
I’ve been listening to these women for some years now. But I just can’t listen to them anymore. Teatime I think there’s a better offer female pop-culture channel and it’s not because I’m younger. I’m a 40-year-old man. I just think Julia and Amanda have really irritating voices in the topics they been covering the last year I’ve just not been as good as the early days. Plus like all Bill Simmons podcast, there infusing their ideology into it. Which honestly I think it’s a big mistake. I will not miss them when they moved to Spotify
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Alfred Gonzales
Really enjoy this!
I found this podcast through listening to many others of the Ringer network and really enjoy it. I like that it has a rotating cast of women as the host (a rarity on the Ringer) and I love the pop culture talk. My one note is just to point out I was a little uncomfortable when you all were speculating about Meghan Markle being pregnant (when she and Harry were placing flowers at the cemetery). Pregnancy always seems like such a sensitive topic. To then find out a few months earlier she actually suffered a miscarriage makes speculating about her weight seem a little (unintentionally) callous. I would just be mindful of that in the future with any woman! But overall I really really enjoy whenever this podcast comes into my feed!
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Love it
Would listen to Juliet talk about paint dry. She’s so. dang. good. Tea time is always entertaining, and they’ve really jelled and improved since they started! We need a Lauren / Juliet SLC episode every week!!
Here for the T
Tea Time Ladies are great. They have an easy chemistry and it doesn’t really matter what they talk about.
AMANDA AND JULIETTE!!! Keeping it real......
can’t miss an episode
the only podcast i need to listen to ✨immediately ✨after it comes out p.s. let kate halliwell do more kpop episodes!
Tea Time stan here
That’s ALL 🙌🏻
Definitely watch The Hookup Plan!
I have been meaning to give my recommendation for you to watch the French show on Netflix called The Hookup Plan, and then I heard Juliet mention it today! It is everything that Emily in Paris is not. (I liked that too but it is so American centric). I think The Hookup Plan does a much better job of showcasing real French young women- friendships, romance, life in Paris... I mean it is a French show— so not a surprise. Would love to hear your review!
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Tea Time obsessed
Look forward to the show every Friday !!
A wonderful fun, funny, smart group of women to hang out with!
All these women are so fantastic. I could listen to a new episode every single day. I love their personalities. I love the way they interact. I love their smarts. And I always laugh out loud more than once per episode. This is my favorite podcast and I’m a podcast junkie. Most are political. And since The Atlantic magazine called me a “Silicon Valley branding executive turned neuroscience researcher,” I also listen to neuroscience podcasts. But wow, when I want to/need to feel good and hang out with a wonderful group of smart and fun women, Ringer Dish is IT.
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Thayer B
Came here in my never-ending search for content
I started listening to podcasts on the Ringer Dish feed, especially Jam Session and Tea Time, during the quarantine. A few months later and my search for content has led me to becoming a K-Pop fan. I’ve gone back and listened to Kate and Isaac’s other K-Pop episodes on Ringer Dish, and I really enjoyed them. Leaving this review in the hopes that there will be more to come. I also will listen to anything Amanda Dobbins says because she is the embodiment of my control freak id. Thank you.
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don't talk about country music. That was really obnoxious.
Juliet kills it again!
Could legit listen to Juliet speak about anything - so witty, thoughtful, and eloquent. Any podcast Juliet is on, will listen l!
Some hosts are great
...some hosts are not. I love Kate, Liz and Amelia of Tea Time. Their banter is natural, lighthearted and entertaining. The reading of Liz’s childhood journal was hysterical and should be a standing bit. Jam session’s hosts are mixed. Juliette is effortless in her discussion and commentary. Brings up great points but doesn’t ramble. Unfortunately Amanda is not the same...have to fast forward because she tends to get into rambling monologues where her speech slows and eventually stops making sense. Would be a better show with a different host who can match Juliet’s cadence and wit.
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I live for Cringe Mode
Soooo I am obsessed with this podcast. I literally laugh at loud as the hosts discuss the movie/book of the week on the Friday episode. I know you gals quit Nicolas Sparks movies but the more you guys hated them, the harder I laughed. I hope you return to them. I am so sorry for this, but I love the ones you guys hate because you gals have me cracking up so hard and 2020 is.... Not fun except for when I am listening to this podcast. Also Ana De Armas stan account updates are always a welcome addition.
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Boo apple!
gimme more book recs!
amanda! juliette! send more book recs!
their voices
make it impossible...my ears...
Jam Session drinking game
Every time jam session mentions the Matt Damon vs Ben Affleck paparazzi photo history take a shot 😂
Tea Time is a must-listen
The Ringer has so many podcasts that it can be hard to keep track of them all, but don't let that be the reason you miss out on Tea Time, which is one of the best podcasts out right now. Kate, Liz, and Amelia are hilarious and have amazing chemistry. Listening to an episode feels just like eavesdropping on great friends having fun conversations. I went in thinking I wasn't that interested in celebrity news but after binge-listening to all their episodes on the feed, I'm a total convert. Love the Jam Session ladies too, but Tea Time is truly in a class of its own. Give it a listen!
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Sometimes interesting but...,
The two women sound so privileged and look down on anything as being less valuable if THEY don’t like it. They seem to think they are the arbiters of what is cool, normal, and correct but they get it wrong a lot.
Obsessed w Amelia
Amelia Wedemeyer is sooo funny, hottest takes, obsessed with her. All three of these lovely ladies on Tea Time crack me up! Also love Juliet and Amanda on Jam Session.
Teatime is hilarious
Even if not on purpose
Tea Time
I love this podcast and am a huge fan of Tea Time
The rambling and constant caveats
Have listened since the beginning and finally writing this. I’m loathe to hate on a woman’s voice if she can’t change it, but I always feel like Amanda could just clear her throat or something and sound ok. Outside of that, please cut down on the babbling disclaimers and caveats and permissions while talking about Ben Affleck or whatever. We are all adults here.
Here for Tea Time
Those 3 crack me up! Love their takes. The cringe mode stuff is priceless. Amelia is the future.
Thank you Tea Time hosts for holding yourselves accountable.
The Ringer as a website already has a reputation for not elevating black voices, and the glaring lack of racial diversity in their podcast hosts is a stark example. As a result I was not expecting either tea time or ringer dish to meaningfully address the Black Lives Matter movement, or the lack of representation on their own programs. I was therefore pleasantly surprised and even impressed when the Tea Time hosts took the time at the beginning of their June 12 episode to talk about tangible changes they plan to make to their podcast, and how they plan to work to become better allies. Even though your show is purely for entertainment, the celebrities & the industry you cover are not exempt from contributing to or being victims of systemic racism, and at this moment it’s extremely important for non-black allies to take a stand against racial inequality, use their privilege and make it clear their POC listeners are more than just a boost in ad revenue to the hosts. Their disclaimer makes the silence of their counterparts at Ringer Dish all the more noticeable. Listening to Amanda and Juliet you would think there wasn’t a global struggle for racial justice happening right in front of their eyes. Heck, even the week they took off from the podcast that the Tea Time hosts labeled as time to reflect & support organizations dedicated to racial justice may as well have been a beach vacation for the Ringer Dish hosts - not only did they not give a reason for the break, all the episodes since where they’ve had the perfect opportunity to make it clear they actually care about their listeners of color they’ve instead chosen to talk circles around the issue and be complicit in ignoring the voices of black people across the country speaking out against an unjust system. Whether you like it or not, hosting a podcast on a well known podcast network gives you a platform, and if you aren’t using that platform to speak LOUDLY and CLEARLY in support of racial equality and diversity, you are part of the problem. Occasionally stanning Meghan Markle does not mean you're not racist. Mentioning an author of color every once in a blue moon on your book club does not mean you’re not upholding white supremacy in your work, in your writing and in the content you choose to cover in your podcast. Multiple podcasts that cover pop culture, including your own colleagues, have taken the time to inform their listeners of how they plan to educate themselves & be a part of the solution rather than hinder progress amid the biggest civil rights movement of our lifetimes - it’s a shame the Ringer Dish hosts haven’t made that small effort, despite all the resources available to them and an audience that many justice activists could only dream of having. I’ll listen to Tea Time only from now on.
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Amanda’s monologue show
I used to look forward to Jam Session for some fun celebrity content. However it’s turned into Amanda’s show where she goes on and on and on and by the end I’ve already tuned my brain out. Also please cut some of the book discussions, don’t need that many. Thanks love you Juliet!
Surfer on acid
Love Jan Session
Amanda and Juliette are GREAT! I love their obsession and chatter in regards to Prince Harry and Meghan and the other Royals. It’s so good. They have such good chemistry together and I even enjoy listening to them talk about subjects that I have no knowledge of! It’s so pleasant. I need them back on the Rewatchables doing a romcom ASAP! Great show, appreciate their hard work.
Gary Lucho
Zoe is trash
Read the reviews..
Magnus Ver Magnussen
Hope The Ringer becomes the next AOL
White Privilege and Nepotism, you were tolerable, your family is insufferable
Back to ESPN
Too much nepotism
Simmons in an article talking about podcast said, “it’s not an open mic night”, yet here he is giving his daughter a pod instead of an actual creative person. Whack!
Juliet is great, Amanda needs to prepare
I find myself having to fast forward through Amanda‘s ramblings. Juliet seems to show up prepared with interesting commentary while Amanda is trying to think of it live hence the rambling and slow talking
Allison Roman Part 2
What a bunch of “gobbledygook”!! The hosts talked around the issue without saying anything. I couldnt make heads or tails about what they we’re trying to say.....boring!
A mess.
The Alison Roman part 2 discussion was quite frankly unlistenable. Juliet and Amanda seemed terrified to say anything or make a real point so they talked in cliches and parroted points other people have already made and their guest went after Alison Roman’s appearance and lifestyle (she is a Jewish woman) in I way that felt he was antisemitic..talking about the shadowy group that was protecting her??? I don’t like what she did and would enjoy a conversation about her but attacking her for how she looks or tone of voice instead of her ideas felt anti feminist and very prejudiced against Jewish people, given her background. Yikes just yikes.
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Weird you’re silent on the Hannah Brown situation. White women.
Love Jam Session & Tea Time
Obsessed with the architectural digest coverage on Jam Session and the Not Worth the Tea segment on Tea Time. Also my favorite is when Kaya dings the bell on a category that is going off the rails hahaha so good.
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