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The Challenge and Taylor Swift
Enjoy most the podcasts on this channel but really enjoyed The Challenge recaps and Every Album Taylor Swift. Please recap All Stars!!
KEEP the Challenge recaps!!
I have LOVED the Challenge recaps this season; I LAUGHED OUT LOUD at this week's finale part one. Please keep for next season!!
Izabela Jamsek
Every Single Album
LOVE the Taylor Swift pod!!! Nora and Nathan perfectly contrast each others takes, it’s great to listen to. Please do the rest of the re-records! Also would love to hear a “battle” of your draft picks to determine the ultimate Tswift song 🤩
It doesn't fly!
Love jam session
But am I the only one who cannot tell Amanda and juliet’s voices apart? I have to listen for clues like if Amanda mentions her husband to know who is who at any point. I don’t know what it is but I just can’t seem to distinguish them
Every Album Taylor Swift
Really enjoyed this well thought out series that was a great overall production and researched! It was interesting to here what people that are more in the critic space think about these albums, even though I didn’t agree on the album cuts (but everyone has different songs that hit them) the podcast overall flew right by and I would look forward to it each week in my podcast rotation!
Here for the T Swift
I think Nora and Nathan were a joy to listen to, and I applaud you guys for being super fans enough to do this. My couple comments.....to cut Afterglow but keep London Boy?!? Ugh. And Nathan’s harsh criticism of reputation in the beginning of that episode was confusing. As super fans that album is widely agreed upon as one of her best. But this is why we all have our own opinions, and I enjoyed having my silent agreements or arguments with them while listening! Thanks for keeping one of Taylor’s best eras alive!!
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Every Taylor swift album
I have been thoroughly enjoying Nathan and Nora’s series on Every Taylor Swift album! They do a really good job at placing Taylor’s work within the context of the time it was released. We obviously disagree on our opinions and favorite songs sometimes, but they bring up such interesting points and seem so passionate about taylor :) Please keep this going somehow!!!
Taylor swift breakdowns amazing
Love the Taylor Swift album discussions!!! I will subscribe based on how good these have been! Great job!
Can’t stop listening
I just discovered this podcast because of the Taylor Swift album breakdowns (which are AMAZING) and I’m obsessed. All the hosts are so fun & make you feel like their bestie!
Every album
More every album breakdowns please! So fun !
T Swift
Love the analysis on the Taylor albums. Would love to hear similar projects for other legendary pop artists!
TS every single album
This series is fantastic. These two know so much about TS and music and challenged me to think differently about some songs!
Love Every Single Album: TS
My friends and I have been loving the episodes of Every Single Album: Taylor Swift and don’t want it to end! We book club the pod after listening to each ep. Would love to hear an episode where Nora and Nathan talk about their top 10 respective T Swift songs ever. We hear snippets of this in each album episode but think a whole episode devoted to favorite songs would be so interesting!
Taylor Swift: Every Single Album Review
I liked Taylor’s music as a casual fan. Then I listened to Nathan & Nora explain her genius. Now I have an appreciation for her talent, particularly her songwriting, on a whole new level. The hosts are knowledgeable, prepared, charming, fair, insightful & have amazing chemistry. Give them more shows, please! 🙏🏽
Do the Challenge All Stars!!
The TS analysis is great
Loving the album breakdowns. So fun to listen to Nathan and Nora’s analysis of Taylor’s albums. But stop being so mean about Joe! :p
Ringer Dish is the BEST
I’ve listened to Juliet since the Right Reasons, and I’m a diehard Jam Session with Amanda, who is the best in this and in Best Picture. AND tea time is the best!! it’s my favorite podcast. They make me laugh so much. The Taylor pod is also incredible, but had to shout out the originals!!
Get rid of Amanda Dobbins
The Every Album by Taylor Swift podcast is excellent podcasting and makes me realize why I dislike Amanda Dobbins and why I no longer listen to Jam Session even though I love Juliet Litmen and her original Right Reasons podcast at Grantland is what brought me to The Ringerverse in the first place. Thankfully I can get funnier and better takes on pop culture from the excellent Tea Time ladies. Amanda uses a tone in all of her podcasts that makes her sounds holier than thou as if her opinion on pop culture is the only one that matters. I will never get over how she has repeatedly bashed Taylor Swift’s album Reputation even though by her own admission she’s listened to it exactly one time (a fact she gleefully retells as if that makes her cool). She’s also regularly condescending toward her cohost Juliet in a way that makes me think they can’t possibly like each other outside of the office. As a self professed film buff, I won’t even touch her other podcast the big picture because I can’t be bothered to hear her bad opinions. I think the ringer verse as a whole would be better off without her.
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Bored by Wesley Morris
State of Grace & Holy Ground Justice
I was literally SCREAMING at the pod when it was assumed that these two songs were not necessary when they are by far 10000% necessary and in the top 5 of RED. All love, just had to give my two cents. Love the Taylor Swift deep dive.
Juliet is great, Amanda needs to prepare
I find myself having to fast forward through Amanda‘s ramblings. Juliet seems to show up prepared with interesting commentary while Amanda is trying to think of it live hence the rambling and slow talking. Many months later she still not getting better. I’m sure she’s a very nice person but it’s like listening to a friend that just wants to hear her self talk that’s not saying much.
Came for TSwift, stayed for the rest!
The Taylor Swift album deep dives are the reason I started listening to this podcast and I have not been disappointed. The analysis is amazing and I really enjoy Nora and Nathan. It’s some of my favorite podcast content ever! Because of the TS deep dives, the other episodes showed up in my feed as well and I really enjoy them. I really like Amelia from the times she’s been on Bachelor Party and I love her on this pod as well. He Masked Singer updates are so fun. I’ll definitely stick around for this pod. Hoping for some more Taylor Swift content down the line as well after the album deep dives are done.
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Taylor Swift
Every Single Album is an incredibly informative and entertaining podcast on Taylor Swift. Nora and Nathan are amazing!! Nathan’s perspective from his music industry experience, and Nora’s life long love of Taylor is such a great combination. It’s a Taylor Swift journey that I never want to end.
Challenge & Bachelor Recaps!
My husband and I live for Bill and Jacoby’s “Challenge” recaps! We often turn to each other when something particularly hilarious/ridiculous/dramatic happens during an episode of the show and go “I can’t wait to hear them talk about this on the pod.” Please never stop recapping this franchise! I could listen to you guys talk about anything, until the end of time. Also have been a huge fan of Juliet and her “Bachelor” recaps for years. She often has great guests and I really appreciate the sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and social awareness she bring to her discussions of the show, which I image has been super difficult to do as of late. (I also love whenever she has Jacoby on as a guest - their Right Reasons reunions touch my heart!)
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Taylor Swift deep dive is AMAZING
Love love love love love this T Swift album analysis with Nathan and Nora. It is amazing. I have learned so much- they could have a college course with this A+ content. I also love my favorite podcast dynamic duo of Juliet and Amanda on Jam Session. My favorites for life. And Bill and Jacoby on the Challenge after show. This podcast feed is an A++++++.
Tea Time helps start my weekend
I’m a lot older than the hosts, but they are all so positive and make me smile .. and help me keep up with social media (since I’m not on it). Please bring back Zoe too!
Best Taylor Swift Music Deep Dive
Nora and Nathan are great at breaking down Taylor Swifts Discography. This is an amazing podcast that’s made me laugh, taught me so much (even tho I thought I already knew every about Taylor Swift, and made me so excited to both agree and disagree with all their opinions. Definitely give this a listen if you’re a swiftie- this pod is GREAT
Love the Every Taylor album pod
BUT someone tell the hosts “track 5” being the most emotional song on the album was not a conscious choice on Taylor’s part until Lover came out. Before then it was just a fan observation.
Can’t get enough of Taylor Swift | every single album!
like seriously, give me more. more. more more more. thank you
Challenge & Taylor
i live for Bill & Jacoby's recaps of the Challenge!! second, these Taylor album eps are AMAZING and i'm way too sad we're getting close to ending. i need more TS deep dives please!
Best Recap of MTV Challenge
Love Bill’s weekly recap of MTV’s The Challenge. This podcast is way more entertaining than the show these days. Only problem is Bill’s recap is so good and comes out so quickly that I’m often tempted to listen to the podcast before I’ve watched the actual episode from my DVR. It’s a problem ...
Podcast Swifties Will Love
My friend recommended the Taylor Swift CD review episodes, and I’m hooked! Looking forward to each Monday and reliving some iconic T-Swift moments and music. Highly recommend for anyone who loves Taylor.
Thank you for doing the Taylor pods
As a long time Swiftie I am so grateful for such a thoughtful look in to each of the albums. I tend to avoid the Taylor ‘discourse’ but I am so glad I decided to listen to these. Y’all are doing a great job and I look forward to the episodes to come!
Best Podcasts at the Ringer
These are the best podcasts the Ringer has to offer. These shows are the most consistently updated and are more of what I’m interested in instead of sports. I love listening to Tea Time and Jam Session every week and get a lot of my pop culture updates from these shows. The Taylor Swift podcast is also something I now look forward to and I hope they keep doing deep dive podcasts like this into more celebrities and artists in the future.
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Taylor 101 with Profs Nora and Nathan
This is a brilliant pod from The Ringer. I feel like I’m majoring in Taylor Studies every time I listen to an episode. Nora and Nathan know their stuff and do a tremendous job of melding fandom, journalistic chops, musicality discussions, and pop culture context into a fantastic discussion of each album and how it shaped Taylor’s career from the most driven and talented teen to break into country to the Queen of Pop. Well done to you both, looking forward to hearing your takes on 1989!
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Every single album Taylor Swift
This podcast is the Ringer’s track five. Thank you for getting me through the wait for the fearless re-release!
So charming!
This podcast is so charming - love the easy back and forth with the hosts - I am frequently giggling while I listen. Highly recommend.
Mrs. Jody
This is one of my favorite podcasts to tune into especially when I just need something light, fun, and to feel like I’m hanging out with my girl friends. I personally enjoy Jam Session and Tea Time and look forward to laughing along with each episode.
taylor pod
it’s truly rare that anyone can tell me taylor swift facts that i didn’t already know, but nora and nathan have actually managed to do it a few times!! LOVE their amount of depth + nora’s fan vibes + nathan’s music industry knowledge. i want each episode to be two hours and them to go on forever !!
Taylor Swift
Love the Taylor Swift podcast but I also love jam session and Tea time too. I’m sure if I still watched the challenge I’d love those recap episode as well. Either way, great podcasts and I’m happy to be a subscriber.
I don’t know about you
But I am 52.....and I am Team Taylor!
Taylor Swift Pod
LOVING these episodes! Keep them coming.
I love Ananda & Juliet. They are mature and funny and awesome. I can’t listen to Tea Time. They are fine but I have my driver’s license so I’m too old. Taylor Swift? No thanks. Jacoby & Bill talking The Challenge is pure Podcast gold.
Taylor Swift Mini-Series
As a die-hard swiftie, this series is literally everything. Grew up listening to Taylor, but was way to young to remember the media and music worlds perception and opinion on her and her rise to stardom, especially beginning of her career, so it’s been so awesome to listen to the context surrounding it. Cannot wait to listen to the next pods for later albums & remember how I perceived them and how I remember other people perceiving them! Also, thought I would listen and get angry if you guys were too critical, but you guys have done such an amazing job so far of remaining objective yet supportive of Taylor and I love it!! (ps i’m sad about the lack of talk about the way i loved you on the fearless pod)
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Never really listened to Taylor Swift growing up but this series is making me listen to all the songs and it turned me into a Swiftie. I love it a lot
love the taylor swift series SO much!!
Taylor Swift
Just what I needed to listen to, but didn’t know it until I did!
‘Taylor Swift’ - New Favorite Podcast
One episode in and I am legitimately obsessed with this podcast. Taylor Swift is the greatest singer/songwriter in the history of time & she deserves this type of in-depth and thoughtful analysis. My partner is a certified Swiftie and has been since day one (like, running a TS fan account level Swiftie). I only joined the fandom at 1989 so I missed out on a lot of the social and interpersonal context surrounding all of Taylor’s prior music. This podcast is like hopping in a time machine back to 2006 where I can learn about everything I missed out on while I was busy being one of those high school jocks that Taylor could have written a breakup song about. Honestly - I am unbelievably grateful that I can join this journey through Taylor’s albums and I’ve already learned so much from the first episode - I can’t wait to hear the rest. Thank you both for making this, and thanks Bill Simmons for recognizing how important this conversation is and giving it the platform it deserves.
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Love the Taylor swift mini-series!!
I absolutely loved the first episode of the Taylor swift deep dive! Nathan and Nora are perfect, and it felt like I was discussing Taylor with friends, albeit very knowledgeable ones :)
Taylor Swift!
Came to this podcast because of the Taylor Swift sub-pod. So here for this!
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