Rigs of Dad Prodcast
Rigs of Dad Prodcast
Rigs of Dad - Ross Hurt
The Rigs of Dad Prodcast is the original Rigs of Dad podcast, where tone makers from all walks of life ham it up and get hit with the hard questions.
The Rigs of Dad Prodcast ep 32: David Knudson (Minus the Bear, Botch)
Between his playing in Minus the Bear and in Botch, David Knudson has cemented himself as one of the most influential players to pick up a guitar. We talk about what inspired him and what ultimately turned him into an inspiration for so many other players.
Nov 22
1 hr 4 min
The Rigs of Dad Prodcast ep 31: Jason Hamacher (Frodus, Battery, Decahedron, & more)
Jason might not be a household name for many, but the guys has more stories than Homer ever could have... Whether he's tackling local politics; beating the drums for bands like Frodus, Battery, Zealot RIP, Regents, Decahedron; publishing works with The Smithsonian; documenting a pre-war-torn Syria through music and photography; or anything else under the sun... He has done it all and a tru force to reckon with if you're up for a good laugh. Hilarious stories from a truly hilarious and storied dude.
Nov 18
1 hr 14 min
The Rigs of Dad Prodcast ep 30: Norman Brannon (Texas is the Reason, Anti-Matter, & more
Whether it's because of Texas is the Reason, Anti-Matter Magazine, 108, Shelter, New End Original, or his one of his countless other works, Norman Brannon is one of the most influential dudes in music... Just don't call his work interesting!
Nov 9
1 hr 25 min
The Rigs of Dad Prodcast ep 29: Lars Frederiksen (Rancid, Old Firm Casuals, Lars & the Bastards, and more)
Lars is a man that has a resume longer that lines at Disneyworld. He has been playing with Rancid for more than two decades, he fronted Lars and the Bastards, he fronts Old Firm Casuals, and that is just scratching the surface. This is a truly insane and awesome conversation with an insanely awesome dude with TONS of stories!!
Nov 2
1 hr 32 min
The Rigs of Dad Prodcast ep 28: Mike Schleibaum (Darkest Hour, Be Well, Zealot RIP, & more)
Mike has a massive musical resume, and with that he has a library's-worth of insane and hilarious stories. Whether it be from the countless days on the road with Darkest Hour, his days as a roadie for Frodus, or with any of his other projects, Mike makes for an insanely entertaining interview that could be best described as "The most important wikipedia entry a certain band could ever get".
Oct 27
1 hr 17 min
The Rigs of Dad Prodcast ep 27: Ryan Ratajski (Fuzzrocious Pedals)
Ryan and Ross talk about finding an opening in a niche market, delivering a product, getting it into the hands of your heroes, and eventually into the ears of millions. Its been an incredible and awesome journey for Ryan and his family business, very fun conversation about the whole trip!
Oct 19
1 hr 13 min
The Rigs of Dad Prodcast ep 26: Nick Reinhart (Tera Melos, Pedals & Effects, Disheveled Cuss, & more)
From the beautiful chaotic compositions of Tera Melos, to the insane deep dives into effects on his youtube channel, to the stripped down songs of Disheveled Cuss, Nick Reinhart is a musical madman that has pushed the possibilities of guitar into new realms. He is like a Tom Morello-mused player with Zappa sensibilities, and his passion for all things gear is nothing short of infectious. Talking to Nick about guitars and gear was like talking to Quentin Tarantino about movies and film.
Oct 12
1 hr 22 min
The Rigs of Dad Prodcast ep 25: Ian Miller (Kowloon Walled City, Less Art, & much more)
Ian Miller is a true renaissance man. He has done more with four strings than most artists have down with thousand strand brushes. He is most known for his bass work in the bands Kowloon Walled City, Less Art, and Puig Destroyer... but the dude's resumé is longer than a CVS receipt. This episode is for the gear dorks! Enjoy!
Oct 5
1 hr 16 min
The Rigs of Dad Prodcast Ep 24: Neil Fallon (Clutch)
Neil Fallon and Ross crack open a couple cold ones, talk sci-fi, talk shop, and more. We cover all things Clutch from their early days through their most recent album "Book of Bad Decisions" and beyond, the work of their label Weathermaker, Dune, and much more
Sep 28
1 hr 17 min
The Rigs of Dad Prodcast Ep 23: Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World)
Ross and Jim talk about evolving as a songwriter, evolving as a gear dork, evolving as a band, and pretty much everything else. Evolve your ears and take this one in.
Sep 21
1 hr 18 min
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