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Revisionist History
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Disappointed with Direction
I’m new to this podcast, so I’m listening in reverse order - oldest to newest, but I listen to new ones when they do come out. I’m amazed and delighted by the early episodes, but the recent episodes are glaring in their content decline from the early work. I’m disappointed that three-part Little Mermaid disaster is what I have to look forward to from a podcast whose earliest episodes I can’t get enough of.
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Just Too Hard to Forget Gladwell is a Paid Schill for Tobacco Companies and worse
This podcast is full of interesting stories, fascinating facts, profound people and captivating history. Unfortunately, none of that is enough to escape the reality that the host is a sellout who is willing to carry water for tobacco companies. I don’t know whether or not he was paid, the way he most likely is by companies, like Waymo who appear in episodes of Revisionist History that are little more than infomercials disguised as just another part of the seasons narrative structure, but I do know he used his fame and platform in 1990 to warn readers of the Washington Post that new laws restricting tobacco use and sales would put a strain on Social Security and Medicare programs, citing a study produced by a tobacco industry think tank. Perhaps Gladwell might argue it was a youthful indiscretion, but as recently as 2005 he was still taking money to speak at a Phillip Morris recruiting events. Two years later Gladwell would outdo himself and move from schilling for tobacco companies to schilling for the very bankers who destroyed the world economy by arguing the losses suffered by Enron shareholders were their own fault and dismissed the fraudulent accounting of executives. That same year he also promoted Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson’s move to head George Bush’s Treasury Department praising him for his willingness to be a public servant and failing to mention the close to $100,000,000 in taxes the move would help him avoid. Remember, this is all in the lead up to the 2008 crash and Gladwell is out promoting these guys. Maybe he just didn’t know any better and would later regret it. This is unlikely because in 2011 good olé Malcolm participated in a multi city speaking tour for Bank of America that appears to be about helping them fix their tarnished brand. I haven’t even touched on his conflicts with pharmaceutical companies. Malcolm Gladwell is full of crap and if you pay him enough he will spit out any texture crap you want him to. If I woke up tomorrow and found out he was going on speaking tour to help fix Syrian Dictator Assad’s tarnished reputation I would not at all be surprised. This is why no matter how interesting these episodes might be, I just can’t forget the host has no moral compass and should not be trusted
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Justin N Osos
Revisionist Facts
On the plus side there are facts presented that are intriguing and get you to look at issues from a different perspective. But I am often frustrated by the use of correlation presented as causation. That combined with interjecting a conclusion that isn’t supported by the underlying facts makes this more of a propaganda show than investigative reporting.
OCD lite
Never knew how much I wanted this
Your podcast is always fantastic and one of the best things about it…as suggested in your theme…is the amazingly interesting things there are to learn about things you never contemplated. This series is no exception!!! I loved you history of the little mermaid and the new adaptation. I know Disney won’t use it but, oh my God, they should!!! Fantastic works, as always. I’m telling everyone I know about your fantastic books and podcasts. I’ve been hooked since I started and haven’t stopped loving every episode. Well done.
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Season One! Riveting!
I downloaded them all and forwarded them to all my friends and colleagues who work in Higher Ed! Brilliant!
Just started listening, and Season 1 is a college course. Just the re-education I need to be a thinking, contributing, human being in the world we need to continue to create.
sabrina bianca
Malcolm, what happened????
Earlier books were fascinating, well researched and thoughtful. So were the earlier issues of Revisionist History. They covered unique or important topics. Over the past months, the series has degenerated into silly personal reflections (Malcolm, your life is just not that interesting), crass appeals for subscribers, and commercialism in tne extreme. Never thought I would remove the series from my feed but enough is enough.
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Phyllis Robbins
LOVE Gladwell, but commercials are a bummer
Content is 5-star, commercials seamlessly embedded in episode is 1-star… I want to listen to all of Malcolm Gladwell’s podcasts, but the way the commercials just happen, in the same tone and voice by Malcolm, no notice or different background sound. This makes it sound like part of the reporting if it is a commercial you haven’t heard before. During the laundry episode, suddenly I am wondering if electric vehicles are part of it. Very confusing and annoying.
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mimi maine
Love Malcolm G.
I read and/or listen to all your books and podcasts (sometimes more than once) I love the way you make me evaluate my opinions. Please keep doing what you do.
Pamela B RN
Waste of time
Whatever brain cells I had left have mysteriously disappeared
Big Pikel
Season 5
Season 5 had a political agenda. Please don’t bring a racist on to lecture us on racism.
In a world of conspiracy theories, this pod helps to educate and provide clarity. As my husband says, “but we were taught in history…”, I reply “who wrote the history books! White Men! (He’s a white man)”.
Grandma Shuie
What happened here MG?
Something happened to degrade this particular season from the previous seasons. I’m concerned, MG. I’ve eagerly anticipated previous seasons and loved the creative insight and flow. This season seems like you’re not yourself. Are you ok? What happened that created such a different depth of content, creativity and flow this season? We want you back MG. But not like this.
Sesame Street for Adults
And I mean that in the best possible way
Thoughtful Podcast
Writing this review to ask why the theme song was changed (the original was better!!) but this really is a great podcast so I’m giving it 5 stars
Hamlet was wrong
Many of us live in relative intellectual/emotional spaces where one is unlikely to find the kind of fun possible with Malcolm- or perhaps even more- his father! What a lovely psyche map Malcolm’s father provided. I’m also a believer in forgoing planning. So much is discovered through serendipity & continuous exploration of the random things that occur to us. That’s actually how I found this podcast. Once again I’ve found an imaginary virtual friend to accompany me through life, and I’m grateful.
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Always a great listen!!!
Have been a fan of all of Malcom’s work and this podcast does not disappoint!
Confused and Disappointed
It’s hard to write this review, as much as I enjoy MG’s books (they’re phenomenal, btw), but this podcast is dizzyingly out-of-touch and, frankly, not worth my time at all. I’m not sure what happened to MG, but the quality of his analysis, the objectivity, and the topic selection are all, to put it kindly, off (at least with this current season). And, now, we get to hear MG shilling for Walmart multiple times per episode? To say, “I never thought I’d see the day” doesn’t even cover it. I just expected better and, now, I’ll need to carefully caveat my recommendations of MG.
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My favorite podcast
Mr. Gladwell NEVER disappoints. Engaging storytelling with a point; his moral compass is spot on. His books are amazing as well.
Gladwell is a victim blaming, abuser excusing poor excuse for a human
I feel dumber after listening to or reading anything by Gladwell.
Best. Podcast. Ever
I love Revisionist History, along with everything Mr. Gladwell has written. Many episodes have been memorable... A Memorial for the Living is the single best podcast episode I have ever heard. The point never even has to be made...the stories get you there and there’s no need to point out what becomes obvious. Still, a lesser artist would feel the need to say it out loud at the end. Not Mr. Gladwell.
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What happened to this podcast?
I have been a huge fan of RH over the years, but this most recent season is so bad I can’t believe it. Clearly Malcolm and his team have run out of insightful moments in history! A three part story on the evils of The Little Mermaid — really?! Oh, and the constant stream of ads is over the top. The team mailed this one in. Too bad!!
Out of touch
Listening to malcom read off a commercial for Walmart has really shown how out of touch he is with reality. He has high minded ideals and let’s elite marketers pander to his sense of righteousness while they step on the average person and continue to destroy the environment. I know malcom means well, but he is really letting these companies he hawks for lead him by the nose.
hydro mask
Don’t meet your heroes
The 2 stars is a relative score bc MG should be better than what he’s become. The college ranking episode had him “grilling” US News about their Reputation Ranking with the glee of an uninformed high school sophomore. His producer needed to throw him the online definition of “reputation.” The episode where he and another intellectual mock Adam Driver’s artistic insecurities was another low. Ivory Tower knuckleheads love to become armchair quarterbacks when it comes to the performing arts. Pack it up, MG.
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Love the show, hate the ads
I love the content put out, but you can’t do a Walmart ad when talking about climate change.
Jimmy pooooooh
Gone down hill fast
Used to be a good podcast. The three!! episodes on the little mermaid this past season were awful. I still can’t believe he spent 3 whole episodes on it. What a waste of time. And the revision of the movie was so awful I can’t believe he wasted all that time and money to promote it and produce it. Terribly disappointed.
Steve Carfino
These podcasts are fascinating, creative and thought provoking. I’m finding it hard to leave the car once I reach my destination. Thanks for bringing critical thinking back into the world of entertainment.
Used to be Great…
During seasons 1-4, this was my absolute favorite podcast. On release day, I would refresh my feed endlessly just waiting for the new episode to drop and listen to each episode multiple times. Unfortunately, season started to 5 feel different. Still good, but not like it used to be. Season 6 was extremely disappointing. The final episode about dogs in medicine was interesting, but beyond that I found myself listening to maybe half an episode and moving on. I know a lot of work goes into producing a show like this one, but I miss the old style. Difficult subjects and riveting stories about race, police, and historical events. Now it feels more like a commercial with significantly less impactful stories. I’m holding out hope that the next season returns to the original ‘feel’
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“When you swing for the pigs…you best not miss”. Who writes that?! You do. Made me stop dead in my tracks in the middle of my walk to laugh so hard. Awesome episode. Awesome season. Awesome series. Bravo, my friend. BRAVO👏!
Just. Simply. Awesome.
I love the wide range of topics and how well put together each episode is. Malcolm Gladwell does an amazing job educating about material and stories I normally wouldn’t find myself researching or paying attention to.
Economic threat
Listening to the episode on dog smelling abilities and it’s possible use in cancer screening, particularly colon cancer, it’s not that we don’t trust the dogs, it’s that hospitals and medical facilities would fight tooth and nail to preserve their profitable testing business.
Centrist Current Little Mermaid Fam
Malcolm, As you can see I rated your show with five stars. I wait with anticipation until a new season arrives, and then I listen fervently as I go about my day. I’m even planning on starting the entire podcast over again just in case I missed one of your brilliant, yet unique, observations. I have a masters degree in literacy, I have taught children for years, and I have a 22-year-old daughter. Subsequently, her and I both loved watching and singing to The Little Mermaid movie. And although I love your brilliance and your out-of-the-box thinking, this time I think you’re being “a lot”. Sometimes I feel we overthink what kids think and feel and like. If you are familiar with Vygotsky’s ZPD (zone of proximal development), you would understand that children are only understanding at their level of development. If we, as adults, try to analyze what they are feeling, after watching a movie that is supposed to be fun, magical, and not always makes sense to us as adults, then we are analyzing those with the eyes of our level of development. Kids now live in such a slanted, skewed world, where anything and everything can be twisted and molded into pretty much anything. Isn’t it time that we let them have the fun of their childhood and the memories that they enjoyed without forcing them to now look at this happy childhood memory with adult skepticism? The negativity of this world is overwhelmingly affecting millennials more so than ever, and sometimes we need to realize that what others call information, is sometimes just negativity and skepticism disguised as being “woke”. Let’s just let them have those memories and be “part of this world…🎶”.
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King Of Tears
I love all episodes!! Never disapointed, Especially the music episodes. It's about something. It's so interesting the topics are varied, which keeps me listening. Malcolm is a master story teller. I enjoy His stuff so much that i also stream his Broken Record podcast with Rick Ruben. Malcolm Gladwell Rocks!!!!
Couldn’t love Revisionist History more!
Malcom’s books have always been some of my favorite and best rated books. The RH podcast is straight up my favorite podcast. Malcolm brings his ingenious brain and subtle humor, breaking down the topics in such a way that give me at least one “aha!” in every episode. I even have my 14 year old son hooked. (Bottom line: I want to be Malcolm and to be best friends with him.)
Little Mermaid
30ish minutes of joy with a twist. Best time spent this week. Gladwellian to the core!
The Little Mermaid was a little off the rails, but other than that it ROCKS
Easily one of the best podcasts on the inter webs. The Little Mermaid episodes was a little off the rails/overkill, but man this is a great show and consistency tells interesting stories and observations.
And no mention that Gen. Lemay was the VP running mate of George Wallace in 1968.
Entertaining & enlightening
I have thoroughly enjoyed every one of these episodes. I am listening to about 2 a day trying to get caught up. I thought about skipping some when I wasn’t sure I would find the topic interesting, but I’m glad I didn’t. There hasn’t been a single one where I didn’t learn something fascinating, all while being entertained by Malcolm’s whimsical style. Keep up the great work!
Donna Librarian
Getting progressively worse
Loved the first few seasons. Hated the first episode of the Little Mermaid series, and when he said there were 2 more to come I got this pit in my stomach. Part of it is I hate the political agenda that is obviously driving these episodes. But part of it was that it wasn’t even interesting content! There are plenty of blogs that rant and rave about the “dangerous” messages in Disney movies. If I want conspiracy theory stuff it’s out there. I’ve always relied on Malcom to pull out interesting data that I’ve never considered before and help me think differently. This season just felt uninspired and divisive and lacking any interesting data or perspectives. I may be done listening.
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My favorite podcast!
I love everything about this podcast! Except. (Spoiler warning) the ending of the Little Mermaid rewrite. So Ursula is an evil witch because she was rejected by a man? AND she suddenly becomes happy and nice and caring, not really because Ariel hugged the hate out of her, but rather because the love who once rejected her decided to marry her?! I mean, come on. Her happiness is so tied to the love of a man? I have to say, I prefer the Disney version where she gets murdered by the dashing Prince. Please.
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First-time listener, and I'm two episodes into the Little Mermaid. The basic premise so far: society has evolved, and the morals presented to children by mass media from twenty years ago are no longer appropriate, duh. If Gladwell is at the top of the heap, he’s phoning this one in and trying way too hard to make an obvious and petty premise interesting by dousing it with his signature narrative and high production value.
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Uncle Flavio
Interesting, yet divisive.
Malcolm Gladwell is one of my favorite authors and I have always viewed him as an objective and fair-minded thinker. His personal bias and politics are more clear in these podcasts as he often uses the divisive language that now infects our discourse. For example, he regularly disparages a whole race using phrases like "old white men" or "rich white kids" as the villain in his narratives. It's unfortunate since his topics are serious and warrant intelligent conversations.
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Little Mermaid revisited
WOW what an episode. I have periodically ranted (after a few glasses of wine) about the backwards, sexist themes of this Disney classic. This rewrite was delightful and my favorite RH episode yet!!
Well, I'm sure glad for Gladwell
This is such a good podcast - off the wall topics, well-told stories. I really enjoy seeing the expansion of your books turn into this podcast. I don't know what has got everyones undies in a bunch? Is everyone pretending to have read your books and are now suddenly shocked that you are political? Thanks for being awesome!
Hadara D.
Fresh, witty, different
While it seems most people disliked the Little Mermaid episodes, I LOVED them. I do believe Disney is brainwashing our kids one portly written Disney movie at a time. Thanks for shedding light on different fairytales. Your podcasts are fresh, witty, and different. I appreciate that you look outside the box and offer different perspectives. I imagine those that are dissatisfied are simply triggered by having their own subconscious views challenged.
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Laundry in Cold Water!
Can’t believe it took an episode of Revisionist History to convert to doing laundry in cold water. Great episode!!!
Love everything… besides all of season six
We have been long time fans of revisionist history and would recommend to anyone. But this season has been horrible. The little mermaid episodes are insufferable. Please stay away from the political agenda. Nico age 13 (yes I’m 13)
trooper nation
Dog episode is great
Wow, Malcolm—it looks like you’re really getting skewered in the comments! Okay, the Little Mermaid trilogy was a bit much, but the rest is pretty entertaining. I saw one commenter really hated the dog episode, but I really loved that one. As far as the advertising goes, hey, you gotta keep the lights on so I take it in stride. Don’t people understand you’re doing this for a living? All this talk about being a sellout shill is kinda over the top. Keep up the good work!
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Season 6
Couple of OK episodes. Mostly attempted woke claptrap. Return to your roots.
Dc Terence
How to be anti racist?
I love some of your books and early pods but when you start promoting Xkendi , I’m out unless you balance out the racism argument with someone like Candace Owens or Ben Shapiro.
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