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One of the Best Nostalgia Podcasts Around…
Like so many others, I found this podcast during the pandemic of 2020, and I’m so glad I did. There’s no shortage of 80’s themed podcasts available, but retroist is different; while each episode focuses on one specific subject, like Miami Vice, Pizza Hut, Atari 5200, etc. What makes this different (to me) is the focus. Each episode discusses the necessary information to remind you of the topic, or learn about something that maybe you didn’t experience back in the day. Each episode is concise, but thorough. Great show! Easy to binge.
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The best retro podcast out there.
Truly the highlight of my drive to work. Incredible job at bringing nostalgia to life.
TIC's Arcade
Gives me warm fuzzies
Listening is like wrapping up in a warm blanket on the family couch with the blue glow of the tv lighting your face.
Trevor 1223
Thorough and detailed!!
Excellent podcast that tells all about the subject covered, complete with retro ads. I guarantee that you will learn something you did not know before; give Retroist a listen! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
What a great podcast!
The material, the tone, the atmosphere….it all gives me the warm-fuzzies. Have recommended this podcast to everyone I know my age!
Fantastic blast of nostalgia
I absolutely love this podcast. Each episode takes me back to the days when everything was new and exciting, and makes me remember what it was like to be a kid. The host has a great "podcast voice" and it's fun to hear his own personal stories as they relate to each episode's topic. He also does a good amount of research and I always learn something new each time I listen. Highly recommend for fans of 70's/80's pop culture!
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Quarantine mood saver
Quarantine forced me to think of the good old 80s childhood. This podcast reminds me of how simple and entertaining life was. So many good memories- tv shows, music, toys. Thank you for allowing my mind to escape from the worries of 2020 in an informative and enjoyable way.
Is it really alright?
Yep! It's alright to look fondly on things in the past. Thanks to this podcast, I'm reminded of those experience I shared and I learn the worth of those I missed. Some of the pop culture experiences from the 80s-90s I shared with my daughters, who were growing up at that time. Others that I missed, such as the 'Inhumanoids' series, I now get to go back and retro-experience. What a deal! Thanks, Retroist!
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ChuckX from Houston
awesomeness !!
I have listened to every one of these podcasts....being an 80's kid, I identify with alot of these. The neat way in which the subject is presented is cool. The little commercials are also a nice touch. brings the memories flooding back !! Cant wait to hear more !!
I absolutely love this podcast. Such a fun listen and I love how the commercials are snuck in there. Please keep up the great work, and I would love to hear them more frequently. Thanks for sharing these!
They call him..ROBO
Taking me back
Each episode is a walk down memory lane. Thanks for bringing some great memories to light with your terrific podcast!
A Cozy Escape from the Ordinary
The Retroist is my favorite escape from the modern world. It’s my happy place, safe and warm, never referencing current events or politics, but simply taking me back to cozy places. The Retroist gives me a few minutes to relax and unwind with old friends like “Magnum P.I.,” “Pitfall!,” “New Coke,” “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” “Kodak Disc,” “Trading Places,” “Lazer Tag,” and many others. The Retroist has heart. Both the podcast and the host, who goes by the same name, make me long for the awesomeness of my youth. This guy truly understands nostalgia at its core. He doesn’t tear down the past. Unlike other commenters on the pop culture of my youth, he’s not snarky. He never says, “look how dumb we were for liking this thing.” Instead, he provides sincere observations about the wonders of the past. Though The Retroist provides tons of facts about the topic at hand, it’s not the “what” that makes the show so compelling, but rather the “why.” He covers why a toy or a movie, for instance, was special at the time and worth remembering today. The show provides details and context that I never knew, which enriches my already fond memories of toys, games, tv shows, movies, etc. The host’s earnestness is infectious. I am even won over to subjects that I never cared about at the time, causing me to search for more about lesser known treasures and forgotten favorites, such as “Hunt the Wumpus,” “Animalympics” and “Gymkata.” The retroist makes me feel, makes me reflect, makes me smile. The host’s personal stories that introduce each show set the tone for the subject and reveal a good amount about the sweet nature of The Retroist himself. As he fondly, often humorously, recalls a tale about an item, set in the time and place of his youth, it reminds me of the quirkiness of my own family. Not perfect people, but real, memorable and worth revisiting.
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❤️ felt podcast
I am forever living in the 80’s so I love this show I can’t get enough of it you can tell it’s done out of love and passion and that’s what makes it so GREAT
Logan Purtilar
Takes Some Getting Used To The Host But Rewarding
Host has a seriously dry sense of humor and voice that will have you rolling once you get used to it. Sadly, however, his episode output has turned to a trickle.
Perijove One
This show is the best. The clean factual presentation is wonderful, so much less overproduced than other shows. He has a wry sense of humor that sneaks in and makes me laugh out loud. All of his recollections are spot on, having grown up in New Jersey myself. Scroll through the list of shows, find one that interests you. Then I dare you not to go back and pick 20 more. It is such an addictive show, and wonderful.
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C-MAC 71
Bite-sized Chunks of Nostalgia
This podcast makes me happy. If you are a kid from the 70s, 80s, or 90s, this podcast will bring you right back to your childhood. The monotone host seems odd at first, but after a few episodes I stared to find his delivery to be soothing. This podcast hits me right in the nostalgia "feels". Kudos!
So Much to love
The Retroist Podcast is the first podcast I ever subscribed to, and its been a quality affair from then until now. Extremely well produced, with an engaging and consistent format throughout the years, all tied together by the vision and voice of The Retroist himself. The show covers a wide range of pop culture topics - TV shows, movies, video games, toys, music - all through the lens of a warmly nostalgic perspective. You'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between a recent show and a show produced five years ago - the show found its groove and never strayed. Always a treat for the ears of your inner kid. Highly recommended.
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Rockford Jay
VERY Well Produced! And Oh, The Memories!!
He is able to accomplish the same thing that my favorite shows or movies from the past did by causing you to personally connect with him, his experiences and memories about the topic at hand. In a flooded market of 1-2 hour podcasts that are nothing more than several friends (hosts?) having recorded conversations with each other with zero thought towards production quality and calling it a show, you’ll find a diamond in the rough (or perhaps a power pellet) that goes by the name, The Retroist.
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Very Rude & Antagonstic
I’ve enjoyed the podcast and the host, but apparently misjudged the Retroist. I sent a message noting a catty remarked aimed at gays on the Facebook page and was met with indifference, then rudeness and a flat-out antagonistic attitude. Talk about a surprise. Whether it was a member acting as an Admin or the host himself responding as an Admin, the Retroist is off the playlist. No, the Retroist doesn’t care, but I do. For chrissakes, have some standards, find your morals, something! In the very least, don’t treat fans like crap.
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The Retroist was one of the first podcasts I subscribed to, and I’ve listened ever since. The show has great reverence for the same things I enjoy, and I also learn new things about stuff I missed (I can't believe I never watched Monster Squad back then!) Keep it up! Scott
Great Memories !
I love this podcast. It brings back many fun memories of my past. I am 54 years old. The host has a very relaxing voice , it is great to listen to at night while winding down before going to sleep. Thanks for the cool podcast. Check it out now.
A nice retro podcast
Growing up in the 80s I have so many found memories of the programming, television, movies, and even the commercials. The Retroist Podcast delivers all that and more! The podcast was listed in my recommendations and I am glad that it was. They episodes are just the right length for binging. I just started listening last Friday with the most current episode and working my way back. I am already into 2015! Thanks for the entertainment!
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love the retroist
This has been my favorite podcast for years. I so look forward to new episodes. I was so happy to see the 2018 podcast show up in my stream. Wish it was a full episode! I always go back and re-listen to old episodes. Please do an episode on Ultraman.
Loads of Fun!
I always learn something new about the fantastic era when I grew up. And the stories about the family, that often start the show, are always a treat! Hearing the old commercials, the music, I'm never disappointed by a show from the Retroist. It's terrific to spend time with you!
Best podcast.
This is probably my favorite podcast ever. Every episode makes my heart happy.
Gary made me!!!
Lol, Gary Burton turned me onto the cast, I and I have to say I'm hooked!!!
Could be so much more
I was really hoping to like this, but it is just too slow-paced. The host needs someone to talk to, because right now, it's just him reading from notes. In a dull, almost monotone voice. For some reason, he tells you the birth year of every actor he mentions. Someone else said it sounds like he is reading from Wikipedia, and I have to agree. I don't know how you make a podcast about a movie like Xanadu boring, but dang if he didn't manage it. I think this podcast could be good if this guy found a partner to hold coversations with.
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Brilliant show!
One of my favorite podcasts. Have already listened to them all in the past, but have just started to listen again, this time with my oldest child who is in love with learning about pop culture of the past!
Incredibly fun show
The 80s are the foundation of my pop culture life. I love the focus of this series, particularly the video game focused episodes.
Awesome Throwback Action!
Just discovered this podcast tonight...already listened to 3 episodes, which were all awesome! Loving the nostalgia and memories!
Liane Abe
Intelligent, educational and most of all fun
I am a new listener and have found myself caught, hook, line and sinker. This is a fun podcast full of great nostalgia and facts told in a most endearing way. Cheers and kudos
Kevin Bee
Retro goodness!
Makes me want to play an Atari 2600 while watching the A Team!!
He's Good....And Thorough
Podcasts are always a treat and many take me back to my childhood. I like the podcast being broken up into segments and adding in the other contributors is a nice break from hearing one person talk.
Great Podcast
I have been listening to podcasts since 2008. When I discovered this one in 2009, I have continued to listen. I have listened to several podcasts throughout the years and only 2 have remained in my listening queue. This is one of them. He covers awesome topics and it is always enjoyable to listen to.
love it
one of my favorite podcasts, I love the stories that tie into the subject, and I love the fact this guy was around, and my own age, during this time. I hate retro podcasts that have hosts that were maybe a year old during the years they are discussing. However, the length of the music that gets played at the start and sometimes the end of the episode goes on FAR to long. Trim it down man!
My only complaint is the episodes aren't frequent enough!
A wonderful podcast that earns it’s 5 stars!
If you love nostalgic, retro, pop culture trips down memory lane… this is THE podcast for you! I have listened to all 197 episodes (at the time of this review) twice and am starting my third go-round! I enjoy The Retroist Podcast while mowing the lawn, remodeling my house or just hanging out in the garage. A truly family-friendly show that mixes wonderfully research pop culture information with great retro commercial breaks and personal stories to top it off! I can’t wait for the next show topic to pop up!
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Retro memories and great info!
I've been listening to the Retroist Podcast now for three years. I consider the Retroist Podcast one of my top five podcasts, because not only of the great subject matter of everything that had to do with yesteryear, but also the quality of the information he received. The host of the show, simply called the The Retroist, delivers all of this quality entertainment via rather deadpan approach that is actually quite pleasant to listen to. I definitely think that anybody reading this review, the group and the decades of the 1970s and 1980s and or the 1990s, should give this your time…You won't be sorry!
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Scott Cadwell
still a great podcast
Great collaboration, and endless content. truly one of the great reasons to listen to podcasts!!!
Retro Gold!
A very uplifting and informative look at all those special things that made growing up magical. I hope it never stops! Thanks for reminding me of so many wonderful memories! Highly recommended!
Always a fun ride
I'm a sucker for 80s nostalgia, and this one fills it. The host always has some story tied to the topic at hand.
Excellent Trip Down Memory Lane!
I just came across this podcast and have enjoyed every episode I have listened to so far. The nostalgia factor rings true with every episode, bringing back wonderful memories of my childhood. I look forward to listening to all the previous episodes and taking a trip back in time. Excellent content, well reserched facts, and vintage audio round out this wonderfully produced show. Well done Retroist.
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Ron from Jacksonville Florida
Help this guy stole my childhood!! :P
Just kidding, but it is always a kick to hear the subject matter and the stories at the beginning which help me realize that I had a experience growing up that I think we all did for better or for worse.
Heart-warming and Inspiring
The only thing wrong with this podcast is that the episodes are not 24 hours long and they don’t come out daily. I’ve listened to the entire run twice and am about to start on the third time through. There’s just something so soothing and comfortable in the host’s voice and the topics make me feel like the kid I was back in the late 70’s and 80’s. My favorite are the holiday themed episodes for Halloween and Christmas. Living here in New Orleans, we don’t get a lot of fall or winter weather to get us in the holiday spirit but a binge listening to the holiday themed episodes gets me right in the mood to trick or treat or unwrap my gifts on Christmas morning (with hopefully some new Atari 2600 cartridges included). My wife and I love to listen to a few episodes on Saturday and Sunday mornings over breakfast and coffee and then play a lovely game of “Remember When?” for a few hours….enough to make a podcast of our own! Maybe one day we can do it and get in on the Throwback Network:) If we do, it will all be due to the wonderful job that the Retroist has done and continues to do.
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THE BEST Retro podcast in the history of ever
There is the countless number of expletive-filled, garbage “retro” themed podcasts out there, and then there is the Retroist podcast, a tuely informative gem of a podcast. The Retroist is a kid-at-heart and yet an intelligent adult all in one. He hits on all the really great things we as kids of the 70’s, 80’s (and some 90’s) remember and love and does it all in a both fun and documentary themed way. THE BEST!
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Great nostalgic tripfest
Love the trips down memory lane... both familiar and unfamiliar movies, tv shows, and more from the late 70s and 80s.
Awesome podcast
The retroist podcast is the best! Although I was born in the 80s when I listen to a retroist podcast I can picture and relive great moments from the past.
Love this podcast!
Its been amazing how many of the 150 or so shows that I have heard mirror a game, movie, show, or cultural phenomena with which I was also obsessed as a kid and/or a teenager in the 70s and 80s. And it It has been fun to explore some of the content that I missed. The Retroist's passion love for it is plain and true, without any snark or cynicism. Love it!!! PS: AT LAST someone that understands that gameplay in Dig Dug is a pale shadow of Mr. Do! Dig Dug loses because of the lack of a long range weapon, the lack of the ability to set (apple) traps, and the variety of ways to finish a level - kill monsters, clear cherries, score EXTRA, or catch the diamond.
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Listen to this dude Retroist...
I'm totally addicted. Keep up the good work :)
Best Of The Best
This is by far one of the best podcasts out there! Every episode is right on the money for retro facts and fun.
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