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25 years ago, Mark and Carol recorded their thoughts on movies and entertainment news. Now it’s a podcast! Retro Late Fee, the latest in entertainment from 25 years ago!
90210: Destiny Rides Again
It's a really smart move to name your episode after a Jimmy Stewart film from forty years ago. It also really doesn't seem to have anything to do with the episode. Andrea gets hit by a car but that's less destiny and more California drivers.
Nov 30
28 min
Toy Story
Today we are joined by Carol's niece and nephew (Bella and Stefan) and we're talking about Toy Story, a great movie from a new company called Pixar. Tom Hanks has never been more rubbery in a movie...if you leave out Bachelor Party of course.
Nov 23
42 min
90210: A Presumption of Innocence
It's a Sue Scanlon episode and she is into some deep trouble. Did Gil sexually assault her, or is something more sinister going on? It's the second thing.
Nov 22
34 min
The American President
Today we talk about Aaron Sorkin's The American President. We also discuss the actual President, Bill Clinton, as well as Nikki Cox in Unhappily Ever After.
Nov 16
53 min
90210: Home and Away
Brandon attempts to save a football game but finds out that people's lives might be more important. Brenda knows that her social standing at West Beverly IS the most important.
Nov 15
28 min
Demi Moore Double Feature: Indecent Proposal/Now and Then
It's a double d dose of Demi Moore. First, she gets hot and sweaty with Woody Harrelson and Robert Redford in Indecent Proposal. Then she gets weepy and nostalgic in Now and Then. Which did we prefer? I guess you'll just have to listen to find out!
Nov 9
1 hr 12 min
90210: High Wire
Andrea is nervous about Yale, Brandon is nervous about Nikki, Steve is nervous about his grades, Kelly is nervous about David seeing her boobs, and Donna is nervous she's not going to get into a good college. Dylan's just jealous of David.
Nov 8
28 min
Get Shorty
Today we watch Get Shorty a wonderful movie that I loved and Carol thought was meh. We also check out the Seinfeld episode The Soup Nazi and found it hilarious. Plus, massive love makes a return.
Nov 2
55 min
90210: Back Story
The kids are taking their SATs, but Brenda is more interested in calling out all her friends in order to be on camera for a trashy tabloid. And smoking, man this girl loves smoking...until she doesn't and never smokes again.
Nov 1
29 min
Bonus: Halloween Special 1995
In honor (horror) of Halloween, Carol and I talk about six of our favorite spooky movies. Does your favorite make the list?
Oct 30
49 min
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