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Never again
I don't listen to podcast. I've never heard one I enjoyed. Never heard anything I cared to give an hour of my time to. Then a friend sent me a link to the Test Kitchen series. I loved it. I was a huge fan of the YouTube series and was thrilled to hear what happened to cause all the changes at BA. The interviews and behind the scene details were fantastic. I couldn't wait to hear the rest of the story. I have no idea what this last episode was talking about. I don't keep up with all the inhouse drama of your little podcast company. I mean I'm sure you're all great people and it sounds like you're trying to be thoughtful and do the right thing but this is beyond frustrating. Just proves to me that podcast are a waste of time.
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Excited for the future of Reply All!
While I hope Reply All continues episodes like Super Tech Support and other human interest internet stories, I also fully support Emmanuel and am more excited than ever for what he will bring to the show.
‘M’all set
So PJ was forced to leave in a virtue-signaling move? This podcast used to be interesting, but with PJ... all set. Unsubscribe.
podcast loser
Loved Reply All
I have been a Reply All listener for years and have loved the show but I guess this is what happens when we take cancel culture too far. People make mistakes. Let’s learn from mistakes and move on. I’ve unsubscribed.
This is definitely the best podcast I’ve heard so far! very funny, love the fact on reversing the roles on the scammers and find out who is really calling me and from where. Great reporting very entertaining can’t wait to hear the next podcast thank you.
This show has bent the knee and sworn fealty to the same type of pitch-forked masses it used to lampoon in an effort to stay alive. This used to be my favorite show. Thanks PJ and Alex for that early, interesting content.
Was cool then went woke
This used to be a fun and quirky podcast about the internet, internet trends, and internet users. It has since morphed into an almost all woke show that cannot help talking about race and promoting white guilt in every episode. The removal of original co-host PJ Vogt from the show was the final straw that made me unsubscribe.
Open to new directions
Do what you guys need to do. Loved the podcast for what it was, but also understand that things grow and change with time. I think I can love the podcast for what it will become as well. Looking forward to it guys!
I absolutely love this podcast. PJ & Alex are a great team. I’m pretty techy so a lot of the things they talk about are things I’m interested in, but my bf is not into tech at all and also loves the podcast. Funny thing is the titles I feel like that I’ll be least interested in are usually the ones I end up enjoying the most. Only downfall is they are only released biweekly and I have to wait for new ones! Thank you PJ & Alex for a great show. Updated 5/11/21- I’m rating this one star. Not because PJ left but because this show was about the internet. It was funny & light hearted. I thought it was amazing how they went down these internet worm holes. It’s not that I don’t care about racism and unjust things happening in the world but this was a podcast I could listen to driving to work that put me in a good mood. The way the show is heading isn’t what the show was originally about at all. They should have just started a different podcast instead of changing paths on this one. This podcast went down hill once they started discussing politics & that was before the new host and the last series. Wish you guys the best but it’s no longer a fun show.
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Virtue signaling ruined the show.
Bummer. Used to be my favorite podcast. It’s similar to going on Twitter. Just virtue signaling and politics with a slant.
If you don’t apologize you’re racist
Unnamed Source
I’m liberal. I have other podcasts I listen to for political content. I came to Reply-All for tech/internet content. I don’t know what happened, but the inability to handle something has apparently ruined one of my favorite shows. 🤦🏽‍♀️
To be honest, Reply All was my first podcast I ever listened to and the first podcast I ever subscribed to. I enjoyed because I could get lost in an adventure about something random pertaining to the internet. As someone who likes to learn about the internet and all the hidden challenges and prizes it hides, this show was it for me! It truly upsets me that in life all good things come to an end, and although I would never wish ill on Gimlet team, I’m afraid this show is just falling into another trap of social identity crisis and politics. You were good to me Reply All, I wish you all the best moving forward. I’ll check in from time to time to see if anything interests me, but the as a consumer, the last few months of production and stories were a bit too aggressive and politically driven. Not for me anymore. Take care!
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Lost my favorite podcast
The outrage over this is ridiculous, lost my favorite podcast.
Another SJW Victim
Be true to yourself and drop the politics. RIP
Keep PJ Off & Ignore Your Toxic Fans
The fandom of this show is clearly a massive collection of toxic folks who can’t handle the truth: PJ was a condescending guy who was annoying to listen to if you aren’t a white person. You’d think that would be a wake up call for your listeners but of course it isn’t. I’m giving this show 5 Stars BECAUSE the toxic racists are finally gone. Good on you guys for doing what’s right. Ignore your ignorant fan base and keep on trucking. Welcome Emmanuel, you are a legend.
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not good
National Headlines
Updates needed
I’ve always enjoyed the show for the most part. It is interesting that former hosts still have pictures on apple iPod app description while current hosts don’t have pictures. Maybe someone should fix that...
Another one bites the dust.
The new host seems to be a relentless narcissist with no ability to understand why people aren’t happy with the new direction he’s dragging the show in. Gimlet’s loss, I suppose.
Change the name please
I loved this show and listened to it for years. Frankly hosts change and that’s life, but the issue is when the entire premise of the show changes. Planet Money has cycled through hosts throughout the years, but retains the same ethos. This used to be a show about light topics that frequently led to some compelling insights on internet culture and life in general. Now this is just a generic politics show and there are much better ones out there. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.
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I miss this podcast
Update after “revisit test kitchen” 1 star still “The thing that bothered me most about my reporting is that people felt it didn’t belong on the current version of reply all” And what’s wrong with that?! Not everything can be on every podcast. There are niches. The show isn’t about identity and race. So if you felt your stories not fitting in, that’s why. It was about the internet. So of course if reporting has to do with internet and includes race then yesss report it! But the emphasis on race after George Floyd <3 is changing your show altogether. Give the new host his own show!! I’d listen to it too!!! I love his reporting!! But don’t blame reply all for not being what it’s not. What it was was a niche and it did it well! Update after PJ leaving 3 to 1 stars. Yes social justice matters (!!) but cancel culture is too extreme. PJ really you’re going to quit? Yes people are upset with you but ALOT of people liked you. Both are true. To give in to your failures you aren’t really making your haters feel better and most certainly you are letting down more people— all the people who love you!! I just miss reply all so much. The cancel culture is going to harm BLM. Because the people who support BLM are die hards but the more people that get canceled leaves others mad at BLM movement. Update 2020 5 to 3 stars It feels very different now. Love the new guy so it’s not him. Maybe also because there’s only 3 a month it’s hard to accept the different ones. If y’all made 6 a month and 3 were new type of content (politics) wouldn’t mind.... I dunno just miss it :-/ love y’all so I keep holding out... Ps I have same political opinions as you thank god :)
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Akm 536873
Ok...bye. Maybe your next show should be how to ruin a great podcast in four episodes.
The leadership at Bon Appetite and Gimlet being accused of systemic racism are probably mostly liberal Democrats. This is worth pointing out because the mainstream media wants you to believe white conservatives republicans from the south are the only ones capable of racism.
This show needs a decent burial
Oh god, the self-flaggelation is out of control. NO ONE WAS HARMED. Is there no escape from 24/7 identity politics? Reply All used to be fun and now...RIP
Suzette LaPeer
This show was great. I’m sad to have lost my favorite podcast 😭
Looking forward
I’m looking forward to what the show will be. I’m happy that Reply All will continue. Thank you
Byron Ripley 1234
Sad ending
I’m not sticking around. This last ‘explanation’ podcast sealed the deal for me. The public shaming of hosts that are no longer there to defend themselves is terrible. Based on what’s public, disagreeing with a union does not make you racist. You can both want diversity and also not want a union. PJ and Alex, please go off on your own, would love to listen wherever you are.
I’m out!
Farewell Reply All. I’ve been along for the ride since the first episode and stuck it out as long as I could, but l just don’t have the time to bother with what has gone from a fun show about obscure internet stuff to a bunch of self-important hand-wringing about...what? Who cares? Not me. Good luck and good bye.
Formerly Great Show
This was a show with a great format, discussed light topics, but gave some real insight into internet culture. In other words it carved out a great niche in which to work. It’s now just another generic politics show, which is fine, but now there’s no real differentiator. It’s like Ferrari deciding to produce a Camry because that’s what’s selling right now.
No longer the escape it once was
I’ve loved Reply All for years. It held a special spot in my feed which is otherwise filled with more newsy and political content. I think my politics are mostly in line with those of the new version of this show, but I guess I’m just not looking for another heavy podcast. The last episode (Test Kitchen Revisited) felt really strange. I’m still not sure why exactly two integral players left the show? Or why the Test Kitchen episodes were pulled? Or whom they failed? And how? It’s just a different show now. And that’s okay! But I already have a lot of those types of shows in my feed (and they don’t feel so charged and opaque), so I’ll give this one a pass.
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I think reply all is done
Reply All used to be one of my favorite podcasts. Then vague “mistakes were made” and the show isn’t fun anymore. The chemistry between PJ and Alex is gone. Maybe I’ll give it another try once they get over this hump, but it’s depressing and not entertaining anymore. Trying to be supportive because the conversations you’re having are important… I just don’t think the audience who tunes in to hear about a cleaning service’s hold music needs to hear them. 😕
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I’ve been a listener of Reply All since its beginning. In my podcast app, its episodes were automatically downloaded and added to the top of the queue. I enjoyed the regular features like “Yes Yes No” or “Super Tech Support.” I even slogged through the Indian adventure that spanned multiple episodes and wasn’t particularly interesting or the strident climate change song episode. It is with a heavy heart that I use the past tense in that paragraph. The show is no longer about funny, wacky, and irreverent stories. It’s now about navel-gazing and stories through a racial (racist?) lens. That’s their prerogative, obviously, but _that_ show is not what I’ve been listening to all these years. The turn they’ve taken is not funny, not irreverent, and no different from so many other podcasts. Good luck with your new SJW/woke show!
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My first
This was the first podcast I subbed to back when I had a windows phone (yup). It was a breath of fresh air without being that other podcast with the similar title. Pj and Alex felt like my friends examining the Internet. There are deep episodes and then there are episodes that’ll have you busting up with laughter. I welcomed Emmanuel, a new twist, I was hopeful that there was going to be a Three Amigo type energy. Then finally the Test Kitchen came out; started to feel like a 99% Invisible or some This American Life series. It was interesting while it lasted but in reality I wanted to laugh. I wanted to hang with my Bros while I drove around even though I’m just a black lady in the desert. Reply All 2.0, I’ll give you a shot but the original program was my jam.
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Please Fix your app for ios 12
This is no longer “a podcast about the internet.” It’s now an over-emotional drag without the funny banter that gave it life. Been with RA since episode 1, but it’s time to unsubscribe.
Rooting ForPJ
Cancel culture creates irrational responses?
I’ve learned that humans aren’t allowed to make mistakes. We must all be evolved & perfect from inception. Because if we aren’t, then we can expect to be wiped off the face of the Earth. You know it’s possible to be an agent of change, while bettering those around you, right? You can do both. Especially if you could help others learn and grow from your strengths. Instead, this show decided to isolate the offenders. As a society, if our only solution to fostering a better tomorrow, is to keep the perfect people and imperfect people apart, we’ll never grow. Because eventually we all make mistakes. And we’ll all end up in the naughty corner.
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A sad end to a great podcast
I like to binge listen to podcasts so I’m just now catching up on the last few months of Reply All. So, so disappointing. It will never be the same. This podcast has been floundering a bit for the last year, losing its focus and flailing for content, but I didn’t expect it to go down the drain THIS fast. RIP Reply All.
Congratulations! Lost another fan.
This podcast used to be about interesting, unique topic, now we have another podcast about racial politics. If I wanted a politics podcast, I’d subscribe to one. And no I’m not some salty white guy, turns out POCs are tired of this crap being shoved down our throats too.
Rating Whiplash
What brought me to this show was not the banter of two giggling men. It was the off chance of hearing a compelling story. Stories which explored an anomaly bordering technology and culture; something quirky that would never make the evening news, but was still worth visiting; or the kind which made me uncomfortable. I hope that the reporting continues and look forward to future episodes.
I don't care...
I could care less about your union or any other behind the scenes turmoil. I am just a consumer and I care about the product. The more grief and hand-wringing I hear about the inside workings just pushes me away. It's the razor in my candy bar. I'd give Reply All five stars. But this is not about Reply All. This is now about some other podcast that hasn't been released yet. I've enjoyed Reply All since the beginning. Saved many and listed again. Sometimes it was annoying. Sometimes PJ grated on my eardrums. But I never missed a second. A little show with a probe into The Internet was always fun, distracting, silly and informative. It was a nice relief from my darkness. Remember #166 Country Of Liars? You guys packed a boatload of information about Q-Anon in under an hour, long before many others, and got it mostly right. And it was fun! So much great material. The deviation into Bon Appétit baffles me. It should never have been started by Reply All, maybe someone else could have stepped into that sludge. I have been hoping that after a hiatus things might return to a good place but it is now pretty clear the show is dead. You can't do the show with different staffing, different writers, and especially different aims. Given that, why not officially call it quits and give the new show, (whatever it will be--it seems you guy are not sure), a new name, theme music and so on? I fear it's going to be Norman Bates' post mortem mother, an improbable substitute. I hope PJ finds a new venue and picks up the spirit that was Reply All, I hope he can find a new straight man since Alex probably can't be pried loose. I'll be looking for whatever he does next.
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What are the talking about?
I love this show. But after listening to the latest episode, Test Kitchen Revisited, I still have no idea what is going on. All they said was “mistakes were made” and PJ “didn’t support the Union” and left the show. This episode needed a summary of what exactly it was talking about. Why can’t the remainder of the shows be aired? Who knows? Because “mistakes were made?”
There is no reply all without PJ & Alex
I sincerely hope PJ sees how loved he is among this fan base. This weeks episode was at best, gross and at worst, shocking. We will find you elsewhere Mr. Vogt, maybe it’s best you got out of Gimlet. I hope Alex follows suit. Thanks for all the amazing years, so sad it’s time to go.
Another Falling Star
As a listener of Reply All since the first episode, I am incredibly disappointed with the direction this show has taken over the past year. I looked forward to new episodes because they were humorous, quirky, and entertaining. Unfortunately it’s become a political woke dumpster fire. I didn’t become a fan of the show to listen to reporting on topics unrelated to the tech industry or the internet - those conversations should have happened in a different podcast. And the firing of PJ because he didn’t support a union? Are you kidding me? I will no longer be a listener. I encourage anyone reading this to do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time on this show any longer. If you want to listen to content that blames everything on racism and the evil white person, I’m sure you’ll feel right at home here. Peace out.
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Shaina Kennedy
I’d like more apologizes..lots more!! LOl!!!!!
Won’t be coming back to listen to this anymore.
No longer fun To listen to.
M. Salsweeto
I’m Sad
I loved Reply All because it made me laugh and taught me things I didn’t know about the internet and technology. I listen to so many depressing news podcasts that it was a relief when the this show dropped and cheered me up. I love that PJ and the show wanted to be more inclusive, but I’m not sure that this was done in the right way. To me it would be better to give an opportunity to listen to other podcasts in the Reply All drop once in awhile so you used your platform to kick off other podcasts with different views. I often find new podcasts that way. I have also quit listening to all kinds of podcasts because the host is annoying or condescending( makes no difference to me gender or race, have unsubscribed because of just don’t like their personality) and that is why I will unsubscribe to this one now. The episodes with the new host are just antagonistic and seems like he really dislikes the listeners and almost makes fun of them. I realize I need to learn so much about things I don’t know in this world but I have been trying to do that. I think there are great ways to help people with that with stories that are funny and personal and listen to many podcasts that do this but this podcast was a funny interaction between friends teaching about technology. When I listen to the new host I really feels like he doesn’t even value me as a person let alone a listener so I’m very sad that he will be making decisions for new episodes. I really am so sad making the decision to unsubscribe.
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Living In KC
Same as every other podcast now-lame
I used to listen to reply all to take a break from all the political nonsense. It was beginning to spiral into politics before test kitchen. Now congratulations you are the same as every other podcast but I didn’t need another one of those
time for change
i’ve been a fan of reply all for years and have loved the variety in content that has been added over time! i think the internet and reply all fans will survive with one less podcasts of white guys laughing about surface-level issues. as long as we get well-reported stories on current events and internet happenings i’ll be happy. their claims of support for social issues in a show deeply lacking in diversity always felt strange to me anyways. glad gimlet is doing what needs to be done to make it’s company and the show better
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Mad for musicals
Immature response from a once thoughtful show
There are plenty of great shows addressing the political and racial problems facing this country (some even made by gimlet itself), but as “a show about the internet” reply all was always incidentally and not primarily political. Those shows are less popular because people listened for a different reason: the brilliant dynamic between PJ and Alex. Reply All can’t address it’s problems without PJ, because he was half the show. Public shame and excommunication for mistakes, however legitimate, are a cheap excuse for justice. Disappointed to see a show loose track of itself so completely.
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Pj + Alex or bust
As a long-time dedicated listener, I’m done with gimlet overall. As a talented duo, Alex and pj need to branch off and do their own thing without gimlets handcuffs.
I’m ready to keep listening as RA 2.0 makes a go of it. What happened happened and I’m glad to hear how you all are addressing it, learning from it, and growing up.
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