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Don’t listen to the snowflakes
Bunch of people complaining on here about your show taking on politics and offending their delicate sensibilities. Don’t stop. Keep going. Emmanuel is awesome btw.
To the haters:
For those of you who think this show has gotten “too political”. a) if you think that their coverage of topics in the past were apolitical, you weren’t paying attention. b) if you think you can have thoughtful, investigate discussions (ESPECIALLY personal stories about tech and the web) in a cultural vacuum, you are mistaken. c) if you think that racial equity is “political”, you are abhorrent. Feel free to see yourself out.
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This year is hard pleas!!!
Pleas go back to the light fun show. This show just turned into Radio-lab. It is good just not as good as it was.
Blew my mind
I have only listened to 5 episodes so far. But each one has blown my mind. Couldn’t imagine the amount of work they put in to find the information. But they do a really good job!!
Light-hearted and funny
This is by far my favorite podcast. That’s all I have to say. It is in a realm of its own.
Still good despite Spotify
The ads are much worse sense the Spotify takeover, but if you skip them the show is still good
Go back to how it was
- Stop doing politics - Consciously uncouple with Emmanuel You had a winning formula. Don’t throw it away just to prove you’re woke. I don’t buy into that ideology (some say pseudo-religion). Reply All will always live in my memory as the podcast whose back catalog I binge-listened to during my last apartment move. Whatever it is now... it isn’t that.
Living Comfort Eagle
Tech, not Feelings
I love a new host with new ideas, but I love Reply All for the tech/web/mysterious stories, not political feelings. Even then, if you do choose to air something political, have the decency and journalistic integrity to show all sides of an issue and not blatantly promote one-sided bias. Show is going downhill quickly. I think the echo-chamber will only get louder as rational, intelligent people move towards honest content.
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Please go back to how it was
I miss Alex and PJ. I miss the joyful and lighthearted nature of the podcast. Please return. I am not saying what you cover isnt important but I get serious stories everywhere else in my life.
Great podcast
My concern is about changing the subject of the podcast. I really love the new host Emmanuel and his voice, but I desperately need a break from politics, even as a (very recently happy!) liberal. What I loved about this podcast is the stories and situations I really can’t hear anywhere else. With the internet such a Wild West, I imagine these stories will never run out, so please guys, continue doing this important work! I understand wanting to break new ground...but you already were! Anyone can dish on politics. No one can do what you all do. Even combining the two is great, like that episode about finding weird anonymous politician social media presences. Just don’t only do politics!
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parul jones
An extremely well-produced and interesting podcast
PJ, Alex, and Emmanuel are all delightful and their unique personalities play well together. I’m not typically a podcast person, but a friend made me listen to all 3 episodes of the Alex Martin saga and I was hooked. I’ve listened to almost every episode in the last few months. Clearly, the content has become more political in the past year or so, but American politics and the Internet/technology has become inexorably linked, so I think it would be weird if it DIDN’T come up. My only complaint is that I wish episodes came out more frequently, but, alas, good journalism and investigative reporting undoubtedly takes time. Keep up the good work!
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I hear too much about Covid and the election and people’s reactions to it on NPR, and well, everywhere else. I was hoping Reply All could continue to be my little ray of sunshine through it all this year. Instead, it’s transformed into basically an NPR 2.0 and completely lost its original direction and chemistry. Where did the creativity and tech/modern life storytelling go? If I wanted another political podcast to listen to, theres a million already. I get being relevant and covering the things that matter that are actively occurring in the mainstream political newsworld. But not every podcast has to do that. Reply All was relevant but for the material that didn’t get ENOUGH attention. Now it’s entered into the echo chamber. Another bummer for this terrible year.
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Love the show!
I’ve been listening to the show for about a year now and it’s one of my favorites!!! Looking forward to all the new stories with Emmanuel now hosting!!!
best journalism out; give these guys a Pulitzer
Find myself sharing this podcast the most
What starts off as a small curious question turns into an amazing tale that details cultural and sociological trials and tribulations. Really enjoying the addition of the new host! Sheds some perspective and is good at capturing things.
Love this podcast normally but...
Final update: For me personally, this podcast is just far too serious and feels more akin to This American Life lately. It’s not to say the quality of the reporting isn’t good, It’s just lost the originality and the joyful curiosity that made it so refreshing and compelling. I would still pick This American Life over Reply All if I were in the mood for heavier journalism (sorry guys but it’s true). I understand the hosts wanted their podcast to evolve along with them, and I get that and respect their decision. I just personally loved this podcast for being a rare quirky (and smart) bright spot in the genre. I’ll have to unsub, but I’ll keep my review at 5 stars as a thanks for all the great yes yes nos and super tech supports of yester year. I’ll still stop in for those occasionally.
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Old Kell
I loved this podcast. Why change a good thing?
Can’t understand new guy
I love that show, but I hate to say it I cannot understand the new guy through his accent. This show has been inconsistent for the past year, perhaps understandably with Covid, but now with a host whose voice is so distracting it is very hard to listen to. That’s too bad because it was one of my favorite shows.
I miss this podcast
It feels very different now. Love the new guy so it’s not him. Maybe also because there’s only 3 a month it’s hard to accept the different ones. If y’all made 6 a month and 3 were new type of content wouldn’t mind.... I dunno just miss it :-/ love y’all so I keep holding out...
Akm 536873
Loved the show before new host
I loved the show prior to the addition of the new host. The direction and tone of the show has changed and it’s so sad and disappointing. The chemistry has been killed. I hope you get back to your roots. Until then, I’ll miss a show I previously loved and raved about.
Long time listener
I’ve really enjoyed Reply All and look forward to more episodes with Emmanuel! This pandemic has been so hard and these episodes have been a great way to help pass the time. Reply All is growing, we are all growing. Stay safe out there!
Yes Yes No is THE BEST
I love this show in general but especially the Yes Yes No segments. I just want them pumped directly into my veins. These guys are such great guides into the weird world of the internet.
TASR gamer
Disappointing turn for the worst
After years of enjoying this podcast, truly looking forward to it each week, I can now say that is no longer the case. I am one of those deplorable, white Christian conservatives, which means I am no longer welcome as a fan of this podcast. I’m disappointed that this has been a “woke” podcast that pushes a liberal agenda. This was supposed to be a podcast about the internet, or something like that. This is no longer the case. I’ll miss you PJ and Alex.
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K Phil
This is my favorite podcast
It’s got a little bit of everything. Love love love it. And the hosts somehow get you to connect. I’m an ADOS woman and I feel like I’ve known these 2 white guys my whole life.
Love it but not the same
Just not the same without PJ and Alex (sad face)
Used to be better
I’m not a huge fan of the new host so I’ll likely be giving this one a break for now. Maybe I’m just a curmudgeon.
Some of the shows I found entertaining but had to ditch them once they started in on their political BS
Was good but now hardly listenable
Used to be my favorite podcast but has slowly become another redundant and over-politicized fake “woke” podcast. I miss the old days of the investigative journalism format and interesting stories.
Great Podcast!
I can’t get enough of this smart and funny podcast! Who knew that listening to tech support problems could be so entertaining?? I wish they would put out more episodes!
Can’t stand
Dump the guy who can’t speak English. Hard to listen and when one can understand what he is saying, he is BORING!
Steve LTL
Sharp Left Turn
Previously loved this podcast because they KEPT POLITICS OUT! You have now alienated 72mm Americans. Was fantastic until recently. Until the late stages of the election, they’ve hidden in a closet (like Biden), and only emerged to promote BLM rhetoric and reverberate within their own media bubble. Very disappointing. Very sad. Goodbye!
Hate the changes
Ugh! I have been a subscriber for years, but the recent changes have me unsubscribing. Right now we are inundated with political content at every turn, podcasts are a welcome escape. However, this is no longer the case with Reply All. I don’t need more politics in my life, I need more levity and entertainment.
I used to LOVE this podcast
Since day 1, this was always one of the few I would listen to the day it dropped. The latest episode is about American politics and I’m just so done with all of that. Sorry Alex and PJ, not sure how or when your great reporting broke down or got sidelined but I will always treasure the episodes in the archive!
I really liked the show, however can’t put up with the complete lack of the hosts to shoe any objectivity. After submitting this review will be unsubscribing.
5 stars for the old content. 1 for the new.
What was once a favorite podcast of mine has become political and annoying. Why not launch a new show if you are going to produce completely offbrand content? The content of late is awful.
Too many cooks
I really like the addition of Emmanuel as a host, but 3 host voices in a single call-in episode was a lot. I like hearing the banter between all the hosts, and the relationship between PJ and Alex. But with three hosts plus a caller (plus sometimes a producer voice too!) there’s not a lot of room for dialogue (tri-alogue?) I’d appreciate rotating the guys in and out, and give some space and time to develop the relationship between Emmanuel and PJ/Alex respectively. Thanks!
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Jumped the shark
I’ve been a listener since the start but have unsubscribed. This show used to be compelling and tightly edited. It now is rather boring and seemingly ignorant that not everyone agrees with everyone of their opinions. Listen to the early episodes and skip the latest garbage and call ins.
Love this show
I’ve been listening to Reply All for well over a year now, and I absolutely love it. It’s like hanging out with your techie friends who also like to talk about humanity and the human struggle through technology.
Have truly lost their way
I am so fed up with this show <unsub>. Very weak substance sauce now for a long stretch. Addition of Emmanuel as co-host is a disastrously bad decision that completely changes the dynamics, tone, and focus of content. Myopic (& slanderous) focus on politics, race, and culture leaves behind anything good about the show (TECH quirkinesses - hello?!), though unfortunately has also been path of other Gimlet shows. I think the worst insult is the assumption that everyone obviously agrees with them, hence the tone, the specious assertions stated as fact, etc. it’s not like they’re attempting to reach out to about 50% of their audience - rather they’re telling us to get lost. Fine. I’m not going to spend an hr on it. Tell your advertisers hi for me.
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What happened?
Show used to be just goofy internet topics. Goofy guys being goofy. But now it’s turned into political commentary and that’s not why I listen
More Content, Less Politics
I used to love this podcast but now it’s politics all the time. Get back to a technology focus and come up with some new ideas! It seems the hosts have just gotten lazy with creating new content. So disappointing.
Zach Burroughs
My Favorite Podcast
I love listening to this podcast so much and look forward to it every week. The topics can vary widely, but the thing I love the most is the connection I feel to other people when I listen. Thanks Alex, PJ and Emmanuel and keep doing what you are doing!
Great listen - provokes thought, laughter, good vibes
Wow some of the reviews are so mean! They are doing their best all of their content is good so what if it takes some time between episodes... they’re working stories all the time I’m sure. And, like us, they have lives. I 100% recommend this if you want to learn something new and want a good laugh about the crazy internet world we live in. Keep it up y’all!
I’m glad that even though they’re going through the same anxieties as everyone else and their own, they’re doing some episodes. The back catalogue is a godsend.
MJ Summs
The show has lost its way
Used to be a 5 star show that new what it was about. It’s lost it’s way over the last year or so and especially lately. The show isn’t the same. Too concerned with politics and being politically correct. It’s heartbreaking to listen to the gradual decline
Levi Thurston
So Annoying
I hate how slow these episodes come out! I want more!
I was under the impression...
I was under the impression that this show was PJ and Alex’s full time job. Yet, there are barely 15 new episodes annually. I understand the work conceptually involved in putting this amazing content together, but you work for/at a podcasting conglomerate, no? So why is there never any new content? Are you over it all? Ran out of ideas? The very few episodes that come out now, really have become unlistenable. The content isn’t a show about the internet anymore. It’s entirely on their own insufferable political outlook (which is the same as mine, so it shouldn’t bother me, but it does!!!) Look I get it, the times are changing, and so are you. If that’s the case, we had a good run, but we’re breaking up.
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Favourite podcast
This podcast is funny and comforting. Easy to follow in depth stories that will broaden your world view. Feels like a close friend is telling you about something they’re passionate about.
Emmanuel Dzotsi!!!
So excited that Emmanuel will be a bigger part of the show. Love his stories. Love y’all. Thanks for growing and changing and keeping things interesting! More Emmanuel!
Disappointing change of content.
At one point this was my most favorite podcast. Things recently have been a little bit political and moving away from the content that I really have enjoyed in the past. Last podcast I saw it was about listening to people discuss the election.The last few months of content have really been disappointing. I’m just not sure the focus of the podcast is of interest to me any longer. Maybe in the future. And by the way - just because you don’t care for the content of a podcast that has become more political or gawd “woke” doesn’t make you a racist. I mean you don’t find the content interesting.
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