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Is the test kitchen a mea culpa?
The tone of the test kitchen series is sketchy at least, and disingenuous. Is it gonna even include the voices of unionizing members from gimlet? What is your play
This used to be my favorite podcast, I’ve listened to almost every episode up to and including the test kitchen episodes and loved every single one. I would recommend it to my friends and family and CONSTANTLY talk about how much I learned about the internet from this podcast. I loved the serious reporting, I loved yes yes no and most specifically tech support, but now hearing about PJ and the anti-union issue I’m so disappointed. It feels extremely counter intuitive to report on BA when this is happening right under everyone’s noses. I would have defended this podcast to the ends of this earth, but now I can’t even think about reply all without feeling disappointed in the hypocrisy. It seems everyone does have skeletons in their closet.
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Fine I guess
Animition Verse
Going downhill faster than a Donkey Kong mine cart
I used to love this show and probably top 3 favorite podcast that I subscribe to but unfortunately it's liberal bias has completely ruined the show. What was a fun show about the internet is conservative bashing, depressing shows about climate change, and most shows nowadays about race and how white people are bad. Oh fun fact I learned listening to the first episode of the BA series, did you know that one of the "whitest foods" is fish sticks? Weird, never knew that before. I'm honestly shocked it wasn't removed from the episode but just goes to show you what this show has become sadly.
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Sad Panda 2
Used to love love this show , but not so much the dumpster fire it’s becoming. Sad sad ending
Another Negative Review
The post-Spotify decline of this podcast reminds me of Radiolab's woke-spiral death throes. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Used to be my favorite, now feels forced, awkwardly politically and soulless. Same story as all the other negative reviews.
This went from my favorite podcast to the worst. I want to escape from politics, not have it shoved down my throat.
Sorry guys
TL; DR Used to be a great pod about the internet.
Good while it lasted...
This used to be a great podcast with insightful and funny content. Don’t know what happened, but lately it has become mostly about politics with little meaningful content to keep listeners engaged. Oh well, at least there are plenty of other good podcasts to listen too. This one isn’t worth adding to your feed anymore.
Test Kitchen??
Most like, unintentionally funny podcast I’ve ever, like, listen to.
k h thom
What happened?
Used to be a super fun show about tech and the origins of the internet... now I’m not sure what they’re going for. General wokeness??
Fell off a cliff in 2021 and seems to delight in making people angry
This show used to be pretty good. Not great, but it was about as good as a decent talk radio station with engaging hosts. But since Emmanuel Dzotsi joined, the entire tone of the show has become unnecessarily hostile, patronizing, and divisive. I don’t understand what they’re going for. And look: to be perfectly clear, I believe that black lives absolutely matter, and there is a dire need for open and honest conversations about race in this country. I am an advocate of social justice. But this show does not seem to be that. I have tried listening with an open mind, but Emmanuel goes out of his way at every possible opportunity to reinforce the idea that cisgender heterosexual white people are bad, and everyone else is good. When talking about a phone sex hotline, he interjected at least 3 times that the hotline was “set up for heteronormative white people” when that had literally nothing to do with the story (the story was about phone listings and wrong numbers). The more he talks, the more it becomes clear that he has some inherent problem with white people basically existing. And I don’t understand what purpose it serves or what audience it is targeting. Sruthi Pinnamaneni had previously done some good work with the show, and I was hopeful that she would restore some of my faith in Reply All with her new series about Bon Appétit… but it is similarly aimless. Absolutely not worthy of a 4-part “exposé.” No actual journalism is being done here; she simply interviewed former employees of a bad place to work. Was anything uncovered here that hadn’t been reported on by multiple media outlets literally 2-3 years prior? There are a lot of parts where guests literally say “the staff was always nice to me. But they didn’t reach out to help me or promote me. There was no extra assistance given to people of color.” Which, okay, sounds like a mediocre, bad place to work. But does it sound like a 4-part podcast? I don’t know what the producers think they are accomplishing by labeling white people as oppressors to black people and POC, who are perpetual victims in the narratives they craft. Who is the audience for this? What is the takeaway? Is it for white people to “wake up” and realize they need to not be jerks at work? Exactly how many high-paid executives and CEOs are listening to Reply All, and what are they going to do differently after hearing this? As a liberal-leaning voter who recognizes and seeks to learn more about social injustice, I get nothing from this show. It seems like it has a Manhattan-infected ideology of far, far left social grievance politics, which is completely out of touch with the majority of the country and with the very people they’re even trying to pander to. There is no longer any love or excitement around this show; it’s hand-wringing and scolding and has an air of righteousness that necessarily has one possible outcome, and that is to get people to trust each other less and see people from “other” demographics as “other” — as in, lacking in any shared humanity. People who talk like this are literally a major part of the reason why Trump won the 2016 election. Nobody likes to be talked down to or made to feel like they’re a bad person just because of their sexual orientation or color of their skin. I think this show has a dangerous, harmful tone that will poison many of its listeners and generate resentment between many like-minded Americans, and it would be best for Spotify to let the show die. It seems it’s too late to go back to the tech-focused, interesting and creative roots of the show. Truly disappointing.
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c’est la vie
I’ve listened to every episode of RA, and every episode of TL;DR before it. It strikes me as uniquely ironic that this saga would have made for a brilliant yes yes no.
The Test Kitchen
I’ve listened the past 15-16 months. Great show and this is another homerun in content and production. One criticism: links are provided for paywall sites in the show noted. Yea, I don’t think so. Insulting.
Lofi Digital Monk
Cornered Itself for No Reason
Once a trendsetter producing original content like no others. Recently decided to ride the justice train for whatever no reason. There are already a hundred podcasts covering that topic, why compete in a crowded space at the expense of losing loyal listenership? The producers have personal Twitter accounts to express their opinion, can we just stick to good’ol tech content?
John Juan Lin
Insufferably woke
Totally captures by woke forces at gimlet. This show used to be good.
DJ Seth
Heading for the exit
The original format was fun and creative. I started listening when it was called TL;DR. The rapport between Alex and PJ is what made this show worthwhile. I can’t imagine listening to it without PJ; but mostly, because the format change is so disappointing. I enjoyed it while it was unique. Now it’s just sad.
Used to enjoy it - now unlistenable
I listened to Reply All from their very start on Gimlet; I used to love the irreverent banter and occasional deep dives into tech: super tech support, yes-yes-no, and the occasional deep dive into the weird corners of the internet. PJ and Alex never made any secret of their politics (see Gamergate), but for the most part, it was tolerable - because it wasn’t the central focus. Then, over the last year, the frequency of episodes drops and the amount of focus on non-tech left-wing culture war politics ramped up, culminating in their current Bon Appetit series, which is finally what did it in for me. If I want left-wing culture wars, that’s what Twitter and Tumblr are for. I really don’t even know who they’re trying to target anymore with this podcast, but they’ve burned their longtime fans who came for the tech humor and somehow now have managed to burn the SJW crowd they pivoted to with whatever internal union politics / Gimlet shenanigans... geez. Time to just put this one out of its misery.
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Professor Nuke
I discovered QAnon and the truth listening to this show
Thank you so much for making me aware of QAnon and realizing all of the truth they are reporting.
Greg Potter
Great stories over the years.
Bring back PJ Vogt
Casualty of Suddenly Unlistenable Podcast Syndrome
Just paying my respects for what was (in the form of a one-star review). One day, some smart, funny internet culture enthusiasts will explain what happened to this show.
Will not listen any longer
I was very interested in this podcast after listening to the first episode, but now that has all changed. The hosts and creators are nothing but hypocritical and I will not help them earn another listen or 5 star.
Went woke
I used to enjoy this nerdy podcast about internet culture but it seems the company and staff are intent on taking it in the direction of woke politics. It’s unfortunate that this rigid interpretation of the world as defined by power hierarchies has corrupted another piece of entertainment media.
Too Political
Aren’t we divided enough already these days? Let’s leave partisan politics and biased polemics to twitter, please.
Really disappointed to hear about the anti unionization efforts that happened here, in light of that it seems really weird to focus so much on another workplace being racist and exclusionary when it was happening in their own house.
Been a fan. Still a fan.
I’ve been here for a little while now, enough to feel a shift in the style of the show. As my feed and subscriptions change from time to time, RA remains. Keep up the good work.
Once great podcast, not worth a listen anymore. Disappointing.
glass houses
people who in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones
Lost long time listener
I’ve listened to this show for several years on a consistent basis, but to hear about union busting and racism from the hosts is enough not to continue to support them or other gimlet shows.
Cancel culture
From a fan since tl;dr, I’ve unsubscribed. Someone needs to cancel the cancel-ers
sad to see it implode
Have loved this show for years and followed along gladly for many iterations and evolutions. I think all these folks do good work and I’m heartbroken that we’ll be losing that in the aftermath of broader culture failures at Gimlet. Great creators aren’t always super helpful colleagues and clearly PJ and Shruthi need/needed to do MUCH better and acknowledge the power dynamics they were privileged within and perpetuated. Still. I’ll miss them immensely.
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Lost their way
This used to be one of my must-listen podcasts. Episodes were surprising, fun, touching and informative. With the first Bon Appetite episode I realized I’m just done. This isn’t some related to tech or the internet. It’s just boring. To find out that while reporting on a toxic work environment the hosts of RA are part of cultivating a toxic work environment at Gimlet doesn’t surprise me. Woke-bros are still just bros.
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Tracy Shringarpure
WAS the best, now ignore
(Update 3) This is such a sad excuse. The show is over, the hosts are gone, and a bunch of PC nonsense is ruining something that used to be really cool and fun. So sad. (Update 2) Don't like the turn the show is taking. I don’t mind if they want to involve Emmanuel more but this is becoming a 1-note, SJW podcast and that’s just not entertaining. Take yourselves less seriously, we come here for fun not to get “woke” (Update) is it over? Is this a once a month podcast now? Gimlet needs to pull everything else it is doing and just help produce more frequent episodes of Reply All. I consume a staggering amount of podcast material and this is my very favorite show. Super Tech Support is the best segment.
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Storm Winterwind
What now?
I don’t know what you guys had happen in your house, Gimlet, but like...I’m not interested in this show without PJ. I don’t think anyone is gonna win from this.
I’m disappointed to learn that Reply All and Gimlet have the same problems they are accusing BA of having. I think the BA story is important, but Gimlet and RA need to address this problem in their own ranks.
was good, still good!!
i cannot imagine the RA team are going to be sad to see these bros who can’t handle stories with a, like, remotely politically-engaged viewpoint go. bye, dudes!! I love every iteration of reply all - the short segments, the YYNs, the deep dives. at its core, RA has always emphasized the human element of their subject matter, and that hadn’t changed. keep it up, y’all!
Shifted from tech to social justice
The original episodes of this podcast are fun and good journalism. Lately, it’s turned into a political social justice podcast. There’s a place for that, but it’s not in a tech podcast. Please bring back tech as the focus and give people that aren’t PJ and Alex a different platform to discuss their politics.
Toxic culture
Very disappointed to hear the toxic culture Shruthi and PJ contributed to at Gimlet. It makes the show hollow and hypocritical.
Unsubscribing after listening for many years because Sruthi and PJ are anti-union hypocrites. Bye!
Come back PJ and Alex
Remember the episode where that guy had that song stuck in his head and they were trying to track it down? That was Reply All at the peak of it's powers. Now it's just another podcast trying to prove how woke it is. That's too bad.
Hypocrisy at Gimlet/RA
Gimlet/Reply All has no moral authority or credibility to report on the issues plaguing workers at Bon Appetit. As Eric Eddings has shared since this podcast aired, the reporter and team behind the Test Kitchen series has perpetuated the exact dynamics and culture of racism and hierarchy that BA had. When Gimlet workers unionized last year, the team reporting on this story was at the helm of the company’s union busting efforts. See @eeddings tweets for more details.
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Are you really any better than the Test Kitchen?
I would love to hear PJ a d Sruthi respond to the claims of discriminatory and anti-union practices.
Super Disappointed...
I hate to break up with this podcast because it had been a permanent fixture in my household for quite a while, but recent allegations against the team at RA and Gimlet are too glaring for me to ignore.
Very sad to read Eric Eddings’ thread on Twitter today. I had no idea and feel foolish for my ignorance about the situation. Hope I can become a listener again someday once those who have the power to try to actually create change at Gimlet.
Not enjoyable or fun anymore
I used to love this podcast. It used to be interesting now it’s just the same talking points I hear everyday. But I guess just like people podcasts disappoint you. So long
This show has been so consistently good! I’ve been a big fan since the early days - buuuut hosts and gimlet mgmt seem to have really dropped the ball w/ regard to unionization/supporting POC in podcasting (see: the nod). So it’s a no for me 👎🏻 Also, Alex, Tommy Siegel already made a climate apocalypse album, ya can give the pipes a rest 💿
Also losing interest
Ok, you want a younger audience; for that, you’re doing a good job. For those of us around the block a few times, there’s nothing new here.
Going downhill
I have listened to every episode and have enjoyed for years. The last 2 episodes about the Test Kitchen are not good at all. No humor, nothing really interesting about listening to this theme or these participants. Without PJ and Alex and their humor and point of view, it just isn’t a fun listen.
Social justice
I loved this little podcast, as it used to be a fun place to get fun stories. Now, out of nowhere, and against the whole point of the show, they do a ridiculous multipart piece on social justice. Unlistenable as the narrator leads every interview. After first episode, had to delete the entire podcast. Shame!
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