Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey
Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey
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So smart and gives me hope
I think you’re amazing and so smart! I became a Christian in 2016 and had a hard time before that because I didn’t want to be a hypocrite but you have taught me so much and explained things so well, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am also so thankful for your love of America! We are so blessed to live here and these people that complain about America I just ask them to move to Iran or China and let me know how you enjoy it and if you miss America. I think we are so spoiled it’s pathetic! Thank you thank and don’t let anyone get you down bc you are a light at the end of a long, dark, delusional tunnel.
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My faily dose of reality!
My favorite talk show!
I love listening to this show! Allie has great content and offers discernment in this upside down world that we’re currently living in. I first heard her on the Candace Owens show, and I was so impressed with her outlook on motherhood. Her words that God is sovereign no matter what happens in the world, and that God brings each child into the world specifically for this time and place really encouraged me. Allie is now my go-to podcast for current events from the Christian conservative perspective - which gives me much more hope than any other perspective out their right now. Thanks Allie!
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A wolf in sheeps clothing
Don’t let your minds be shaped by her slanted unbiblical views. Sad that people like her represent themselves as followers of Christ.
I’m not one to listen to political podcasts..
I’m a mom of three who fell victim to the “self care” culture. I loved feel good posts and went to a feel good church, but I was crashed harder when I was down because I didn’t give God credit and lift my worries to him. Allie has had many awesome episodes on this issue, which I love. It has really helped me reconnect with God & become a better mother. I also love the other topics she talks about. Allie’s podcast brings in her opinion and views while also bringing in people who come in and talk about something they may agree on but due to differing reasons. Her “most misused” series is my favorite!
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Love this show!
Allie has such great points to make! And I love that this show comes out 4 days a week! I look forward to it everyday! Allie is so smart, and yet so loving and thoughtful in the way she presents the truth. That’s been important to me because I used to be a liberal just by default (being a college student) because society frames liberalism as the “loving” worldview. And some people, like me, who used to not understand politics, get sucked into this lie. However, the way allie explains why she believes what she believes (politically and theologically), I realized I totally agree with her! She supports her points with facts and has qualified guests who talk about various topics of their expertise. I’ve only been a true Christ follower for about 9 months, and Allie has helped me a lot to understand a lot of the aspects of the faith, and why Christians hold they views they do and how they apply to politics. I am so thankful for her!! P.S. I just bought her book too and I’m so excited to read it! I have a feeling I’ll be buying a copy for all the women in my life because it’s such a good message! Thank you Allie for all you do and God bless you!! 💗
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Giving it a chance
I have been interested by her content bc a lot of Christians, churches and supposedly leadership in the church avoid talking about heated subjects our culture is facing right now. I have appreciated some of her perspectives and boldness. She gives me calvinist vibes though🙄🤢, I can hear her self-righteousness legalistic tone and that screams calvinist to me. She is hard to listen to bc she talks rapid fire style. Allie, gurl, please slow down. Take some breaths. I would just let it be and move on but after reading all the reviews- and reading how much she’s pissing off progressive Christianity lol has me thinking she got be speaking truth to have this much hate. So I’m going to go pour me another cup of tea and keep listening. Giving it a chance.
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Go to Podcast!
I absolutely love Allie Beth and this podcast. It’s so refreshing to tune in to an educated, well spoken and confident conservative woman. By listening to this podcast I have gained more confidence in my own conversations with friends and family regarding my beliefs and opinions. It’s a beautiful blend of faith, family, politics, current events and culture. As a listener, I can tell Allie Beth does her homework and brings ALL of her research to the table when talking about hard issues. Again, wonderful podcast!
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Great source for viewing politics from a biblical worldview!
I have listened to this show for years and love how Allie Stuckey presents things...she says truth directly and doesn’t sugar coat it. I love the variety of topics addressed—most are political, but that is the purpose of this show. Some are theological, and Allie does a great job of breaking down those theologies and even explaining other viewpoints. This show is my absolute favorite!
Common sense in all the noise
Love this podcast. Allie truly is a calm and wise voice of reason amidst all the noise of politics these days. She offers truly refreshing perspectives and Biblical insight that has really helped me understand my own political views and worldview. She is proof it’s possible to have a rational intelligent convo with people who disagree with you. Love her show!
Current Events from Christian Worldview
I’ve really been enjoying this podcast! Allie Beth Stuckey discusses current events from a Christian Worldview. She chooses guests (Christian and non-Christian) who are well-versed in the topic at hand so we can get a full picture of what is being covered. She always has great questions that lead to a rich discussion and she never backs down on the tough areas. She knows her stuff! I appreciate that she welcomes criticism and being held accountable by other Christians. She shows a continuous desire to stand firm on God’s Word.
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Excellence in podcasting
I’ve recently discovered this podcast after watching many of your videos on social media. I hate politics, but know it’s necessary to understand what’s going on. You break everything down making it easy to understand. I’ve been recommending this podcast to all my friends no matter their political affiliation. Keep it up!
Great encouragement
I really enjoy listening to Allie Beth as she is well researched in her topics. I appreciate that she prods the listener to not just take her word for whatever the topics are being discussed but to go and do your own research. Her confidence is catching
Truths We The People Need to Hear
Totalitarianism starts with private citizens, companies, industries, schools and institutions refusing to allow people to hold opinions outside of mainstream thought without punishment. Leftism hasn’t always been this way, but right now, has come to dominate our social and cultural dialogue. Hollywood, Big Tech, Public Education, Mainstream Media are all increasingly dominated by Leftism. That is why some people who hold to leftism feel empowered to publicly shame and punish those they disagree with. TOTALITARIANISM. We need to wake up to who’s trying to control our minds. Listen to Allie Beth Stuckey’s voice broadcasting this wake-up call from the mountaintops. Free your mind, America.
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A gift!
This podcast has been such a blessing to help me vocalize my conservative views, my Christian beliefs and given me so much more to consider as I grow in my faith and grow my family.
Thorough, Factual & Christ-centered
I come back to the podcast weekly (for years now) because because I know I am hearing the thorough, researched, factual, Christ-centered truth. Allie Beth speaks with conviction, boldness, humility and hope! She consistently tackles subjects, issues, ideas that I don’t even realize I’m struggling with. I finish every podcast wanting to share it with everyone I know because they are all so insightful and full of Truth. God bless you and your family, Allie Beth!
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Love this Podcast
I have recently discovered Allie and the Relatable podcast. I have been very impressed by her cogent explanations and knowledge of everything from theology to politics. She has wisdom beyond her young years and is a powerful voice for the Kingdom and conservatism. The world needs more women like Allie Beth Stuckey!
Great Podcast!
This podcast is an absolute gem! I am a team pastor in Gainesville, Florida and this podcast is part of my weekly listening diet. Allie is absolutely brilliant in her delivery and uncompromising expression of Biblical truth related to cultural issues. She is also a stellar interviewer and inspirational speaker. She could teach most of the current media class a thing or two about journalism and honest reporting as well. Do yourself a favor and subscribe.
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A Gift to Christian Millennials
I am so thankful for Allie Beth! I learn so much from her and she gives me so much courage and encouragement to stand up for my beliefs in this crazy world.
Creates division in the name of “truth”
This is typical conservative, orthodox Christian viewpoints presented with other ideologies that are not necessarily biblical. The host has taken sound doctrine and tied it to a lot of other ideologies and called it truth. She calls other believers liberals because they don’t agree with certain second tier issues or align with her politically. Pitting believers against each other over “left” and “right” issues is not biblical and frankly Christians should find themselves at odds with both parties. She may have an accurate knowledge of the Jesus from the scriptures but her orthopraxy does not resemble the same Jesus.
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joovy groovy
My favorite podcast!
Allie Beth possesses wit, wisdom, and great discernment, especially for one so young. Whether she is talking about theology or current events, her perspective is always insightful and Biblically sound. This podcast has done much to encourage me, challenge my thinking, and help me frame my worldview through the lens of Scripture. I highly recommend!!
Allie is Exceptional
Allie’s podcast is a never miss for me. Her reasonable, Christian perspective is so needed and valuable. In a world where Christians are trying to fit in and everyone is busy apologizing to the loudest, most aggrieved voices in the room, Allie’s Spirit-led, kind but unapologetic Biblical analysis is enough to right the ship of anyone who feels a bit storm-tossed on today’s political and cultural seas. Keep it up, Allie!
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Great podcast
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. As a lady, I appreciate listening to another lady talk about issues I care about. I love that Allie puts things into a positive light, and even when the things she is talking about are bleak, she reminds us that we are on God’s side and that we win in the end. I appreciate that she takes political issues and compares them with what the Bible says on these topics. Also I like that they are shorter, for when I just don’t have time to listen to a 2 hour podcast
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Thoughtful and honest
I love this podcast. Allie Beth is willing to tell the truth and I appreciate the way she researches topics before she talks about them. I like her Christian perspective and biblical applications. God Bless you Allie Beth.
Good Intentions, But Politics Emphasized
I initially came to this podcast to grow in faith but shortly came to realize that it is run with a politically motivated agenda in mind. The turbulence between political parties in the US as of late has created incredibly strong tensions and division, and what the world needs now more than ever is to love and to care for one another. “We’re not going to wear masks forever - I know that people do that in some Asian countries, but we’re not “some Asian countries”...progressivism and progressive policies get human nature wrong...we are not just bodies, we’re not just these materialist being as secular humanism thinks. We have souls, we have hearts, we have minds....we can’t survive like this, especially not in America. We’re not the same as Asian countries, we’re not the same as other cultures, we have our own culture and part of that is community.” I am sure you have the best of intentions, but I cannot support this podcast while it emphasizes modern day political values over the word of God. I can relate because I’ve also been greatly shaken these past few years, and anger has bubbled up inside of me...but anger and division are opposite to love. For what good does it do? It’s up to us to choose to handle the feelings and situations we are faced with. We all need community, we all need love, and we can only get through this if we do it together. We are to be a light in the darkness of the world...and sometimes we need to stop and ask ourselves, WWJD?
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Great Podcast!
Allie does a great job making things simple to understand but not dumbing it down. Thanks for your hard work and faithfulness Allie!
Fabulous show full of wisdom and stimulating discussion
Allie is the best. I listen to her show to be informed about the latest happenings in politics, culture and religion. I can always count on her for the most rational and deeply considered discussion about relevant topics. I wish all the media were as brilliant and balanced as she is. I am addicted to her style of presentation and deeply researched coverage.
Love love love Allie! She is such a light and has so much wisdom. This is my favorite podcast and I look forward to it every day!
Wonderful content for a Christian woman
Allie Beth Stuckey has such a great perspective on our culture and the Christian response.
Faithful listener!
Thank you Allie for bringing truth in a chaotic and confusing world. As a homeschooling mom of 4 young kids I don’t have a lot of time on my hands and I know I can always count on your podcast to pack a lot of info and biblical truth into my day. Thank you!
Ex-Feminist Turned Apologetics Mama
I was a hardcore “feminist Christian” for a few years. I was disillusioned from bad experiences in the church (progressivism that came up empty) and a poor theological foundation from childhood that didn’t withstand worldly attacks. I started listening to Relatable in 2020, around the same time when I decided to study apologetics and rededicate my life to Christ. Long story short, this show has been a GREAT Segway into my understanding of Biblical theology and how the scripture relates directly to politics and culture. I am so thankful for this show and love listening to it whenever I get a chance. It helps me to have a reason and a foundation behind my decisions on issues that I am often confronted with by progressive influences in my life. Thanks for doing this show, Allie. It’s been a great blessing to my life and has helped me grow as a Christian mother!
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You’re saying what I’m thinking
I have never been one to be involved or want to be involved in any kind of political or social issues. However, I started my Master’s in Social Work last year and had quite the rude awakening to social worker’s macropractice that definitely involves these kinds of issues. I researched and learned so much last year, but still didn’t know where I fell in what I believed. I came across your podcast Allie Beth and I immediately felt as though you were saying what I was thinking. I have also learned so much from you about topics that I didn’t know was an issue! The best part about your podcast is that you center every topic around the Bible in what God instructs for us as Christians to act on and pray about. I pray that God continues to use you in this podcast to shed His light on such hot topics that Christians are scared or shy to talk about (or act on).
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A blessing!
Allie’s dedication to correct information and sound, Biblical theology has made a difference in my life. Her interviews serve as amazing examples for respectful disagreements (love the one with Dave Rubin, and the more recent one with Meghan Murphy) that I’ve honestly never seen an example of in any other space. She also taught me the word edifying (!), a new standard for the media that I consume. Thank you, Allie, for your perseverance and commitment to truth and glorifying God- He is most definitely using you to bring other closer to Him
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Perfect for the Christian Mom
Thank you for teaching young women how view politics & culture with GOD colored glasses. 🙌🏼 It has helped me teach my children & argue my values with more confidence.
I am so thankful a friend recommended this podcast to me. I am able to relate and understand my own position more on heavy topics facing our country. I appreciate her perspective and insights. I have really enjoyed the guest speakers as well. Finally I feel like I have a voice of balance on biblical views, cultural news and political stands. Thank you
Stylist Steph
Interview with Andrew Brunson
Wow. What an episode. This interview meant so much to me. Everyone always wants to talk about how God is faithful and he shows up whenever we need him, but sometimes that isn’t the case. Sometimes he doesn’t show up when we think he should, and then what? As Christians, we are taught to expect him to show up whenever we need him, but I think that this story of perseverance through trials is a story we need to hear more often. I resonated with his testimony so strongly. I am not in prison, but I am going through a really hard time in my life and I have felt that offense that he was talking about, and I have not felt the presence of God in my situation even though I have prayed and asked him for help. Andrew’s perseverance is an absolute testament to the glory and power of God, but also a testament to how we as believers need to persevere though the trials of life no matter what. Thank you so much for this interview, it has given me so much hope and a fresh perspective that was much needed ❤️
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Variety of viewpoints
Love Allie’s biblical perspective on current issues in society! She comes from a very compassionate angle, without compromising her beliefs. There is always a fantastic guest list, the dialogue and perspectives are so enriching; I always feel like I have a better understanding of political/social issues after listening to her show. You can tell that Allie and her team put hours and hours into the research they use, to make sure it’s as accurate as possible. She doesn’t try to spin stories to fit her perspective, she talks about them honestly and allows her audience to make their own decisions, always encouraging people to research it for themselves. I value her opinion, so much, on politics. I am grateful she’s firm in her beliefs and has the courage to share them in this time of one sided opinions we live in today. Thank you, Allie, for sharing your thoughts!
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Thought provoking
I thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast, I recommend it to friends all the time, I reference it when I chat with my husband. I appreciate Allie’s perspective on a wide variety of topics and feel informed on current events. I’m also grateful from a Christian worldview how she tries to leave listeners with something encouraging at the end of each episode.
Been listening to Allie’s podcast for about a year now and I just love listening to her! In a day where politics can be so crazy and scary she gives a biblical perspective on all things, and I’m so thankful for that!
This podcast is just what I needed. Allie is well informed, thoughtful, and explains things in an easy manner!
My Favorite
I absolutely love the balanced and honest analysis that ABS gives with both biblical topics and politics. She is one of my favorite commentators with such wisdom and clarity. I appreciate that she is gently unapologetic about her stances and gives you a fair understanding of where she comes from in her analysis. She regularly brings everything back to scripture and it is always an encouragement to listen to her. Her interviews are fantastic and I always learn something new!
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Kristina Galloway
Meghan Murphy
Really great show today. I may not agree with everything that she believes, but she is a real thinker and I appreciate her well grounded ideas. I wish that conservatives and liberals, alike, could view the world from such a practical perspective.
Wonderful show !
Love listening to Relatable! I’ve really been helped to think critically and thoughtfully about the world through this show 🙏🏼
Awesome current topics
Smart talker on current topics. Love you ABS from Santa Barbara, CA!
I consume every episode and encourage those around me to as well. Keep fighting the good fight🧡
Always interesting and relevant topics and guest interviews on this podcast! I’m a middle-aged mom, and I learn so much on Relatable and feel encouraged that Allie is reaching so many young people with biblical truth and conservatism.
Love Allie!
Love this podcast so much. I’ve learned so much about politics and theology. Allie is a great communicator!
Piano Amber
My go to
It is so refreshing to hear a fellow Christian, Wife, young conservative mom’s take on politics and faith. It sometimes feels like I’m the only one who thinks the way I do, but then I’m reassured that there are other young conservative women out in the world! Allie’s podcast episodes are the perfect length, she provides great content, and provides factual information rather than a bunch of feelings. Thankful for this podcast!
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Love the fact that you are a Millennial (says the GenX listener!) ... gives voice and Hope for the future! Keep up the good work!!!
My new favorite podcast!
Ever since I heard to Allie’s episode on Rachel Hollis, I’ve been a subscriber ever since. Her podcast is nothing short than eye opening; I’ve learned so much from listening to her and the guests she brings on. I don’t doubt that God brought this podcast to me so I can open my eyes and be aware of what’s going on in our country.
Thank you!
I truly appreciate your take on the latest news stories and hearing you talk about your strong faith.
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