Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey
Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey
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Spot On
Allie Beth is a voice of wisdom and critical thinking that I highly value! As a fellow believer who is greatly concerned about the hostility and unscientific virtue-signaling that has replaced actual dialogue and debate, she is one of my go-to sources.
Serah Thomas
Best current event podcast!
I love listening to her talk about current events from a Christian conservative perspective. So good!
Best podcast
I love this podcast!! Allie is such a breath of fresh air and I LOVE how she looks at everything from a Biblical perspective. I also love how she constantly reminds us if the hope we have in Jesus, especially when all we see in the news is negative and scary. Thanks Allie!
got thirteen?
Romans 13
It may have better supported your commentary, if you had simply quoted the referenced Texts. The KJV would accurately cause pause, to what you would have others draw into question…. Maybe, consider the author’s plight, and what he was afforded and eventually fell to the hands thereof. Was all that not God’s Will ? Did it not also cause The Church to take the appropriate measures to insure It would survive ? And what were those measures ? And how have we betrayed their sacrifice by watering down or inaccurately characterizing the Preserved Word of God, and not giving better consideration to their effective examples as to how to best navigate the times ahead ?…. Please know that your works have a benefit, my comments are only intended to help preserve their reliability. Regards, don
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Allie does a great job always speaking from a Christian perspective. I love how she always comes back to the truth of the gospel. I have learned so much from her show!
A real person with a talent for expressing ideas
Allie's vocal style makes in an enjoyable podcast. Her understanding of and ability to express truth makes these podcasts very helpful. When she goes off on something fun.... she just cracks me up.
I love you Allie Beth
I am 66 yrs old and listen to you “religiously”, pun intended. You are wise beyond your years. I just reread Prov 29 and it is so apropos to the climate and culture we are living in. Love you and God bless you.
Love Relatable! Love Allie!
I found Allie through Instagram when someone shared one of her “controversial” anti-abortion posts and I was hooked! I am a believer that wants to be up to date with current cultural and political events but watching the news can be draining, discouraging, and just exhausting. So much confusion and just false/fake information. Relatable just gives me what I need! I still watch the news when I want to just see what’s saying one side vs the other but I rely on Relatable to give me some perspective to what’s happening in the world from a biblical and conservative point of view. It is so refreshing to see someone young give light to current events in the way Allie does! Always encouraging and it gives me hope for the future! Great show! Keep the fight and good work! Blessings!
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Remnant of Trustworthiness
So thankful to have something to listen to through the lens of the gospel and is more needed than maybe ever before!
Remnant of Trustworthiness
Love to catch up with Allie!
I turned off mainstream media last year for good but I have to stay current with what’s going on so I rely on Allie Beth along with a few other Christian conservatives to keep my up to date. Thank you!
Culture from a Biblical worldview
Love the show and have learned so much!
Best podcast
Best podcast ! I can’t wait to listen to her podcast !
Never miss a week!
Allie is amazing! She speaks truth with facts to back it up. Thank you for having a voice to those that feel alone because they’re not “politically correct.” It truly is a breath of fresh air!
As a 29 year old myself, it is so refreshing to hear someone like Allie speak with such poise, clarity and above all... TRUTH! Not only is she part of my weekly routine, but, she also gives me a sense of community and confidence when I often feel like I’m in the minority with my beliefs among family and friends. Thanks for being so awesome Allie!
My Everyday Podcast
Allie has a perspective many people are very blind to see, even Christians. I see comments below saying she’s divisive, which I completely disagree on. She states the facts and presents the argument from a Christian conservative side (which is SO often silenced.) It’s absolutely refreshing to be able to hear this side of the narrative!!! She provides research based/SCIENCE based evidence to back up all her facts. She states the truth, and unfortunately many people just don’t want to hear it or choose worldly truths. She does not live in fear and this is apparent. I have become much more equipped to stand on God’s word and speak out truth to others after listening to her podcasts. Thank you ALLIE!!!
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Love this podcast
Allie speaks so much truth about politics and the Christian worldview. Refreshing!
Thanks Allie and thank you to Col. Birdwell for your service and for sharing your story.
This podcast is so encouraging to me. Thank you Alli!
Brooke McLeod
Love Allie and Relatable!!
For a long time, I was never interested in politics. Then my sister told me about Allie and her podcasts (over a year and a half ago) and I haven’t stopped listening to them since! I don’t think I’ve ever been this interested in what is going on in the world today. Allie has brings all the facts to the table which is super informative and always brings it back to truth. Most importantly I love when Allie ties it all back to God and His word and reminds me that nothing takes Him by surprise.
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Amanda G Felipe
This podcast is a blessing
I look forward to listening this podcast. God has given Allie discernment and wisdom to speak about our current times and cultural challenges from a biblical perspective. Best of all, when I listen to this podcast I always feel encouraged and hopeful because she reminds us that God is always in control!!
Part of my daily route!
Allie’s podcast as mentioned in the title has become as integrated into my daily routine as reading scripture and praying is. Her ability to breakdown and navigate tough/polarizing conversations in a constructive but purposeful way has helped me become better equipped for my own interactions. I appreciate her passion and care for this great nation immensely! Keep doing what you do!
Game changer!
This is now one of my favorite ways to get informed about current events and to hear the most thoughtful, real, commentary about the news. Each episode is worth the listen and makes you think deeply about how to view the world around us, and how our relationship with God is essential to navigating the world.
Truth Teller
Allie Beth is such a vessel for biblical truth that we desperately need. I am always quoting her to my friends and family. She has said things that convicted me in my sin, empowered me to stand up for what I believe in, and given me hope in our faith. Even if you aren’t a Christian or conservative, give her a listen. I know her intelligence and passion will intrigue you.
Anna Schrock
I appreciate Allie’s honesty and her strong Christian beliefs… we need more younger people like her to speak truth to her generation!
Thank you
Love hearing clear truth
Thank you!
Thank you Allie for sharing the truth and never forgetting what that really means. God is doing amazing things through you and this podcast has quickly become one of my favorites. Thank you for saying the unpopular thing when it’s called for!
Fresh and Thought Provoking
Allie keeps it real and offers insightful perspectives and information regarding a biblical worldview in today’s social-political climate.
Allie Stuckey is fantastic!
New Mom
Keeps me informed and gives me hope!
Crystal clear, smart, biblically centered - relatable is my favorite podcast!
You will not find a more clear communicator than Allie Stuckey. She first impressed me when I saw the video of her testimony before Congress defending the personhood of babies in the womb. I have since grown to look to her on guidance on all things cultural and political and I know she will NEVER be swayed by what is popular or convenient but will at all times point to the gospel and the sovereignty of God. I trust her wisdom and have grown more capable of thinking soundly and more able to see clearly through the fog that is the American culture because of her. THANK YOU ALLIE!
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Avery m K
9/11 Hero
Thank you so much for the moving interview with Col. Birdwell. He is indeed a hero, and I believe it’s so important for this young generation to hear what true patriotism and sacrifice is! I remember well where I was on 9/11 (I was 45 yrs old), the eerie silent skies, and the country’s grief. May we never forget.
A Much-Needed Conservative Voice
So grateful for Allie Beth Stuckey’s much needed voice and perspective in these challenging cultural moments. I feel much more empowered to speak up as a Christian conservative from listening to this podcast.
Allie is the best!
Love this woman and her podcast. She speaks truth, backs it up biblically, will admit when she misspoke or had wrong info. She’s constantly seeking truth and is such a light in a very dark nation right now. The guests she has on are always so compelling. Thank you Allie for all you do!
A must listen
I look forward to listening daily.
Direct, Loving, Informative
This podcast has been a game changer for me! I love listening while I am doing household chores. I have learned so much from Alli and appreciate the way she always brings it back to Scripture and our faith. While things seem dark in this country, my hope remain strong because of the King I serve!
Favorite Podcast!
My favorite podcast! Allie Beth Stuckey does a great job talking about relevant topics that are going on in the world. She lays out all the facts and does so clearly. I appreciate the way she discusses politics and how we can respond as Christians. Highly recommend for all!
Vital Conversations
Allie is having conversations that very few people are having. I always appreciate the biblical perspective. She challenges my views and encourages me to dig deeper into scripture. The conversations are so important, whether it’s on education, economics, biblical truth, and anything else. You will find value in this podcast. God bless Allie for sharing this podcast with us 4 days a week!
Fabulously me xox
Such a blessing!
Allie’s podcast has made a huge impact on my life. She speaks truth— Biblical truth— in a world full of twisting the Bible to fit agendas. She looks at things with reason and understanding. Relatable is overall educational, insightful and eye opening. Her most recent episode with Brian Birdwell is something I wish everyone in America would listen to. It brought me to tears. Allie is such a blessing to so many, and I’m grateful to have found her!
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Go to Podcast!!!
I absolutely love Allie Beth and this podcast. It’s so refreshing to tune in to an educated, well spoken and confident conservative woman. By listening to this podcast I have gained more confidence in my own conversations with friends and family regarding my beliefs and opinions. It’s a beautiful blend of faith, family, politics, current events and culture. As a listener, I can tell Allie Beth does her homework and brings ALL of her research to the table when talking about hard issues. Again, wonderful podcast!
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5 Stars
Thank you Allie for standing for what’s right. Never apologize for it.
Thank You.
I just listened to Senator Birdwell’s testimony and this is the most powerful episode I have listened to. Thank you, Senator, for your service and sacrifice. Allie, thank you for sharing the light and hope of Jesus in the midst of cultural and political turmoil. This episode reminded me most of all of God’s Sovereignty in the most horrible, evil events that take place in history. This gives me hope and great joy that we worship a God like this.
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Kaitlyn BLJ
Gripping testimony from 9/11 Survivor
Ep 485 with Texas State Senator Brian Birdwell was an incredibly gripping and sobering story of survival from devastating injuries sustained on 9/11 in the Pentagon. The senator’s testimony of God’s incredible provisions and the amazing care given to him by his fellow man in those initial minutes and hours motivated me to make the most of this new day and appreciate the many good people God has prepared for such harrowing events.
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Excellent podcast!
I love that Allie is unafraid to “go there” with her guests and listeners. She is the epitome of Ephesians 4:15, “Speak the truth in love”.
current events from a biblical perspective
i am so thankful for allie’s biblical perspective on today’s current events! she always reminds her listeners of the Hope we have in the Gospel. it is really encouraging keeps me from losing hope many days!
laser 11
Relevant and Relatable
So grateful for Allie Beth’s podcast. As a stay-at-home mom of 5 there a few days that I see the outside of my home walls. Allie’s love of the Lord, passion for His plan and purpose, and ability to articulate matters of great importance are a treasure to my ears and heart. From faith to freedom, from the sanctity of all lives to the love of God, country, and neighbor: she tackles it all with grace and wit. She is both relevant and relatable. You won’t be disappointed.
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Military fallen
We are joining people in placing 13 flags on our lawn in public display of honor and remembrance.
My favorite podcast
Love this podcast, I listen often and have shared with others. I have learned so much and feel more informed on political and religious issues than I ever have. Allie does such a great job & I admire her.
Nice to listen to Allie talk about current issues. Sharing facts and has a lot of great guests.
Listened to the “Blame Boomers” episode and I was shocked by the blatant contradictions, white washing, and “us vs them” rhetoric. But as someone who grew up Christian, became an evangelical, and then saw all the cracks in the dogma, maybe I’m not shocked at all. This show is divisive, not based on the bible, and is purely based on a white and upper/middle class worldview. There are many critiques of The Feminine Mystique - most notably that it’s racist, classist, and homophobic - yet the host and guest don’t mention that in their critique. Is that because they too have a racist, classist, and homophobic worldview? Probably. I don’t have enough time to debunk point by point of this episode. But I encourage others to do a little more digging before buying into this argument wholesale. Just gross.
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