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Movie Theater Parking Lot
Reelblend feels like conversations (sometimes arguments) I have with friends in the movie theater parking lot after a showing. Keep up the good work!
Tim Dammer
Well done!
Love their guests -wish interviews were longer
Kind of annoying
Really enjoy Sean’s cadence and his vibe. Kevin and Jake sound like douche frat guys. So obnoxious
Sean is sort of right.
I’m a longtime listener of this podcast at this point and can’t recommend it enough. The guys not only really love film but also each other which leads to hilarious debates that are at times get heated (the Lion King debate still makes me giggle) and frequently are reignited in later episodes due to friends just loving to piss each other off in a lovingly way. Because of one of the longest running debates regarding Kill Bill, I had to finally sit down to watch the films recently. Sean is totally right that they are clearly two movies with two different tones, I don’t care what Kevin and Jake and even Tarantino has to say on that topic. But I will disagree and say Kill Bill vol 2 is better than the first but that’s not that important. Anyway I do love listening to the guys talk film and sometimes tv (I know it’s a film podcast but won’t mind some more talk on cinematic tv series) and often times find new things to watch because of their recommendations and reviews. 10/10
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R. Lauren
Friday Fun Days
I don’t usually review shows or anything but this podcast is for anyone who loves movies and TV! The questions they ask their guests, the tier lists, their comradery is my favorite! Fridays are my favorite day because of them and I encourage as many people as possible to watch/listen!!!! Thanks for all the work you guys do and for making your fans feel special by involving us!
What’s up Ricky?
WJFK brother! Keep it up you’ve come a long way.
5in is plenty
Unclear and boring
Points of view are not explained well enough for the audience
Knowledgeable hosts with wide and nuanced takes, and great interviews.
Love it. Thanks guys!
devin oulighan
I’m not sure I’m the target audience for this podcast. Seems too exhausting to listen to.
Great Show
This podcast is awesome
Ali Klaw
Dear Kevin:
Not everything is “brilliant” or “phenomenal.” This show has some great interviews (and some decent takes from the other guys), but I’ll be looking elsewhere for movie talk, hopefully with less worship of Spider-Man: No Way Home.
Watch McCabe and Miss Miller, and then I’ll listen to your opinion seriously. Unbelievable
Reel fun show!
Listening to this show is to me the equivalent of listening to friends chat it up at a local comic shop. You can tell these guys enjoy each other’s company, and the subject of film. They approach each subject with great insight and honesty. I appreciate the fact that they are very honest about how they feel about about a film, even right after interviewing the director. It is such a natural and comfortable setting each time I hit play, and I look forward to each episode!
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Big fan of BDK on the sports junkies. Always look forward to his segment on Fridays
My Favorite
ReelBlend is a great podcast for film fans. It’s great to hear others that are as passionate about film as I am. I was a follower of Jake’s years ago, so long that I remember eagerly awaiting his interviews with the cast of The Dark Knight Rises(I acknowledge all of its flaws, but still love it ). Then I found Kevin’s interviews on YouTube and it was great to find another person with similar passion. Lo and behold I discover Kevin and Jake are friends and have a podcast together. I immediately checked ReelBlend out and was introduced to the wonderful Mr. O’Connell and MVP Gabe. Years later and I’m still checking for the new ReelBlend episode toward the end of each week. These guys are great to listen to amongst themselves and get the best interviews out of today’s filmmakers. Tarantino, Soderbergh and Mike Flanagan maybe my favorites so far. Give ReelBlend a listen if you’re a film fan. You won’t regret it.
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R Madd
The best movie podcast PERIOD!!!!
I love these guys, they are so much fun to listen too. You can hear how much they love film! You guys should do a meet up in Wisconsin. Keep up the good work guys, huge fan!
Jose F Munoz
Incredible podcast! 👌🏼🎞
This podcast is such a fun ride that you will not ever want to get off. I had been familiar with Jake/ Kevin from their YouTube interviews for years and literally stumbled on this podcast a couple of months ago and binged my way through the show! I’m so glad I did cause I love the guys commentary, interviews, and behind the scenes look at the industry. I was recently very fortunate to interview Sean for my podcast and he was such a delight and I felt incredibly blessed to have him on my show to represent Reel Blend. Seriously, if you love film or just the entertainment industry you will love this podcast and make it part of your weekly routine! Thank you Sean, Jake, Kevin, & Gabe for all of the joy you bring to our lives! 😊
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Woof woof arf
Daenerys is good girl. She’s the goodest girl. When someone comes on for an interview they expect a cameo from the Queen. Her zoomies are legendary as she works hard for all of us. She is the paladin of happiness and sends love throughout the podcast realm. Oh, and I guess her hoomans are okay too.
The Silent Cody
It finally happened!
Hey, guys. I’be known about this podcast for quite some time as I’ve been a big fan of Jake’s (going all the way back to his Houston Chronicle days). Growing up my family and I were always known as the movie buff family as our parents made a point to show us films that were important to them or that they appreciated. It was a lot of musicals and military movies in our household. As I graduated HS I attempted to begin a Journalism degree so that I may one day review films like y’all. Soon I learned traditional school wasn’t my cup of tea and subsequently submerged myself in a service industry career working around 90 to 100hrs a week. (Shoutout to my fellow restaurant workers). I went from the guy who saw 3-4 new movies a week and amassing a 956 DVD collection to the guy who maybe saw 3-4 new movies a year. When COVID-19 shut down dining back in March I was completely lost and had no idea what to do with spare time let alone how to enjoy it. So I started your podcast from the very beginning. Yep. I’ve listened to every single word y’all have published and have FINALLY caught up. With each new episode I abided by your reviews and recommendations, watching the movies whether new or old so that I may catch up with the latest and greatest. It revived the young cinephile in me and brought back a much needed joy in my life. The only way I think the show could improve would be to bring back the guest hosts you did way back in the early days. You had one Latinx writer and one female writer and that was the extent of your diversity. The show constantly brings up that different movies will affect people different ways and as much as I LOVE you four boys I’m beginning to predict how each of you might feel about a certain films since I know so much about you. And as a proud queer latinx man certain films like Spanglish (2004) or Weekend (2011) are films that I find incredible but may not receive the recognition from you 4 straight white males since you won’t relate to them the way I might. Perhaps this could be something addressed with the YouTube channel or even the premium show. Regardless, I cannot thank you enough for producing this show. Sorry for being long winded but I wanted to let you know that ReelBlend has helped me so much in this last year. At a time when we can be with family the way we want to, your bantering and arguing about movies made me feel right at home since it’s identical to the way my 3 brothers and I act when we debate movies. One minute we may be screaming at each other due to differing opinions and the next minute we all crack up at a really bad pun. Additionally, you boys were literally with me every step of the way as I pounded the pavements for months and months in search of gainful employment. You’ll never know how much your show has lifted me and helped me keep walking when I was at my lowest. Much love and continued success to you all. -Felipe Medina
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-Felipe Medina
The Best Podcast for Film Lovers
I love this podcast and am always anticipating every installment every week. Love how passionate Sean, Kevin and Jake are about movies and how they geek out about all things cinema. As a filmmaker and film lover myself from Kansas City, nothing brings me more joy than tuning in weekly for an hour and listening to great filmmakers be interviewed and I industry news being dissected. I can’t express how amazing this podcast is. I’m hoping you guys can get PTA on the podcast when his next drops!
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Kevin needs to watch Lost
Longtime listener, first time caller. I link the podcast with Kevin Smith to friends more than once a week. Great podcast never ceases to amaze me how I take so much away from these podcasts. Specifically how invested I become in the careers of those I have never heard of before. More often than not my tastes line up with Jake. Kevin please, please watch lost. Sean thank you for your perspective. I had never realized the joy it would bring to share my favorite films with my own kids. Keep up the good work and stay healthy.
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The GOAT in podcasting
Very rarely are films, books, albums, and artwork pieces truly appreciated in their time. In many instances they are later perceived to be the greatest depictions of their kind, usually at a much later stage. Reelblend is an example of a podcast that, at this moment, may not be in everyone’s radar. However, I can most certainly guarantee that it will go down as not just a great and fascinating film/television podcast, but one of the greatest podcasts to ever consume data streaming metrics during this podcastassance that we live in. My only regret is that the rating metric contains me to just a 5 star rating, for I would easily give you gentleman 5 lifetimes worth of gratitude and appreciation. Sean, Jake, Kevin, Kevin’s mom, and Gabe. Thank you all for providing me with an escape and for letting me into your little film world. DUUUNNKKIIRRKKK!!!!!! Twitter: @iamMADNESS__
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I seriously love this podcast!!
Hey guys, I've been listening to you guys for probably 6 months and this podcast has made work sooo much easier, listening to you geek out about movies is so fun. You guys even got me and my dad into Tarantino movies and honestly Once Upon a Time In Hollywood might be my favorites because of Kevins obsession with it But to end it all love you guys, thanks for the laughs and take care <3
ReelBlend is a great podcast with the best hosts anyone could ask for. Jake, Kev, Gabe and Sean make every episode feel fresh and exciting to listen to and it’s truly one of my favorite past times whenever a new episode rolls around. It’s been awesome to sit on the sidelines and watch ReelBlend grow to the point it is now. I have friends all around the world, and one of my Friends who lives in Rhodesia(Zimbabwe) doesn’t have access to ReelBlend, so when a new episode rolls around we sit on a call together and I play it on the speaker so we can both listen to it together every week. But anyways, thanks for being great at what you all do! P.S. for Kev... I wrote in a while back stating that I was making a short film featuring a dog, and how we changed the dogs name to Oscar in honor of your Oscar... just wanted to update you by saying we start shooting in November (under COVID guidelines of course) and that I’D love to send you a link when we finish it around spring 2021. I’ll write in again then! Cheese pizza, Dunkirk!
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Kev's mother
One of the Absolute Best Podcasts Out There
Been following Kevin since 2013 during the GeekNation days. Was drawn to his genuine excitement and unique questions during his interviews and his unabashed willingness to mention his nerd tears (#NerdTears). Also saw his short film, Bump and even once sent him an idea for a short film. Learned about Jake a few years later after catching his funny interview with Samuel L. Jackson (smart move Jake). Sean, you were last to the party as I discovered you when AwardsBlend started. Anyway, the podcast is awesome with blend games and interviews keeping each episode fresh week to week and passionate discussions about certain topics prompt me to take sides almost all the time. I end up on Jake’s side more often than not. P.S. - Your podcast (along with some others) inspired me to start my own sports/entertainment podcast called The All Around Podcast that I do with my brother and it provides a nice break from work and other obligations so thanks for the content and keep kicking ass!
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Best Move Podcast EVER !!!
Hey Guys my name is Jeremiah Battle & I’ve been a huge fan of your Podcast for 6-7 months now. I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to write a review but better late than never. As a person who loves films and wants to become a screenwriter/ Director watching your podcast each and every week gives me something to look forward to. Seeing filmmakers of all capacities come on the show and talk about their careers and behind the scenes stories, ideas, and processes is super interesting and inspiring ! And watching you guys ooze your film love is something that I can appreciate and relate to on such a personal level because me and my friends act the same way. When the week is going badly, when it’s exhausting, even unbearable I always think to myself “well Atleast I’ll get to watch Reel Blend this week” and that’s something that’s so special to me because to mebyou guys are more than some guys on a screen talking about movies, to me you guys feel like a family, a film family that I get to tune into each and every week. As a Maryland resident I grew up watching Kevin McCarthy on Fox 5 So when I saw this podcast for the first time I was instantly hooked, speaking of Kevin I heard you mention that you were at AMC Tyson’s corner in this week’s podcast to go see TENET and it’s so funny because I was just there today, It would’ve been awesome to see you there, I love your enthusiasm about Nolan, Film, and Aspect Ratio Kevin, Jake, Sean, and Gabe...ReelBlend is something so special and I thank you so much for sharing your loving, heated, thoughtful, and passionate discussions about films and putting it out there for the world to hear, this podcast is a true marvel Thank you for inspiring a young aspiring filmmaker to make films that one day hopefully all of you guys will love to watch DUNKIRK!? TENET?! (Or Whatever it is now that you’ve changed it too haha)
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Kevin dad
Dunkirk release the Snyder cut reel blend is so much more than just 4 friends talking about( if you include Gabe since he finally talks after 120 episodes) and playing 2 are right and 1 is wrong reel blend is a podcast that I make sure as soon as a new episode drops whether it be video or audio I make sure to watch it or listen to it because they have there own spin and own style and a ton of can’t miss interviews and behinds the scenes into movies and tv shows from Sean stories to jake sarcasm about quitting every other episode and Kevin geeking out at film grains and how the score is a leading category and his amazing pons I can’t thank you guys enough for creating this you guys are all one of kind
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Best cinema podcast eveeeeerrrrrr!!!!!
Discovered this podcast looking for Tarantino guest podcast episodes and stumbled upon them. Amazing two part which gave me a better look into the mind of my favorite director. Then I decided to keep listening and this podcast and it has really helped me get through work. So thank you guys!!!!!!
Oscar Cycle Debate
Kevin is completely wrong....
The Best Movie Podcast Ever!!
I’ve been in quarantine since the beginning of March I have done nothing but listen to episodes of ReelBlend. I’ve filled my days with listening to new and re listening to old episodes. I have lost count how many times I’ve re listened to the Quentin Tarantino interviews. Kevin’s insight on camera shots and how a score can affect a film changed the way I watch movies. Jake’s passion for Tom Hanks and Star Wars makes me be that way about my favorite actors/movies. I love how Sean is always looking for the emotional element from a film because I am the same way. I have been a fan of Jakes and Kevin’s interview’s for years. I watch all their interviews on YouTube and I’m always impressed with their thoughtful and insightful questions. When I found out they had a podcast and got to know Sean I was immediately hooked. This podcast has become my quarantine buddy. I am an avid movie lover but I don’t really have anyone in my life to geek out about them with. The fun banter and respect all the guys have for each other makes the show so special. I genuinely look forward to hearing Kevin’s puns and Jake saying that he is quitting because he just can’t handle it anymore. Meanwhile Sean and Gabe are the fathers that have to keep the boat afloat somehow. I love all the guys and the respect they have for movies and the authentic theater experience. I can’t wait for the day when we can all return to an actual movie theater. I really hope you guys do another commentary soon because it amazing. You guys have so much knowledge it blows my mind every single time. I recommend this podcast to everyone I know and I can’t thank you guys enough. Every time you guys talk about a movie I’ve never seen I put it on my ever growing watch list. Keep up the great work and I appreciate you being my distraction during these crazy times! DUNKIRK!!!
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Anastasia Creighton
The Lost World
That story made me tear up at how amazing that experience must have been. I also was reading that book in grade school and saw curse words. I went to a private Lutheran school, my teacher also took the book from me. She put it in her desk. After school I snuck it out of her desk, and she always hated me after, cause she knew. I still love that movie too. My theater experience is The Matrix. I had the newspaper double sheet on my wall before the film came out. Had to convince my Mom to take me, because of the R rating. But I researched it, and it wasn’t for gore/blood or anything really damaging to someone’s mind. However, for thematic elements and violence, yada yada yada. Blown away. Anyway, love the show. Keep it up. ✌️
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The only movie podcast I will listen to.
Since we’ve been in quarantine, I’ve done nothing but binge episodes of Reel Blend. Quality content - just enough balance of personal and professional opinions. I often find myself giving my opinions to no one during the Blend games (well, expect my dog, Indiana - who listens attentively). Everyone should give this podcast a listen! DUNKIRK! (Confession: while I think Dunkirk is visually beautiful, I didn’t like the movie and found the characters not memorable 🤷🏼‍♀️ Sorry Kevin!)
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100th review just so Sean can sleep
Hey guys! This is Chris Hutton. Iv’e already left you a review from my phone but I JUST got done listening to your #underrated200sblend episode and heard Sean still moping about being stuck at 99 reviews soooooo while my wife is still sleeping I grabbed her phone and am writing this just to get you to 100! Let me use this oppurtunity to say that I still love this show over all otherw. Love the constant banter between you gents. You’re a blast to listen to. Few quick things: - ‘TENET’ will get pushed back - Kevin makes riddles with wordplay, NOT puns - The Rise of Skywalker is great (🤫 Sean) - ‘ENDGAME’ is inferior to ‘INFINITY WAR’ (it’s absolute blasphemy you knocked off ‘DIE HARD’ for Endgame Sean 😔) You guys are awesome. F****** LOVE this show and can’t wait for more. Jake, I loved TRoS so if you ever want to hop on my podcast to have a fun talk about Star Wars, I’m down. Keep up the awesome work gentlemen. Thanks for keeping the show going during this crayz world crisis, you’re helping keep us sane. -NEVER SEEN DUNKIRK! (but I own it 🤷🏼‍♂️)
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Timeless Anna
Amazing Movie Podcast
Reelblend is my an amazing podcast and my favorite podcast. I wasn't a huge podcast guy then I found there Quentin Tarantino interview and he's my hero so I was like why not. Not only did I love the interview I also for the first time actually really liked the podcast guys and as soon as Kevin showed the Hattori Hanzo tattoo I knew I would like the show. I love all three of them. They all truly know their stuff and are great interviewers. Check them out. DUNKIRK!
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Recommend for all basement dwelling movie fans!
I have been listening to this podcast since the Awards Blend days and I look forward to it every week. Sean- your knowledge, description and overall critique of why you love a film is simply poetic. I often replay your descriptions because you catch things I never have. Kevin- your passion and enthusiasm for film is infectious and you have convinced me to like things I once hated. Jake- your sense of humor is the best and you have a wonderful laugh! I am usually in agreement with you but I definitely love the banter you bring. And Gabe- you have the voice of an angel, glad we get to occasionally hear you when you come out of your layer.
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My New #1 Favorite Podcast
I first heard of the Reel Blend Podcast while listening to BDK on the Sports Junkies. Kevin's segment on that show was always my favorite, as I am an avid movie lover. After listening to their interview of Joe & Anthony Russo I was completely hooked. The guys (including Gabe) have a wonderful chemistry and you can tell they genuinely love all things film. The interviews they are able to get for the show are really something, and the Blend game is a great way for us listeners to be able to share our thoughts on our shared passion for movies. I have one question for you guys if you're able to squeeze it in - What movie scene most emotionally impacted you? For me it's between the ending of Endgame (Tony Stark), or the house fire scene in Manchester By The Sea. If you don't get around to reading this on the show I totally understand! Keep up the good work and Dunkirk! PS: Kill Bill is most certainly one film.
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Stuntman David
Finally Giving the Reel Credit You Deserve
As a long time listener it brings me great joy to finally be able to leave ReelBlend an actual review with my my new iPhone. If you like in depth conversations with the biggest names in the film/entertainment industry then ReelBlend is for you. If you like passionate, sometimes hilarious arguments on everything from remake relevance to semantics (Kill Bill is one film) then ReelBlend is for you. You want year-round Awards/Oscar talk? ReelBlend’s got it. The nerdiest discussion about frame rates and film grain? The got it. Honest reviews of the newest movies? Got it. Petty threats to quit their own podcast? Done. Inside jokes you will instantly be a part of on social media? Yup. Puns of varying quality? You know they got those. [Hey did you hear about Gabe’s favorite Rob Reiner film? It’s “This is Spinal Wrap”]. More importantly, if you want to join a community of amazing people that gather to listen three fabulous hosts then listen to ReelBlend. Reach out to the #Blenders on Twitter. We would love to talk with you. I actually met three of my best friends via this podcast. So I can honestly say Reel Blend changes my life. Much love to Kevin, Jake, Sean, and Gabe. All four guys are genuinely lovely people in person. Thank you for the amazing content, and for showing me that other people think the way I do. It means the world. Sincerely, DUNKIRK!!!
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This is the podcast for all things movies.
This podcast is Film-tastic! ;-) Keep up the great work gentlemen.
Goodbye Collider Movie Talk, Hello Reel Blend
If you’re someone who has missed the old-school collider movie talk days, guess what, this is the show to fill in that gap. Sean, Kevin, Jake, and Gabe do a phenomenal job of bringing the latest movie news, box office updates, reviews, and great interviews. But better than that, they are group of friends who just love to talk about movies. Even when they disagree, they are having a fun time. Their fascination with making cheesy movie related puns will always bring a smile to your face. Their love for movies and getting to interview actors, directors, and writers feels absolutely authentic. In an age where is there is so much cynicism around movies and the film industry, these guys bring a breath of fresh air for anyone who just wants to have fun talking about how enjoyable movies can really be.
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Best Movie Podcast Around
All my life I have been a total movie nerd. I love good movies, bad movies, wierd movies, blockbusters, indie films, and everything in between. There's something special about the art form that allows us to explore so many different facets of ourselves and the world around us. Every since I found this podcast, after their incredible interview with Quentin Tarantino, I realized that other people feel the same way. These guys aren't movie snobs or purists, they just love cinema and all of the many parts that go into making it. They do a great job exploring what makes movies great technically, intellectually, and emotionally. They have amazing guests that offer a unique perspective into the movie making process. Thank you guys for putting in all of the effort and commitment it takes to run such an amazing show, it is truly appreciated.
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SLC Movie Fan
Best movie podcast ever!
There are levels of movie fandom; the casual movie goers who will go see movies once in a while, those who go regularly to the theaters, and those who go to early screenings, line up for a premiere opening night, and collect Blu Rays and memorabilia and can talk for hours with other movie fanatics.  If you are like me and part of the last group, this podcast is for you. It’s made with passion from hardcore movie fans FOR movie fans. It is by far one of the most enjoyable podcasts I have listened to, and let me tell you why.  Reelblend is a fascinating exploration of not only upcoming movie news but also a glimpse behind the scenes of movie journalism. The Reelblend team of Sean, Kevin, and Jake (and Gabe behind the scenes) are seasoned entertainment journalists who already do this every day for their job (you may have seen their interviews on the Red Carpet and Youtube) but every week together on this podcast they share the latest news on upcoming movies, interview some of the most talented filmmakers in great depth, and engage in heated debates in their movie reviews. What I love about their reviews is they feel fresh, unbiased, and often they have wildly different opinions.  I often find myself agreeing with multiple differing perspectives or learning to appreciate films in a new way, as they often make parallels with older films given their encyclopedic knowledge of cinema.   The quality of their interviews with major directors and actors is incredible and peerless. Where else will you find a 2 hour conversation with Quentin Tarantino and the crazy story behind the scenes of setting up the interview, or hearing in passionate detail from Kevin Smith himself how he reconnected with his old friend Ben Affleck after many years of losing contact, with the help of co-host Kevin McCarthy?  These are GREAT stories from some of the most talented filmmakers of our generation! Usually in press interviews or the talk show circuit the conversations are cliché and the questions are boring and the interviews last 1-2 minutes. Here you get to listen to an actual deep conversation with thoughtful questions carefully constructed by passionate movie journalists who as fans are just like you and me. There is really nothing quite like it.  Interjected throughout all of this is a healthy dose of humor, corny puns, and hilarious jokes and surprises every week to keep me tuned in and coming back for more. They also love interacting with fans of the show with polls on twitter and meetups in different cities.  I only wish they were more active on Instagram, as I’m not really on twitter (follow me on IG at choyphotography!). This podcast and its community has become like a secret handshake amongst movie fanatics. I have a great deal of respect of what these gentlemen have done and it looks like they’re only getting started as their popularity continues to grow. Congratulations on your 100th episode and here’s to many more to come. PS: I wanted to share a personal anecdote to an interaction with Kevin. In March of 2017 I was in Austin for the SXSW Film Festival and on the red carpet trying to get Ryan Reynolds to sign my Deadpool poster. Kevin along with the rest of the press were inches away from me in the Red Carpet area interviewing Ryan, Jake, and the rest of the cast. I remember Kevin being very friendly and even waving Ryan over to sign my poster (which he did), so thank you Kevin! I also met my friend Kaleena (who is part of the Reelblend family) at SXSW and she introduced me to this podcast. See how movies bring everyone together?!
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Duke National Champion
Fun and interesting!
I recently found this podcast when looking for reviews on a movie and let me tell you, this one is awesome! I’m currently back-binging all episodes between the new ones and loving it! You guys mix your reviews with interesting stories and fantastic interviews. The interview with Chad Stahelski was so interesting, a REAL behind-the-scenes of how much goes into creating/choreographing specific scenes. I really enjoy that you all give your own reviews, even if it doesn’t match the others. Keep up the great job guys! Don’t judge me because I haven’t seen it yet but... DUNKIRK!!!! PS Thanks Kevin, for getting “our” Holden back. Reboot wouldn’t have been the same without him. And I agree with Jake and Kevin, The Rise of Skywalker was a fast, fun and nostalgic ride that’s lead by Adam Driver.
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The Reel Deal by Not Kevin’s Dad.
My first love has always been film. From the moment I saw Pinocchio on the silver screen over 55 years ago, I was totally and completely hooked. Though I passed on a career in film to become a Cardiologist, film has been a constant presence in my life. Ask any of my kids who were forced to wait on a line to see a movie on opening night before online ticketing became a thing. The ReelBlend podcast has become a permanent fixture on my podcast set list. It is incredibly refreshing to hear people as passionate about cinema as I am. Their interviews with some of the greatest actors, directors, and writers working in Hollywood today are insightful and demonstrate their love for the craft of filmmaking. These interviews are some of the best I’ve ever listened to. At the end of each discussion, I am left with a better appreciation for the film in question, along with a deeper understanding of the filmmaking process. As a true film geek, I get to live vicariously through their adventures in Hollywood and beyond. I love their heated discussions about the films they love or hate but I would certainly dial down the shouting over each other just a tad. While their puns can be extremely painful to listen to, I must end with one of my own. Do you know which screenplay author Rian Johnson wanted to write The Rise of Skywalker? Edgar Allan Poe Dameron. Dunkirk Larry Weinstein
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Three Friends Who Love Film and Share That Passion
Three friends (and their producer Gabe, who may or may not be real) share their thoughts on film in a timely, debate format that is always entertaining and respectful. There are a ton of movie podcasts out there, but there are few that I find myself wanting to return to as much as this one. With interviews and weekly thoughts on the movies hitting theaters and home media as well as looking back on the long history of cinema, this is an entertaining show that often seems to end far too soon.
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New Listener Because of my Dad
My dad, Mark, has been a fan of Kevin’s since his first appearance on Sports Junkies. He had mentioned Kevin’s additional passion for movies to me throughout the last three years because I studied film in college and have a cinephile heart. About a week ago, Dad told me about your interview with Jamie Lee Curtis and I finally looked up this podcast to hear if the infamous Kevin would live up to his name. Five days and 13 episodes later, I think it’s safe to say he did. Cheers to the entire Blend Team and your infectious charisma with each other. Thanks to all of you for giving Dad and I another thing to have in common because talking hockey isn't exactly my forte. Also, I hope Gabe will be lenient and allow another Quentin interview when film #10 comes out. I know it will be a tight fit.
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Lisa Nardone
Refreshing and Fantastical
I recently discovered this podcast and am thankful I did! I’ve never found much value in “traditional” movie reviews because they rarely capture the true essence of a film, honestly or thoroughly. But, then as a loyal watcher of Fox5 DC, I got to experience movie reviews flipped completely upside down and in technicolor the minute Kevin stepped in front of the camera. Through his segments, I discovered this Podcast, and found the Neverland of films and filmmaking. I think you guys have started a revolution, breathing life back in to the actors, producers, directors, and entire cinematic multiverse. Your genuine appreciation, respect and love of their craftsmanship, genre-agnostic, is infectious and refreshing! That excitement can be seen and heard in more and more of your conversations and interviews. It’s kinda like a modern, blithe version of Pump Up The Volume (minus the solemness). So thank you for ditching ‘stodgy hollywood’ for the fantastical side of cinema!
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True cinema lovers
There’s no hiding the passion for cinema these guys have! Always excited to see a new podcast appear and I understand why so many A list directors want to chat with them. Keep it to boys! Probably my favorite movie podcast!
Do you love film?
Then you should subscribe to ReelBlend. It’s a wonderful mix of interviews, film discussion and terrible puns. The hosts’ chemistry shines through in every episode. I love this podcast as much Kevin loves every movie he’s seen! Dunkirk!!!!!!!
Where do I even begin?
Ok guys, I just have to say thank you. I am movie obsessed and when I first started seeing Kevin’s interviews on social media years ago I thought, “Finally, someone who gets it!”. He didn’t ask all the “How’d you get so shredded for this movie?” or “Who was the biggest jokester on set?” type of questions that some actors get over and over again. He would ask questions about the MAKING of a movie and specific things about the characters and I was absolutely hooked. I love everyone on the podcast, but I wanted to shout out Kevin because he’s the one who “got me” in the first place. I know literally no one (personally) who loves cinema like I do and when you guys nerd out and/or get emotional over cinema-related things, I feel that. Everyone in my life has always thought movies are “nice”, but not something to make a career out of (which is why I’m just now trying to get into it in any way I can). I love that you’re all friends and that you all identify with each other when it comes to movies because I don’t have that and I can only imagine what that bond must be like. Thank you all for everything you do for your Blendsters and don’t ever stop! Sincerely, Your Friendly Neighborhood ICU Nurse 😋
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Great find keeps me invested every week
I stumbled across this podcast when Avengers: Endgame premiered. I first listened to their spoiler free episode and then saw the movie and continued to refresh the ReelBlend page multiple times per day until the spoiler filled episode was released and have been hooked ever since. I have always been a huge fan of movies, I can spend an entire day watching movies and never get tired or bored and I especially like looking behind the scenes to see how they are made. This podcast is a perfect blend of the two, 3 hosts (and a “producer”) who genuinely love movies and love discussing them, and also go behind the scenes with the high profile actors and directors who create these films to ask the non traditional questions that a fan like me wants to hear about. I am so happy to have found the ReelBlend podcast it truly makes my daily commutes easier especially since there are almost a 100 episodes to go back to and would recommend to anyone who enjoys watching movies. Which is pretty much everybody. Also, don’t know if you guys didn’t realize but you will be doing 2000’s blend soon and then in January 2020 you can officially do 2010’s blend. Love you guys love the content keep it coming. Dunkirk!
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