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Reef News Network
Reef News Network
Reef News Network is a weekly podcast dedicated to the Saltwater Enthusiast and Reefkeeping Hobbyists. Every week your hosts Peter and Jeremy will bring to you industry news, tips, listener calls, featured topics and special guests. This show is fun and upbeat while being educational and informative, so remember keep your eyes on your tank and your ears in the reef!
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Best reef podcast going!
Hey guys, love the format! You guys kill it every show! The podcast keeps me going at work everyday. Thanks for all you do and your commitment! -James S
Women in reefing
This episode was great more of this!
artist aquarist
Amazing podcast fun to listen to and full of great info
I absolutely love this podcast, these guys are great. I can’t nerd out with most of my friends and these guys give me my weekly fill of reef nerd
Peter is too whiny
I listened for about two years, but Peter just became unbearable with his whiny attitude. If Jeremy ever did something on his own or with someone else I’d be all over that.
Awesome Podcast
This is something I’ve been searching for and love it!! I drive a ton for my job and reefing is one of my biggest personal hobbies! This is educational, entertaining & engaging. Keep up the great work!!
Absolutely love it
I am the kind of person that loves to learn, and I was using YouTube as my source for reefing info for 5 months before I found this and it’s an absolute gold mine!! I love the show and how it is done, very well put together and trustworthy! I’ll be a subscriber for a long time!
My absolute favorite pod cast!!
I have been in the hobby for only about three years now and have been listening to it since episode 20 on my Spotify! Absolutely love how well planned and researched out each subject is and presented in the most optimal way possible! As always don’t lick it dip it and stay fishy my friends!!! #rrnnation please keep the content and awesome pod casts coming my weeks wouldn’t be complete with out you guys!!
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Very helpful
I am getting back into the hobby after being away 15 years and this show is very helpful in catching up on how things are done now.
Awesome awesome awesome!
These guys are great for absolutely anyone in the reefing hobby. Nothing bad to say, thanks for the great content!
Knowledgable and entertaining
Listen every day at work, music gets old... this is a great way to stay up to date, and to learn something new... Dislikes- not long enough- i want 8 hour podcasts!! 😂😂 Great work guys
Big T from SouthShore
I’ve started listening to these guys around episode 13. Great group of guys and extremely informative. They have a voice message app on their webpage where you can ask questions and they will definitely help. Keep up the good work gentlemen.
Great reef podcast
This is a great informative podcast that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Every week the main topic is very informative and the host do it while also keeping it entertaining.
white haven parent
Love it gents
By far one of the most informative and entertaining ways for a newbie like me to figure things out about this glorious hobby. Pete and Jeremy are so down to earth it’s incredible, and they always have informative and, most of all, directly applicable topics suitable for a newbie like myself or a long time reefer. I’m finally caught up and am forced to wait for new episodes. Let the impatience begin!! 🤣
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My favorite!
The best! And most informative Reef and aquarium related hobby podcast out there! Super knowledgeable guys; I always feel I’m learning something new with each episode! All 5 stars rightfully earned!
Great Podcast with great hosts
The best reefing podcast since Reef-Threads. And this one comes with good production quality and a consistent program script. Love these guys. I hope this podcast continues. The chemistry between the hosts is also perfect; they hit the sweet spot of funny and sincere.
Laid back but always informative.
These guys are down to earth and consistent. They thoroughly research all topics that I’ve listened to so far. Always giving updates about their personal tanks which is a cool touch as well. Dip it, don’t lick it guys!
Great podcast
Been listening for almost a year, once i heard free sticker i thought id figure out how to review. Keep it up guys!
Great pod cast
Very informative reef pod cast. Not only for beginners but new products information also settings for reef shows
Great podcast
Thanks for the podcast about reefing. Great info like hearing about personal tanks.
I’m writing to say the reason Macna is coming is cause there are soooo many reefers here and we are trapped in the desert!!!! haha I love you guys
Phenomenal information
I started a nano tank and wish I had found this podcast beforehand. These guys have saved me from making major mistakes as well as discussing solutions to problems I’ve had to deal with. The only suggestion would be to use the full names of some of the process, terms or anything that’s abbreviated in the hobby. As a newbie I’m always pausing the episode to look something up. Keep up the good work!
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Too Political
I used to love this podcast when the only thing discussed was reefing. Lately the first 30-40 min have been nothing but two guys complaining about their personal situation, the current administration, and the environment. I agree that the environment has issues, but during every episode to blame them on Trump and call it a News segment is ridiculous and short sighted. I have unsubscribed.
Brownie Points for the Wifey
Thank you both first of all for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I have just started to really get interested in the hobby. My husband has been in it for 9 years. I have begun to listen to you all at work. My favorite episode is episode 8 the tips about staying organized at the frag swap caught my attention. I love staying organized and the tip of bringing a marker for what you buy was helpful! I’ve been more prepared on road trips to fish stores and even helping with tank maintenance. Thanks for giving me knowledge and confidence. It’s now a hobby we share instead of his hobby!!!
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Listen before you jump in...
These gents are an absolute treasure, especially if you’re thinking seriously (or just considering) getting into the aquarium hobby. These is a wealth of practical, easy to understand info for folks like me who are wanting to get started (the right way) and avoid the “steep learning curve” many people claim that you will have to overcome. I was so impressed with their goal of simplifying the many aspects of reefing rather than trying to impress their peers in the hobby with how technical they could present all the information. I have tried some other podcasts in the past and they became tedious for a beginning hobbyist. These guys present the topics in such a natural and easy to understand way, I am now even more excited about getting started in this amazing hobby. Thanks guys.
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Such an amazing source for reefing
I’m a huge research junkie when it comes to the reefing hoppy and these guys are another great source for research and stay engaged with what’s going on in our hobby!
Applegate reefs
I listen every week religiously!!! Live these guys. Always learn something with each episode.
Great quality podcast
I've been listening to this podcast for almost a year and am happy to say they continue to put out high quality, interesting, and relevant weekly podcasts. When i first started listening they only had 5-6 episodes out. I was fairly new to the hobby and was within the first 3 months of setting up my first reef tank (the phase of algae problems, ich, crashes, etc) and have really enjoyed seeing the progression of their podcast along with the progression of my tank. Both seem to have settled in to their groove and are starting to flourish at this point. I wish them continued success and am confident they will become a well known and trusted source of information in this hobby as time goes on.
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Stop making me rate
Fantastic Podcast
I love this podcast. I’ve been in the research phase of starting my first reef tank for the past few months now and this show has been playing in my ear at work for most of that time. Great topics, great conversation. Thanks guys, and keep up the great work!
Filling the void; and then some.
The reef aquarium hobby has been missing a consistent and well informed podcast since Reef Threads ended and the Reef News Network podcast has filled that void; and then some! Great content. Great banter. Great hosts.
I love it!!
Very informative and fun!! I’ve listened to all episodes at least twice lol. Thank you!!
Le Detailing
Always worth a listen
You two work so well together. The information is always great since it’s personal experiences. I look forward to each week and the new tips. Keep it up
Best reef related media
Peter and Jeremy always deliver an awesome episode time and time again! They always have good topics and are very informative. Any newbie is blessed that they have the guys to help them on the reefing journey. I wish the podcast was around when I started. Keep up the good work guys Kaleb Yurs
Kaleb Yurs
Excellent Podcast
Thank goodness I found this, great info and it helped get going with my first saltwater tank. The best thing iOS it is week in and week out and hasn’t just stopped randomly like a lot of podcasts. Thanks Peter and Jeremy! Keep up the good work👍
Great saltwater podcast
Great fun and informative saltwater/reef podcast.
Best Saltwater Podcast
Great style and content! Can’t wait for each Tuesday! Would love an episode on how to make the ultimate thriving fish only. Seems like the mindset is that just anything will go for fish and it will be good enough. Some ideas that I think deserve better representation are the importance of optimizing redox for superior fish immunity, nutrition aspects of various species and parasite control the extreme mechanical Filtration, UV , etc. I want to design a system for them to thrive! Working on a 550 now with that goal! Another idea I would love to hear is to have a fish vet on the podcast to give a more classically trainer expert viewpoint on fish disease, husbandry and best practices for healthy fish. You guys make Wednesday my favorite day of the week since I get to listen to the podcast on the way to work!!! Awesome job guys!
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Things of that nature
New game, drink every time Peter says “things of that nature”, I think I counted 7 times in episode 38. Reef responsibly. Great info
Chris Toefur
Awesome podcast
Being new to the reef hobby, Peter and Jeremy both do a excellent job covering information for your seasoned reefer to your newbie! Thanks for the loads of information so that I can be successful with my reef tank. I haven’t listened to a episode yet that I didn’t enjoy and you didn’t have me laughing at some point! Keep up the great work! See you guys at FFM! Chris
Peter and Jeremy do a great job of consistently putting out valuable entertaining content. Keep up the good work!
Love it
I really enjoy having a consistently updated podcast to look forward to. Peter and Jeremy are great about giving their honest opinions about things, rather than promoting sponsored products. That’s hard to find these days. Keep it up!
Fuel for your obsession
As a reefer in NYC, I don't have many friends who care to hear me talk about my tank. RNN helps me feel like I've got two friends equally obsessed. It's great to hear verification of information I've come across or news that i'm hearing for the first time. Blah blah, sorry. It's great. Really enjoy listening. Peace.
Most CONSISTENT Reef Podcast!
Many have tried, few have succeeded. Peter and Jeremy have created something awesome for the reef community. From home projects to picking apart an experts reef game, they cover it all. A must-listen-to podcast if you keep fish and coral!
Nicki Rig
Best PoD Cast
I love the pod cast and can’t wait for the new episodes.
JP Wags
Keep on reefing!
Keep up the great work guys! I have been in the hobby for years now and your content is so great to listen to. I always feel like I’m learning something! Bryon Savannah GA.
Informative and Entertaining
I recently re-entered the hobby after a couple of years, and I was so glad to find this podcast. The first episode I listened to was the first week of August, and I quickly downloaded all episodes prior to that. I can’t wait to get caught up! I love how much information has been, and continues to be, provided. I’ve learned quite a bit, and I’m excited for more!
Informative and Entertaining
Peter and Jeremy do a fantastic job providing good information for advancing the hobby as well as interesting news of marine life around the world. Keep up the good work!!
Love it
Great guys love it
luis heredia
How did I not know about this reef cast ! At least I’ve been able to binge listen to all the great podcasts these guys have put out. Great show for beginners, veterans and everybody in between involved with the reefing hobby
Love these guys!!!
Sorry it’s taken so long for me to write this! I kind of had to figure out how to do it. My husband and I listen to these guys weekly. Always fun, enthusiastic and we definitely have learned a lot. I had 55 gallon marine tank in high school. Ended up loosing my fish to something crazy that happened in the tank and just couldn’t afford to get it back up and running. My husband bought a 13.5 Evo for Christmas, for me 😉 but he is just as hooked as I am. I’ve had a lot to learn getting back into it but we’ve come a long way in a short time thanks to this podcast and some other great peeps in the business!! We are now up to 3 salt tanks and I’m sure at some point there will be more! Thank you Peter and Jeremy for all the work you put into these Podcasts so that people like us can have a fun way to learn!! We love listening on our Saturday morning road trips to the fish store!!
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Great podcast
I can’t get enough I’m waiting for a new one all week
Just recently found you guys and love what you’re doing. Please keep up the good work.
Reefer Tim
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