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Reddit Readers
Reddit Readers
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Bad words and TWO MINUTE ADS
I love reddit but it could be centered I am a KID and cannot vote
Please update your intro
I don’t mind intro/outros but it’s very obvious that it’s old because the audio quality difference between the intros and the actual podcast are so jarring
It’s pretty good
I love listening to this when I’m falling asleep, my only problem is the female narrator, she’s seems to be too close to the microphone, it kind of scares me, overall though, great podcast!
I enjoy the readings... It’s just a little weird how quickly this podcast covers the same posts as Rslash.
I love listening to this podcast
The story’s are great and listen to it while rock climbing.
Great to listen to while drawing!
I ALWAYS listen to you guys while I draw,I’m going to start putting a link to your yt channel on my posts on insta! (Also, your daughter is ADORABLE)
Amazing for exercise/bike rides
It is amazing for exercise and bike rides as it makes you look forward to exercising, lost 10 pounds listening to this! Thanks, you guys are the best!
Imagine hearing them read your own post
It’s really good. But like, Imagine writing a post on reddit and like, a week later, hearing them read it. That would be so cool lol
Female narrator needs work
Not a big huge fan of the narrator, she speaks too fast sometimes and her mouth is so close to the mic that her P’s pop loudly and I practically feel the hot air in my ear. Her delivery is all wrong some times but I like the content so I’ll keep listening. The first ep I listened to had a male narrator that I really liked and when I heard the other ones with the girl narrator I was confused and slightly disappointed.
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This is amazing
My parents don’t let me use reddit so this amazing.
I love this podcast. This podcast is great please make more.
gbh. t6