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Red Valley
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I listen to A LOT of fiction podcasts. Since finishing (or almost finishing) most of my favorites, I was worried I wouldn’t find one to live up to the ones I loved. I gave tons a try, but none clicked until I found Red Valley! It’s captivating, exciting, and such a fascinating mix of foreboding and comforting. The plot is intense and stressful at times, but it’s also funny, and warm and the main characters and their relationship, whatever it may be, is authentic and becomes genuinely tender by the end of season 1. I’m so interested to see how the plot unravels in season 2. I’ve listened to season 1 and While You Were Hypersleeping 2 or 3 times each. If you like well-paced, modern sci-fi and thrillers and engaging, heartfelt characters, please give it a listen—it’s really the best of both worlds.
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Very entertaining!
It started out with a serious tone but developed into a great mix of comedy, drama, sci-fi. Great characters and put together amazingly well. Sound is on point and puts you in the scene. Can not recommend enough!
Love This!!
Audio drama at its best. Great story Great acting Great production. Can’t wait to hear more!
If you like W359 you’ll dig this
Loving season 1 so far. This podcast is intriguing and witty in a way that makes you truly care about the mystery and th characters.
I am so hooked!
I’ve listened to the first three episodes today and I’m going to have to force myself to hold the others at least until tomorrow! Best spooky podcast I’ve run into in a while.
Can’t wait to hear more!
Excellent mix of suspense and wit, with great acting to boot. Looking forward to season 2!
Listener in PA
Just yes! There were a few parts that I had to go back and re-listen to because if you miss small details, you miss a lot. Seriously enjoyable though. Listen through to the season finale, you won’t be sorry.
Very slow
Hardly getting into the interesting Red Valley seed thing! It’s mostly interpersonal drama like a hospital show on tv that’s really about the sex lives of doctors.
New favorite sci-fi!!!
Ahhhhhhh this was such a great first season! the plot is great! The acting is awesome! And best of all is the super witty banter!!!!! Can’t wait for season two!
losing my mind
i just finished listening to this on spotify (subscribed here as well) and oh my GOD this show literally had me gasping it’s so fantastic i’m so invested i can’t WAIT to see where it goes next!!! also no spoilers but that ending???? HELLO???????
Brilliant, funny, and genuinely surprising. Can’t wait for season 2!
Red Valley is amazing!
This story is terrific! It zigged when I was expecting it to zag. (Anything I say might be a spoiler?) just listen!
Reddit find!
It’s a great resource for finding new audio dramas. I really enjoyed this one!
great podcast!
i found this one from reddit, and the acting and storyline are really amazing! so happy to have found another independent podcast.
Very interesting podcast
Please don’t disappear on us like other podcast have done. The peak our interest then disappear! Please come back!
Worth Your Time.
Really enjoyed this podcast. Sound design is great, and the story is really interesting. Bottom line is that Red Valley is definitely worth your time.
Don’t hesitate.
I’m picky with podcasts with serious commitmentphobia but this was immediately wonderful. If you like Shawn of the Dead or Welcome to Nightvale, give this a go.
I’m intrigued!
I found this podcast from A Voice from Darkness and I was not disappointed! I’m only three episodes in and I’m hooked!
I dig it
Really great show!
I almost skipped this show because hypersleep sounded boring. I’m so glad I didn’t. This show’s great. Really great writing and acting. Give it a listen!
Movie Reference
Great listen
Amazing voice acting and story. Absolutely can’t wait for more!
This show builds and builds to become a great story. The acting is top notch and so are the effects. I highly recommend this show
Great Writing, Very Original
Fantastic show - well-written, fantastic sound design, and does an amazing job telling both a compelling slice-of-life character story and a broad sci-fi mystery.
Already Really Good!!
I’m here early, there’s only one episode out right now, but I’m already very excited to hear more! The soundscaping is great, the characters are likeable and interesting, and the teaser for the story ahead hooked me right away! I can’t wait for the rest of it!