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News and analysis podcast from a Marxist perspective hosted by Alexander Mckay
Introduction To Marxist-Leninism - Part 1 - The Historical Process
This is an early release of what will be a 15 part publicly released  series covering an introduction to Marxism-Leninism.  The aim of this  will be to explain the fundamentals of scientific socialism.   This first episode covers the basics of Marxist view of how human societies develop throughout the different periods of history.   This will be a weekly show and you can find more details of it and a reading on our patreon page.
Aug 11
27 min
The Rise of Trauma Politics - Interview With Ashley Frawley
I recently spoke to the Sociologist Dr Ashley Frawley regarding her latest article in Compact Magazine in which she argues that the triumph of "trauma politics" is an anti working class phenomenon.   The conversation went to a number of interesting places including how we should all read more Hegel.  Be sure to read Ashley's article
Aug 7
1 hr
Q&A and The A Curtain Call
In Leilas final appearance on the show we tackle listeners questions on the Bilderberg group, the WEF, abortion, female emancipation and the life & crimes of George H W Bush.
Jul 29
1 hr
Trucking, Recession and Climate Change w/ Gord Magill
Gord Magill returns to discuss his recent piece in Newsweek on the Guaranteeing Overtime for Truckers Act, a bill which seeks to remove overtime pay exemptions for truckers. We also speak about the state of the economy and the effects of climate change policy on the trucking industry and beyond. Read Gord's piece here:  Republicans: Want to Support the Working Class? Vote for Andy Levin's Trucker Bill
Jul 20
1 hr 3 min
*Unlocked* Weberian Bureaucracy
This was originally released as part of our reading group series, which you can access by becoming a Patron : We review Weber's section on Bureaucracy included his seminal work (and foundational sociological text) Economy and society:  An outline of interpretive sociology.
Jul 15
1 hr 22 min
Gotterdammerung - The Fall of Boris Johnson
As Boris Johnson is finally deposed we pay tribute to the fallen leader of the British Tories.  We look at Brexit, covid, the state of the Conservatie & Unionist Party and examine the reasons for the ruling class disposing of Boris Johnson.  We also issue a poetic tribute to our departed hero. 
Jul 9
1 hr 3 min
A Very British Coup w/ Kit Klarenberg
We welcome back investigative Kit Klarenberg to speak about his series of articles on Grayzone outlining the latest slew of intelligence operations around Brexit and Ukraine, prominently involving Sir Richard Dearlove and Paul Mason. You can find Kit's reporting here: You can also follow him on Twitter here: Kit Klarenberg
Jun 30
1 hr 26 min
Temperance and the Working Class Part 1
We look at the history and politics of the temperance movement, a major alcohol moderation turned teetotalist social movement with international reach. Check out Alex's article on the topic here:
Jun 18
53 min
Literacy in Crisis
We talk about the reasons for low literacy in advanced capitalist nations, the degradation of the arts, and the role of schools and education in capitalism.  Article mentioned: The Crisis of Low Literacy by Peter Kerek
Jun 10
58 min
Mass Shootings and Marxist Criminology
We look at prominent liberal explanations for the recent mass shooting in Texas, and offer up another perspective, that from Marxist Criminology. Painting: Alex Colville, Pacific, 1967
May 27
1 hr 20 min
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