Red Scare
Red Scare
Red Scare
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Neurons died
I lost some brain power after listening to this for 20m
Hung in forever but give up
Anna is brilliant and engaging. I could endlessly listen to her. Cannot applaud her more. Dasha and her weed ruins the podcast experience. I hope Anna will accept invitations on other platforms so I can listen to her perspectives and references.
Great Broadcast! 👯‍♀️
I like how they’re mean. Usually wrong, but at least they’re spunky. My one complaint is that they talk about things from online without linking. I obviously don’t spend as much time on the internet as these ladies, and it’s annoying to hear them spend twenty minutes yammering on about a picture I’ve never seen.
poor 48yo midwest white male listens to red scare in substitution of being ignored by wife n daughter
Addicting and trite
What I love: They don’t try to be likable, pandering, pitying like so many other podcasts do They can’t help but piss everyone off at some point and yet they still have quite the following. They change their mind, viewpoints constantly. Rather than tow the party line they say out loud our conflicting inner thoughts about the mess of the world. No one is safe. Whenever I happen to fall into their demographic of whoever they are picking on this week, I find it grating and I listen to something else, but then I’m back next week to hear them pick on someone else. Healthy? No. Addicticting? Yes. The bad: The most reasonable critique is that they seem totally blasé about everything and have the vocal fry to match their attitude that nothing matters. For some reason this doesn’t bother me. Maybe because it’s also my wavelength. I do think that Anna tends to dominate the convo and can sometimes speak round and around the same idea which is usually some take that ‘wammin are bad but actually that’s ok?’ Lastly, although it’s iconic, the cover photo. When I have Apple CarPlay on I have to quickly switch to maps because it looks like I’m straight up watching porn in my car. Final thoughts: This show does best when the hosts tackle a specific piece of writing and have a discussion. Even more interesting when they pick apart something more historical and obscure. I like to feel like I’m learning something.
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I wrote in 2019 that it felt like it was 3 episodes away from an interview with Richard Spencer and look where we are
While Post
Brain rot
This show gave me a brain tumor.
I have yet to make through an entire episode.
I didn’t listen
she keeps saying “uh huh” or “mhm” while the other one is talking like shut up
I've fallen in love with both of them
I go back and forth every episode deciding which gal I’m in love with. It often changes with each new story or whimsical sentence that grabs my attention. I feel like I’m in the room, listening to the two loves of my life talk about this crazy world we’ve been dropped into. It is refreshing to know that there are intelligent, bright, and funny women in this life. I rarely find humans who make me feel as though I’m not the only one sitting in this theater.
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Please stop and think
I only listened because I saw that Charli XCX article and I wanted to know what they said about Lana Del Rey that she liked, but now I understand why people hate these people
Useful idiots for generation Z right wingers. Super boring right wing rhetoric wrapped in self important hipster vocal fry.
These people have worms for brains
Preserved Fish
The worst
Im boycotting the internet until this podcast is removed.
Worst podcast
I hope these women have their children taken away
binko bop
fell off fr
i used to look forward to listening every work… even bought merch and sub’d to patreon. maybe i just grew out of it, maybe they shifted from moderately compelling analysis to increasingly oppositional half-baked commentary to compete with the looming threat of irrelevancy. whole lot of nothing, ~40 nice vocab words on repeat. the same 20 semi-impressive vocabulary words just don’t do it for me any more… loveline is still okay
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Best podcast
Funny, interesting, soft voices, cute giggling, and unexpectedly episodic without intending to be so. Each episode is like watching a tv show. The episodes stand on their own even though it’s just commentary and the occasional interview. The only good people in New York!
Total bait and switch
Not the girls in the picture
Zero Commercials
OMG thank you Peter Thiel!
Dill BeBasio
Not for me
I’m assuming this show was once good bc it has such a huge audience but trying to get into it in 2023 was just too hard. are the good episodes only behind the paypall or something? Who wants to listen to a couple of ignorant 40 year olds? Listening to ignorant 20 something’s is at least a little entertaining and charming but this is just sad idk. I’m disappointed bc people have told me for years that I would like this show
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Deandra Day
Not good
Only listen when you’re in the mood to hear boring people talk about their oh so interesting lives. Who is the audience for this?
Rich people, amiright?
These haughty women are so boring with their natural wines and overt racism that oozes from their faces. Imagine the privilege that affords contemplation of this - I can’t!
mister beck
Nice voice (Anna)
Fun and they just sound bimbo enough to fall asleep to. 6.5/10
Falling asleep at the wheel
The hosts are kind of funny but their voices are so expressionless that I literally fell asleep while driving as I listened to this.
Slightly Right of Left Postgrad Rambling
I thought I’d love this. Instead it was just 2004 Vice Magazine minus any humor.
Have Lady Bunny as a guest!
I think you guys would have great discussions slash arguments
I dig it
I believe a lot of millennial/woman/people of this time think this way and don't really disclose it. The choices are few. You have militant left and militant right. There are arising insincere attempts to bridge the gap. This here pod is a refuge for people who accept neither side. Not a pod for NPCz.
I find it quite fascinating that Anna chose not to comment on what’s going on in Artsakh with Armenians and yet there she is commenting on other world events.. all I can say is… I’m really disappointed in her.
Never great, but now terrible
This schtick is tired. Time to hang it up.
Not for me
Maybe it’s because I’m Brown and Latino, but I just didn’t get the point of this podcast. I went in thinking it was going to be some current-affairs/cultural-zeitgeist show mixed with some humor but the two chicks leading the show came off as those artistic-wannabe slightly-depressed hipster snobs you sometimes encounter in NYC. They seem to be stuck in the mid-2010’s (Reddit blue-red pill) discourse that makes the show a bit stale.
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fell off highkey
Sad, I used to like listening
This show has always sucked.
Dumber and dumber
Can 2 wammin possibly get any more stupid? Find out on next week’s episode. Both regarded and 🚬 takes here, folks
who enjoys red scare?
i think the average red scare enjoyer must not have very much going on in their heads. political ideologies aside, anna and dasha are fundamentally uninteresting and unentertaining people. they’ve been doing this for years but apparently still don’t know how to use a microphone. they are both obviously so uninformed that the only reason people listen must be for entertainment, right? But they’re just not!! I try to play devil’s advocate in my head when I listen to this show but it’s hard for me to even conceptualize the devil that enjoys this.
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Seems like they just spew the edgiest take possible for every topic. Just shallow, narcissistic rambling. Can’t tell if they actually believe the stuff they say or if they’re trolling. either way it’s lame
Do better :/
At its core, this is the product of morally void people making provocative and unsound claims. Dasha
What is this?
Are there no controls on these things?
Don’t get the obsession
About as edgy as a couple of 14 year olds in an Xbox chat room
Whose belt is this?
If you bring Nick and Adam we can argue all night about whose intelligence is most valuable. Do you prefer dice rolling bored games to video bored games? Also dice don’t hunt. Me either, but I do love to talk. You can fill volumes of encyclopedias with what I don’t know. Bring a pencil or I’m going to have to lie to my diary. “Please tell my parents that this is a friend party, not a drug party.” Collages don’t make themselves. Hurry up. The rents are almost through with me.
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Good time girls
Very fun listen. Laughs are cute. Keep it up
Dan. O
They spread lesbianism
Little monkay
The Stench Of Twitter Losers
This podcast is YESTERDAY’S FISH.
Pitch Perfect
If you aren’t jiving with the discussions that occur throughout this brilliant melding of fascist culture jacking through the guise of two obviously attractive women talking about such things, then just log off r-tard
Two sad women trying to be interesting.
If you don’t get it, you don’t get it.
Two of the most vapid people you’ve ever heard.
Very witty and urbane
I got wind of these girls on YouTube. Refreshing takes on many topics. Surprisingly funny. They’re younger than I thought, one of the girls said that her mom was a boomer, so maybe her mom is my age? I guess they’re Millennials ? Wow I am old. Anyway check them out. One minor thing, the name of the company is ocean gate the sub was the titan. I don’t know if they’re being ironic but they are the only people I have heard who call women Wahmen. Always! Pretty funny 😄
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Love these girls. I could hang out with them and have a great time. 🔥
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