Red Moon Roleplaying
Red Moon Roleplaying
Red Moon Roleplaying
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Something very special
I’ve been looking for another DnD podcast, and luckily stumbled on this gem. Very unique approach to telling an official campaigns story with rich character backstory and minimalist, perfectly executed production.
Came for the D&D and here to stay
I was introduced to this fantastic dark roleplaying group from the official D&D Rime of the Frostmaiden release event. The adventure they ran was honestly one of the best out of the many groups highlighted. I was hooked and have enjoyed the other games Red Moon plays as well. I really like the introspection and exploration of the characters the players give to their actions. Keep up the great work!
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Exceptional work all around. I came for the masquerade content and found so much more. Thank you for all you efforts!
Cool but too much meta gaming
I really love the podcast and the players are, for the most part, really talented... the only knock is that the players have an issue with suspension of disbelief and do a lot of meta gaming...which really detracts from the experience. Hopefully this gets better as time goes on... will update the review as I get deeper into the podcasts.
I think The podcasts areGREAT!!!!
Seven nations 14
All killer, no filler
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Story is great. Audio is not.
Love it except your audio levels are WAY too low. Raise your overall sound levels. That’s the only thing keeping me from 5 stars.
I am listening to Descent into Avernus. 4 eps in and I’m completely hooked! I listen to a lot of actual play pods but this one is special. It’s production/story telling is outstanding. DM is phenomenal! Players/characters are immersive and well thought out. I just love it. Haven’t ventured into other areas of this channel but if they are half as good, we’re all in for a treat! Enjoy!!!
Exciting and immersive radio drama!
I heard of this podcast from How We Roll and I’m now binge listening to everything they’ve published. Excellent high quality audio filled with dark ambient music and sound effects. Super professional immersive audio production. Listen. Now!
Acting, not Roleplaying
By looking at the reviews, I seem to be the odd duck out, but I can't get into Red Moon Roleplaying. The production quality is pretty good, but after listening to 5 podcasts from 3 different games, I just don't enjoy the podcast. First of all, only having 3 people is barely functional as an RPG. It really requires 4-5 players (plus game-master) to have a serious gaming session. And the Game Master running each game seemed to have only a vague grasp of the game system they were playing. But if this is just supposed to be a podcast of voice acting and storytelling with the vaguest hint of an Actual Play Podcast, then maybe Red Moon Roleplaying will work for you.
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Great podcast,
I just discovered this new D&D 5E podcast and absolutely love it! A great combination of radio drama and actual play through of Curse of Strahd, it immerses you in the story right out of the gate. Great job - keep up the great work!
Truly one of the very best
The Red Moon Roleplaying guys are without question one of the best actual play RPG podcasts out there. Even with their commitment to quality and production value aside, each member brings their own strengths to the group, and where they really shine is in their synergy with one another. A truly dark, utterly binge-worth experience.
Azamon Kith
Supreme, high-quality horror
This production is a tabletop RPG clinic. When the manual for your game of choice bloviates about ‘what is RPG?’ you can play an episode of Red Moon. I’ve never played Kult, and only found it through the Jackson Elias podcast. I appreciate the exposure that this show gives, and episode 4 is well worth the lead up! Thanks for the dedication to editing and soundtrack, clean GMing and smart play. Kult is as creepy as it’s rumored to be
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Hunting and stays with you.
To ask me how I found this is something I don't seem to recall. It is like the awful dream like world that you stumble though trying to work out if you are seeing reality or lost in just a fever dream. I know not yet if this wonderful mystery is occult, other worldly or just the fantasy of a sick man. But I truly hope to find out