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Scarred Lands 5E: Dead Man's Rust 01
1 hour 12 minutes Posted Nov 28, 2020 at 5:00 am.
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Show notes

We are very happy to welcome you back to the Scarred Lands as The Gentleman Gamer Matthew Dawkins leads Klara Herbøl, Hjalmar and Craig through a part of "Dead Man's Rust", a mega-adventure for Scarred Lands 5E that is now on Kickstarter.

Check out the project below:

Terfin (Klara Herbøl), the hollow legionnaire paladin, has ventured out to the Hornsaw Forest to find a contingent of missing soldiers of her kind. To her aid she has the stranded slitherin pirate Cutter Var (Craig Austin) and their local guide, an ironbred bard calling himself Shag-mane. With the living, corrupted forest presenting mortal danger at every tree, rock and twisted animal noise, the slightest misstep would have them all perish.

Big thanks to Onyx Path Publishing for sponsoring this game!

Music by: Ager Sonus and Halgrath. Used with permission from Cryo Chamber.

Our Champions of the Red Moon: Martin Heuschober, Nastasia Raulerson, Simon Cooper, David, Julia and David Hagberg.