Reckless Dice Podcast
Reckless Dice Podcast
Jesse Burke
A podcast featuring Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. We bring you live play sessions, commentary, and unceasing witty repartee to satisfy your hobby needs.
The Enemy Within: Part 2
Our Heroes’ coach emerges from the Drakwald forest and speeds northwards for the white-walled Aldorf, the capital of the Empire and its largest, richest city. There they hope to find employment and possibly follow-up on Val’s doppelganger’s inheritance.
Mar 5, 2020
2 hr 47 min
The Enemy Within: Part 1
The party finds themselves on hard times, nary a job in sight. Coin is running dry and opportunities are scarce. But a poster indicating work in Altdorf, The Empire’s capital, prompts a trip to the North. Like most trips in The Reikland, things do not go smoothly, and trouble finds our adventurers in the oddest way.
Feb 19, 2020
2 hr 23 min
Heart of Glass: Part 2
With their eyes set on traveling to the Tower of Vane, the ladies sets off on their snow covered adventure. An encounter with a familiar witch hunter does not go as expected. The party learn the history about the darker and lighter side of magic.
Jan 22, 2020
2 hr 18 min
Heart of Glass: Part 1
Corporal Tylo Vielfrass has been murdered. The popular Altdorfer soldier and member of the Ubersreik’s Watch died under mysterious circumstances and now the Characters, under orders from Lady Emmanuelle Nacht, must discover the truth of his demise. But with little to go on and no sign of the murderer, they soon become embroiled with the machinations of an insidious cult, a relentless Witch Hunter, and powerful forbidden magic.
Dec 18, 2019
2 hr 27 min
The Slaughter at Spittlefeld
A vile sickness spreads through the rookeries of Ubersreik. When the source is found by an investigating doktor, the Spittlefeld Tenements are quarantined. Armed members of the Watch are posted on all exits, and crossbows are aimed at every window. No one goes in. No one comes out. For the unfortunate souls trapped within, there is little hope of escape unless they can find the source of the infection. But that wants out, too.
Nov 20, 2019
2 hr 12 min
The Mad Men of Gotheim
The characters come across Gotheim in the aftermath of a terrible disaster. Attacked by its inhabitants, beset by crazed and bewildered survivors bent on their own destruction, the heroes must find the source of their terror before the village destroys itself.
Nov 7, 2019
2 hr 9 min
The Lords of Ubersreik
Ubersreik has no ruling family after the Emperor controversially removed House Jungfreud from power. Thus, the great and the good flock to the fortress town, all hoping to become the next lord of lady of Ubersreik. One noble decides to host a society ball to promote his House above all others, but it quickly becomes a battlefield – politically and otherwise – and our Heroes are caught in the middle of it.
Oct 23, 2019
2 hr 35 min
Nastassia’s Wedding
A society wedding at the castle of House Soponatheim offers a welcome break after the stresses of the trial, but the happy event, as our Heroes will find out, turns out to be anything but restful.
Oct 9, 2019
2 hr 36 min
Reckless Dice #46: Mid-stream review of “Rough Nights and Hard Days”
The gang wraps up adventure 3, A Night at the Opera, and takes a moment to reflect on this up-versioned adventure book. Has it aged well? Is it compelling?
Oct 3, 2019
24 min
A Night at the Opera: Part 1
The party is invited to the opera as guests of the Countess and the Gravin. Bedecked in their finest, they find themselves embroiled in a plot to murder the Countess, a plan to shame a famous playwright, steal the whereabouts of a famous gem all to the tune of Otenno.
Oct 2, 2019
2 hr 19 min
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