Rebel Therapist
Rebel Therapist
Annie Schuessler
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Nourishing, Supportive and Inspirational
This is a nourishing, supportive podcast for anyone trained as a therapist who feels called to beyond the traditional therapy office, chalk-full of incredibly useful information, inspirational stories, and wisdom. If you are on that journey, it feels like circling up with some really good, smart people who are right there with you and who know you can do It.
So Awesome!
I have probably listened to every episode of this podcast, if your are a healer or therapist, it's essential. It led me to work with Annie and I get so much out of these discussions. :)
So encouraging
I love hearing about other therapists journeys and the details of their practices - how many clients they see, what they charge, and what they would tell their younger selves! It is really encouraging to me as I set out in growing my practice from part time to full time. Binge worthy!
Angela SL
Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an old pro, Annie and her guests will give you food for thought.
Empowering, insightful and actionable! 🙌
Whether you’re well established as a mental health professional, or just getting started carving out a rewarding niche that’s ready to grow - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Annie does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving private practice, and life you can be proud of - from leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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The perfect antidote to therapy/ists as usual...
I am always excited to see a new ep pop up on RT! Annie’s warmth & expertise + curated guest-list is the perfect re-inspo for me again & again as I begin my journey from almost-rebel to doin the thang. Her email-list + webinars also offer incredible value (sign up!). If you’re a therapist with even a glimmer of wanting “more” out of your work/life: listen & let it help take you there <3
Upgrade your practice!
Listening to this podcast inspired so much growth and practical change for my practice. I learned effective ways of marketing that feels authentic and sustainable, building my niche and business in addition to my private practice, and how to stay connected to my work. Highly recommend!
Helpful and inspirational!
I don’t listen to every episode, but every episode I listen to has helpful content and good take aways! Annie always asks the questions that I’m thinking like, “*How* did you do that?” Or “Can you get more specific?” I love Annie’s mindset and mission too, “Your success is inevitable.” Audio quality and editing are also excellent. Keep up the good work, Annie!
Love it!
This podcast has been a great resource for as I transition into private practice full time. I highly recommend it to fellow therapists.
Great Show!
This podcast is amazing and it keeps me motivated to keep building my business. Amazing content Annie is creating.
Narissa H.
Inspirational, calming, and exciting all at once. Helps me think about and act on important next steps in my private practice business - both the logistical kinds of things and the big ideas, too. So thankful to Annie for her work on this podcast.
Eli Florida
A podcast made for therapists who keep it authentic
I am obsessed with this podcast. The conversations are saturated with invaluable knowledge, and the questions Annie asks are thought-provoking and also questions I have while listening. It's super professionally made, too! I'm starting to build my own private practice and have found a lot of support and guidance through listening to this pod. Go subscribe now!
Top Notch
I have listened to several of Annie’s podcasts and they are consistently top notch. I’m planning to go into private practice next year and her guests have given me lots of ideas and information and helped me hone my vision. That’s a lot from a podcast! When the time is right, I hope to do one of Annie’s workshops.
Attention all therapists: listen to this!
Incredibly helpful interviews with therapists and healers doing creative things with their work life. It shows you what’s possible.
Annie rocks!!
I love listening to this podcast! Really inspires me to work on my business!
I love this show!
Annie and this podcast are such a breath of fresh air. It’s awesome to know there are others with a rebellious streak and who believe therapists should be put in a box!
Hopeful and grounded
I’ve been listening to Annie’s podcast for a while now and when I try to distill how it makes me feel to listen, I realize I feel hopeful and grounded. The fear that can creep in surrounding private practice subsides and is replaced by an expansive curiosity and more trust in myself, my vision, and my skills (for the most part, ha!). I not only love how I feel after listening, but love trying on diverse perspectives and paths in the field, real talk about numbers and fees, and having fear and doubt normalized as a natural part of the entrepreneurial experience. And Annie’s voice is like butter
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gigi face 510
Inspiring and supportive
4 months ago, I started my private practice after obsessively listening to this podcast to confirm that it is indeed possible. I have a full practice now and am feeling incredibly fulfilled and far from the burnt out social worker I was 5 months ago. Thank you!!!
Love this insightful podcast!
Love Annie’s voice, but also in-depth and delightful interviewing style. She is so engaging and the questions she asks hit straight at the heart. Very informative and a great resource for practitioners. I’ve taken many things I’ve learned here and used it in my own business as a therapist.
Patricia Y LCSW
Love it
I’m a new listener to Annie’s podcast but I’m loving it - helpful, fun, professional and always so caring. Definitely recommended.
Amy VanSlam
Great Show
Love Annie’s podcast. Must listen for any PP therapist entrepreneur. I listen every week! It’s been so helpful and I’ve used so many of the things Annie or the guests mention. It also makes me feel normal in all the struggles we experience as private practice entrepreneurs.
I've Learned So Much
Thank you, Annie, for putting together this podcast. I cannot keep track of all the wonderful nuggets of information I have received from you and your guests. I always look forward to the next episode. Keep up the great work!
One of the best podcasts for therapists in private practice
I feel like Annie is the Terry Gross of Therapy podcasters. She’s warm, thoughtful, and generous as an interviewer. She chooses great guests and I learn a lot in each episode!
abby lmft
Love this podcast!
So grateful for this podcast. As a therapist in training, I’m getting a ton of practical consultation and inspiration—ahead of the game!
Clear, relevant, helpful!
My favorite & most helpful private practice podcast to date. Not just advertising her own services (like other podcasts out there), truly helping explore important business topics for private practice practitioners. Thanks Annie!
“setting your fees”
I just wanted to thank you for your Therapist Clubhouse episode “Setting Your Fees” as part of your 6-part series of minisodes. I have never had a fee conversation resonate so much. After listening to this episode, I raised my fees!
Deep Topics and Rich Conversation
I love that Annie talks with other therapists about things that are really impacting them on a daily basis. It’s not just sharing “3 quick tips” and she lets the conversation flow naturally so that we really get some amazing wisdom from her guests. This is definitely not your typical business podcast and I love that!
Maelisa McHall
The Essential Podcast for Therapists
This is a Full Dose of Part-Consultation, Part-Therapy...and ALL essential! This podcast is a composite of thoughtful and focused clinicians who share their relative expertise on what has helped them to build solid private practices. The business advice has taken me out 30,000ft and zoomed in to help me see - and clarify! - how to make sense of the business of therapy. It’s been two months and I haven’t stopped the bingelisten. Keep it going Annie!
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Great Advice from Peers
I just came across Therapist Clubhouse recently, and it's been great to hear the voices of my peers, all with such great insights and advice! I'd heard of some of the guests here and there, but it's been wonderful to get to know them better through their personal stories. Annie's interviews are terrific - great questions, straightforward, with a good-humored, sensitive touch. Great tips and insights, too!
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Lo in CT
Great guide to private practice
I listened to all episodes every week. I continue to get new information from each episode. It's like having an entrepreneur wisdom pool right next to you, how awesome is that!
Art therapist from Taiwan
Lil from Wisconsin
I love the friendly tone of these podcasts coupled with the very useful wisdom Annie and her guests offer.
Lil in Wisconsin
MUST LISTEN for any private practice clinicians
After being referred to this podcast by a colleague, I deep dived and listened to every episode over the course of a week. For any clinicans beginning their private practice or seeking to continuing developing their practice, I cannot recommend this podcast more. As someone with a new practice myself, I have been able to pull practical strategies and tools simply from listening to Annie and her guests. It has been a wonderful resource.
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Annie is the real deal!
I've been obsessively catching up on all episodes of this podcast, and I can honestly say there isn't one episode that hasn't been useful in some way for growing my practice. Annie's voice is soothing, her personality is relatable (I'm an introvert, too), and her attitude is refreshing (LOVE her "snark moments"). Listen and learn, people! You won't regret it!
Killer guests
I have only listened to 4 episodes and all 4 have been increadibly movig for me. The guests have been exactly the challenge and support I need. The vibe coming off this podcast is high!
E Barbo
Amazing podcast!
This podcast totally rocks! I'm a therapist starting out in private practice and have found the podcast to be super useful. It's full of practical information and lots of stuff that people don't really talk about but that is so important to know about. It's also really entertainign and fun to listen to. I look forward to more episodes!
Love this podcast
I just started listening and I LOVE this podcast. I really appreciate how Annie gets straight to the point, and the episodes have really valuable content. She doesn't do the typical beginner podcast thing where poeple take forever to introduce what they're doing or spend time in pointless chitchat. I love that she gets that I just want to get in my car, start the podcast, and immediately be engaged.
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Wesley Anne
So Happy to Have Found This
A friend sent me a link to this podcast and it has been a breath of fresh air. I'm building my private practice and I have felt so supported and validated listening to these stories. Please keep the episodes coming!
Great podcast about private practice
I binge-listened to this podcast and all the episodes are really good. Annie asks the questions I always want to ask everyone and (so far) they all answer in very relatable and vulnerable ways, and also inspiring. It is helping a lot with my insecurities and my burnout. My favorite part is 'snark moment'.
Tarot geek
Not just great info, fun too!
I LOVE Annie's format. She has great guests, asks fantastic questions, and it's so fun to listen to! I've been bingeing on it all day!
Taking the shame out
Annie has a positive, no-nonsense approach to growing and promoting your practice. It’s refreshing and inspiring. Her guests share these qualities, and are much needed examples for clinicians at any stage in their development.
Mike M - Oakland
Fun and informative
I'm enjoying this so much. Great balance of info and inspiration.
gretch sf
Super podcast for Private Practice Psychotherapists
Just finished listening to Annie Schuessler's podcast episode with Kat Love and the episode with Lily Sloane.I really enjoyed it! Interesting questions and I found their laid back conversations calming. Kat Love's episode has me looking at my website in a whole new light. I also loved Annie's "snark moment" where she talked about "The Dr. Phil Effect."
Kiki in SF
Therapist Clubhouse rocks!
I just downloaded the 1st 3 episodes and am super impressed. This podcast is great, down to earth & just real. It's loaded with so much good information I will have to re-listen and take notes!
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