Salim R. Rezaie, MD
Rational Evidence-Based Evaluation of Literature
REBEL Cast Ep91: Static Ultrasound vs Landmark Placement of Subclavian Central Lines
Background Information: Central venous catheterization is a common procedure performed in the ICU for the purposes of drug administration and resuscitation. The subclavian vein is the...
Nov 19
16 min
REBEL Cast Ep90: Ultrasound vs Landmark-Guided Palpation for Radial Arterial Line Placement
Background Information: Ultrasound guided peripheral and central venous access has become more common while simultaneously decreasing complications and increasing first pass success. Landmark guided palpation...
Nov 16
17 min
REBEL Cast Ep 89: The CODA Trial – Antibiotics vs Appendectomy for Appendicitis
Background: The well-established, standard treatment for acute appendicitis is surgical appendectomy.  However, recent research has challenged the dominance of the surgical approach in looking at...
Nov 12
20 min
REBEL Core Cast 44.0 – Postpartum Hemorrhage
Take Home Points Watch for continued bleeding in excess of 500 ml or bleeding that is “more than normal.” Call it postpartum hemorrhage and start...
Nov 11
16 min
REBEL Cast Ep88: The MIDAS Trial – Midodrine vs Placebo for Pressor Discontinuation
Background: ICU discharge is often delayed due to intravenous vasopressor requirements to maintain clinically indicated blood pressure goals. In some patients without impairment of tissue...
Oct 29
16 min
REBEL Core Cast 43.0 – Measles + Antivax
Take Home Points Measles is highly infective: One infected person can infect approximately 10-20 unvaccinated people 2 doses of MMR is 97% protective Unvaccinated people...
Oct 28
25 min
REBEL Core Cast 42.0 – Orbital Compartment Syndrome
Take Home Points Trauma resulting in a retrobulbar hemorrhage can lead to orbital compartment syndrome which is a vision threatening injury Diagnosis is made clinically...
Oct 14
7 min
REBEL Cast Ep87: Video Laryngoscopy – Standard vs Hyperangulated Geometry
Background information: There are two popular blade shapes for video laryngoscopy, a standard-geometry blade comparable to a Macintosh blade and a hyperangulated blade. The standard-geometry...
Oct 1
9 min
REBEL Core Cast 41.0 – Acute Chest Syndrome
Take Home Points 100k people in US have sickle cell, the majority will at some point develop acute chest syndrome (ACS) The mortality rate per...
Sep 30
21 min
REBEL Cast Ep86: Baloxavir for Influenza Prophylaxis
Background: Baloxavir (trade name Xofluza) was approved for the treatment of acute, uncomplicated influenza in patients > 12 years of age in October 2018. However,...
Sep 17
21 min
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