Reasons & Season
Reasons & Season
Elzabieta Kosmicki
Reasons & Season is a multimedia platform designed to anchor ancient wisdom into modern urban culture. We explore seasonal rhythms though lifestyle, food, breath and movement; cultivating how to practices and sparking dialogue though educational podcasts.
Creativity & Inner Truth
Listen in as we celebrate harvesting creative truth and heart centered living with Michelle Bolue international award-winning professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher for 20+ years.  Topic include: Heart Awareness  Authentic movement  Discovering worth  Artistry & self worth  Learn more about the full digital interactive experience at and sign up for free to tap into all the creative living practices and seasonal wisdom though the art of embodiment Host: Elzabieta  Intro music: King Boo  Musical Break by: Ichiban     
Aug 30, 2021
1 hr 2 min
Transforming Anger Through Emotional Resolution
Explore the energetics of anger and embracing its power and potential. This deep dialogue with Angela Adkins on the subject of Emotional Resolution looks into the themes:  Anger as a catalyst  Anger and archetypes  Transforming anger  The Role of anger in 5 Element Theory  Anger as the emotion of spring  Featuring original score and production reflecting the sounds of spring with the tracks Fresh leaf and Arisen by Ichiban  & the sound of Anger with the track Lotus Flower by  King Boo  Reasons & Season Podcast is part of a digital interactive platform illustrating seasonal living sign up for FREE and gain access to all the creative interpretations of seasonal living and practices at  
May 24, 2021
47 min
Toxins & The Brain
Listen in to this dialogue on the effects of toxic burden on the brain and consciousness as well as the impact of toxic thinking patterns. Ken Swartz the fonder and Chief Scientific Officer of breaks down the role of antioxidants in brain health, longevity and the importance of meditation positive thinking.  C60 is believed to be one of the most powerful antioxidants ever discovered due to its natural benefits that protect the body from oxidative stress. By scavenging free radicals and reducing oxidative stress, Carbon 60 oil tackles the main cause of aging and cellular damage, protecting the body and allowing it to heal naturally. Check out for the full digital interactive platform and gain access to all the seasonal living science, philosophy, art, food as medicine and creating living experiences! Download our free digital magazine and start embodying your bodies rhythms and potential.    Host: Elzabieta  Guest: Ken Swartz  Original Score: Ichiban
Mar 4, 2021
39 min
The Art Of listening
Listen in with Aja Black of the Reminders on the creative process of inner listening and winter reflection. Tap into a dialogue on the role of the sense of hearing in finding inner truth and the power of silence.  Reasons & Season podcast is part of a free digital interactive platform exploring seasonal living for creative potential sign up fro are at  Host: Elzabieta  Guest: Aja Black The Reminders  Original Score: Ichiban   
Feb 24, 2021
35 min
Tao of the mind
Listen in to this thought provoking dive into the origins of the mind with Xilin Zhu Tai Chi practitioner and meditation expert. Learn the root of alchemical source and its influence on the mind and how the ancient art of meditation is used to master the brain.  Participate in a guided meditation at the end of the episode to enhance overall being though the mind.  Reasons & Season Podcast is part of a digital interactive platform illustrating seasonal living though creativity, food as medicine, art and philosophy with leaders n the fields of Tai Chi and Martial arts, Herbalism, Creativity and Medicine sign up for free at  Host: Elzabieta  Guest : Xilin Zhu Featuring Excerpts from the book Sweat The Technique by RAKIM and original production by Ichiban
Feb 24, 2021
59 min
The Sea Of Marrow
Listen in with Dr. Janet Galipo of as she dialogues about the Classical Chinese Concept of The Sea Of Marrow as the manifestation of the brain and nervous system.  Topics include: The Brain & Essence  The Sea Of marrow  The Bones  Celestial Energy & the brain  Reasons & Season Podcast is an exploration of seasonal living though the art of taoism, Classical Chinese Medicine, science, food and medicine herbalism, art creativity and culture. Tap in to the full digital interactive platform at and anchor in to ancient wisdom for modern living.  Host: Elzabieta  Guest: Dr. Janet Galipo  Original production: Solidify by Ichiban 
Jan 13, 2021
38 min
Water Element: Courage & Juniper
Listen in with plant spirit journeyman Monticue Connally of Jiridon Apothecary and A Root Awakening as we dialogue about winter health strategies, courage and the power of juniper as a kidney tonic and protective ally.  Check out the new Reasons Mag and podcast for Water Element health. Tap into all the FREE creative food as medicine, embodiment processes, podcast learning and kitchen pharmacy practice for seasonal living.  Host Elzabieta Guest Monticue Connally   Music by Square Peg Round Hole  Intro/Outro: Ichiban 
Dec 16, 2020
1 hr 6 min
Water Element Pattern Language
Listen in to this dialogue with Mike Ninomiya vice grandmaster of Enshin Karate on Pattern Language and preparing for 2021 with awareness and discovery of your energy blueprint.  Check out and subscribe to the new Reasons Mag and podcast for Water element health at Tap into all the FREE creative food as medicine, embodiment processes, podcast learning and kitchen pharmacy practice for seasonal living.  Host Elzabieta  Guest Mike Ninomiya  Music by Stay Tuned  Intro Outro Ichiban  
Dec 7, 2020
42 min
Water Element: The Purpose of DNA
Join Ken the Scientist, Ken Swartz of C60 Purple Power as we dialogue about the purpose of DNA, longevity and the role antioxidants play in assuring health of the genetic code. Explore lifestyle choices, new paradigms of science and the art of living.    leran more at for the full interactive digital experience featuring food as medicine, lifestyle philosophy, art and creative practices centered around seasonal living.   
Dec 7, 2020
51 min
Herbal medicine strategies for autumn health
join plant spirit journey man Monti Clevah of as we dialogue about herbal median and food as medicine strategies for fall health  Tap into to all the seasonal philosophy, embodiment practices, food as medicine and creativity for free at digital, interactive lifestyle medicine and learning though the lense of art and creativity
Nov 7, 2020
57 min
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