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Episode 1: Prayer of Jabez, Passion Translation, 1 Corinthians 11:10, and Transgender Pronouns
In this full length episode of Real Truth. Real Quick. Todd Wagner, Cooper Wagner, and Emma Dotter answer some of the questions you’ve sent in over the last month. Got a question you want the team to answer? Send your questions to Questions Answered: Should a Christian pray the prayer of Jabez? What is the passion translation and should I read it? What does “because of the angels” mean in 1 Corinthians 11:10? Should a Christian address a transgender person by their preferred pronoun?
Aug 2, 2020
How should a leader respond to failure and success?
Todd addresses the most recent episode of Real Truth. Real Quick. about vaccinations and why it was taken off the internet. The team also discusses how a leader should respond to failure and success with a biblical view. "Let everything you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14
Apr 27, 2020
When is it biblically acceptable to disobey the government?
"Todd and the team answer your questions with biblical truth in a live podcast environment. In this episode, they tackle Maundy Thursday origins, disobeying the government, and the Lord's command for a Sabbath. ""If you rightly interpret the word of God, you can be sure it's going to be helpful to you."" Topics Discussed: Why is it called ""Maundy Thursday?"" When is it biblically acceptable to disobey or rebel against a government? Is the Sabbath still a command for the New Testament?"
Apr 8, 2020
Christian Books, The Garden of Eden, and The Voice of God
"The team discuss and answer your questions with biblical truth about discerning the quality of Christian books, Adam and Eve in the garden, and hearing the voice of God. Question Topics: How do I discern what a quality Christian book is? Are we to infer that Adam told Even about the tree's consequences? How do I know if I'm hearing the voice of God or not? Should a Christian desire to hear the audible voice of God?"
Apr 6, 2020
Ways of Salvation
"Todd, Cooper, and Emma discuss your questions on salvation in this RTRQ Live, and remind viewers to not take what is said as truth: ""Test Google, Test Todd, Test RTRQ! Study the Scriptures for yourself!"" Is there a difference between Israel and the church? Are people in the Old Testament saved in the same way as people in the New Testament? Will a child who is below the age of accountability go to heaven? "
Apr 1, 2020
How should parents manage screen time for their children?
"Our team discusses a few of your questions about parenting. Todd Wagner encourages parents, ""Any parent that seeks the wisdom of their Father in Heaven is going to be met with resistance from their children."" Questions We Answered: How should parents manage screen time for their children? How do you know if you are ""living vicariously"" through your children? Is it wrong to do so? "
Mar 31, 2020
Is My COVID-19 Media and Content Intake Unbiblical?
"Todd, Emma, and Graham discuss the ""binge"" culture, especially in days when people are spending extended time at home. The team encourages Christians with biblical truth to go to war against sin, to stay in your bible first (and most), and to resist temptation. Questions We Answered: 1. Is ""binging"" unbiblical even if its ""good content""? 2. With pornography more available than ever before, how do I resist the temptation?"
Mar 30, 2020
Should I Go To My Boyfriend's or Girlfriend's Home During Shelter in Place?
"Todd, Cooper, and Emma are addressing your questions in the latest Real Truth. Real Quick. Live! They discuss the following topics: 1. Is it okay to go over to my boyfriend's or girlfriend's home during Shelter-In-Place? 2. If you're sexually active, but not married, can you enter the kingdom of heaven? 3. How can the church help with domestic abuse as it rises with social distancing? 4. Is it unbiblical for the wife to be the primary financial provider for the family? 5. Are women supposed to wear head coverings like in 1 Corinthians?"
Mar 29, 2020
God Is Good In All Circumstances
The team is back today answering your questions with solid, biblical truth. Watch the recorded live video as they address topics like healing, persecution in the church, communion, and pregnancy during the COVID-19 shutdown. Get your pen and journal because there are a lot of notes to jot down during this episode!
Mar 25, 2020
Why Are Charismatics Shutting down Their Healing Ministries?
Todd, Cooper, and Emma address your questions in today's RTRQ about healing centers, praying directly to the Holy Spirit, modern medicine, and songs from charismatic ministries. Every day they are answering your questions live with biblical truth. Tune in weekdays at 12pm!
Mar 24, 2020
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