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Still funny but you are turning into a bit of a blowhard...
When people push back at you, you act like a Drunk Uncle these days...ugh. Why are California progressives so extreme? That isn’t the question to ask. Why haven’t California Republicans evolved so that there can be a true two party system in California? That’s the question that you should be asking. Whenever you have one party rule, the party in charge gets more extreme. Duh! THIS Xs almost EVERY subject Israel, Democratic strategy, “wokeness.) Either start educating yourself better, Bill, or stop acting as if you know everything. You’re still incredibly funny but really you don’t know everything.
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Some Guests Not Worth It
If you’re looking for poor ratings, invite trash-mouth Rachel Bitecofer to join the panel. The woman offered nothing except to talk over other guests with stupid nonsense. Had to turn it off mid-program. I felt sorry for Bill.
An old white crusty man. This is now Bill
Used to love Bill Maher. So disappointed with his views anymore. He thinks we should not blame the Trump Voters and work with them. Sorry Bill. You are clueless. You can’t win those Neanderthals back. The are stupid. Plain and simple. This country will never unite. Also. Bill’s view on generation z and millennials. Newsflash Bill. This country is changing. Better get used to it.
Rachel bitecofer
Never ever have her on the show again — so annoying! I had to turn it off and I otherwise LOVE this show. Her voice alone and clear insecurity with the need to be heard ALL THE TIME! That laugh. Good lord!!!!
A meathead
An unworthy standard-bearer
Bill Maher’s political insights and humor has grown as stale as his capacity for petty selfishness. It is clearly evident that he couldn’t (psychologically) cope at all with the restrictions imposed upon him when the COVID pandemic swept through the United States and he is using his platform to lash out at his favorite scapegoats (the unwell and overweight) while spreading misinformation about the efficacy of the protocols most of the nation endured throughout the past year. For all his talk about “tough-love”, he has proven that he doesn’t have a stoic bone in his body. His show is no longer a platform for productive debate nor a reliable source of information, for it has become a stage for his vulgar displays of egotism, grievance and perceived victimhood. He’s as petulant a child as many of the Republican fascists he attempts to heap scorn on through his inept commentary and is not worth the time listening to for any progressive worth their salt. As of now, he should be considered a menace to public health, for new COVID variants are looming on the horizon and will inevitably descend upon us all if herd immunity cannot be achieved in time or if our collective disregard for basic safety measures continue. It is time to shun him and focus on elevating those who are truly in a position to advance positive change within our society.
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Love Bill
Thank you so much for not being a coward and standing up to the far left they are truly becoming Orwellian
Can be very irresponsible.
While the US falls behind the rest of the world in education and employee skills, Bill irresponsibly trashes getting a college degree. (Bill has a double major from Cornell.). I don’t think I can listen to this anymore. He was also irresponsible in his COVID messaging, downplaying the need to social distance while 3000 people were dying a day from Covid. Maybe he’s just getting too old and out of touch to do this anymore.
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I used to listen to Bill frequently. But he has recently been slipping in a false narrative, eg, on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and high education. Most disappointing. Please cease my subscription to his podcast immediately.
marilyn's stud
Just lost a listener with your inexcusable defense of Israel
Israel committed war crimes against Palestine. Maher’s defense of Israel makes clear he’s a racist and not progressive or liberal. Unsubscribing and will never listen to him again.
Denis the Denis the Denis
Liberal Laughs (& Learning)
As a center right small c conservative, I enjoy Mr. Maher’s capital L Liberal perspective & his irreverent sense of humor.
Love the comedy and transparency
Bill’s consistently wrong in the end but his slow evolution from, as one example, while supporting Bernie in his presidential run against Hillary acknowledging all his (Bill himself) and others support got them Obama who has been nothing more than “W on steroids.” The Deporter in Chief, expander of FISA and Patriot Act, creator of slave markets in Tripoli, etc, etc, etc that Bill went on to list factually about the Obama admin but in the end a few short weeks later supported Hillary. Talk about ‘a dog returning to his vomit”! But I’ll give Bill credit. He is consistent. He does it week after week. Great listen each week!
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Randy B Sp Mo
Comes through more often than not
I don’t agree with everything but more often than not he’s on point. And the baldy awards are sheer brilliance. Keep doing what you’re doing Bill and let’s defeat the AmeriKKKan Taliban!!
Make America Grateful Again
Party Hack
Used to be funny but now just relies on woketard staff to write ‘jokes?’ that are weeks late for the actual news cycle- hang it up bill liberalism is dead in America today because of lazy comics today- in a once free society comedy is often the truths last stand, you won’t find it here anymore. Not the “politically incorrect bill” that once made us laugh - that was the last millennia
covidiot 907
Why bother
I won’t bother after reading reviews
tony ragu
Admire the dedication to weed
As well as the no nonsense critique, the comedy, the outrage. I’m a fan forever.
Bill is boss
Bill Is my guy . He is hilariously funny and serious at the same time been watching him since politically incorrect.
Gunners Boss
Love Bill!
I don’t always agree, but I always learn something
Pragmatic Liberal
The lost art of being a pragmatic democrat that believes in liberal ideals without the nonsense of being overly focused on style over substance. Show is definitely not for everyone - particularly those who are into virtue signaling and echo chambers. One of the only shows that is willing to bring on all sides and debate issues on the merits without devolving into unhelpful name calling. Keep it up!
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Intelligent show
Always a great way to spend my time, THANK YOU BILL
Bill The Interrupter
Nobody loves the sound of their own voice more than Bill Maher. It’s probably why he’s constantly talking over his own guests.
The show has become a bit tired and the format is dated. Guests get literally three total minutes of speaking time between the dumb gags and painfully unfunny bits. Bill seems genuine and consistent with his views. He has a diverse set of opinions on the show and is open-minded and deserves credit there. Overall, his comedy is juvenile and obvious (at times cringe-worthy bad) and he tends to tread down paths where he’s unprepared to contribute to a substantive discussion. I listen when the guests are interesting. With Podcast that offer uninterrupted, meaningful and compete conversations this show really isn’t needed anymore.
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Used to look forward to this every week
Used to look forward to this dropping every week and would count down the days until episodes would return after a break. No more. Until a few years ago, I’d always enjoyed listening to Bill but his views are stuck in the past and he seems unwilling to do any work to listen, reflect, or grow. He’s turned into a cranky, old, white dude reminiscent of Grandpa yelling to get off his lawn. Even though Bill started becoming insufferable to listen to, I enjoyed listening to the wide ranging backgrounds of his guests. But the latest interview with Sharon Osborne finally tipped me over the edge and I’m wondering why do I even listen to this anymore? Thanks for the memories and I’ll see myself out.
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He’s become that guy...
I loved Bill Maher for at least two decades. Often insightful, always quick and witty, is what he used to be. There are still glimmers of that brilliance here and there that might be worth a listen to, but sadly he is not who he was. He has become ‘that guy’ who spends most of his time whining about ‘the kids today.’ He has tragically bought into the right wing talking points on so-called cancel culture with nary a critical thought. And he goes on and on about it until even his oldest, loyalist fans can’t take him anymore. I hope he can snap himself out of it.
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Nova Trek
Bill has hit a new low
Can’t listen anymore. Bill’s guests are not interesting - is he having trouble booking people? He doesn’t know the simple facts of what he’s talking about (Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah), he doesn’t listen, and his interview with Sharon Osbourne was nonsensical. He just wants to complain. I can hear that anywhere. On to smarter things.
This show used to be cutting edge and force serious thought. Now it is all empathy and no logic. This is just everyone using the cancel culture buzzwords for applause breaks. ... maybe there’s some Politically Incorrect reruns on🕵🏻‍♀️
Come on man
You have 5 days to get your facts straight then you come out and tell a bad joke based on false information. You’re better than that.
Great show, annoying audience
Bill is extremely intelligent and hilarious. His guests are mostly good with often varying opinions but I don’t care for the ones that play for audience cheers. The sheep in the audience are very annoying who often don’t seem to know what they’re clapping or whooping for other than a cue of some sort. Overall, love the show and never miss mostly because of Bill’s sharp and sarcastic wit.
Tired and old
Tired old show.
Boring Guests
Is Maher not able to book any interesting guests anymore? Does every show have to be about how much everyone agrees on all the topics? Well, at leaat he’s done with the tiresome solar prop.
What are they talking about?
There are some good ideas on here but they are scattered amongst a lot of ideas that are nonsense. For example - they say that parents are worried about teaching their children against what they are being told in school. It’s quite the opposite. Teachers get yelled at by parents, the administrations get yelled at by parents, and the schools work to pacify angry parents. Parents are offensive and aggressive towards schools to teach what they want. The people on this podcast neglect to provide examples for a lot of what they say. For example - they say that students are being taught absurd and “pointless” lessons but don’t mention anything specific. The audience claps at phrases that sound good - general, snarky and bold statements. There is a bunch of talk that doesn’t add up to anything. You can sense resentment towards progressiveness - the host complains that he had it rough being shy, so why isn’t that talked about - why is everyone focused on racism. Everyone is focused on racism because that is a systemic problem and that’s the movement we’re in. Yes it’s true that many things create challenges for people, such as shyness. But he clearly doesn’t understand why racism is a much bigger issue. He seems disgruntled and resentful, like many people of his generation who lack the flexible thinking to bring them up to speed with why racism is deserving of everyone’s attention and his personal problems are not. This podcast feels like emotional disgruntled commentary that doesn’t quite add up to anything substantial - no solid points are made. Ideas are floated in bold sounding statements and then they quickly flit to the next point before determining whether what was just said really had merit. This podcast seems like a cathartic outlet for resentful people to cheer at catchy phrases that make them feel good, without backing up the concepts they touch on. They merely mention a bunch of ideas in definitive sounding ways and jump around too quickly for anyone to accurately assess any of them.
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Polices his audience
Bill is often funny, and often he’s also right, but when he isn’t, he chides his own audience for not laughing and accuses them of political correctness. He seems to feel entitled to his court’s laughter, even as he rails against entitlement. Now that’s funny!
Sargasso C.
Scott Galloway
Was one of the best guests you’ve ever had - And I’m going back a long long time. Great work!
Bill has been becoming a crumegon. He’s pulling in right wing people to keep his view as it’s becoming more and more ancient
All Hail Bill
I’m caucusing for Bill in the new third party. All Hail, the orangutan hunter!
Really loved Galloway and Wilmore
Listen to them separately but that was a great discussion
As an American living in China bill was right
I love your show and look forward to it every week! I think something important was left out of the discussion on reparations. Most black descendants of slavery have never had the opportunity to accumulate generational wealth. It is still obvious and prevalent in most if not all predominantly black communities. I agree with most of what you say about using reparations to better those low income and poverty stricken areas of which there are many. Love the show, keep doing what you do so well! Voices like yours are so very important especially in this clusterf**k climate our nation is currently in! Thank you for telling it like it is! Warmest Regards, Shawn from Chicago
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Relief Bill High Income Inclusiveness
About the HBO 3/5/21 segment regarding high incomes allowed Relief Bill inclusion in which you, sweet funny guy Mr. Maher, seem to take umbrage. Try seeing things in this light: The $75,000-150,000 incomes are beleaguered to owe the highest taxes of all middle class income levels. No ultra rich tax loopholes provided for them. Upper middle class incomes help keep everything pertaining to our economy copacetic because middle and upper middle class wage earners are the main channel of tax dollars which help serve as the backbone of our capitalistic society. Rarely, if ever, do these high middle class income earners get a break, yet they’re the most active to invest or predominately give to charity—so why begrudge the highest taxed middle class income earners a government Relief Bill check, Mr. Maher?
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Second Variety
My Friday ritual
My almost 98 yr old grandmother passed away 5 mos ago. For years, I had dinner with her every Friday night, and I always listened to this on the way home. I’d arrive home, listen to the rest of the show at my workbench, smoke a bowl, and walk into the house chuckling usually around the time New Rules would start, my wife and kids asleep. I have HBO but for whatever reason I just like listening to this more....Thank you Bill, you always make my Friday night
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Boring Now, Whiny Little B#%ch
Huge fan for over a decade! Once my favorite show on HBO, now it is just more of the same. Over and over, Bill whines and Bit@%es about what the left wants to hear. I'm a liberal but not brainwashed. Stop complaining about your solar panels and just bribe a local official if you must, your fans stopped caring about them. Work within the system, bring us new content, say something positive once in awhile.
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I like it
A lot
So much Better than “Cats”
Outstanding insight and analysis
Jim in SC
Too much!
Over the top! I’m out!!!
Whiny little bi%#*
I used to love this show, especially for the panel conversations. The show is just an avenue for Bill to whine about the most trivial of things now. He has seriously become the whiny little bi$&”.
Great show. Funny, witty, and insightful. Bring back overtime
I look forward to your show every week. Bring back overtime.
If you don’t like Bill...
Stop listening, or watching. If he will return, I hope Bill will have Glenn Greenwald back on the show. Enjoy RealTime whether I agree or disagree with Bill, or his guests. Thanks to writers & entire staff!
Thank you, Bill, for the Baldy Award in recognition of people who work more than they talk, who seek welfare for others rather than for themselves, whose joy comes from making someone else’s life a little better.
from scottsdale
Overtime 2021
No Overtime this year? Gone through all of the trouble to get the guests though the door (Covid tests etc.) might as well talk to them a few extra minutes for one of the best features of the show...
Needs to have Presidential Metal of Freedom
I just love Mayer and this is from a white old straight man. He is 60s politics and voice in an increasingly closed- minded US population. Speak the truth Bill. But for my ears, cut back on the profanity.
Monologues yes, interviews not so much
The show’s strong point is the monologue. He is often unprepared for interviews and doesn’t have enough background knowledge of the subject matter — or let’s the interviewee run all over him. He also confuses giving voice to opposing viewpoints, with giving voice to depraved viewpoints — pedophiliacs, for instance. It is beyond opposing cancel culture which is a worthy goal. He is a bit Trumpiàn in his (often misplaced) confidence in his opinions and willingness to be mean and hurl insults. I’m all for legalizing pot, but it begins to sound pretty sophomoric when he talks about smoking constantly.
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