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Ready to build your real estate empire… but not sure where to begin?Think of us as your personal trainer.From detailed breakdowns of real-world deals… to one-on-one coaching sessions and a warm, welcoming community… hosts Ashley Kehr and Felipe Mejia bring on a wide range of guests to tackle the “newbie” questions you've wondered about but might be afraid to ask.Looking to 10X your real estate investing business this year? This show isn’t for you.Looking for your first, second, or third deal -- or envisioning a more modest portfolio? Step right up. Every Wednesday, we’ll arm you with the tips, tools, and roadmaps you'll need as you embark on your journey toward financial freedom.
School Teacher Making $72,000 a Year in Cashflow with Amy Barber
What do you get when you combine Dave Ramsey-style frugality with aggressive deal-finding tactics? You get teacher Amy Barber and her fiancé, Jay – and their $6,000 monthly cashflow in rural Iowa. In this episode, Amy shares her strategies for buying foreclosed ranch houses in cash, cleaning them up, then refinancing so she can repeat the process again and again. Think no one's doing deals during the pandemic? Well, she's bought 4 houses in the past 4 months, and plans to keep going until she's making enough to comfortably leave her W-2 job. If you're looking for guidance on how to build the financial foundation so you can invest in real estate from a position of strength, Amy's story will fire you up and get you ready to take that most important next step toward "getting rich slowly" just like her. By the way, Amy came to our attention through the Real Estate Rookie Facebook group. If you find other awesome investors who would make a great fit for the show, tag us or send them to so they can apply. In This Episode We Cover:How Amy got started as an "accidental landlord" during the Great RecessionBuying 4 properties in the last 4 months Finding deals through her fiancé's job in foreclosure preservationHow they bought a foreclosed house and created $50k in equityTaking Dave Ramsey's course to get her finances under controlDelaying gratification and making sacrifices to create enough cashflow to quit her W-2 jobWorking 2 jobs and doing real estate on the sideAnd SO much more!Links from the ShowReal Estate Rookie Facebook GroupFelipe's InstagramAshley's InstagramBiggerPockets ForumsBiggerPockets PodcastFinancial Peace University by Dave RamseyAirbnbOutdoorsyMintCozyStessaApartments.comAsanaZillowBrandon's BiggerPockets ProfileBiggerPockets Money PodcastCheck the full show notes here:
Oct 20
49 min
A Marine (and his Mentor) Buy a BRRRR: Step-by-Step with Joe Roberts and Steve Rozenberg
Today we bring you another mentor/mentee conversation, where Joe Roberts shares his experience working alongside Steve Rozenberg to buy his first long-distance investment property. Joe is a U.S. Marine helicopter pilot who regularly deploys to combat zones, so efficient systems are a must for him. Steve, a commercial airline pilot and experienced investor, loves designing standard operating procedures. Perfect fit! The two got paired up when Joe won Mynd Property Management's $20,000 mentorship contest, and today they reveal how Joe found the perfect market, neighborhood, and property for his first BRRRR. You'll love hearing how Joe and Steve developed their strategy based on Joe's goals for appreciation, equity, and cashflow; how he analyzed the numbers in several markets before settling on Atlanta; how he documented his process to he can repeat the process over and over again (even while deployed)... and why he'd rather hire property management than deal with tenants himself. This show gives you a peek into a real-world mentorship and breaks down the mistakes and lessons learned along the way. Let us know what you think of this episode in the comments at, and we'll see you next week! In This Episode We Cover:How Joe got started in real estate while serving as a Marine helicopter pilotWhy Steve chose Joe as the winner of the $20,000 Mynd mentorship contestWhy Steve and Joe chose to buy a long-distance deal in Atlanta, GAHow they crunched the numbers once they chose a marketWhy they pulled out of two deals after bad inspectionsGetting aligned with your spouse or partner regarding your real estate goalsUsing BiggerPockets' market-specific sub-forums to find an agentTime management strategies for busy people (you!)And SO much more!Links from the ShowReal Estate Rookie Facebook GroupFelipe's InstagramAshley's InstagramBiggerPockets ForumsBiggerPockets PodcastBiggerPockets ConferenceBiggerPockets Podcast 352: No Driver’s License, No Money, No Excuses: How Diego Corzo Blazed a Trail to 18 DoorsBiggerPockets AgentsCozyBiggerPockets Youtube ChannelCheck the full show notes here:
Oct 13
1 hr 1 min
Debt Free with 2 Rentals and Counting with 24-Year-Old ICU Nurse Prescott Williams
Frontline healthcare worker... Air Force Reservist... real estate investor! 24-year-old Prescott Williams is a renaissance man committed to building real wealth through real estate while serving his community and his country. Today he walks us through his first 2 deals, and the 3 deals he's currently working on in the Hattiesburg, Mississippi area. Prescott shares some great shortcuts for investors who work full-time – from creating a "rental requirement list" with your personalized criteria to publicly posting your real estate goals (you never know who will send you a lead!). A lot of our guests choose their real estate agent as their MVP, but for Prescott it's his mortgage lender. You'll learn how he finances his rehabs and new construction deals by partnering with a small local bank – a strategy you can model (if you're willing to put in a little legwork!) Give Prescott a follow on Instagram @prescott_williams -- and follow us by joining our Real Estate Rookie Facebook Group: just search "Real Estate Rookie" and answer the screening questions to join 15,000 other like-minded investors. In This Episode We Cover:Prescott's strategy for graduating college debt-freeFinding a flexible local "portfolio" lenderPersuading his parents to take out a HELOC to help him get started in real estate investingSleeping on an air mattress while renovating a houseHis "rental requirement list" criteriaHow he uses the "1% rule" (rent = 1% of purchase price) to guide his purchasing decisionsThe stress-free way to handle maintenance callsHow he's gotten deals just be posting his goals on social mediaAnd SO much more!Links from the ShowReal Estate Rookie Facebook GroupFelipe's InstagramAshley's InstagramBiggerPockets ForumsBiggerPockets PodcastBiggerPockets Podcast 348: Full-Time Job, Full-Time Mom, and Full-Time Wealth From Rentals with Ashley KehrBiggerPockets Podcast 329: Financial Freedom Before 30 Through Just 10 Deals With Felipe MejiaBiggerPockets Podcast 012 : Wholesaling and Marketing with Sharon VornholtZillow Check the full show notes here:
Oct 6
44 min
Partnering Up, Part 2: Two Real-World Case Studies with Amy Swayze and Chris Lawrence
So... how do partnerships work in real life? Today, you'll learn how – from two new(ish) real estate investors: Amy Swayze and Chris Lawrence. Amy breaks down her partnership with her adult son, who used his retirement fund to jumpstart their investing career earlier this year (right before COVID hit!). Here's the arrangement: Amy's son brings the money and crunches the numbers; she manages rehabs and gets tenants in their BRRRR rental properties. Chris is a more experienced investor, having left his sales job to start investing full-time in the Rochester, NY area. Still – when he first jumped into real estate investing, he realized he was missing a few pieces of the puzzle (including liquid $$$). So what did he do? He found a partner! Like Amy, Chris and his partner split everything 50/50. They use a HELOC to borrow money at a low interest rate... so they can make cash offers when they're looking for flips and wholesale deals. This is a real-life look behind the curtain to see how two rookie investors are running their business, and using partnerships to supercharge their wealth-building. Don't miss it... and if you enjoy it, share it with a friend or family member. Who knows, he or she might want to partner up with you someday! In This Episode We Cover:How Amy partnered 50/50 with her son, an electric line worker who likes the tax advantages of real estateHow she and her son divide dutiesUsing hard money to fund their BRRRR dealsStarting out in real estate investing right before COVID-19 hitHow Chris' partner complements his skill setHow he evaluates various exit strategiesA deep dive into one of Chris and his partner's recent fix-and-flipsAnd SO much more!Check the full show notes here:
Sep 29
53 min
How to Structure a Partnership, Part 1 with Felipe & Ashley
"I know partnerships can help me build wealth, but how do they actually work in practice?" This is one of the most common questions we get... and today Felipe and Ashley outline 6 rules for partnering on your real estate investments. From identifying the missing piece that's holding you back, to defining clear lanes and avoiding common pitfalls... this show is a must-listen for any new investor who realizes she can't do it all herself. Be sure to come back next week for Part 2 – where you'll hear the details of real-world partnership case studies, as told by a handful of investors who have made it work! In This Episode We Cover:Identifying the "missing piece" to get a deal doneKnowing your numbers and being preparedMaking your official presentation (finances, experience, deal analysis)Offering an opportunity rather than begging for helpVarious financial structures you can useHow Felipe found a partner to do the books Why Ashley partnered with a construction expert on a full gut remodelAnd SO much more!Links from the ShowReal Estate Rookie Facebook GroupBiggerPockets Podcast 352: No Driver’s License, No Money, No Excuses: How Diego Corzo Blazed a Trail to 18 DoorsBiggerPockets PodcastInvestor Girl Britt's InstagramBiggerPockets Podcast 320: Hands-On BRRRR Investing and DIY Secrets with Instagram Star Brittany ArnasonRookie Podcast 25: What Appraisers Look For and What it Means for You with Investor/Appraiser Josiah SmelserCheck the full show notes here:
Sep 22
48 min
Growing Your Portfolio with Turnkey Investing with Whitney Hutten and Lance Robinson
Expensive market? Busy with a career and other priorities? There are a lot of compelling reasons to consider turnkey investing in a more affordable area – where a local "operator" sells you a tenanted property designed to pump out cashflow from day one. All you have to do is "turn the key," hand things off to a property manager and... voilà! You're rich. You can now kick back and sip margaritas on the beach. Right? Well, it's a little more complicated... as you'll learn today from seasoned turnkey investors Whitney Hutten and Lance Robinson. Both have bought rental properties from turnkey operators in several different markets, and they tell us all about the highs and lows, reveal what they wish they would have known, and offer candid advice for anyone considering this niche. When you're done with this show, you'll know the exact questions savvy investors ask prospective turnkey providers about neighborhoods, construction warranties, property management contracts, and how operators handle evictions and major repairs. You'll also know how to handle a home inspection to ensure you know exactly what you're getting into! Look – there are a lot of turnkey operators active on the BiggerPockets forums. A lot of them are great teachers, too. But this episode is told from the investor/customer's perspective... and it's well worth a listen – or two! In This Episode We Cover:What turnkey investing isDoing due diligence to find a trusted turnkey operator Why it's always worth flying out to walk the property before purchasingHiring your own home inspector!Whitney and Lance's turnkey winners and losersManaging your property managerHandling an evictionThe role of cash reserves when buying turnkey propertiesThe "BRRRR-key" business modelAnd SO much more!Links from the ShowReal Estate Rookie Facebook GroupFelipe's InstagramAshley's InstagramBiggerPockets PodcastQuickbooksBiggerPockets CalculatorsDavid GreeneTurnkey ReviewsBiggerPocketsBiggerPockets ForumsAppfolioBuildiumZillowApartments.comFEMADeal Check StessaQuickbooksCheck the full show notes here:
Sep 15
49 min
Balancing 8 Properties with a Full-Time Career and Family with "Property Pastor" Marsay Winder
We all have the same 24 hours per day... so be like Marsay Winder and make the most of them! He calls himself the "Property Pastor," and he owns 8 properties (24 units) in the Virginia Beach, VA area. Marsay juggles his business with his family life and a full-time career in manufacturing, so landlording systems are a must – and he breaks them down for us in this episode. You'll also hear about his MVP mentor, how he avoids time-wasting distractions, and the books and resources that helped him build a formidable portfolio in just 3 years. Enjoy this one... and if you're getting value out of the content here, please do us a favor and give us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts. It takes less than 30 seconds, and it really helps us climb the rankings and spread the gospel of financial independence through real estate investing! In This Episode We Cover:Working on his properties on nights and weekends while working full-timeGoing big on his first deal: a 4-unit building bought from a wholesalerBuying from tired landlordsHow to frame a rent increase with tenantsUsing Cozy and QuickBooks to manage his rentalsHiring a property management companyHow to successfully approach a real estate mentor Involving his kids in his real estate investing businessWhat happened when his tenant joined his church, then stopped paying rentAnd SO much more!Links from the ShowReal Estate Rookie Facebook GroupFelipe's InstagramAshley's InstagramBiggerPockets PodcastRobert KiyosakiCozyDeal MachineQuickbooksBiggerPockets CalculatorsRookie Podcast 12: What Works (and Doesn’t) in a Recession & the Untold Story of J Scott’s Messy First FlipGoogle FormsGoogle VoiceCashflow Board GameCheck the full show notes here:
Sep 8
52 min
5 Doors by Using Seller Financing for the First Time with Aaron Chapman
Aaron Chapman ran into major obstacles on his first 2 real estate deals... obstacles you might face as you launch your own investing career. Wouldn't you like to know how to react when you're turned down for a loan? Today, you'll learn how! From a duplex purchase that seemed doomed when he lost his job while in escrow... to a triplex purchase that a bank wouldn't touch, this Louisville, KY investor breaks down how he reached 5 doors by age 24 – and his exact roadmap to reach financial independence by age 30! Oh, and don't miss the story of how Aaron wound up on the show (hint: his fiance is the real MVP!). Before you go, here's a challenge for you: who in your market would make a great guest for this show? Send them over to and we'll take a look at their application. In This Episode We Cover:His "work backwards" plan for achieving financial freedom ($10k/month) by age 30Aaron's process for "driving for dollars"Living for free through house hackingBuying a "1% rule" triplex using seller financingHow he achieved a 47% cash-on-cash returnHow he and his fiance adjusted when he lost his job while under contract on his first deal!Getting your spouse or partner interested in investingAnd SO much more!Links from the ShowReal Estate Rookie Facebook GroupFelipe's InstagramAshley's InstagramBiggerPockets PodcastBiggerPockets MoneyBiggerPockets BusinessBiggerPockets Podcast 329: Financial Freedom Before 30 Through Just 10 Deals With Felipe MejiaRobert KiyosakiCozyStessaDeal CheckDeal MachineZillowCheck the full show notes here:
Sep 1
44 min
Mindset Shift at 40 to Start Real Estate Investing with Derek Tellier
Derek Tellier didn’t start investing in real estate until he was over 40. Unhappy with what was going on in his life, a friend plugged him into healthy eating, exercising, and long-distance running. Once his health was back on track, he realized he didn’t like the trajectory his life was on, and made major changes. That same running friend introduced him to real estate investing. Derek got licensed, joined his friend’s real estate team, and bought his first real estate deal - a cabin that he rents out short-term in the Smoky Mountains. Derek has parlayed that into a career, helping people invest in short term rentals in the Smoky Mountains Derek’s Rookie Deal is a BRRRR property that needed a LOT of work. He financed it using private money and after his rehab he was able to pull out ALL of the money he had into the deal. It even cashflows $350 per month! Derek has had some growing pains along the way, like a true real estate investor. He shares tips for finding contractors, finding lenders, and finding deals in this episode, along with discussing numbers and the importance of having reserves. If you think you waited too late to start investing in real estate, this episode can help change your mindset and show you that it’s never too late to get started. In This Episode We Cover:How a midlife crisis made him start investing in his 40sBuying short-term rentals during COVIDHow he funds deals using private moneyHis BRRRR strategyHow his mentor helped him get 7 deals in 6 monthsHow he got the word out there by starting his own meetupAnd SO much more!Links from the ShowReal Estate Rookie Facebook GroupFelipe's InstagramAshley's InstagramBiggerPockets PodcastRookie Podcast 23: From Dave Ramsey Disciple to No-Money-Down Real Estate Investor with Sarah BrandenbergerRookie Podcast 19: Going Full-Time as a Rookie Right Out of College With Arvi Carkanji and Dave ArlaudRookie Podcast 09: Finding Off-Market Deals, Step by Step with Ryan Dossey (Mentor) and Drew Wiard (Mentee)—Part 1Rookie Podcast 13: How Drew Pulled 6 Deals From His First Direct Mail Campaign With Ryan Dossey (Mentor) and Drew Wiard (Mentee)—Part 2BiggerPockets Podcast 364: Snowballing 6-Figure Short-Term Rental Profits Into Passive Investments with Avery CarlThe Short Term ShopAirbnbUberVrboBiggerPockets Podcast 352: No Driver’s License, No Money, No Excuses: How Diego Corzo Blazed a Trail to 18 DoorsThe Daily Stoic PodcastRyan HolidayCheck the full show notes here:
Aug 25
1 hr 3 min
What Appraisers Look For and What it Means for You with Investor/Appraiser Josiah Smelser
Here, by popular demand: the Appraisal Episode! Josiah Smelser – podcaster, two-time BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast guest, and Certified General Appraiser – is here to answer your many questions, and he delivers the goods. We played some questions from the Rookie Request Line and touched on subjects like which data and documents you can provide an appraiser, how to challenge an appraisal, and how to keep your emotions in check when estimating After Repair Value. Whether you're a rookie who plans to flip, BRRRR, or invest in rental properties, understanding how properties are appraised – and the mindset of an appraiser – is key to coming out on top. So enjoy this episode, and tell Josiah what you think in the show notes at In This Episode We Cover:Getting inside the mind of an appraiserWhat information you can and should provide an appraiserThe top 3 variables that determine valueApproaching the appraisal process with "data and humility"How appraisals vary by marketThe Sales Comparison Approach vs. the Income ApproachKitchens, bathrooms, and added square footageHow doing unpermitted work can come back to bite youWhy you should never outright ask an appraiser to come back with a specific numberThe right way to challenge a low appraisalAnd SO much more!Links from the ShowReal Estate Rookie Facebook GroupFelipe's InstagramAshley's InstagramBiggerPockets PodcastBiggerPockets Podcast 382: No Money Down BRRRR Investing with Josiah Smelser (Part 1, Recorded Pre-Coronavirus)BiggerPockets Podcast 382.5: Surviving When the BRRRR Hits the Fan with Josiah Smelser (Part 2, Post-Coronavirus)CBRERookie Podcast 11: Using Home Inspections to Spot “Deal Killers” and Negotiate Better Prices with Rose BuckleyUSPAPBiggerPockets GlossaryGrant CardoneRookie Podcast 23: From Dave Ramsey Disciple to No-Money-Down Real Estate Investor with Sarah BrandenbergerCraigslistZillowTruliaInstagramCheck the full show notes here:
Aug 18
1 hr 7 min
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