Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast
Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast
Joe McCall
On the Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast, Joe McCall will share with you the real world secrets on how to make a full-time income through investing in real estate – with a special emphasis on fast cash strategies like Wholesaling and Lease Options. You will learn how to escape the 9-5 through hearing the stories of other successful investors, and discovering strategies that Joe has implemented in their businesses to obtain the freedom many only dream of.
991 » How Cornelius Got 4 Contracts in 7 Weeks Without Talking to a Seller or Buyer
Your first real estate check, no matter how big or small it is, is going to be the sweetest check you’ll ever cash. When Gavin closed his first deal and got a $1500 check, it wasn’t the amount that he loved. It was the confirmation that wholesaling could absolutely work for him.After Cornelius realized that he was completely priced out of his local market, he tried to branch out. But he just wasn’t getting the return on his marketing dollars to justify the money he was pouring into his business. Plus, he was trying to work around the edges of his already full life and he just couldn’t stay up on his leads consistently.Gavin and I get it. It’s hard to build a real estate business when you have a family and a full-time job. That’s why we love the virtual wholesaling business.Hear how Cornelius networked within our Facebook group to plug in the right players into his new and improved business system. In just under two months, he had a breakthrough that landed him 2 signed contracts and 2 in escrow. But the biggest win is how much his mindset has improved from “Maybe I can do this” to “Yes! This absolutely works!”.If you’re ready to build out a system that can be done even while you work full-time, or you just need a mentor to get you pointed in the right direction, let’s connect at REI Network and see if we’d be a good fit for you.What's Inside:—Networking within my Facebook group helped Cornelius build up his boots-on-the-ground operation.—Is it your VA or your marketing that’s serving up poor leads to follow up on?—The one thing that might be better than following up: Consistency.
Mar 3
23 min
990 » The Money Is In The Follow Up - Simple Campaigns To Run - Live Marketing Class - Part 2
The only thing that ages well in real estate? It’s those perfectly ripe old leads. They sit and mellow out in your CRM, and now they’re ready for you to come back and check on them. I’m going to show you some simple campaigns to run to follow up on your old leads using some of my favorite software tools.I’m going to walk you through a few workflow automations you can make inside of REI Simple that will make it so much easier to make sure that none of your leads go rotten because you lost track of them. I want to give a little preview of everything we’ll be covering in our Live Marketing Class. We’re going to expand our marketing in the class to look for:—Vacant properties—Properties with liens—FSBOs—Facebook MarketplaceAll the sweetest kinds of leads with sellers who might be overextended or ready to get rid of a property that’s only giving them a headache.And of course, we’re going to be following up on old leads in live phone calls. Listen to real and unscripted conversations that can help you see just how easy it is.If you don’t have old leads of your own, don’t sweat it. Ask another wholesaler for their old leads, and split the profit. In the meantime, check out the recordings of our Live Marketing class. For $97, you get lifetime access to 7 hours of marketing tips, tricks, and strategies that Gavin and I personally use in our wholesaling business.Get the recordings of the Marketing Class at LiveMarketingClass.comWhat's Inside:—My super simple voice message for all of my recorded numbers (that you can totally steal).—How I scrape information from Zillow into my CRM that makes it easy to call up absentee property owners.—A strategy for getting into real estate even if you don’t have a single dime for marketing.—How Freedom Soft and REI Simple have improved text messaging in just the last few weeks.
Mar 1
25 min
How To Make Multiple Offers Quickly
Your speed to income is directly proportional to the number of offers that you make. (Read that again...) If you would like to learn how to work closely with us, to get our help setting these systems up, go here:​ or here:
Feb 27
57 min
989 » Finding The Best Buyers - Live Marketing Class - Part 1
I want to take the guesswork out of finding the hottest zip codes in your market. In my Live Marketing Class, I’m going to go in-depth on how I do my research, and I’m going to show you how I find Realtors, buyers, and sellers so you can build out your local network.I’m giving you a peek today into how I find active real estate investors, but sign up for my Live Marketing class where I’m going to:—Call buyers live to find out what they want.—Set up marketing campaigns inside REI Simple.—Follow up on dead leads and see if I can warm them up.This masterclass has over 7 hours of real estate marketing training. For $97, you’ll have lifetime access to watch Gavin Timms and me lay out a marketing strategy that any real estate investor can take and apply to their own market.Get the recordings of the Marketing Class at LiveMarketingClass.comWhat's Inside:—How I use ListSource to scope out markets and find the hot zip codes.—My super secret backdoor way to get into the MLS and find the agent of a property.—Don’t waste your marketing dollars in what I call a “spray and pray” method that ignores all of the real estate data that are at your fingertips.
Feb 26
24 min
New 4 Week, 5 Sellers Accountability Coaching Program
Quick entry for today: we’re doing another 5 Sellers A Day accountability program. We’ve done this a few times before, and we’ve had a great turnout. A lot of you guys already know what you need to do. You already know how to make offers, how to submit contracts and you’ve already bought all the courses you can buy to help your real estate business. You don’t need another course. You already know how to do deals. What you need is someone who will hold you accountable.Gavin and I always drive to this point: this business comes down to marketing, talking to sellers and making offers. And some of the most successful students we’ve ever had are the ones who decided to stop being professional students - those who decided enough learning; it’s time to start DOING.Your speed to income is directly proportional to the number of offers you make. If you’re still struggling to make money, it inevitably means that you are not making enough offers. So, starting next week, we’re opening a new 4-week program where we hold you accountable to talk to 5 sellers and make 3 offers a day. And if you complete the challenge of making 60 successful offers during the 30-day program, we give you your money back – guaranteed. During this program, we’ll be doing regular coaching calls, analyze your scorecards and give you access to a Facebook group where you can ask questions.Most of our best students come from this program and we only do this program once or twice a year so don’t miss out. The program starts next week, March 1st. Start DOING, join the challenge and grow your business.Go to
Feb 24
22 min
988 » How Sandra Did 14 Deals in a Competitive Market While Living in a Mansion for FREE
Not only has Sandra been able to succeed in the highly competitive Atlanta market, but she’s started to branch out into virtual wholesaling. Her drive to make real estate work for her is so inspiring, but she realized that she’d gotten to a point where her hustle couldn’t overcome the deficiencies in her business.If you have a hundred leads, and you only get around to calling 50 of them, then how many leads do you really have? Without a system in place to call and follow up on every lead, Sandra was wasting both her time and her marketing dollars. After 18 years in real estate investing, she knew she needed a better system.We can’t take credit for Sandra’s success. She is a seriously hard worker, but she needed a little guidance. She was still personally scraping lists together when she should’ve been outsourcing this work. But she didn’t know the first thing about training a virtual assistant. That’s where Gavin was able to start building out her team.Sandra’s been doing creative financing deals for years, so it’s natural that she applied that same strategy to her own home. House hacking and hosting events are just a few of the ways that she’s able to live rent-free in her mansion.Sandra’s actively looking for deals to buy. If you’d like to JV with her, shoot her an email at's Inside:—How improving the quality of her leads meant less time chasing dead ends for Sandra.—Coaching pushed Sandra to strengthen her team and delegate out her workload.—Sandra’s 32,000 square feet mansion in Atlanta pays for the mortgage with these creative housing hacks.
Feb 24
21 min
987 » Flip The Bird At All Your Excuses
For three years, I was a course junkie. I bought every real estate course that I could find, and just immersed myself in education mode. But I never took action. What I was really doing wasn’t “learning”; I was trying to avoid taking action toward my goals.Who have you made a commitment to? You’ve been working nights and weekends trying to get your real estate business off the ground, but you’ve also come up with hundreds of excuses about why you’re not succeeding. You feel the temptation to quit despite all of the time and money you’ve invested in yourself and in your business.You can’t quit! Stop feeling sorry for yourself. If you’re looking for an excuse, I promise you that they’re easy to find. Excuses stand like obstacles in your path to success, and you have three options. You can go over your obstacles, go around your obstacles, or bust through your obstacles. So let’s take a minute to bust through your excuses, and send you out ready to tackle your real estate business again.What's Inside:—Perseverance, consistency, and showing up are going to go a long way in this business. —Why my final attempt to do real estate exactly the way my mentor told me to was more successful than every half-hearted previous attempt.—You wouldn’t let your kids quit, so why do you have a different set of standards for yourself?
Feb 22
13 min
986 » Doing Deals Virtually from India While Still Managing a Non-Profit Full Time with Gavin Timms and Josh Howard
In the summer of 2020, Josh Howard saw that his work with Central India Christian Mission could be enhanced if he was earning more money on the side. However, he didn’t want to add a full-time W-2 job to his already full-time non-profit work. He was also living and working in India already, so any work he picked up would have to work around an international schedule.By August, Josh had started marketing for his virtual real estate investing business in the Indianapolis market. His initial success felt amazing, but his business system was so unorganized that he felt like he was burning the candle at both ends. That’s when he reached out to Gavin Timms for help to structure his business in a way that supported his work/life balance.Josh’s “why” for real estate is a big one. Blessings others with his ministry work make his real estate investing that much sweeter. If you’re interested in JVing on a deal in the Indy market, or if you’d like to connect with Josh to work with Central India Christan Mission, you can email him at Getting started on virtual wholesaling might seem completely overwhelming, but take it from Josh. Just “keep taking action and take the next step.”We’d love to help you build your virtual wholesaling business, even if you only need a system put together. Reach out to Gavin or me to see if we’d be a good fit as coaches for you.What's Inside:—Working around international timelines has required a little creativity on Josh’s part so that he can manage his day job on India’s time and REI on CST.—From a distance, virtual wholesaling fits Josh’s needs exactly.—How Josh chose the Indianapolis market, and how he and his U.S.-based partner work together.
Feb 19
24 min
985 » Flip Land for True Passive Cashflow
As an active-duty military member, Brent Bowers needed a side business that could be run even if he was deployed. After trying to build a rental empire in high-priced Colorado, Brent realized that land flipping would better meet his needs. Today he flips land all over the country with his teams, and he coaches other real estate investors as they invest in passive vacant land income.The first time Brent went looking for sellers, he accidentally mailed out to the county held tax lien list. That’s the list that no one wants, but his response rate was crazy good. And he loved that the whole process of flipping land has less to worry about and negotiate. It’s nothing like flipping houses where every house has a secret, and boy are you going to be broke when you find out that secret.Generous with his knowledge, Brent answers in-depth land flipping questions including:—How do you determine where you’re going to market?—How do you find a list of vacant land?—How do you determine the value of the property?—What’s the best direct mail marketing system?—How can you find buyers for your properties?—How do you build up capital for your investments?—Is it better to sell for cash or with owner financing?Land flippers are like the pawnshops of the real estate world. A seller needs quick cash for a property that they bought for “some day”, so they turn to a flipper to move their property. That’s why they’re happy to sell their land for 25 cents on the dollar. For investors, land investing is going to give you so much less trouble since you’re not dealing with those 3 Ts: termites, toilets, or tenants.Brent is so amazingly generous with his knowledge that I hope you’ll get as excited about land flipping as I am. It’s a great way to build a passive income without the headaches of home ownership.What's Inside:—A15 item due diligence list for vacant land.—The three different direct mail companies he uses, and the new company he wants to try.—Brent makes blind offers through what he calls LOLs, or Land Offer Letters.—Brent’s direct mail response rate pre-COVID and post-COVID.
Feb 17
1 hr 3 min
984 » Live Marketing Class - Watch Us Go Live in a New Market and Make Real Offers
Doing hundreds of deals a month sounds awesome on paper, but how much money are you really netting? When one deal costs you three thousand bucks, your entire profit can be eaten up by your marketing costs.We want you to get brilliant at the basics, and the basics in real estate boil down to marketing. That’s why Gavin and I are teaming up to teach you how to get your marketing done for you in spite of you. In our Live Marketing Class, Gavin and I are going to:—Teach you how to open up a new market.—Talk to Realtors, brokers, and sellers LIVE so you can see real conversations.—Follow up on old leads—Show you how to train your real estate VAs to take over the marketing.In marketing, what worked last year may not work today. In today’s post-COVID world, Gavin and I are going to show you the marketing that’s currently bringing us, buyers and sellers.For $97, you can watch over our shoulders as we deep-dive into our marketing strategies. Register online for this all-day Live Marketing Class on February 20th. We’ll see you there!Sign up for our LIVE MARKETING CLASS.What's Inside:—When you are the core of your business, you’re going to struggle to scale up your business.—Check out our new Live Marketing Class where we are going to be real and raw about what hands-on marketing looks like.—How you can train your VAs on marketing so that you can focus on talking to sellers and making offers.
Feb 15
34 min
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