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Read With You Presents
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This podcast is for parents and educators who are passionate about helping young children learn!
The Best Way to Teach Kids a Second Language with Michael Young
Michael Young is able to use his German daily in his second grade classroom—in Utah. In fact, that's the only language he can use. In this great episode about dual language immersion, Michael talks about what is needed to run a language program and successfully teach kids a second language. For show notes, visit: Get more from Michael here: Facebook: Twitter: Amazon Author Page:   Chapter and Verse:  iTunes   Spotify:   iHeart Radio:…/269-chapter-and-verse-55298331/   Launchpad:   YouTube:   Pandora:
May 14, 2020
21 min
How to Run a Successful Homeschool with Laura Hernandez
Laura Hernandez is a mother to ten kids and homeschools seven of them. She has tips and tricks on how to make homeschooling work for your family. For show notes, visit: To learn more about Laura, visit:
May 7, 2020
18 min
How to Teach Kids to Love Reading with Lexie Austin
Lexie Austin has always loved books and reading. She knows what it takes to help kids to learn to love reading and to engage more with books. For show notes, visit:
Apr 30, 2020
17 min
How to Help Kids Launch into a Successful Adulthood with Scott Holman
If we want our kids to launch successfully as they leave high school and home, we need to equip them with tools and skills that will get them there. In this episode, Scott Holman walks us through what it takes to help our kids transition from childhood to adulthood. For show notes, visit: For more from Scott, check out
Apr 23, 2020
23 min
How To Use STEM To Teach Problem Solving with Claire Meschkat
Claire Meschkat is the cofounder of Vivify STEM. In this episode, she teaches what STEM is, gives practical tips on how to implement it in the classroom and at home, and shows the benefits of learning STEM.  For show notes, visit:
Apr 16, 2020
20 min
How to Advocate for Change in Your Schools with Sofia Colon
When Sofia Colon saw that there were challenges in her Stockton, California school district she decided to get involved. She worked with a group and learned a lot about advocating for kids in schools and how to speak the language that school officials would listen too. Her experience can help you to make changes in your local schools too. For show notes, visit:
Apr 9, 2020
21 min
How to Use Arts Integration in the Classroom with Hannah Keefer
Arts integration is pairing art with other subjects. While many teachers dabble in it, more intentional use of arts integration will allow more students to engage and learn the material in a deeper way, while learning art at the same time.  Arts integration is a way to get more art into schools while teaching core curriculum at the same time. For show notes, visit:
Apr 2, 2020
22 min
Secrets From the Past that will Enhance Education with Issac Calvert
Issac Calvert teaches History of Education and in this great episode, he goes deep, teaching us about different cultures and what we can learn from them and use in our modern classrooms. For show notes, visit: Issac can be found on Facebook at
Mar 26, 2020
20 min
How to Help Kids Who Look Different with Corey Taylor
Corey Taylor was born with a severe facial deformity. His parents and the schools he attended helped him to feel included and headed off bullying with some simple strategies. Corey shares what it was like growing up looking different than everyone else. For show notes, visit: For more from Corey, visit:
Mar 18, 2020
20 min
How to Use Holistic Education in the Classroom with Evan McDermod
Holistic education means treating the student as a whole person and recognizing that they have a life outside the classroom. When teachers can incorporate and be empathetic to students lives before and after school, they will connect with students on a deeper level and be able to teach them even more. For show notes, visit: Connect with Evan on Instagram: On Twitter:
Mar 12, 2020
19 min
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