Rating roblox games
Rating roblox games
All things roblox
This is a podcast where I rate roblox games and give you suggestions if you ever need games to play,
Overlook bay
Amelia and I are rating a new game to roblox called overlook bay by the youtuber themeganplays make sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel!
Aug 1
1 min
Daycare story and a username reveal!
Amelia and I are back and we are rating a game called daycare story. Also if you want me to accept your friend request send me one my user is cloudicow and send me an email saying you sent me one!
Jul 26
38 min
Collab with the 4 kids by kids podcast
We made a collab! You should go check it out on the 4 kids by kids podcast on anchor.
Jul 19
1 min
Cancel the giveaway 😭
I sadly have to cancel the giveaway but I will be doing another one once I fill my inventory up again
Jul 19
1 min
New giveaway
The other giveaway is now gonna be for Amelia’s podcast so this is a new giveaway. You can enter if you want but I’m not forcing you all to.
Jul 13
1 min
Today we rating this game and it was an awful game. Amelia and I did not like it at all
Jul 2
22 min
Bonus episode!
Amelia is read a story for our bonus episode. Make sure to go check out Amelia’s podcast called booktastic
Jun 29
4 min
Bakon and sponge
These two games where both suggestions from two sweet people who sent me an email. Also please subscribe to aquaviis on youtube.
Jun 25
7 min
Hide and seek extreme and tower of hello without the o
I’m back with my friend Amelia! We are each rating a game. I’m rating tower of hello without the o and she is rating hide and seek extreme.
Jun 18
4 min
New email!
I made a new email! If you want you can send me suggestions of roblox games that you want me to rate. Or you could just send an email saying hi.
Jun 14
57 sec
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