Rasslin' with Brandon F. Walker
Rasslin' with Brandon F. Walker
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Professional wrestling is the greatest spectacle in the world and now, Barstool Sports is back in the ring with a podcast featuring a crazed wrestling fan. For his entire life, host Brandon Walker has been two things: An idiot and a wrestling fanatic. From the Attitude Era to the heyday of Hulkmania all the way through the Undisputed Era, he's sharing his love for wrestling. This is entertainment. This is Barstool. This is Rasslin'.
Episode 42 -  MJF Talks Roman Reigns and his Contract with AEW
MJF, the fastest rising star in wrestling joins the show to talk about how much money he makes, why he's the best, and Roman Reigns. On top of that, he roasts everyone at the office, especially Brandon and his home state of Mississippi.
Oct 20
53 min
Episode 41 - Tony Khan Interview about Calling Out the WWE
We got a surprise interview with the President of All Elite Wrestling, Tony Khan. We waste no time as we get into the recent Twitter post where Tony calls out the WWE for booking a 30min timeslot during AEW Rampage. Tony likes the competition and expands upon that thought. Since we haven't seen him in a while, we recap the debuts of CM Punk, Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, and Ruby Soho. See who Brandon thinks is going to be the biggest star in 5 years and see if Tony agrees. Also, there are a few things coming from AEW in the next few months, see what Tony has to say about that.
Oct 13
27 min
Episode 40 - YES YES YES and The Best in The World
We got Bryan Danielson before his big match against Kenny Omega at Arthur Ashe Stadium for AEW Dynamite Grandslam. We talk to him about his debut, his match and how he left WWE. On top of that, we talk about his future with AEW. After that, we got CM Punk in studio(35:29) and he broke down who he thinks is the best in the world, wrestling for AEW and being in NY for AEW Dynamite Grand Slam. He talks about his giant "pop," all the talent he's looking forward to working with and debuting closely to Bryan Danielson.
Sep 20
1 hr 7 min
Episode 39 - See You in January?
Brandon starts off the show talking about AEW and how they have so much talent on the roster now with all the recent signings. He then goes on to talk about what that means for the WWE. Hear where Adam Cole's signing ranks among the rest of the recent signings for Brandon and why the WWE messed that up. We then get into voicemails and at the end, Brandon addresses where the show goes from here.
Sep 9
38 min
Episode 38 - Who Won the Weekend?
Brandon is back from SummerSlam and he had a blast while there. He goes over the good and the bad from the show. His reactions to Becky Lunch and Brock Lesnar returning plus, his overall weekend there. Of course, though, he can't stay away from the CM Punk pop that occurred and shook the wrestling world to its core. Now, what though? That's the question Brandon is asking for the WWE and AEW. Brandon explains why these next few weeks/months will be extremely critical for the competition between these two companies and capitalizing on the talent that has come back. After that, we go straight to voicemails because they were loaded and wanted to talk about everything that happened this past weekend. Please support our sponsors: Decked: Get your Decked Drawer System at Decked.com/RASSLIN and get free shipping. Nomad: Check out Nomad at NOMADGOODS.com/RASSLIN to see what living the Nomad life is all about.
Aug 24
1 hr 2 min
Episode 37 - Comin' in Hot for SummerSlam
Brandon comes in hot because he can not wait for SummerSlam. He starts off talking about how AEW and WWE are in a fight this weekend and someone is going to walk away as a winner. Regardless of what they say regarding not being in a war, something is brewing. Brandon then goes over the card for SummerSlam and lists his favorite matches and previews them along with NXT Takeover. After that, he lists his Top 5 Dream Guests he wants to interview on Rasslin. Some may actually come true...Finally, we end with the voicemails and they are just getting out of hand. We might need to set up a ring for our callers. ADDED BONUS: Brandon's Interview with Xavier Woods, Omos and Liv Morgan(1:17:06). Support our sponsors: Try HEADSPACE.com/WALKER for a FREE ONE-MONTH TRIAL with access to Headspace’s full library of meditations for every situation. Go to HelloFresh.com/rasslin14 and use code rasslin14 for up to 14 free meals, including free shipping. Go to https://nordvpn.com/rasslin or use code rasslin to get a 2-year plan plus a bonus gift with a huge discount!
Aug 18
1 hr 58 min
BONUS EPISODE: Xavier Woods, Omos, and Liv Morgan handicap match vs Brandon Walker
SummerSlam is heating up and so are our interviews. We had Xavier Woods, Omos and Liv Morgan stop by Barstool HQ and sit down with Brandon Walker. It's basically a handicap match for Brandon Walker but he's able to deliver one of the most entertaining interviews ever with these three. So much was talked about. SummerSlam, fans being back and Omos buying a Zume instead of an iPod. Make sure you are following us on social too: https://twitter.com/rasslin https://www.instagram.com/rasslin/
Aug 12
42 min
Episode 36 - The Legit Boss - Sasha Banks
The Legit Boss, Sasha Banks(20:02) is on the show today with Brandon and he learned a thing or three from her on being a boss. The two talk about her match with Bianca Belair at Wrestlemania and what to expect from this coming SummerSlam. On top of that, Sasha talks about missing the fans and how she thinks this year's SummerSlam will be bigger than Wrestlemania, given the circumstances. But first, we start off with Brandon's opinions on the releases from the WWE and what it means. Basically, Vince knows best. FINALLY, we get into voicemails and the listeners are trying to take over the show. A full-on takeover of the show but it's hilarious.
Aug 10
1 hr 20 min
Episode 35 - Bray Wyatt Released...But is there more to it than we know?
We start the show off by talking about how angry wrestling fans are and basically staying off Twitter with the recent news of Bray Wyatt being released. Speaking of his release, Brandon's senses are tingling about Bray and he believes there is more to it than we know. On top of that, we briefly talk about SummerSlam and how that may pan out. With Summerslam on our minds, Brandon does his Top 10 SummerSlam matches for "We Just Made the List" and some of them might surprise you. Finally, we listen to your voicemails and have some fun with them.
Aug 3
1 hr
Episode 34 - A Wild Week in Wrestling
What a wild week in wrestling. So much happened that Brandon brought in Robbie Fox again to discuss everything that went down. Rumors are swirling about Daniel Bryan and CM Punk signing to AEW, John Cena and Roman Reigns are building up their rivalry, and Matt Cardona beat Nick Gage in a death match for the GCW Championship title. Fans are marking out and it's a great time to be a wrestling fan. With Summerslam around the corner, Brandon's "We Just Made the List" is the Top 5 Summerslams of all-time, sound off if you disagree. Finally, we end with listener voicemails and family is what it's all about.
Jul 27
1 hr 3 min
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