R.A.M. Commentary
R.A.M. Commentary
Rico Amore Monroe
Hey wasssup it’s the undisputed Kween Rico Amore Monroe & I’m here now making my own lane and riding my own wave into the entertainment industry with a brand new commentary based podcast. I will dive into both celebrity and local news. You can listen ,laugh or learn with me on the way to work, with your friends, or at home with a drink ! Monroe got you covered. Tune in
This episode is an open letter to everyone who is listening. I really want to thank everyone who turned in on the first season of R.A.M. COMMENTARY. This has been a dream come true to be able to create something where I can express myself, use my voice to entertain and share my thoughts on different topics and to be unapologetically ME. This is NOT the end, I’m just getting started so please IF you haven’t already done so, check out my other episodes. I really love y’all so listening . See y’all soon for Season 2
Jul 27
22 min
Shake Up In Hollywood
Last week was completely hectic in Hollywood from the situation with Nick Cannon to the recovery of Naya Rivera’s body , Tamar Braxton‘s attempted suicide and this Megan Thee Stallion \ Tory Lanez incident. It was a lot so tune in on this week’s R.A.M. Commentary to hear what I have to say about this and more
Jul 20
34 min
This episode is about the recent and senseless murders that have been plaguing Broward County communities for the last couple of weeks. Adam Housely (Tamara’s husband) is UNDER FIRE for his resurfaced tweets about Trayvon Martin. Tune in to see what I have to say about this!!!
Jul 13
46 min
Lord y’all forgive me for the almost 2 week delay with this episode but it was a lot of nothing that was going on. This week I’m having yet another conversation about COVID-19 and more transgender women who have been killed with no noise being made. At this point I am over 2020 & Miss Rona.
Jul 9
41 min
This episode this week was delayed but it’s about the recent protest that I took part in. I also had a slight run in with a Konnor (Male Karen) . I then discussed different stories that happened in Entertainment media.
Jun 23
37 min
Last week was ehhh for me personally I had checked out after my car was broken into. We also have two more transgender women that were killed within a day. B Simone allegedly plagiarized her book and receipts were shown and now we have yet another black man who were killed by police in Atlanta. Take a listen to what I had to say
Jun 15
52 min
This episode is about the current state this world is in when it comes down to the #blacklivesmatter movements. I’m here to tell y’all ALL Black Lives Matter. Also despite all this negativity going on, love is still in the air. Tune in 💋
Jun 9
46 min
2020 WTF SIS?.
2020 ain’t even half way over yet and i’m already ready for 2021... this year we have seen and been through so much from the passing of Kobe Bryant to COVID-19 and now these police brutality riots.. how much more can we take????
Jun 1
38 min
Women In Music
This episode is a 4 person POV conversation about a FEW different women in today’s music from Brandy to Monica , Lil Kim Nicki Minaj , Remy Ma and Doja Cat who ALL were in the headlines last week. Me and my co-hosts also rode into a conversation about FRIENDSHIPS.
May 25
59 min
Hello everyone this is Rico here introducing you all to my new project . My commentary podcast. This episode is both an introduction and preview of how I will run this podcast. Hope you all enjoy. Let me know what you think and follow me on all my platforms. The links are in the bio . I love you already for listening 💋
May 16
40 min