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Episode 12: Mya Byrne
Get to know Mya Byrne now, because she is going to become a household name. Her newest album, Rhinestone Tomboy, is out now on Kill Rock Stars Records. KRS is the legendary riot grrl record label, and Rhinestone Tomboy is the first record off its brand new Nashville imprint.   As I wrote in my profile in the Nashville Scene, that's not the only first for this project: the video for "It Don't Fade" features a kiss shared between Mya and her partner, songwriter Swan Real. When the video was broadcast on CMT, it made them the first known transfemme kiss on broadcast TV. When the pair repeated their performance at the Love Rising Concert in Nashville's Bridgestone Arena, they became what is almost certainly the first openly transfemme couple to do so.   Learn more about Brooklyn Transcore here.   Learn more about Nashville Transcore here.   Support Rainbow Rodeo when you subscribe for as little as $4 a year.   You can also advertise on the podcast for a mere $15.
Apr 27
1 hr 2 min
Bonus Episode: Batting Around w/ Rachel Cholst and Bryan Ruby
Hey, cowpokes! This week I joined queer baseball podcast Batting Around to speak with Bryan Ruby. Bryan is the first professional baseball player to come out while actively playing. Now that he's getting ready to hang up his cleats, he's picking up his guitar and kick-starting his country music career! This episode goes more into his time in baseball and being queer in the sport, though of course we talk music, too. Bryan's career is fascinating, and a great look at the sport for the vast majority of its fans and players -- those who operate outside of the MLB and the US in general. Also, I made a playlist of the music Bryan and I reference here. Learn more about Bryan here. Learn more about Batting Around here and subscribe on your favorite app! And, of course, you can support Rainbow Rodeo here.
Apr 13
1 hr 17 min
Episode 10: Zoe Boekbinder
Howdy, cowpokes! This month I speak with Zoe Boekbinder about their recent songs, "Cut My Heart In Two," and "I Am Yesterday." Both of these songs were produced by Gracie and Rachel, whom I interviewed on my previous podcast, Adobe and Teardrops.   Zoe Boekbinder is a veteran, singer songwriter, born in Canada and raised in a string of Buddhist communities on the West coast they have a unique outlook on life. Their latest album Shadow was self-produced and released in November of 2018, but as we'll hear, Zoe has more music on the way.   From May, 2010 to December, 2014, Zoe volunteered as a performer and teacher at New Folsom Prison. This music culminated in the album long time gone by the Prison Music Project. In our interview, we talk about the backstory behind the song "I Am Yesterday," confrontation within community, its relation to incarceration, and what really defines queer country music.   Zoe's pup makes a special appearance as well, but first, I want to thank the following new Patreon subscribers. Welcome, Michelle, Elliot, Lori Beth, and Claude! You too can support Rainbow Rodeo when you subscribe for as little as $4 a year.   You can also advertise on the podcast for a mere $15.   SONG LIST   "Cut My Heart in Two" -- Zoe Boekbinder (2:18) "I Am Yesterday" -- Zoe Boekbinder (9:23) "Long Time Gone" -- Prison Music Project (ft. Princess Shaw and Zoe Boekbinder) (19:55) "Haunted" -- Zoe Boekbinder (31:42)
Mar 30
36 min
Episode 9: February Check-In w/ Sunny War, John-Allison Weiss, Terry Blade, Jaimee Harris, Izzy Heltai, Tina and Her Pony, Tami Hart
Howdy, cowpokes! Thanks to an audio snafu, this month's interview did not go as planned but that means I get to LARP as an NPR DJ! This month's episode reviews the fantastic queer country releases from February, as well as a preview of what's to come this spring. Sunny War, Anarchist Gospel, “Swear to Gawd” John-Allison Weiss, The Long Way, “Different Now” Terry Blade, Ethos: Son of a Sharecropper, “Won’t Be Around” Jaimee Harris, Boomerang Town, “Good Morning, My Love” Izzy Heltai, “Running Out” (Single) Tina and Her Pony “Beautiful Mess” (Marigolds) Tami Hart, “Thanks For Saying Hi” (Thanks For Saying Hi)  You can subscribe to the weekly newsletter here!   Advertise on Rainbow Rodeo for a mere $10! Details here.   Hate ads? Support Rainbow Rodeo on Patreon for as little as $2 a year!
Feb 23
30 min
Episode 9: Mariel Buckley
I interviewed Canadian alt-country singer Mariel Buckley back in August. And you can tell this was a few months ago because we talked a little baseball -- little did we know how badly the Blue Jays would implode.   Buckley's album Everywhere I Used To Be is a distinct departure from Buckley's acclaimed Driving in the Dark. The sound is more spare, more melancholy. We dig into that as well as Mariel's experiences with extended vocal rest, gender identity, and growing up queer in a small town. Since we mention it, you can read my review of the album in No Depression here.   Support queer media and subscribe to our Patreon!   Keep up with Rainbow Rodeo with our free weekly newsletter!
Jan 19
36 min
Episode 8: Adeem the Artist
Hey, there, cowpokes. It's episode 8 of Rainbow Rodeo and I'm speaking with Adeem the Artist.   We spoke two days after the release of their breakout album White Trash Revelry. This episode is a little odd because we were both in kind of weird headspaces and spent a looong time talking about the music industry and how Adeem feels about hitting their stride. Adeem really lays out, step-by-step, how they got to where they are now. I left most of that in the cut for the Patreon version -- which you can listen to for a mere $4 a year!   To learn more about Adeem's story, you can find our June 2021 interview on my previous podcast, Adobe & Teardrops.   As a reminder, you can keep up with your favorite queer country artists by subscribing to the weekly Rainbow Rodeo newsletter!   SONG LIST   "For Judas" -- Adeem the Artist (1:38) "Books and Records" -- Adeem the Artist (21:25) "Heritage of Arrogance" -- Adeem the Artist (43:07) "Take Me to the Water Prayer" -- Jake Blount (49:49) "Going to Hell" -- Adeem the Artist (53:25)  
Dec 20, 2022
57 min
Episode 7: Patrick Haggerty of Lavender Country
Hi, everyone. I'm popping in with a sort of mini-sode here. Patrick Haggerty, the lead singer and songwritier of Lavender Country, passed away on Halloween. I meant to post this shortly after his death, but between my midterms and the holidays, I just didn't get around to it. The real reason, though, is once I post this, well...then it means he's really gone.   We recorded this interview in 2018 when I was writing my first major article ever. This was only the second or third time I'd interviewed someone I didn't know personal and I think you can hear my discomfort. The setting was Branded Saloon, home of Karen Pittelman's Queer Country series. Patrick, James Wilson of Paisley Fields, Barbara Endes of Girls on Grass, had just come from a rehearsal space around the corner and were doing soundcheck before the show. I mention Karen and Patrick mentions James, who now goes by Paisley. You can hear some of that soundcheck going on in the background as I recorded this directly to soundcloud with a Chromebook, yet the sound quality is better than this intro. Figure that one out.   I think this interview shows Patrick's complexity. He was really, really, REALLY good at talking himself up. He had a LOT of anger and intensity stored up. In my opinion, some of his statements here are a bit grandiose but, at the same time, they're right on the money. After this, Patrick and I became friends and he was insistent that my wife and I come visit him on his ranch; that never happened.   Hit the subscribe button for next week's interview with one of Patrick's spiritual successors, Adeem the Artist.   Patrick Haggerty obituary in The Boot Wide Open Country article Subscribe to the Rainbow Rodeo newsletter!
Dec 13, 2022
43 min
Episode 6: Violet Bell
Hey there, cowpokes! I just got hitched, which meant I got a liiiittle behind working on the podcast. But, I think this interview with Violet Bell is well worth the white. The North Carolina duo, consisting of Lizzy Ross and Omar Ruiz-Lopez, just released their gorgeous new album, Shapeshifter. The album retells the ancient story of the selkie from many perspectives. Not only is the album beautiful musically, but Violet Bell use the story to make connections to dysphoria, power, imperialism, and liberation -- all from an old fisherman's tale.   The bad news is the duo got COVID right after when the album was released, but the good news is you still have time to see their rescheduled album release show in December, so check out their website to find out where you can catch them.   Support Rainbow Rodeo by joining the Patreon, and get early access to the podcast for as little as $4 a year!   SONG   "All The Stars" -- Violet Bell (1:35) "Mi Gente" -- Hector Lavoe and the Fania All Stars (16:03) "Fisherman's Daughter" -- Violet Bell (20:32) "I Am a Wolf" -- Violet Bell (34:53) "Free Leonard Peltier" -- Joe Troop (50:54) "Mortal Like Me" -- Violet Bell (56:40)  
Oct 30, 2022
1 hr 3 min
Episode 5: Whitney Fenimore
This month, we're going to hear from Whitney Fenimore as she tells us about her EP, Leaving Ashwood, which came out on September 23rd. Whitney's story starts out familiar: she grew up in Oklahoma, devoted to church life in spite of the psychic pain it caused her. But not everyone in that situation moves on to sing in The Voice, or to marry an Olympic athlete they met through casual "likes" on Instagram.   Before we get into the interview, remember to round up your social media algorithm and like Rainbow Rodeo on Instagram and Twitter at @rainbowrodeomag. You're going to want to stay tuned because I have a big announcement in January!   And be sure to support Rainbow Rodeo on Patreon for bonus content, swag, and zines!   SONG LIST   "Holding Hands" -- Whitney Fenimore (1:47) "I Wanna Love You" -- Amy Grant (21:50) "It's Not Me" -- Whitney Fenimore (24:51) "Portland" -- Marielle Kraft (45:31) "Stay A Little Longer" -- Whitney Fenimore (48:40)  
Sep 29, 2022
53 min
Episode 4: Sylvia Rose Novak
Sylvia Rose Novak hates expecations. That's why they've torn down their Americana image and set stakes in the alt-rock world with their blistering album A Miss/A Masterpiece -- not coincidentally, breaking out of the Americana genre has coincided with Novak coming out as non-binary. We talk about the album, Novak's coming out experience, and how they've trained their audience to adjust to a different sound.   Subscribe to Rainbow Rodeo on Patreon, and learn about Sylvia's unexpected run-in with Lucinda Williams!   SONG LIST   "Man I Used to Be" -- Syvlia Rose Novak (1:24) "Bad Luck" -- Sylvia Rose Novak (7:46) "Fallout" -- Syvlia Rose Novak (11:23) "Futures" -- Jimmy Eat World (24:18) "Dizzy" -- Syvlia Rose Novak (28:15) "Jackson (feat. Orville Peck)" -- Trixie Mattel  (44:10) "Howl" -- Sylvia Rose Novak (46:42)
Aug 25, 2022
51 min
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