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Another Victim
Thank you for helping me get into podcasts. Always sad to see beautiful things decline, but tis life.
Too dramatic
just bad.
Low power guy
The Ceremony Episode
The Ceremony podcast often interjects different people’s voice input seemingly all at once. Imagine different people each taking a turn to read one word in this sentence and each voice at different volume levels competing with background sounds, music and giggles. Also a bit irksome is usage of escape words as in Sooo, Like, You Know? However, it is a fascinating podcast in that it shares the paranoid genius complexity in which cryptocurrency is painstakingly created. Cryptocurrency marries well with internet shopping while allowing consumers the safety of complete privacy.
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Second Variety
“Ceremony” report was such a dunce
This lady really almost messes up the entire creation of a currency and then has the nerve to be sassy when politely asked if she could sacrafice her phone?? “I don’t have to justify it” - so insufferable, this podcast has gone to absolute trash
New format fail
The initial format had 2 great hosts that worked amazingly well off each other and seemed to present objectivity. The main topic housed the journey the episode lived within but the host duo would move through it intellectually and conversationally. It felt more natural and flowed. The new format has expanded the team making it harder to connect to each and they don’t seem as experienced. The more political topics seem to pull the biases to the forefront and the conversational flows seem to have been lost. I understand that Jad and Robert weren’t the ones doing all the work before but the direction they moved the podcast as hosts made it fantastic.
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Judgy and sounds like a person always trying to out smart people
A dork ! Over produced
stephen dunford
Best storytelling out there
Radiolab has the most unique and enthralling way of telling stories that I have ever had the privilege of experiencing. I love the wide range of topics covered- things you never thought could be interesting become the most amazing things to think about. This podcast got me into the world of podcast listening many years ago and I’m still loving their work.
Sad decline
I used to financially support Radiolab, that’s how much I believed in it! I loved seeing them take a theme and do a few different interesting takes on it - normally with some scientific thing I’d never heard of (thanks for the intro to Crispr!) but now it’s like they are just trying to be cool. I can’t talk to my dad about episodes anymore because he stopped listening when they started swearing so much.
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Sometimes unlistenable
Interesting stories but the delivery and interviewing style seems unprofessional and distracting.
Jonathan Gladding
Middle School?
I enjoy most of the reports, sometimes they are depressing and sad and there is enough of that around us without listening about. Also, at times the reporters sound like they are in Middle School.
Sr Galletas
Interesting but too cutesy
They come up with really interesting topics but then present them in such a cloying way. I wish they’d just trust the material more.
Bummed Listener :(
Reiterating all of the other comments -Please please please bring back the old radio lab!!! Can’t stand the SJW / politics bent it has recently taken on
Fun source of inspiration
Radiolab is one of my favorite sources of edutainment. I dig the variety of science, psychology, sociology and history. Some topics have even inspired my daily videos and magazine articles.
Where’s the soul?
It’s a shame that RadioLab has chosen a new show format which is all rather immature and silly. The last few episodes were nearly unlistenable as the young “hosts” giggled their way through science, much like you’d expect from those few kids that always sit in the back of class, texting through the lecture. Perhaps the new format is geared for children and that’s fine, and perhaps giggling with no self-awareness is we’re all headed however, a lot is lost in this format, And sadly I suspect it’s the shows soul. Jad, please come back and fix this. xo
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What happened here? This show used to be all about science, with informative and intelligent hosting and sharing of information. I am really taken aback by the lack of quality currently streaming. Disappointed
I have listed to radio lab consistently for the past 10 years. There are very few media outlets that have been dedicated to facts and data, high quality research, great storytelling... and a knack for upending ones preconceived ideas. Keep up the amazing work!
This is good for teenagers
Interesting topics delivered by high school kids
New Hampshire Listener
Thank you, Radiolab
Radio Lab opens, stimulates, challenges, and transforms my thinking. It engages my mind, creativity, my love of science, my humanity. When I travel, it’s radio lab that is my companion, that is my mobile home and comfort. It is a link to larger thinking, larger worlds. I am grateful for the care, curiosity, thoroughness, humanity, fun, deep dive into important topics, and amazing reporting, vision, reporting.
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Queen of moxie
Great podcasts are unpopular.
The people that gave bad reviews to this podcast are somehow the best example that this podcast works as a tool to trigger right-wingers and the audience that likes to catastrophize everything that goes against their point of view. This show is an exercise on intellectual exchanges. If the host has been keen on talking in a tone that reminded you of your years of high school or childhood, and that has triggered anything on you, guess what! That was the idea. Keep listening and try to comprehend. In another note: Please make more episodes and do not repeat the old episodes within the new ones. It’s confusing a lot of people. Do not mix old and new. Make it fresh.
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Missing you
This was my favorite podcast for years. It was somehow comforting to listen to science presented in a “then it got me thinking...” kind of way. I loved the creativity and getting to hear from some of the most brilliant minds. It gave me that feeling I had the first time I went to the planetarium on a grade school field trip. It was sort of magical. With so much loss over the last year, it breaks my heart that I have lost you, too, Radiolab. If you ever want to come back, I’ll be here, perhaps replaying the archives like old family movies.
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Guys wait
Dose anybody who gave a 1 star to radiolab I also se the same reviews on stuff you should know podcast!!! 20 minutes later... Oh never mind just a lot of 1 star reviews for some reason (on the stuff you should know podcast) ok 👋
Went wayyyyy downhill
JAD like if you don’t wanna make the show anymore if you’re burned out, or you don’t feel you have any ideas anymore for the show, or just have moved on to new projects and can’t devote the time that’s really required to make the show, just end the show retire at the way Robert retired. Bringing on new hosts who has totally changed the vibe of the show I know that they were correspondence before but as hosts they just do not carry the show the way you’re older listeners expect them to maybe new listeners coming out with joy the new programming but I extremely disappointed. I listen to it for the first time again today in months because I have not enjoyed the show and I I was interested in this topicTopic but the hosts just really ruined it and made it feel so immature and childish and just really didn’t carry well I’m very disappointed. Jad I hope you find your way or MoveOn you don’t need to keep making this you don’t owe anyone anything.
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Jay K 4 16 18
Please indicate if repeat
Love this podcast, fun and informative. BUT they often repost stories that they have done before. I am a weekly listener for about 5 years and I don’t like to relisten. I will look at the description and if it sounds familiar I’ll skip. I’m sure I’ve missed some new ones bc of this or I’ll get 10 min and realize I already heard it. So please just put a note in the description that says it’s a repost. Thanks!
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Eeew, David!
What was once a smart, fun and interesting science show has turned into a re-enactment of high school biology lab, with drama, obnoxious hosts who like to hear themselves talk too much, and whining about farts and squishy fish. Take back the helm, Jad! Your show is lost.
Hosts are kind of a bummer
I just listened to the episode about herring and submarines and it was tough to take. The reporters seemed to think the story was about them, that their footage of them giggling by the water or taking a long aside about farting is charming, but they just seem inauthentic and totally obsessed with themselves. The reporter isn’t the story, and your focus on self takes away from what should be a shared focus on the topic.
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Just bad
This show painfully fell way off, aka got soo much worse. Its really sad.
Young Slug
Punching Up
In a recent episode on the Facebook Supreme Court you acknowledged a belief that gender/race-based hate speech that called for violence was okay on Facebook as long as it was “punching-up.” Wondering if you could break down the specifics of who gets to punch up to who and who can get punched without being allowed to punch back.
So Intelligent
This show consistently makes me stop and think and affects how I look at the world around me.
The spirit of radio lab is dead
I used to love radio lab, it used to inspired a deep sense of wonder. But since Robert retired it seems you feel a need to take on mostly political/ social justice charged topics falling in line with countless other podcasts/radio shows. And you stated you wanted to change the direction in your Ted discussion. That is fine but what we all grown to love about radio lab is now gone. Inspiring a sense of wonder was perfection. That’s what brought listeners. Simple wonder without the muck of politics, and following the news. It was an escape from all that. That was the beauty of it. Your show now is good for what it is but it is not radio lab anymore. Start a second show and bring back the essence of what radio lab was. Unfortunately for now I won’t be listening anymore.
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Neoliberal Claptrap
I was an avid listener to this show since the start. But, I’ve come to the opinion that the show (and most NPR podcasts) are mostly neoliberal consent manufacturers. From the begging for money (like an uninsured cancer patient on gofundme), to the action/reaction/dissonance/consensus formula that always get the listener to “trust” the pmc expert opinion. Turn off any podcasts that begin with the words “in these divided times...”
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Good, but losing its way a bit
Wish Apple podcasts would let me give it a 4.5. I love this show, but new eps are so infrequent.
grt '08
What happened to the science?
Really bummed that RadioLab started focusing on politics instead of science. I’ve waited hoping that it would go back to science, but it’s only getting worse.
Please bring back the science!
I can get political commentary everywhere! (And I do.) I loved that radiolab would teach me something I know nothing about (science) in a way I could understand. Please please bring back the focus on science!! I fear this podcast simply isn’t unique anymore.
Format change...sad
This podcast used to be soooo good. After Robert left, the science, curiosity and humor left with him and was followed by episode after episode of biased political stories. Time to unsubscribe and find another gem.
Too Much Politics, So Disappointed
I used to love listening to Radiolab because they would cover really interesting and unique topics. Now it’s all about politics. I’m extremely disappointed by the path they decided to take this show. Just more doom and gloom..
So awesome
Hours of fun listen every day!
nobo fluffybutt
Candid Camera
I was old enough to watch Candid Camera. What a study of human nature. Really enjoyed the Cubs story!!
So you think this is political?
Yes it is, this is a informative podcast and there is a lot of political news, also, people say this is a left winged podcast, well, facts are left winged.
Used to be a favorite
I LOVED this podcast all through high school and college. However, this podcast has turned to political trash and isolated half its audience. I’m out.
The BEST podcast in the ENTIRE world!
Always entertaining
It’s a great podcast! Ever since we heard the real story of Heimlich I’ve been hooked. Go back and listen - you’ll be surprised at the story and it’s a great example of their clever “sciencey” but fun storytelling.
Doom and Gloom
This used to be one of my go-to podcasts, but since the pandemic, it seems that every episode is a reminder of how bad things are. I can get that anywhere, and sometimes (esp now) I just need an escape. One of those old Jad and Robert podcasts about something weird would do the trick. I understand things can’t stay the same forever, and I support the changes Radio Lab made in response to his departure, but the content is just a drag.
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How the great have fallen
This used to be an amazing podcast... but for the last few years it had dropped in quality and content. Used to be about the improvement of the human condition but is now about how the political parties who they do not agree with, have in their opinion, destroyed the world. More time is spent covering for one political party and blaming another for their own shortcomings. It is now become another political hunting ground, no longer any content or concerns for Science or improvement of any kind.
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SO sad I had to unsubscribe
For a good decade if someone asked for a podcast to recommend this was at the top of my list. Unfortunately even RADIO LAB has gone political. And with a VERY obvious slant (whether that slant lines up with mine is not the point) in a world where we need great podcasts NOT about politics we seem to have lost another one. The two stars are for the many amazing shows over the years.
Not what is used to be
This podcast used to be full of in-depth reporting on the most intriguing topics such as love, color, sound and black holes. Jad and Robert would often speak of politics, but nothing like it is now. Every episode is just a repeat of what I read everyday on my news app. There is nothing new, insightful or inventive. What once was a podcast full of lively and beautiful discussion of various interesting topics is now just another left-leaning political podcast. Makes me sad, I haven’t been able to listen for months.
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Don’t listen to the haters!🙂🙂
I love this podcast It’s great I love all the story’s it’s my 1# podcast I love all the new ones keep doing great things radiolab great podcast
Love Love Love
I absolutely love this podcast! They delve into so many interesting subjects that you would never think could be so engaging. I think they do an excellent job at vocalizing any questions people may have, making the topics approachable and fascinating for anyone.
What happened?
This was a favorite show of mine for years. Unfortunately, all the fun science has gone out the window and they’ve focused in on politics.
What happened?!?
I started listening about 5 or 6 years ago, and for many years this was my favorite podcast by a long shot. For years I would eagerly look to see if the weekly show downloaded so I could put it to the top of the queue for my commute. This show was enthralling, it deserved 6 stars on the ratings, not just 5. What a difference one person makes: when host Robert retired, the show did not just drop off a cliff, but fell to the bottom of a deep canyon. Yikes, it is now simply awful. The direction you guys are going is not working at all. I will give it one or two more episodes in 2021, and if this direction continues this year, I will sadly mourn the loss of a great podcast, unsubscribe, and move on.
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Love this podcast even if it leans left. But to completely cover a story only from one side was very biased. Everything about this podcast has been amazing until is comes to politics. Stick to what you do best, let me tell you it isn’t politics.
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