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This podcast is why I started listening to podcasts 10+ years ago, it was that good. It used to be primarily a science podcast now it is mostly the same old American politics as every other podcast. The last episode on body temp was at least about science, but was so shallow compared to their old deep dives. What happened to the journalism guys? So sad about this. Well, on to other things I guess.
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JoKo Z
Radiolab Rocks!
I used to catch an episode once in a while but now I’m addicted. I want to listen to them all! Love the format, content and information delivery. So good. So good. :)
Wonderful Curation
This podcast feels like walking into a different wing of a museum every time. They do a great job of curating wonderful stories from different sources. Great job setting a hypothesis and then just letting the logic unfold naturally.
D Earl Wile
Man, there should be a way to write a comment per episode, because individual contributors deserve distinct commentary when they are brilliant. In this case, I am so glad that these ladies got the chance to come up through Radiolab because they are truly the core spirit of the show, and bring a strongly unique individual angle to it each one. You ladies are awesome and I am grateful for your use of your talent in this wonderful venue❤️👍🤙
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I need Brain Food!!! Not politics!!
I’m a Republican HATER, and am all about social justice reforms and whatnot, but please!! I need the old radio lab back! I love/need to keep learning!! Update: I ranted a few days ago, and then a new episode Kleptotherm” comes out and FINALLY!!! SCIENCE and CURIOSITY!! I needed an episode like this. I miss Robert.........
Ruined by politics
This used to be my favorite show. There was nothing else like it done so well and so informative. Science is about viewing things from all sides and letting people come to their own conclusions. The quality of the show and the content has drastically declined.
Thank you!
So much fun to listen to. It’s hard to believe I am learning with each episode. Thank you.
Change isn't always good
I understand that one goal of the show is to make you think. But I miss the earlier shows' focus on science-related topics. RL has become more political and there are other podcasts that do that better. Also, I have always enjoyed listening to Lulu Miller, but Latif Nasser needs to take it down a notch and slow down as well. His pace and voice are exhausting.
Stick with science
Once great radio lab is becoming another social justice blah blah poop piece podcast. Understand that your main listeners are science nerd no nonsense types. Please stick with scientific topics or become has-been.
Radio Lab Is Back!
Robert and Jad together again! This is what the fans wanted. Please keep it this way! The chemistry between them makes for a fascinating show. As far as the younger producers with their Like Like Like disease. They need to study and learn how to speak properly before participating in a show of this level. My previous review will be coming back if RadioLab gets sloppy and brings these amateurs back. Previous Review: What has happened to RadioLab? Not only do it’s producers overuse the word LIKE, LIKE, LIKE. Now we get to hear constant Schlurping S sounds. RadioLab Podcast listeners are accustomed to precise diction, sophisticated language, and erudite content. Valley girl language and cartoon character voices clearly miss the mark. Suffering succotash! I used to love this show, but if this doesn’t improve soon, I’m deleting it from my podcast library.
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concerned Sci-Fri listener
Steady decline
This podcast slowly lost quality. When I began listening in 2016 the episodes were packed with content that kept you on the edge of your seat. Recently they’ve focused much more on social justice which after a while loses its flair.
Radio at its best
Nothing, absolutely nothing moves me like Radiolab! I just love it...
The other Latif is Egon
David Beigel
Too hip
Too cool for easy listening. Tell the stories without all the hip references, comments, labels.
Love this podcast
This podcast was the best! Thanks Victor
My first go to!
Radio Lab is my first go to when I choose a podcast. The quality of the stories are top notch and their choices are relevant, intriguing and thought provoking. I have thoroughly enjoyed each podcast and have shared them with so Many of my friends who are now followers. Thank you for bringing quality knowledge to me!
susan mount
First and often best
I lOve Radio lab. I’m a monthly contributor. I’ve been to a live show. Radio lab was one of the first podcasts I listened to and I binged everything available before I moved on. Now There are many many podcasts I love and Radio Lab continues to be amount the favs every time. Thank you all so much for your wonderful, inspiring, engaging work.
artist of physical media
Used to be good 😞
It’s all politics now.
Not as good as it used to be.
This show used to be really good but it lacks the fun and focus it used to. I understand they are trying to go in a new direction but it’s just not as good or interesting anymore
Laughing Dog
This is amazing
I really like this podcast and I listen to it all the time. I don’t know any better podcast.
Not what it used to be
Unfortunately Latif just isn’t a good host. He’s extremely condescending to the listener, and it detracts from the reporting. The new direction is a bust.
I’m so sorry
This was my favorite podcast forever. Interesting science and social science. But recently it’s gone waaaaay down hill — what was that last episode abstractly criticizing free speech??
Please take the chewing sounds out! Sooooo cringey ah! Maybe its just me...
Raven Valkyrie 7745692
So awesome!
You should definitely do a podcast with Mark Rober! He’s awesome!
Foster fan club
A Deeply Personal Request
Latif talks down to the listener and tells hipster style self-serving jokes. Please remove him from your editorial board or I’ll have to remove you from my top 3 podcasts. Latif makes me literally miss Krolwitch I can’t believe I’m actually saying that...
Your Mom's my Dad
To Treeloversunited
Do you mean mark rober the YouTuber that does cool stuff? Bty he is suuuper smart (mark rober) Also love the podcast AMAZING.
A different show now.
I loved to old podcast but the new show doesn’t live up to the standards of the old one. I know Jad said he thought he needed to take the show in another direct after Robert left but I don’t like the show anymore. I really liked the wonder of science aspect and the objective social commentary. Now there is not much of either of those things. I’m not mad or upset, just a little sad. I wish the show and the talented people who made it great for nearly 20 years all the best. Good luck with your new direction. I won’t be following you down this new path.
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flight risk 21
Reply-All Proto-Podcast
A year or two back Radio Lab began producing nearly every episode to reinforce the notion that there’s nothing more important on earth than the proverbial blanket (statement) draped around the shoulders of every “white, sis gendered man” in America: that he is the cause of all other’s woes, regardless of individual circumstance or nuance. It was interesting to watch as the podcast Reply-All began down this same path not long after. What once was a purely lovely, thought provoking, and hilarious hour of each week became an uninviting repetition of the same rhetoric coming from every major news outlet, and a reinforcement of the current great division in this nation. Now, Reply-All is in shambles as the mob of internet influence — which almost surely caused the shift to begin with — has turned on them for not living up to the ideals which they felt pressure to profess. I don’t foresee this happening to Radio Lab — as I imaging the current satisfied listenership could practically be politically defined solely by its support of the new content — but it is sad to start every new episode with the hope that it will feel as good to listen to as it once did, only to eventually be called the cause of every problem we face as a society.
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So good and...
U and mark rober should have a clab
Downhill Fast
Show quality is WAY down! Just canceled!
Tip shelf. Thanks
From first to worst
Radiolab used to be my favorite. Jad and Robert did interesting shows talking to knowledgeable people about weird, thought-provoking stuff, and used sound creatively to create an aural translation of visual materials. That was the show’s genius masterstroke, typified by an episode discussing color vision that was aurally symbolized by a choir. Now Robert is retired and gone, Jad is trying his best to hand off the show, and we listeners are left to nasally, whiny, high-piched ugly radio voices popping the treble cones in my wireless speakers talking to boring people in their apartments about boring and sad things, with little to no scoring, let alone creative soundscapes that spark new perspectives. Just another wonderful thing in the world that has been 1984ed into total crap no one can care about.
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Any New Podcast Ideas?
Looking for a Radiolab replacement All I want is a science-based podcast, apolitical, highly entertaining, well-researched and well-reported. Just like the old Radiolab Even something half as good as the old Radiolab will be much appreciated!
I just listened to your latest episode, the pale blue dot and imaging that little space craft in silence surrounding myself in complete silence and peace 🌍🪐💫☄️🎹
Elena Eg
Long time first time
Essential listening for anyone that’s curious about the world around us.
Robert left and took away science
Robert Krulwich left and took away the depth and science and the mediocrity filters. Still an okay show, but no longer a must have.
both in depth and expansive
the spirit of inquiry - as pure as it gets - love it
The sound effects are terrible
I can’t even say how many times I’ve been listening to a great story then turned it off completely because of how terrible the sound effects are, they ruin the show. Please stop with the sound effects!
Radiolab has held a special place in my heart for as long as I can remember, and I don’t think that this feeling will ever subside completely. What I can say, however, is that the reason I’m writing this review is in hopes of some sort re-integration of old content. I have enjoyed Radiolab so much because of the well thought out, thought provoking, awe inspiring episodes that the team managed to release weekly. (Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the political commentary, but in a time where I can get this same information anywhere else, I’d like to see Radiolab reach towards its roots and do a little more science reporting.) I loved (and continue to love) Radiolab for the escapism of its content, and while I recognize that it the direction the show takes is in no way my decision, I sincerely hope that the team releases a bit more of the “old stuff”.
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If you are bored during COVID this is a great thing to listen to.
Radiolab Listener
Still really good
But I do miss Robert. If there’s a way to inject his sort of character and patter back into the podcast that would be great
RIP Radiolab (2002-2020)
RIP Radiolab (2002-2020). Still remember clearly the day Jad announced Radiolab’s death on his TED talk. You are missed, my old friend Hoping one day Jad chooses to revive you. All of us could use you now, more than ever
Slow decline
They use to be excellent and extremely objective and informative but it seems in the past year they just have to push their bias and narrative. Quiet saddening. Revisited the show and it is just a leftist echo chamber pretty sad
I was worried but it’s still great!
After reading some of the reviews listeners have left over the last couple weeks, I was really worried about the new format of the show. I just listened to The Ceremony and it’s as good as it ever was.
potent menagerie
The best fall the hardest
It’ll be hard to find a new podcast to replace what radiolab once was... missing the old radiolab. Hate the new political show it’s become
Facebook censorship
I appreciated Jad’s revelation that the power FB wields has grown too omnipotent to be allowed to continue in existence at this point in history. The harm that American ideals shared globally has done without the safeguards of fundamental democratic institutions to curb their most primal influences is laid bare in this show. Thank you for your poignant, refreshing storytelling.
:(... but hopeful
Radiolab has gone from very good to very very, very bad. We’ve lost Robert, new reporters have come to the fore, and topics have changed. While Robert is sorely missed (and difficult to replace) it’s clear that it’s the change in topics that has really crushed the podcast. I watched jads Ted talk (about focusing episodes more on social issues), and I appreciate what he’s trying to do. But it hasn’t worked. Liberal podcasts about social issues are all over the place - they’re incredibly played out and uninteresting. Further, in today’s political environment, these topics have become exhausting, and are just serving to further divide us all. I’m hopeful, given the deluge of recent bad reviews noting this change, that radiolab stops this failed experiment and goes back to what it’s good at (and what the world needs!!!) - bringing people together by sparking our mutual curiosity in science No more social issues; more science please!!
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Another Victim
Thank you for helping me get into podcasts. Always sad to see beautiful things decline, but tis life.
Too dramatic
just bad.
Low power guy
The Ceremony Episode
The Ceremony podcast often interjects different people’s voice input seemingly all at once. Imagine different people each taking a turn to read one word in this sentence and each voice at different volume levels competing with background sounds, music and giggles. Also a bit irksome is usage of escape words as in Sooo, Like, You Know? However, it is a fascinating podcast in that it shares the paranoid genius complexity in which cryptocurrency is painstakingly created. Cryptocurrency marries well with internet shopping while allowing consumers the safety of complete privacy.
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Second Variety
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