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Robert Krulwich
I miss Robert Krulwich. It seems like the fraternity of radiolab sounds all the same now.
I MISS JAD! Latif, don’t say “POV”
It takes as much breath and syllables to say Point of View.
Radiolab is a wondrous thing!
I absolutely love this show, have for many years (can’t believe I haven’t reviewed it before)!! I greatly enjoy listening to good podcasts of different kinds, but this is my absolute favorite! I love the shows so much that I often find myself listening to a show over again because I enjoyed it so much. I am still unsettled about life after Robert. The Jad-Robert chemistry was huge for me. The newbies have a lot of work to do.
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Family shared - Nik
The journalist on the recent butterfly episode- he kind of talk-yells. It’s unpleasant and too intense. Thanks!
please talk better
Great show.
Lots of good info.
You’ll enjoy Radiolab if
…you were partial to that kid in grade school that spoke over everyone and made sound efx to animate their torrent of mundane narratives, both endearing and obnoxious.
Uncle Flavio
Never Disappoints
Radio Lab never fails to grab my attention and hold me mesmerized. Stimulating and often poignant. Special kudos on the replay of Oliver Sipple.
Six Stars
If there were six stars I would have selected all six!! This podcast always teaches me something. In small, easy and fun ways to comprehend. Never a waste of time. Always thought provoking and eye opening. Thank you Radio Lab!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Went too woke :(
I’m liberal, but want balanced journalism. Went full-blown woke on us.
If you like science, you’ll love this podcast
I kept skipping this podcast because I didn’t know it was about science. I love the content and enjoy listening. Plenty of humor too
Ideology trumps science
I used to listen to every episode. I stopped years ago after it started introducing ideology. I came back to listen to few new ones and now it’s ideology with some science. Saaaaaad
It used to be good, now it’s hit or miss.
I miss the old Radio Lab. Where is Jad? I’m not a fan of this new sorority sister theme. It sounds like a bunch of rich girls with cashmere twin sets and pearls who went some over priced liberal arts college. Can we just go back to the way it used to be.
It’s like, sad, that like, they say “like” every like, 30 seconds
... because like, otherwise, like, this could like, be an interesting, like, show. Just do yourself a solid and actually count the number of times you say “like” in this episode on auto immune disorders and try and imagine how that undermines the listener’s experience.
Well, like Lulu and Latin are so, like…like so…nauseating. If I, like, want my science ,like,…like just so dumbed down, I’ll, like just check in with some Trumpies or Gwenyth Paltrow
Very Informative!
I learn so much each week. The quality of reporting is impressive!
I wish I could like it
I love NPR but the editing of this particular show and a lot of its rhetoric is challenging. Moving on.
Thanks for keeping it real.
This has been a wonderful part of NPR since it’a inception. The reruns are great because they remind of past times. Thank you. And keep up the fantastic work.
The mak69
Just started to listen the 60 words, 20 years. As a long time listener radio lab is one of my favorite shows. But I have to say I just listened to Sarah Qari provide her perspective on the episode, and during the 4 minute epilogue, she used the word “like” 28 times, maybe more I may have missed a few. Please improve your dialogue as a professional broadcaster.
Butch Mac
Old radio lab 5/5
Recent radio lab still has some good topics now and then, but the hosts’ style is usually too glib, goofy, and they are trying to hard to be excited. Not every sentence has to end with an exclamation mark. The old radio lab still had a fun side, but I felt that they treated the subjects with more sincerity. It was more thoughtful. The old radio lab was what got me into podcasts, about 10 years ago. It’s still better than shortwave
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trevor, maryland usa
Millennial Gab
Radiolab, you know, like changed to um, like a new show format—right?—and will soon like receive uh, like a new title, you know renamed as uh Millennial Gab. Grrrr, um, like sooo cool, right? Did you uh like notice topics on science aren’t like very science-y? Right? Like the episode uh like you know on the immune system? Right? It was like sooo poorly reported it like will make uh listeners think that like uh estradiol, despite its um super long list of side effects grrrrr is like totally okay for like the immune system when it really like, isn’t and can even cause cancer. Yeah, like it wasn’t mentioned uh at all in the short segment that uh only one doctor like briefly shared a one-sided research report. Yeah, right, only like one example by like one researcher. Grrrr, sooo unscience-y, right?
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Second Variety
I absolutely adore Radio Lab. It is so much more than just a science podcast. Every episode teaches me something absolutely astounding, and I continue to think of episodes that I listened to years ago.
Favorite podcast!
This I my absolute favorite podcast! I’m only giving it 4 stars because it just never plays right. It frequently stops throughout the show, even when I’ve got great service. I never thought it was a podcast issue, but I don’t have this experience with any other podcasts. Maybe someone can help me out with a fix?
Lots o' kids
So good for so many years…
I’m glad I’m not the only left-leaning person who feels frustrated by the sharp turn RadioLab has taken in recent months. I’m all for stories on the convergence of science and social justice, but they don’t have to be the theme of nearly every episode. Sometimes we just desperately need some well-researched geekdom about nature and science! (I’m a scientist, and believe me, there’s a lot of awesome research out there they could do episodes on). Not to mention it’s started to try so hard to be PC that it’s starting to sound like a parody cooked up by the far right to mock liberal views. “Pregnant individual”? “Birthing person”? I cringed through the last two episodes. This is embarrassing.
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Too Woke
Used to be one of my favorite podcast. Used to have really insightful and interesting stories that seemed to tie the human-experience together. That’s not the case anymore.
The best podcast ever created
Informative, thorough, deeply addictive journalism that captivates
June Bug 2020
Storytelling and Learning Galore
The popularity of this podcast speaks for itself. It's just interesting topics of every imagineable kind shared by talented storytellers with some cool editing touches for flare. There's so many interesting topics to dive into with this podcast I can't even begin to start covering them all in an iTunes review. Just pick an episode that sounds interesting and dive in! Prepare to learn and expand your mind!
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Radio lab
The women behave in an unpleasant stupid manner. These guys sound like sorority dumbos.
I used to look forward to this show. Funny to see how many shows in the last 3 years don’t even have their original hosts.
neu myke
Downhill Slope
This used to be my favorite podcast by far. I have been a regular listener since around 2015 and listened to the podcast much further back in the archives. I still download and attempt to listen, but it has been watered down so much from a science perspective I assume to draw in a different audience. Because of these changes, it is no longer unique and reminds me of many other cookie cutter political podcasts that try to put a science spin on topics every now and then. Of course the show has not always been about science. Their historical pieces and social science pieces can still be great. “The other Latif” is an example of great, well researched work they have done in the recent past. Maybe they’ve started doing less work, more posts to increase download numbers. I really don’t know. I just know the quality I was used to is just not there. Even though I am not in opposition to most of their political narrative, I have to agree with other reviewers that they have 100% pivoted to eeking in political leanings into most episodes. Again, I’m not in opposition there. They can do that. It’s just a noticeable change from the past and not a reason I listen to this podcast. I hope they listen to their long term listeners.
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The Podcast that got me into Podcasts.
I really enjoy this podcast. It’s the podcast that made me fall in love with podcasts. They clearly put so much effort into each episode, and I feel like I have learned so much. If I were critical, I would say that they use profanity when it is certainly not necessary, and they do tend to take some pretty strong liberal angles on topics, but even at that it makes me consider other’s perspectives. So I can appreciate the latter.
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“Birthing people”
Great show… but
I’ve liked this show for a long time, but was blow away when Heather Radke made a disclaimer about using the word ‘mother’. Hope your team doesn't fall down the ridiculous cancel culture rabbit hole. You will never satisfy everyone, just continue to do good work.
All for being inclusive and welcoming, but erasing women from a story about pregnancy and birth? “Mother” is accurate, simple and inoffensive. If you give birth, you are in the very least a biological mother. The term “pregnant person” and aforementioned disclaimer used felt like a needless jump onto the euphemism treadmill.
offensive to call mothers as “birthing people” ?? …yup, done with you too.
Pregnant person?
I for one am a MOTHER. I cannot believe this is even brought up. Women can give birth, we have a uterus. Men do not. Women want to be feminists but then you want to take away this God given gift? If nothing else this episode should make anyone realize that God created the body, it’s fearfully and wonderfully made.
Science Falls to Politics
"Pregnant person" and other political contortions ruined this.
Running QH
Everybody’s got one
Listening to this episode about the placenta and pregnancy and am wondering why I am suddenly feeling patronized. Must be all the dumbing down! This show used to assume a smarter audience while also being smarter itself. And editors, mind the overproduction; less is always more.
wilhelmina a.
We can’t say mother anymore?
I can’t believe we’ve come to a point where “mother” is not PC, and at least radiolab feels the need to have a disclaimer that mother will be used by some guests—gasps—while the narrator will use the “non-offensive” “birthing person.” Really?? Who exactly finds mother offensive? Birthing person sounds like the subject of a science experiment or one of the people in the Handsmade Tale. This is truly bizarre and a tad Orwellian. It’s sad that an otherwise fascinating show was clouded by this strange culture war valiance. I think it would do them all good to get out NYC for a weekend—NOT to Greenwich—and get a taste of the non-woke crowd.
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This show used to be about science?
I used to work in a lab and listen to radiolab constantly. It was thought provoking and informative. It captivated everyone from undergrads to our PI. I looked forward to every episode and got many friends to listen. This show turned me into a podcast junky! Now I must say it has become a complete source of depression. Even though I agree with many of the politics I feel are being forced down my throat, I can’t hardly listen to a full episode without feeling disgusted or quite frankly bored! There are a million other investigative journalism podcasts with the same political agenda I could easily turn to (And which are at least honest with their agenda). Please bring back the science!! It’s heartbreaking what this podcast has become. Also.. are we so woke that the word mother is now offensive? As a mother I’m offended. Ridiculous.
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Too much noise
I had to quit listening to the placenta episode, there’s just so much sound. Whooshes and gongs and drums and horns, it’s all just too much. Interesting information but it’s like Michael Bay produces too many of these. They’re not all this bad though.
Sorry Radio lab
You lost me at “pregnant person” best of luck with these new “truths”.
Y’all bring me life
I look forward to new episodes all the time!! Super great to hear a fellow Chamorro on the recent episode “Everybody’s Got One”. I’m listening from Pascagoula, MS. Keep up the great work! I appreciate all the I depth information and time it takes to produce. -Puanani Kalgren
Nani K.
Good research, progressive commercials redeemed
I love the multi faceted approach at arriving to convulsions. Historical precedents are always relevant, and the presentation is not mundane, condescending or self aggrandizing. Also I can’t say how much I appreciate that these podcasters allow listeners to read out commercials such as progressive. Progressive writes and produces the most obnoxious commercials, and it’s nice to not have to run and hit the skip button.
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Fascinating, original topics
Loving Radiolab. Your topics are so original and I love your angle on them. I couldn’t get enough of the Harry Pace series and have been addicted to you guys ever since. Keep up the great work.
Political agenda
This used to be one of my all-time favorite podcasts, but in the past few years the topics have come to be largely informed by a political narrative. It’s not what I came to this show for…what I used to love about it was how it informed and delighted without an agenda, and the intellectual curiosity of the writing mostly unfettered by fears of touching a third rail. Now almost everything has a preachy undertone + is carefully crafted to avoid controversy, and it’s become repetitive and boring. It’s sad that you can’t go anywhere without having politics pushed at you. I won’t be coming here anymore. But I really miss the old RadioLab.
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What a shame
Used to be interesting and interesting unique. Now this is one of many progressive political shows lacking any semblance of balance. If you like such things then enjoy. If you like open minded exploration of topics done in a unique way, find another show.
Lebanon, USA
What a perfectly charming episode! 10 stars!
Never not Teri
Best podcast
This is by far one of the BEST podcasts out there. A mist listen to for anyone
Used to be good- let’s get back to science
This podcast used to exceed all others....when Robert was involved. It was equivalent to reading Scientific American. I passed this on to my kids ranging from high school to graduate school. These stories became topics of conversation whenever we met up. Since Robert left it has become politically polarized just like social media and the rest of America. Jad revels in it and we moved on to other podcasts: The Brain, is a good alternative. We miss you Robert!
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Greg Knuffke
Where did Radiolab go???
I have listened to Radiolab for many years. I have replayed every episode multiple times. To me it was a show about wonder. It was consistently amazing no matter what the topic. But in the past couple of years, the wonder is largely gone. Instead of well researched, multi view, informative, enlightening story telling presented in a 3 part show that was fun & entertaining, it has turned into a largely one sided politically themed show. Although I would say they are ‘favoring my side’ any hint of an even handed presentation of multiple arguments is long gone. And this was never a socio-political show anyway. So the show has changed, and in my opinion not for the better. Too bad, as wonder is in short supply & so badly needed these days. 🥲
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