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Bravo 5 star series
Brilliant series Thank you sooooo much
best podcast ever (its not close)
ive listened for 6 years now and it has never ceased to amaze me how interesting and high quality the episodes are
wade dennis 34
Used to be great
I’m a longtime listener of the show but it’s just too boring and preachy now. They used to cover scientific discovery, now it’s obscure biographies and social commentary. Lastly, they recently aired an episode where they repeatedly said human blood is blue without oxygen, does this show even have a fact-checker anymore?
RadioLab has always been on the top of my favorite podcasts because of its high production quality but the latest episode, “The Queen of Dying” knocked it out of the park. The story was engaging, informative, with unpredictable twists and turns, and deeply personal from the beginning to the end. Amazing reporting! After I sent a link to my friends, I received a very concerned “Are you ok?” back. I replied “Better then ever! Listening to RadioLab”. Lol
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Everyone reading this review will die.
Radiolab has been one of my favorite radio shows and now podcasts for as long as I can remember. The most recent episode The Queen of Dying is one of the most enthralling and important stories the show has ever produced. Absolutely essential!
Thank you for your insightful content!
Longtime listener/fan and I always walk away with something to noodle on. I just finished The Queen of Dying and felt compelled to express how grateful I am for that episode (there have been others but as a person who lost a parent as a child this one spoke directly to my heart).
Rachel told an incredible story … i am so touched. Beautiful.
Current affairs talk shop
I’m saddened to have to write that Radiolab is no longer an intriguing podcast asking all sorts of science questions but rather turned into a current affairs talk shop in recent months. Not much more in depth than any news channel.
Mypetcow SA
The only podcast I listen to
It’s the only podcast I listen to, and each episode is better than the last.
The other Latif Nasser is home! 😃congratulations Your story was heard!
Lost its edge
Radiolab was THE only podcast I used to listen to on my walks. Since Robert left and Jad handed off the keys to the current cast, there hasn't been a single story that has captured my imagination. I stopped listening all together since the 'Breath' episode and the ones prior to that I either stopped listening within few minutes or didn't even download it. In its current form and content, sadly Radiolab has become just another brick in the wall. We need Robert and Jad to take back the helm and restore Radiolab to the gem it was amidst plethora of nonsensical, dumbed down and shallow stuff that's out there. In nostalgic moments I am digging up for my favorite classic episodes such as the one about the Voyager, the guy who out of nowhere started painting brilliant landscapes due to mental illness. And last but not least - the powerful series on Supreme Court decisions. I learned more about USSC from that series than I ever could have imagined! The Commerce Clause !!!
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I loved listening to Robert and Jad-brilliant duo! After Robert exited, I have not heard a single episode that I enjoy hearing based on why I started listening to this show. I’m patiently waiting for another SCIENCE related episode but close to leaving this podcast to the politically charged audience they’ve captivated, and finding something else.
Great Storytelling
Amazing storytelling about topics I didn’t know were so nuanced and fascinating
So wish you would bring back you old, original radio labs
So wish you would bring back the original radio labs that made me fall in love with the program - The wonderful report between Robert and yourself; the pure respect/love you had for each other, the arguments, the pure love of the hidden/unexplored world …the bantering - the laughter. And the radio labs that were NOT purely SoCial/human being driven - the ones the were about nature; about life About the world and everything in it and outside of it! Now all we hear are stories on human beings and the same stuff that everyone else carries or discusses.. to this day, when I think of radiolab, the stories that robery and you fought about why/if, cats falling, land of their feet, the amazing stories of Oliver sacks, the stories of fungus, extinction, the Galápagos Islands. Where is that energy now??? Instead everything is about human beings, social issues, etc. There is no chemistry between those who talk and instead of anything amazing and fresh, we get full episodes of other people pod casts- And worst, no one can ever listen to the stories that made radiolab because you have permanently archived all the good stuff and there is no chance of listening to all the things that brought us into living radiolab - personally I believe you are going to lose a lot of your base and they will move in trying to find something else that may make them feel the pure wonder of the world.
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you’ve done it again
the ever excellent crew at radiolab has outdone themselves with “harry pace”. so important, so timely, so… riveting. plays like a whodunit while filling huge gaps in history… kudos and thank you!
I’m so grateful to the team that researched and brought to life the stories of two amazing African American men. I’ve shared this story with my friends, people I just met in waiting rooms and salons. Thank you for sharing their legacy, tenacity, intelligence and bravery. Well done!
My favorite Podcast so far.
Harry Pace series amazing
Profound and powerful, just like music should be. Excellent sound design too. Highly recommended.
Poor Articulation, Worse Acting.
Listened to one episode, got to 40 unwarranted uses of the word “like” and couldn’t do it anymore. The acting between the two females is awful. One acts in a manner which suggests she has no idea what’s going on, and the other telling the story has about the same level of knowledge and understanding as the former. Editing does not help this production.
MP 86
I am completely stirred by the excellent editing. The rapid pace with the amazing sound deserves broad recognition. The story of Harry Pace was very well done.
Good to hear whole series on Disappearance of Harry Pace. Especislly the recent one
Story about singer at end was so eye opening. Thanks for important stories.
Harry Pace
Very good series! Well done! Now I gotta listen to Radio Lab more.
Needs to be tighter.
Harry pace story is all over the place with 50 people talking. Not necessarily hard to follow as just meandering and annoying. Sorry I wanted to know more just didn’t care for the format.
Impeccable reportage
I love Radio Lab as an alternative to my usual news sources. It brings in-depth reporting and insight on topics of social, scientific, historic, and humanitarian interest. The writing and editing are fun and excellent, and the personalities and good will keep me coming back.
Thank u for the report on hunting and conservation. So good to hear real curiosity to understand our complex world.
Colorado cam
Went too woke :(
I’m liberal, but want balanced journalism. Went full-blown woke on us. Very bummed
Too many voices
This new format with multiple voices that often sound so anxious is irritating. When there were two hosts it was fun and interesting but the cacophony is just exhausting now. I’ve enjoyed Radiolab for years but this is enough to make me give up!
Like this
Definitely good show
Ow Myeye
The Breath episode is one of the best radiolabs yet. Definitely my favorite. It was a triumph of podcasting and such a great listen. Thank you!
I learn so much from here
Not only is it informative(which I’m sure you knew already), but I feel like I’m getting such detailed, and well researched info from a friend. The humour, cadence and the authenticity of the story telling makes it feel like the oratory cultures I’m from and accustomed too. A job well done to all…sterling stuff… 🖖🏾
CharlieBokwe aka LilBigsteppa
Bring back Robert and the science
Used to be a very informative podcast
When did Radioblab get tho lithpy?
Perhaps my favorite aspect of Rlab has always been its careful attention to sound. In its catalogue are perhaps the most beautifully sculpted sonic works of story + music ever created. Which is why in a recent episode it was surprising to hear such a sloppy editing job on the narration - specifically with the de-esser. It really took me out of the episode. Apart from this lack of quality control in the editing phase, the content of the recent eps has been excellent.
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Roy MacNeil
I was like someone who like used to like love Radiolab
Then they stopped sounding like adults and began to, like, speak like …. Like teenage wannabes. If you wrote down the dialog of some of the episodes verbatim and tried to read them, it would drive you crazy. “Like”, the all-purpose word that is a verb, an adjective, an adverb, a noun, and mostly a replacement for, “Uh…”.
Kram 711
Freedom of Speech episode
By far. the very BEST work I’ve heard on RadioLab! Kudos!
I want to love this.
The stories and reportage are among the best in podcastdom. The psychotic production however, makes me want to gouge my eardrums out with skewers. Even as an ADD case, I dont have a short enough attention span to need the constant distractions, random interruptions, talking over each other, & cutting off others to repeat or summarize what is still in the process of being said. I go from frustrated to shouting obscenities at my speakers in 5 minutes. I wish they also made a straightforward version of this for adults.
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Go Woke, Go Broke
This show used to be great! Very sad to see a subject as fascinating as the breath, be turned into political charade.
The Harry Pace report is a triumph
Absolutely love that they brought this to life. Always a pleasure to listen.
Podcast gold
The Radiolab crew + John McWhorter at the piano = gold (re: The Vanishing of Harry Pace)
Pete Trg
I love you
Radio lab is the best I always look forward to it.
If you only had one…
I have a lot of podcast subscriptions (really, it’s A LOT), but this is the best one. No joke. Listen with good headphones.
Like, this formerly great podcast has, like, become, you know, like, unlistenable
Listen to Search Party and try to count the number of times “like” is said. I lost count around 345. Some short sentences had up to 6 “likes.” You guys are journalists and your medium is the spoken word. The standards are so low now.
teo del fuego
What happened to RadioLab?
1st off, I want to say...I LOVE RadioLab overall. I’ve been listening for probably 15 years now, and it is THE podcast that got me into listening to spoken word audio. If anyone asked me what is your favorite podcast of all time, the answer is a no brainer, “RadioLab!” However recently, the themes of the shows and stories have been severely disappointing. For some reason RadioLab has strayed from the roots that made it the greatest radio show / podcast of all time, and taken up the SJW torch. For instance the episode about Dolly, what was that!? You were trying so hard to fly that episode under the banner of feminism, even though Dolly herself said that it wasn’t her jam….(that’s called narrative, not truth) the fight of Truth vs Narrative (aka the culture war) is a fight for the very heart of our society…and unfortunately Radiolab is now on the Narrative team and not the truth team.
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The best podcast out there
This is hands down the best podcast out there right now. Excellent music and production value, high quality reporting, WIDE range of topics from space to fish to anatomy to politics. Every reporter/producer is fantastic, although I do really miss Jad and Robert as the main hosts, they’re dynamic was just *chefs kiss* and after so many years of listening, I kinda just miss their voices. I wish all the older years hadn’t been archived off of the podcast app. :( But regardless, the newer content isn’t diminished at all. Best production quality out there. My fav, everybody should give this a listen.
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Dear Radiolab
Dear Radiolab, Please stop making podcasts! Let me explain. I listen to podcast every night to try and wind down to get some sleep. The goal is to start listening to a podcast and get too sleepy and fall asleep while listening. But your podcasts have ruined that because they are so dang interesting I just have to keep listening all the way through. I can tell you all work extremely hard to bring meaningful stories to listeners, it hasn’t gone unnoticed—Thank you! P.S. for real thank you all so much and NO DONT STOP MAKINGS Podcasts! I’ll just have to listen to them when I’m not trying to fall asleep❤️
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Tony leshel
I have listened to and loved radio lab for years. I have habitually found your editing style unique and quirky, but when over done it can become distracting and grating. I was very interested in the subject of the show. The story was well researched and compelling. I tried on three different occasions to listen to it, but I couldn’t because the editing became far too frustrating and detracted from the story itself. A small sprinkling of salt can enhance the flavor of a dish. Too much salt can ruin it.
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Longtime listener wandering away
I’ve listened to Radiolab for years, and have heard nearly every episode. The departure of Robert was a huge blow, as well as the deviation from the deep dive scientific material; it now feels like every episode is a rerun (while asking for donations) or just boring. I hate to sound mean, but the new host Annie has this baby voice that makes me feel like I’m listening to Sesame Street. Annie... No more baby voice, please. We’re adults. Just disappointed in the direction this is headed. I don’t know if I’ll keep listening.
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Please get original
The latest episode, “Breath,” is an hour and a half of co-host Matt Kielty doing his best Ira Glass impersonation.
Stop with the “fake” intros in every episode…unlistenable
I’m an audio engineer and producer. With the new younger crew since Robert’s departure, there’s an excess of “like”s and “yeah, soooo” and “is this thing on?” bits in the first 10 minutes. We get it. You want the show to sound spontaneous. But EVERY dang episode? It’s getting so contrived
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