Radical with David Platt
Radical with David Platt
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Good, but a bit too radical
This is solid teaching, but is it too radical in places? I thought I was radical, but not compared to David’s stuff. Well done sir. anarcho-spiritualism.com
God is doing something here!
The message here on this podcast challenges my faith and my convictions. Love this Podcast!
Love, his faithful preaching.
He is an amazing pastor. A true pastor. Sure he has mistakes just like every other human being, but he stays true.
Solid Gospel Truth
Always get challenged by David Platt and his humble, reverent attitude.
One of my favorite pastors sharing God’s word boldly
Just a pilgrim on a journey
Thank you for stepping along with me and my family in this pilgrimage. Thank you for the encouragement we get each time we open the word with you. This is a hard race to run but your faithfulness in teaching the truth is a refreshing sip from the Everlasting Well along this difficult journey! Be blessed!
Love the message of truth, but could do without the shouting in the background.
Thank you
It’s amazing to be able to hear the Bible preached by a truly passionate Gospel pastor here in a completely different location. Thank you for preaching the word and for being used by God for my growth, while I’m here in Nashville, TN. Your podcast has been a blessing to me.
Favorite podcasts
I enjoy all of David Platt’s sermons and books, it is biblical, encouraging and convicting. You can tell David’s joy and passion in and for Christ and it is contagious! These are my go to sermons for car rides, working out, or anytime.
I wish I could give more stars.
David’s love of God can be heard in every word he speaks. He is well grounded in the word, and I have yet to hear anything that does not pass the test of scripture. His sermons challenge you in your comfort, encourage you in your walk, and educate you in your seeking; pointing you to scripture every time. No fluff here. If you like his sermons, you’ll LOVE his secret church podcast. I no longer binge watch shows, but I am guilty of binge secret-churching. (You’re welcome for the new verb.) Also, check out “pray the word” with David platt. 3-5 minute deep dive into a scripture, followed by prayer. Great way to start your day as you’re going about your morning routine.
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Great to listen to as you read the Bible
David platt is one of the best pastors in the country. You will like this podcast if you like to read the Bible.
Not for those wishing to cruise
A nice marriage, with nice kids, at a nice job equals a nice life is not what this is about. I have seen firsthand how living the Gospel as David presented it years ago st the Church at Brookhills created a desire to change. This desire led to actions of my family members to take steps of obedience to The Lord. This in turn has fueled my daily desire to do likewise. Grateful to see this continuing at MBC and this podcast
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Recovery Joe
David Platt humbly preaches an honest gospel. Whether you are comforted or challenged, you can trust that what you are hearing is biblically accurate. I hope that you will listen to these valuable teachings, not for the sake of becoming a Platt fan, but rather that you may hear the word of God and be given thy the opportunity to respond however you would.
Andrew Bartosik
Accurate Biblical Teaching
David Platt seems to grasp what God is saying throughout Scripture and communicate it extremely well. I am grateful for his ministry!
Luke from Delight
Great pastor serving a greater god
Great pastor serving a greater god and he will exalt god in his sermons. His name will be lifted high. What more could you want in a sermon. God is the greatest thing so the greatest thing we could have is himself!
I love the raw Biblical honesty of Platt regarding marriage. Having my marriage raised from the dead 4 years ago, I realize full well the power of Jesus' truths in our life. Without them we would have failed. The world needs to hear what he is saying and what Jesus taught. He unpacks it so well you can't NOT understand it. Thank you @davidplatt
Freedom found
I found such freedom in this teaching from David. I attend a great church with great teaching, but that daily quiet time is taught so often & is not a strong point for me. Thank you for the re-enforcement of my hearts belief that Jesus will use me anyway if I am obedient and available.
I love the clarity and passion Platt has for proclaiming the the true gospel and helping believers grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. My words do not do justice to describe how thankful I am for this Podcasts and all of Platt’s other sermons. I was feeling convicted lately of my apathy and lack of courage to share the gospel to people. I’ve been struggling with guilt after losing a close family member from cancer and thinking I should have shared the gospel with her more fully and clearly. I would encourage you reading this to please listen to “Mission Precision: Gospel” episode. Platt gives a precise, on-point explanation of the gospel, which does not shy away from the severity of our sin, the sufficiency of Christ’s work, and reality of hell.
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The Amen-ers
Love the sermons, it makes a busy life where sometimes I can’t make it to church feel more rounded. Although.. based off of the couple of podcasts I have listened to I have determined that your “Amen-ers” aren’t actually listening. You should definitely call them out for it. David: “I just drank water” The Amen-ers: Amen! Ameennn! *David literally says or does anything* The Amen-ers: Yeess, Amen AMEN!
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I love the clarity, the passion and enthusiasm that David always conveys. He sticks to the Bible, keeps it real and views thing with a refreshing simplicity . Thank you Lord for his vision and ministry. It’s a blessing.
Alexis Susan
Most in-depth, informative Christian podcast I have been able to find. David doesn’t sugar coat Christianity or Jesus, and gives us truths we need.
Love the podcasts and the sermons but might stop listening because of that one woman who keeps on saying amen extremely loudly after every single sentence, needs to chill a little
Great sermons!!
It’s worth your time to listen!
always smiling :)
David Platt is my go to. I’m always convicted and constantly growing when I listen to him. He has such a passion for the Lord and His Word. It’s Bible and Christ centered. My relationship with Lord is much stronger. I love love love it! David is a great teacher.
Great quality!
David Platt is easy to follow throughout scriptures and during sermons. He often gives very refreshing perspectives on scripture that will leave you thinking. He also never comes through too load on the recordings. The quality of the podcast is always excellent.
Macaira King
Holy Spirit inspired
David Platt has become my personal favorite preacher of the best news found in Christ Jesus . Thank you brother David, the Spirit through you has stirred up the Spirit in me . Blessings.
He’s real and humble. Love how he shares the gospel and returns the mind to truth through the Holy Spirit
Bangarang Rufio
The real reason for the season!
This is a scripture based, to the point discussion of who and what Jesus is and how He is so vital to each of us.
Must Listen
This is the one podcast that never disappoints. Every time I listen I am always glad I did!
Ash C in the City
Fantastic straight up bible teacher. Passionate pastor calling people to follow Jesus and go tell the world.
Best teaching sermons out there
David’s sermons are centered around the Word. You will be challenged, encouraged, convicted and grow in your faith and understanding of God’s Word and His character and what it means to be a true follower of Jesus Christ.
Powerful, Bold, Biblical, Truth
Love it love it love it! This podcast brings honor and glory to His name. It speaks truth and encourages my soul.
Great teacher Pastor. You’ll love it
A kitty cat
I loooove this podcast!
I love the speaker's heart and his biblical focus. Laser spot on!
Michael the Kool Cid
Praise Jesus
Great preaching that leads me to worship Christ and serve His bride. I share these podcasts regularly with my small group and other volunteers at our church.
This ministry has been a huge blessing in my life. I am thankful to God for David Platt’s teaching. Thanks in part to this ministry I have decided to follow Jesus with my whole heart.
Biblical GOD-centered Christianity
Love Platt’s teachings that are true to the Bible’s focus on GOD and HIS great commission. He’s very funny and a great speaker. Been so blessed n encouraged by these sermons. Praise GOD 😊🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Joshua Sun 26
Sunday Sermon Everyday!
God blesses me every time I listen to what he says through Platt. I’m a big fan David and his LOVE for God!
Tha Naterr
This is a Must Listen
This podcast has greatly been used by God to radically shift the course of my life. Through these teachings, we are shown a biblically faithful picture of the great God who is all-satisfying and deserving of all our praise. As we see the greatness of this God and His perfect love for undeserving sinners, David Platt accurately leads us to see how the only thing that makes sense for us to do is multiply the image of Christ by making disciples of all nations. Thank you for faithfully teaching His word. By God’s grace alone may he continue to use this podcast, and more like it, to impact the nations for the glory of Christ.
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One of the best!!
Gripping sermons. Humorous, true to life, and convicting.
Raw Biblical Teaching
So grateful at how honestly you present the Gospel. I have grown closer to the Lord because of how he had used you and your willingness to obey him and preach the way you do. Until I heard you peach I thought I was a black sheep for how emotional I would get over people not hearing the gospel, and to know there are people out there doing something about it has been such a blessing to me! Thank you to the Platt family for serving the Lord how you do and everyone involved with this podcast and ministry!
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Love it
Thank you David for your biblical teaching. I always start my day challenged, and this time changes me heart for the better by the grace of God
Biblical Truth with Eternal Consequences!
David Platt is a passionate teacher of the Gospel. This podcast is a great resource, subscribe!
B Mardis
Gospel truth
Platt is humble and speaks with humility and truth in a world that wants none. He is an amazing teacher and worth listening to all the time. God has truly blessed his teaching!
Solid Teaching
This podcast is so refreshing to listen to a balanced presentation of God's word. Truth in love. Conviction with compassion.
Bible bevy
You must download this podcast
Thanks to Pastor David and the Radical team for making these sermons available. Thank you thank you.
Thank you
Thank you Pastor Platt and everyone who works to get this content up! Really a blessing and helping me grow in my faith as you preach the true word of God
Radically good.
Called by God
AWESOME! Biblically sound & encouraging!
This podcast is well worth your time & effort! Thank you Radical & David Platt for sharing God's Word in such a clear & powerful way.
These sermons are encouraging and challenging in the best ways possible. Thank you.
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