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Greatest fiction podcast
I was absolutely hooked from S1Ep1. Season 2 was if anything even better. Please PNWS make more stuff like this. I loved The Last Movie S1 (season 2 was pretty meh) and Faerie. I even bought and read Terry Miles’ book; enjoyed it, too. I love the world-building, voice acting and the writing. Please make more!
Intriguing story that’s incredibly well told. I’m obsessed.
Not for me
Cringe voice acting and dialogue.
Season 1 good but no hope for season 2
I had some issues with season 1, questions not being answered or the weird hero worship over nick silver, but overall I did enjoy it. However, I’m currently listening to S2E1 and for the 2nd time in a PRA history they have used the death of Eliza Lamb in one of their podcasts…. They only have 2 and they have used it in both. It’s one thing if you’re explaining the different theories and giving equal balance to the pros and cons of each one. In this case, in both cases, they code it as a mystical or somehow cosmically horrifying for the sake of the narrative and ethically it’s not right. If you want to portray your docudrama narrative as blurring the lines between fantasy and reality then you have to also ethically adhere to a certain standard and I don’t believe the use of a, relatively recent, tragic death of a young girl meets that standard. Eliza Lamb was a real girl with real friends and family that probably still mourn her loss and her likeness should not be used as a character in a creators intellectual property. It just isn't right. Unless they consulted with the people who would be impacted by hearing that and gained their consent for their narrative it is lacking in integrity.
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Yes yes YESSSSS! I loved this podcast! I’m really intrigued w the many worlds theory/ multiple dimension thing so this was right up my alley! I actually listened to season 1 a long time ago but listened to it again when I found out there was a Season 2. Always such a treat to be able to binge an awesome show w more than 1 season! Also, the main actresses in both seasons had such great voices, very easy to listen to. Anyway, totally recommend!
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Would be perfect except..
Characters pause too often in dialogue. One character will ask the other a question and they wont respond after a long pause prompting the character to say their name. Half of dialogue is this as well as 20% of the podcast being pauses. Also lots of the dialogue is on character repeating what the other has said. Very annoying and waste of time
I have recommended this podcast to everyone I know!! I have now purchased the book and beginning to read it. I can not wait for more podcast like this!!! I lease don’t stop what you guys are doing!
tae from another dimension
6 stars.
Love this podcast I binged the whole thing. Now I’m falling in love with the NRA. I haven’t had anything capture my interest like this is a long time!
Listen to the first season but then stop
Season 1 would get 4 stars even with some glaring inconsistencies, like a podcast about a game you’re not supposed to talk about, and the whole thing about the wardens. But season 2 would get 2 stars, hence the 3 stars. Season 2 had some interesting ideas but the dialogue seemed to presume the audience has the cognitive capacity of a 6 year old. The dialogue was very repetitive. The dialogue was often redundant. The dialogue frequently included the actors repeating overly apparent simple concepts numerous times.
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Where the Boys Are
The melody for “Where the Boys Are” plays over and over and over. Why? Is it relevant to the game?
Sad excuse for a season 2
I listened to the first season a long time ago and it was wonderful. Unfortunately, the sad excuse for a follow up that is season 2 is just a lazy giant ad for the novel. Don’t waste your time.
Ready for season 3
The story is so intriguing and definitely keeps you up to wanting more/thinking about things! Season 1 was fantastic and season too was pretty good too, I should’ve known the left the ending with a cliffhanger. Super cool how they brought Carly Parker back into it though! It’ll be interesting to know more about Jones and Yumiko along with what happened to Remedy. Overall I loved it and highly recommend!!
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Season 2 was just as rad
Love this show, was very pleasantly surprised when I saw season two had been added. Again very compelling story and a great listen. Loved it!
I always look forward to these podcasts the stories are amazing and keep you listening ❤️
Great story idea but
Painfully repetitive at times and why do the actors talk sooo sllloooowwww… Lots of potential and very nostalgic for those of us who love vintage games and conspiracies of that era. But the writer and producer really needed a talented editor, esp for season 1. The only podcast I have ever listened to on 1.5 speed.
Typical PNWS
Starts out great, random noises, 5 foot episode… awful ending. Should have known what was coming after the black tapes, tanis, and the last movie. I wonder how many random noises they have? That about 75% of the podcasts. Do they reuse them? What is the budget for the noises like? It’s for sure more than they spend on the rest of the podcast.
What even Happened??
The first season was really good. The beginning and middle of the second season were also good! The retconning was done well, IMO, and did make sense in-universe. However, the last episode was extremely disappointing. It went straight from the climax to the denouement with no answers, whatsoever. I find myself unfulfilled and confused. If you’re going to listen to this, listen to the first season, which was worth it and can absolutely stand alone. I felt, however, that the second season was a waste of my time, and that very few of the new concepts and ideas introduced in S2 were explained adequately, thus messing w the plot.
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The Door Is Open!
Fantastic story and compelling characters. This podcast is the perfect thing to dive into on a grey winter day. This has me looking at everyday things and events wondering if they’re part of some secret ARG.
Mr Penderson
Mesmerizing story
PNWS is really onto something with this one! I’ve listened to Season 1 several times over. It’s a fascinating, self-contained tale. Then Season 2 turns much of it on its head and causes you to reinterpret it. I do wish it had an expanded ending for season 2 (or they’d hurry up with 3) because it’s not capped off quite as well as one. I love it too much to dock it a star though.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again
Terry Miles is a genius. This show is fantastic. And season 2 was awesome! Don’t listen to the haters. I would love to see an avengers style mashup where everyone from the Black Tapes / TANIS / Rabbits solve a mystery together!
Fern Fuentes
So glad I didn't pay for this.
It was absolutely worth waiting 7 months for episode 2 of the second season to drop. Maybe two episodes total were suspenseful. After all the buildup about the stupid cards, it only takes one card to win the game? Ok, that makes sense.
jay n ky
When is season 3 coming out?!
Season 2 was just…WOW. AMAZING. When is season 3 coming out?! I need more.
Skip season 2
I wish I could give different ratings to season 1 and season 2. Season 1 was great, but season 2 is terrible. The acting is much worse in season 2, and I find it hard to get into the story.
Love love love
Love everything made by PRE but whaaats in the booox‽‽‽ 😩 Hoping S3 comes soon cause I’m DYING to know!
My favorite podcast of all time
This podcast is so smart and is one that keeps your attention. Such a cool story and made super well 10000/10000
I've listened to the first episode, it sounds like it is going to be a good one. I've enjoyed "Tanis" and "Black Tapes". So, now I'm waiting for episode two.
Pretty much my favorite
Rabbits is a solid podcast. For me its a fascinating adventure that uses the connectivity of the Internet and pop culture to drive a mystery story. I usually listen to each episode twice.
I definitely am hooked on anything by Nick Silver!! Wish there’s more!!
Are you playing?
Bizarre but addictive. Was excited when season 2 was released. I love the way every story is a bit of nostalgia mixed with a puzzle each listener gets to interpret in their own realm of existence. How is the past, connected to the present, connected to the future? Are these all running simultaneously? As you fall asleep at night can you see all the lines of energy? What happens when lines intersect? Are you playing?
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3-2-1 Bye
I like it BUT the plugging is too much
I’m getting tuned off and annoyed to the point of not wanting to listen as its producers keep being mentioned and so does the podcast in the middle of it… its a buzz kill… hopefully S.2 isn’t as heavily AD induced…
I’m an undergrad art history student focusing on spiritualism and spiritual objects. This podcast has been an insane escape and I’m obsessed finished the whole thing and started Saturday. Keep it going we are all hooked- but only because we all know we are playing the game.
Bad writing, bad acting
Me: I waa very excited for season 2. The first season was good in a cheesy bad way. I first heard another season was coming while surfing the dark web. Riley: So, you were excited about season 2? And it was on the dark web you first heard about it? Me: Yes that’s what I just said Riley: The dark web is the place wheel you first heard about rabbits season 2, a show you were excited about? Me: YES PATH CARD COMMERCIAL
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wesley thomas johnson
Rabbits !!!!
I’m so in love with this podcast
Very imaginative podcast. Oddball characters, immersive fantasy/sci-fi theme. It’s great fun!
Don’t count on an ending…the black taps and tanis are somehow incomplete and no online hints as to why? Bill in bama!
bill in bama
G.O.A.T Podcast
G.O.A.T That's all I gotta say.
A friend suggested I listen to Rabbits and I was IMMEDIATELY sucked in! I listened to the entire series in a day and am itching for more!
Rabbits RU listening?
Fantastic Podcast! It is slick and very well done. Each certainly most episodes end with a kind of cliff hanger really hooks me into listening to the next one. I’m a old school crossing guard and Rabbits is what is in my ear on these cold Minnesota mornings. I’m in season one episode 9 I think maybe 8 and I have this overwhelming sense of dread thinking about the end coming up, I want this podcast to go on forever! Told my son about it now he’s hooked on Rabbits too. I have a confession sometimes I google the clues given on the podcast and sometimes I find them! Or at least I think I do. Well anyway I thought I would let you know how much I’m enjoying Rabbits and I hope Carly can find Yumiko. Listening in Minnesota
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2nd season
Good start to the second season. The flow of the show is much better. Not as much unnecessary dialog. It goes well with the first rabbits novel as well. Too bad gravity falls never had the elevator game in it.
“That sounds……….[insert random, unrelated word]” The dialogue is slow. The girl who voices Carly is a whisper talker. And the script writers are overly reliant on the words “right”, “of course” and “confusing”. Seriously. Count them.
On air “talent” is abysmal
Interesting premise but don’t know if I can get past the utter lack of talent in every voice “actor” in episode 1. Sounds like they took random people off the street in Toronto and put a mike in their face.
Silian Rail
😑 meh
Basically she’s having a huge acid trip and that’s the whole plot. You welcome for spoiling the whole thing. ☺️
elamental homie
Not Paying
Sorry, but it’s super lame to start charging for podcasts. Defeats the point. Run more ads but don’t charge people.
Literally one of the best pieces of media (including film,tv, and written word) to be released in the last five years. Nearly had a conniption when I saw the season two release, bought stitcher premium immediately- very worth it. If you like the OA you will like this!!!
So I’ve Listened to the Black tapes and Tanis both which I liked both so I started Rabbits but I have my issues at this point WITHOUT SPOILERS: it’s enticing and draws you into it right away which I appreciate and gets you going right off the bat. The plot you follow is really cool and the way the put everything together is nice. Story wise it can be a little cliché but personally I can overlook that because the characters have a decent amount of depth and relatability. ***WITH SPOILERS*** I feel like everything terry miles writes in his podcasts always deal with the end of the world and what makes it worse is he connects the podcasts somewhat. For example in black tapes there are cultists trying to bring upon the end of the world, and then in Tanis they say the calm is trying to bring forth the end of the world and now Rabbits doing the same thing and it wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t try to connect the 3 of them. Like in the black tapes, and Rabbits Nick Silver pops up as a character in both which kinda connects all 3 and makes all 3 of them seem like the world is ending by 3 different ways which I find repetitive and not very creative. Like find a different reason that these things are happening instead of “the end of everything” but this is really only an issue if you listen to Black tapes, Tanis and Rabbits. There’s really nothing wrong with them aside from partial cliché bits in them and the whole “End of the world” plot line. Like first time I was cool with it. The second time I gave it a pass and now this time I think it just sounds dumb and not creative.
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This show is fantastic. So many parts of it have left me with my jaw open and goose bumps on my skin. Had to purchase the novel and I didn’t even finish the first season yet!
Binge worthy!!
Started season one yesterday morning. Just finished season one tonight! Sooo catchy, I’ve already sent to multiple friends. Found this podcast on a google search for podcasts like bridgewater—- also recommend! Can’t wait for more seasons and am definitely going to purchase the book 10/10 recommend! 👍👍👍
Great plot, mediocre dialogue writing
One of the landmark narrative drama podcasts with an extremely intriguing plot and plenty of twists. But I have to say…. Compared to other narrative dramas, especially podcasts released more recently, the dialogue writing is incredibly stilted and basic, almost on the level of a beginning playwriting class. It didn’t really improve with PATHS and I can only hope the writers get better in Season 2.
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Stitcher Premium only?
I’m confused. Is season 2 only available on a paid service now? That’s not cool to start the podcast on a free service and then switch it up midway through. Not cool at all.
Another superb horror/conspiracy series
Fun horror conspiracy series, this time playing with everything from video games to alternate dimensions. Great listen for anyone who is fans of audio plays.
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