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When Carly Parker’s friend Yumiko goes missing under very mysterious circumstances, Carly’s search for her friend leads her headfirst into a ancient mysterious game known only as Rabbits. Soon Carly begins to suspect that Rabbits is much more than just a game, and that the key to understanding Rabbits, might be the key to the survival of our species, and the Universe, as we know it.
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Good despite awful main character
This show touches on a ton of ideas and events that utterly fascinate me, and has created such an interesting and compelling problem the characters are trying to solve. That being said, I would ~not~ be friends with Carly. She has no critical thinking skills, asks the DUMBEST questions, is sarcastic when it’s rude and not helpful, and literally can’t seem to understand even spoon-fed basic quantum physics concepts, even though this adventure is supposed to be completely based in quantum physics. Not to mention, her whole deal is pretty white-savior-y. If this story was real, she’d already be dead. Her voice shakes like a little kid standing up to a bully, even during normal convos. I just think a woman who would go this far to find her friend would be a) WAY more street smart, b) quick-thinking, critical, but open minded and c) not such a baby. Have you met a powerful, intelligent, aggressive reporter that talks like a butterfly? Me neither. Like scary men coming towards you? LEAVE. Computers coming on remotely? GET OUT OF THERE. Someone actually tells you you’re in danger? UH STOP TAPPING YOUR TOE AND GO. I just think a real investigative reporter would have so much more backbone. Her one big bad moment was standing up to a billionaire who could erase her with a flick of his wrist. Like THAT’s when you get tough? The one time someone could actually dispose of you? But if you can put Carly aside, it’s great. Alternate dimensions, Elysian drift, quantum physics, spooky dangerous men, everything a girl needs.
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Still the best
It’s been several years since Rabbits was released and it’s still the best fic podcast I’ve found. We need a S2!
My favorite so far
I think this is my favorite of these so far. Loved the Black Tapes, Tanis is good as well, but this one takes the cake. I binged it in a few days, could not stop listening. The ending was incredibly satisfying. Well done, I’m very much looking forward to more of your work!!
Chenoa B
Junior Level
This plot was a bit more interesting than the Black Tapes story. However the story being fiction still could not shake its soap opera vibe. Certain words and phrases make the story very cliche and difficult to have a sense of realism to capture the actors as convincing. The last episode sum up was not mysterious enough. It’s like it she was reading from her diary. Concept intriguing, acting not so much. Waiting for a more Senior level story and script. Not sure how Tanis will be. Here I go!
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Excellent show
I have rabbits hidden around my office now I’m so into this podcast. Cannot wait for season two!!
Mr. Fivestring
Rabbits - wonderfully entertaining
Great story! It has the complexity to keep you entertained and the drama to make you binge it.
Daily Music Listener
Great great great! I want more! I was listening whilst washing dishes in my kitchen and kept looking over my shoulder. So much fun.
Really Interesting
Very Cool!
Binge-Worthy! 🔥
The story telling is so satisfying, the plot keeps you hooked! I loved it.
I’m entertained
Plot is good I am halfway through and am enjoying the story. The problem is that everyone seems so bored and the acting is slow. Sometimes the back and forth conversation is a little too predictable.
Winning formula
I love how Pacific Northwest Stories does podcasts. The Black Tapes, Tanis and Rabbits are just super well made.
An entertaining shaggy dog story
A shaggy rabbit story?
Sargent Salt
Awesome show so far!
Been addicted to this for a few days.
Tedious and annoying
I never finished the 1st podcast. It took more than 11 minutes for the narrator to tell us that Yumiko was playing a game called “Rabbits.” It’s also called “Nine,” properly written as “IX” because it’s the ninth iteration of the game, “I” (One being the 1st). Eleven minutes. I captured it 2 sentences. And it doesn’t get better. This is for people who can’t stop yapping but never have anything to say.
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Nickname?! UgottaBkiddingme
Terrific and addictive
From the very first episode, I have been addicted to this highly engaging, realistic and thought provoking podcast. I binged through it within 36 hours, and am now re-listening to it. Great job! I look forward to the next season.
Y’all killed it make another season
was this a crazy adventure with neato characters?
why, yes.
Garbosal Products ™️
probably the best of the PRA podcasts
genuinely creative story! hope it doesn’t drop off in later seasons like the Black Tapes and Tanis
You guys are as$ h0les. Pretend to have a “hiccup” in Tanis when it was clearly a story breakdown and fail to provide for rabbits as well. Clear your heads, bring in writers, and get back in game.
Not Perfect, but Still Fun
Let’s start with the obvious: the acting isn’t great, the script can be a bit laughable, and sometimes it feels a bit full of itself, but the plot is still good! The character dynamics are interesting and despite the cons, I found I cared about them and what they were going through. By no means is this podcast perfect, but I felt like it tried something new and it’s worth a listen for what it does right!
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Good, with bad conversations.
I like this podcast, but HATE the conversations/script. I feel like the main girl asks a lot of ridiculous questions, and only says, “what do you mean?”, or “What?” during the entire thing. All the conversations, are very fake and dramatic sounding, so it makes it hard to listen to. I just hope that gets better during season 2, because the idea is really cool.
A binge-worthy listen
I was thoroughly captivated from the first 5 minutes and then binged the whole series (season 1) over a weekend. It gave me some OA season 2 meets Adjustment Bureau vibes. Great concept and storytelling. Sound design on point. Excellent narration, but conversations felt super awkward and unnatural most of the time. Wasn’t a huge fan of the ending, but I accepted it (in the same way I had to accept the spinning top ending of Inception). All in all a thrilling listen and I would recommend.
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Wanted to Love It...
I listened to all of season 1 and most of season 2. It felt like there was the basic ingredients for a really great story, but the creator tried too hard to be overly ?dramatic? and it just started to feel too forced.
A mystery worth listening to
I really enjoyed learning about each of the characters. The story was very imaginative and well thought out!
Gage Newsome
Hate to say this but man that was disappointing
I listened until the end of season 1 and I was hoping the ending would have some substance, but this is the most let down I’ve ever been from a podcast that was initially so captivating.
Wow okay buster
👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 5 stars
Sort of disappointing :(
i really enjoyed listening to this podcast and all throughout season 1 i was HOOKED. but... the ending. it was like the writers didn’t know how to end the podcast and just hoped we’d nod our heads and just, i don’t know, forget about everything that happened, that was recorded. they ended it the way i used to end my longer stories i would write in middle school. a good storyline, solid characters, a nice rising action, then it would just stop. they might as well have ended it with “and then i woke up.” i liked the little bit of mystery, but it felt short and to the point, like they wanted to wrap it all up fast. i would recommend this podcast to anyone who likes this investigation concept, but i can’t say i really enjoyed it, since it somewhat feels like, i mentioned this already but whatever, one of those “and then i woke up” endings. i’m just not sure how to feel.
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Cool story, needs better writing
The narration is good and the premise is interesting, but the conversations are unrealistic. I spend a lot of time thinking “Is this how people hold a conversation? It’s so uncomfy.” I kept trying to rewrite the conversations between Jones and Carly so that they have unique voices. People talk over each other, sometimes make jokes, tease each other... There’s something human that’s missing from all of these conversations.
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First PNWA Podcast I Listened to
This podcast has an exceptional host of voice actors and a storyline that just won't quit. It's dynamic and intriguing, and is an incredibly written audio collection. Really, this podcast is the newfangled diary of mystery, but with consistent testaments of bystanders to keep the story ever evolving. I loved this so much, I moved over to the Black Tapes (PRA) and Tanis (PRA) to invest more time with the other occasional drop-in radio hosts. This podcast is an audio compilation of Carly Parker's investigation into the disappearence of her childhood friend, Yumiko. Though a bizarre and seeminly otherworldy series of events, Carly is thrust into the middle of a dangerous game focused on winning undernet fame and world-over fortune. Follow along with Carly as she desperately searches for her friend while unearthing a host of characters focused on the perception and dynamics of the game titled simply 'Rabbits' or 'Nine.' You won't regret the plot--set up like a new style fiction--all based in the beautiful, but secretive, Pacific Northwest. I recommend that the show creators give the public another season! Because the storyline potential needs to be completed!
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Just WOW
As a disclaimer I am only two full episodes into the series. However, I am fully blown away by the story itself and the storytelling. The seamless weaving of fictional and nonfictional elements is fantastic. Coming from the age where a lot of this takes root, and working in the technology field my whole life really makes this whole experience all the more delicious. Also, just to note, if you hear “uploaded to the notes section”, those aren’t just words. To me, it was a fantastic extra dimension.
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Such a good idea and then so much disappointment -the acting, the false hope in a season 2 (?!), and just how it is organized in the same exact way of Tanis and The Black Tapes. 1 trick pony?
katherine brosiqq
Need season 2 ASAP!
It takes some time to get into, but Rabbits is fantastic. It’s more focused and focused than Tanis, without losing the mystery and the intrigue. Season 1 is fantastic. Everything from the narration to the music is perfect. Highly recommend!
Jeff Linn
Great story
I feel like they’ve finally nailed it! Tania drags on and on with no cohesive end in sight. This was fun and addicting yet clear and focused. Great job
Amazing. Addictive.
Are you playing? I want more.
In my top three podcasts, along with TANIS and Spines.
Oh my gosh! I just finished TANIS and was craving something along the same lines. I binged all 10 episodes in two days - I just couldn't bring myself to pull my earbuds out. It's so freaking good!
The pace is slow
Sometimes feels like it’s dragging on
TANIS’s annoying sibling
It’s like TANIS but less fun and less interesting gaslighting.
Ambitious but in the end kind of dumb
The Best Podcast
Love this podcast!!!! Wish season 2 was available since season 1 left me hanging!!!
Great show!
I began listening to Rabbits after hearing it advertised on the Tanis podcast. This entire show was thrilling and fascinating from the very start! It wasn’t too complicated to follow, and I was hooked from the first episode.
Lolipop Luver
Amazing premise, awful acting and writing
The concept was so strong that I hung on for 3 episodes. The writing is so unpolished and cringe I just couldn’t take it anymore. Give it a try, it might be a fit for you.
JC in New Hampshire
It’s now just adds for other shows
They haven’t put out any content on this in so long that it’s now just a way for the podcast network to promote other shows. It’s really frustrating.
Hmmm...seems familiar...
Another PRA podcast about a another potential secret society, ancient conspiracy, and a narrative bogged down by redundant and superfluous detail. I loved the Black Tapes until the hastily put together “ending”, Tanis is all over the place, and upon first blush, Rabbits initially just seems like an amalgamation of the two. However, it’s much better and more focused than Tanis. It is a bit more like the Black Tapes, and I hope that it stays focused and actually wraps up the storylines.
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I absolutely love all “PRA” shows!!!
I haven’t found one yet that hasn’t sucked me in! The ending of The Black Tapes should have been better. I was very disappointed in the ending, too many loose ends. But Tanis, Rabbits and The Last Movie have me completely hooked!
Great show!!..or at least so far so good
The reason I say the last part is that I’m hoping it won’t go the way of the Black Tapes from PNWS—that is leaving a bunch of unresolved stuff! I really enjoyed the story on Rabbits, but it does seem to be begging for more resolution so I’m hoping for season 2!..? But regardless, like all PNWS shows, regardless of terrible ending or not, the atorytelling is rich, I love the weaving in of factual stuff with the fantastic, and it’s a far, far better way to spend an afternoon than any of the unimaginative crap that’s on TV
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So good!
I work in a lab, and all day long, I listen to podcasts, so I’ve heard a LOT of podcasts. I mostly listen to story podcasts, and I’m not quite finished with this one, but I’ve listened to it non-stop for days now! I can’t wait to see what happens next, but at the same time, I don’t want the ‘game’ to end!
Very interesting
This show was incredible. Super intricate plot, great writing and acting.
i like pie and i am cool!!!!!
TV for My Ears
I really got into this show - theorizing alongside Carly with every episode. I appreciate how UNpredictable this adventure was ... great listen during my commute. Definitely TV for My Ears ... and based on the recommends, I’m jumping into TANIS now.
Interesting idea that needs more maturity
I was prepared to love this podcast. I enjoy Tanis, even with its glaring narrative flaws- so I was hoping that Rabbits would be a more polished product. Unfortunately, it takes all the flaws of Tanis (contrived dialogue, unnecessary prolonging of information given, obnoxious police scanner background noise in every single episode, and female characters clearly written by a guy) and exacerbates them. The most glaring issue is with the narrator. She’s either written by a dude imagining his dream girlfriend, or worse, written by a young woman who sees herself as superior and “not like other girls” because she likes nerdy things. I should want to be best friends with Carlie, but the story makes her weirdly ignorant and and incapable of handling abstract ideas- all while ticking off all the cool nerd things she likes so we know she different from “most girls” (i.e. has a bad case of internalized misogyny). The story itself is a mishmash of convoluted ties to conspiracy theories and nerd culture that don’t really work. It’s very close to something a kid in their first year in college would write after reading Grant Morrison for the first time. To say the least, Rabbits is in need of some serious maturing.
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Best podcast by PRA
This is my favorite podcast by Public Radio Alliance. Looking forward to season 2.
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