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Hazel tree. Witch hazel. Hazel nut. Nutella. Mon Cheri candy. So now that one set of 2018 teacups is finally complete has Hazel temporarily won VIII and since the first 2019 set was completed early on did Carly temporarily win IX? But I intervened and boosted Rabbits so their are no winners a second set of 2018 is incomplete again with the tiger but the rat substituting the dog. A second set of 2019 is again incomplete with the tiger.
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So good I'm paying for premium on another service that I hate
The subject says it all. The Public Radio Alliance podcasts are so well done (yes, there's still an element of cheese, but who doesn't like cheese?) that I've consumed them all multiple times. I've read the Rabbits book. Its all good. Its not like they can do no wrong, they pre-release seasons on the last podcatcher I'd ever want to hand money to, St*tcher is a nightmare to deal with, nothing works right, but I'll wade through it to hear their shows a year early. I live for this stuff. Thank you PRA, I hope that Tanis tv show finally comes to fruition 💕
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Some context and support for Rabbits
If you dont have any prior exposure to the other podcasts from PRA or PNS, a lot of these reviews will be confusing or even stilted. Here's a short primer... The first story podcast was The Black Tapes. It has a heavy tinge of the supernatural right upfront. Think X-Files. Then there's Tanis - it's more, "we dont really understand nature" rather than "supernatural". If you're into ghost stories and hauntings, TBT is your jam. If you're an open minded science/naturalist/humanist, then Tanis may resonate. They both have a similar sonic style with good voice acting and people that really care behind them. Rabbits is an evolution of this - the premis being less about nature and supernatural and more about an unknown history - a long running and very deep history surounding a game.Theyve distilled what theyve learned from their other incarnations and have built a master story framework. I like TBT just fine. I really like Tanis, but Rabbits - this is their best work. If you're going to start anywhere, this is the one. I think I've listened to nearly every significant podcast storytelling out there (I have a lot of comuting time). This has the best story telling potential... some people find the cadence bothersome (long pauses, music cues, etc) but I find them perfectly in style with the tone of the story. it is 100% worth taking a listen to. It will take a couple episodes for you to get grounded so give it time.
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R U Playing?
I have been addicted to this for a few days. I love it so much! I absolutely loved Jones! Overall a fantastic podcast. I keep finding myself looking for mysterious men in grey... Edit: OMIGOSHOMIGOSH SEASON 2!!!!!!?
Really close to perfect
I’ve listened to Rabbits several times and always enjoy it. Original, interesting premise and plenty of mystery. Great acting and excellent writing. Would recommend to anyone, especially gamers.
Love it! (Read as obsessed with)
I found the Rabbits book in an airport and devoured it in days. I couldn’t get enough so of course I had to listen to the podcast and am burning through this as well!
PRA is a joke and not worth your time!
I have spend countless hours listening to PRA's podcasts (including rabbits, the black tapes, etc.) I have learned that if they lead up to another season, don't be fooled because it will either not happen, or will randomly appear years laters after you forgot everything. They also make no announcements and never keep their listener's updated as to what's going on. 5 years later and they announce a book? I don't care! I was here for a podcast sequel that didn't happen after the first season. I am not interested in a stupid book. A conclusion would have been nice..??? I really feel like this company is a joke. A couple of years ago, yeah, I would have recommended this podcast, but this long and I am done. Not to mention, they keep starting new podcasts instead of finishing or working on their existing ones. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!
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Found this by accident and am completely hooked. Finished it in under a week and Already bought the book to read. Messed up and totally engrossing.
I’m hooked!
I’m fairly new to podcasting and found this one via the book that’s soon coming out soon. I’ve only listed to 2 episodes so far but… I’m hooked! The production is top notch, the narrator’s voice is perfect, and I can’t wait to find out what happens!
Eerie, contemporary, and solid
One of my favorite fiction podcasts. A good mystery with some high-tech sci-fi elements, but also good old fashioned mystical elements also. Good story arc. I like the eerie vibe.
Mind bending!
Absolutely mind bending! Love the story, the mystery, the rate of progress through the show. You won't be disappointed. If you're at all interested in mystery or sci-fi, this will quickly become a fav. Read the novel, too! I can't put it down!
SK Phish
On air “talent” is abysmal
Interesting premise but don’t know if I can get past the utter lack of talent in every voice “actor” in episode 1.
Silian Rail
Voices Confusion
I love love Rabbits and am super excited about The Path, but based on the first episode, Lucy and the main speaker have way too similar voices. It sounds like the main character talking to herself 😩
R U Playing?
I’d caution you to clear your schedule before starting Episode 1. Just out of the corner of your eye…if you see them, it might be too late. Trying to follow the rules here Don’t tell anyone.
Game on
Thanks for the birthday present.
Terrific and addictive; please, please give us a second season.
From the very first episode, I have been addicted to this highly engaging, realistic and thought provoking podcast. I binged through it within 36 hours, and am now re-listening to it. Great job! I look forward to the next season.
So soooo good!!
I have listened to many podcasts and very few have drawn me in the way this one has. I’m completely addicted and look forward to exploring more content from this team. Great job! Y’all hit this out of the park!
New Rabbits? _Please_ don’t ruin it.
The jury is still out on this one. The original Rabbits was awesome when it first dropped. It was _mostly_ set in the real world, with _just enough_ alternate-reality stuff to be interesting without being over-the-top. I loved it. Then I listened to TANIS, and … wow, what trash that was. It started out ok, but soon all of the nuance and subtlety in Rabbits was gone, and what replaced it was some, frankly, terrible writing that sought in nearly every episode to connect the story to yet another of the countless examples of half-baked crackpot conspiracy theories throughout history. It grew to be laughably bad towards the end of season 2, and … wow, just terrible. So, please - keep the new Rabbits nuanced. Please, please, please don’t send it driving headlong into a wall of incredulity like TANIS did, over and over and over … and over and over and over again.
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Falling You
Real great stuff!
It just goes on and on and on, the same dreary background music, the lifeless monotone voice acting, and the incredibly slow pace make you feel trapped in a tiny room. The concept is interesting but the execution was so unfortunate that I made it all the way to the last episode didn’t even want to listen anymore.
Twiggy wetballs1625
What happened to Dr. Strand??
These are the best group of podcasts ever. Keep up the good work
infamous IA
What was that ending??? Seriously??? It seemed like a whole cop out. Idk.
Take a shot every time the main character says “What do you mean?”
Loved this podcast. The story telling is descriptive and well done. I want more! Where is the next season, Seriously I’ve been waiting forever! Please please please release another season!
Worth a listen
Overall it’s okay. I enjoyed moments of it but I kept getting taken out of it because Carly and Jones kept saying how dangerous the game was even though there really didn’t seem to actually be any danger... It was interesting when it came to multiverse theory. Worth a listen if you aren’t looking to be scared, because it’s definitely not scary.
Just WOW
As a disclaimer I am only two full episodes into the series. However, I am fully blown away by the story itself and the storytelling. The seamless weaving of fictional and nonfictional elements is fantastic. Coming from the age where a lot of this takes root, and working in the technology field my whole life really makes this whole experience all the more delicious. Also, just to note, if you hear “uploaded to the notes section”, those aren’t just words. To me, it was a fantastic extra dimension. Edit 12-16-2020 Finished the series, again. The writing, narration, the ebb and flow of the story, editing, everything, I found it all to be just fantastic. It was VERY HARD to put down. I would drive around for hours listening to just one more episode.
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Blurs the lines between fiction and reality like Tanis. Wonderful with nuggets of truth.
Amazing I want this to be real so bad
Yes we are all waiting for more but it’s so worth it love what y’all do
Fierce heat
Tries so hard to be LimeTown
I’m not a huge fan of the “Person starts a podcast to investigate x mysterious thing” format. The only show I’ve found that does it well is LikeTown. And that only worked because they did an excellent job with shrouding everything in mystery (which Rabbits does fairly well) but unlike Rabbits, LimeTown delivered a killer punchline to its setup (Rabbits not so much). Main character’s don’t need to be “likable” only interesting, Carly was neither. Unlike Lia or Charlie (from seasons 1 & 2 of LimeTown respectively) Carly asks dumb questions, and narrates insane exposition even in situations where both parties know the information she is spewing out. If you are going to give exposition at least talk directly to the audience which is the whole point of this “fake podcast” format. Don’t think you are clever by “hiding” exposition in dialogue. Unlike some reviewers who couldn’t get through episode 1 I stuck it out all the way through season 1 hoping for an ROI that never came. I like the idea of an underground game, kind of like the adult version of the “39 Clues” teen book series. But I think it would be better served dropping the “fake podcast” format, and made into a TV show with well-defined characters and a bigger IT factor behind everything.
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Joshua A. Mangrum
Awesome show.
Waiting forever for season 2!
Interesting Ending
I was expecting it to be way less conclusive as mysteries are but it ends in a really nice place. It’s conclusive but they could do a season 2 if they ever wanted to. I feel like series like these never pull that off well. Good production and more direct than Tanis which I love but tends to meander.
The first episode just dragged and I couldn’t see myself finishing it
R U playing?
D.O.C. M.
Great story, but felt like it sagged
It feels a lot like this story changed and adapted over time, but the main story beats remained the same. What started as a documentary following clues about Carly’s missing friend changed tone and perspective a few episodes in, less about this being us following along in real time and more of a story telling device. Which gets really weird later when people comment on having listened to the podcast in real time...it’s confusing. You’re telling me nothing happened in between two weeks every time? Not terrible, but it distracted me a lot. Overall, I feel like the story had a great start, but sagged in the last third, lots of exposition, lots of narrative beats being out of reach until the story decided we needed it (please, drop hints and give us stuff to realize LATER mattered more, instead of the drip feed, the entire brother storyline took sooooo long to get the full story). The final episode really wrapped it all together and made it work, you’ve just got to push through 6-9 as the payoff is worth it.
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Best Podcast Ever!!!
This is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. With only 10 episodes you guys managed to create such a unique and reverting story! Please give us more season!!!
Good despite awful main character
This show touches on a ton of ideas and events that utterly fascinate me, and has created such an interesting and compelling problem the characters are trying to solve. That being said, I would ~not~ be friends with Carly. She has no critical thinking skills, asks the DUMBEST questions, is sarcastic when it’s rude and not helpful, and literally can’t seem to understand even spoon-fed basic quantum physics concepts, even though this adventure is supposed to be completely based in quantum physics. Not to mention, her whole deal is pretty white-savior-y. If this story was real, she’d already be dead. Her voice shakes like a little kid standing up to a bully, even during normal convos. I just think a woman who would go this far to find her friend would be a) WAY more street smart, b) quick-thinking, critical, but open minded and c) not such a baby. Have you met a powerful, intelligent, aggressive reporter that talks like a butterfly? Me neither. Like scary men coming towards you? LEAVE. Computers coming on remotely? GET OUT OF THERE. Someone actually tells you you’re in danger? UH STOP TAPPING YOUR TOE AND GO. I just think a real investigative reporter would have so much more backbone. Her one big bad moment was standing up to a billionaire who could erase her with a flick of his wrist. Like THAT’s when you get tough? The one time someone could actually dispose of you? But if you can put Carly aside, it’s great. Alternate dimensions, Elysian drift, quantum physics, spooky dangerous men, everything a girl needs.
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Still the best
It’s been several years since Rabbits was released and it’s still the best fic podcast I’ve found. We need a S2!
My favorite so far
I think this is my favorite of these so far. Loved the Black Tapes, Tanis is good as well, but this one takes the cake. I binged it in a few days, could not stop listening. The ending was incredibly satisfying. Well done, I’m very much looking forward to more of your work!!
Chenoa B
Junior Level
This plot was a bit more interesting than the Black Tapes story. However the story being fiction still could not shake its soap opera vibe. Certain words and phrases make the story very cliche and difficult to have a sense of realism to capture the actors as convincing. The last episode sum up was not mysterious enough. It’s like it she was reading from her diary. Concept intriguing, acting not so much. Waiting for a more Senior level story and script. Not sure how Tanis will be. Here I go!
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Excellent show
I have rabbits hidden around my office now I’m so into this podcast. Cannot wait for season two!!
Mr. Fivestring
Rabbits - wonderfully entertaining
Great story! It has the complexity to keep you entertained and the drama to make you binge it.
Daily Music Listener
Great great great! I want more! I was listening whilst washing dishes in my kitchen and kept looking over my shoulder. So much fun.
Really Interesting
Very Cool!
Binge-Worthy! 🔥
The story telling is so satisfying, the plot keeps you hooked! I loved it.
I’m entertained
Plot is good I am halfway through and am enjoying the story. The problem is that everyone seems so bored and the acting is slow. Sometimes the back and forth conversation is a little too predictable.
Winning formula
I love how Pacific Northwest Stories does podcasts. The Black Tapes, Tanis and Rabbits are just super well made.
An entertaining shaggy dog story
A shaggy rabbit story?
Sargent Salt
Awesome show so far!
Been addicted to this for a few days.
Tedious and annoying
I never finished the 1st podcast. It took more than 11 minutes for the narrator to tell us that Yumiko was playing a game called “Rabbits.” It’s also called “Nine,” properly written as “IX” because it’s the ninth iteration of the game, “I” (One being the 1st). Eleven minutes. I captured it 2 sentences. And it doesn’t get better. This is for people who can’t stop yapping but never have anything to say.
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Nickname?! UgottaBkiddingme
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