Callie Wright
True Stories of The Lives of Queer and Trans People
i did a thing
i did a thing
Nov 26
13 min
visibility is both life and death
trans awareness week leads up to the trans day of remembrance. and that feels kinda weird to me.
Nov 19
14 min
a good day to be on wheelie feet
Nov 12
13 min
take your meds and hydrate please <3
and don't forget to breathe
Nov 5
9 min
let's tango
Rafi and Phillip never considered getting married. Until they did.
Oct 29
39 min
the retransitioners
Twitter trolls love talking about de-transition. What about retransition?   help my fundraiser for Women's Crisis Center! bit.ly/calliewcc 
Oct 22
31 min
niceness (or lack thereof) is NOT the problem
Oct 15
43 min
a bunker? in this economy?
the word prepper has a certain image attached to it. but its not exactly right. and there's some valuable stuff we can learn from fellow leftists who are preppers. and given the unrest that's almost sure to follow the election, i think its a good idea to think about these things and take some steps to keep you and yours safe.  check out these resources: https://medium.com/@kittystryker https://live-like-the-world-is-dying.pinecast.co/ https://bookshop.org/books/a-paradise-built-in-hell-the-extraordinary-communities-that-arise-in-disaster/9780143118077
Oct 1
31 min
on dead and dying heroes
i learned not to have heroes the hard way
Sep 24
15 min
chasing euphoria
we don't talk enough about gender euphoria. so that's what we're doing this week
Sep 17
28 min
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