ESPN, Tony Kornheiser, Michael Wilbon
Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon face off in the nation's capital on the day's hottest topics.
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It’s great.
Even my 9-year old boys who aren’t keen on watching sports love listening to this in the car with me. They have no idea what’s going on, but love the way the two hosts communicate.
I’ll suffer espn 2 because all I need is the podcast!
Long time listener, first time caller. Love you guys. Keep on keeping on. I rue the day that you guys decide to hang the jersey and stop fighting each other for us all to hear.
My State
If you mispronounce the name of my home one more time I will find you.
Missouri Byrd
Constantly terrible editing
I love PTI but whoever is doing the editing for ESPN continually botches this podcast. From quality of sound (not just during the pandemic) to cutting off segments early to having entire episodes cut out and start over midway through. Get it together
Politics ruins everything
This show has turned into a daily hate filled screed against anyone who might not view the world the way two privileged millionaires view it. I did love this show and watched for nearly 20 years, no longer. Politics ruins everything and you have let it ruin this show.
Yay, more politics
This show has become tiresome. It plays more like a political podcast and not sports. Sports are a way to escape politics and life in general. Now I’m forced to have politics thrown in my face everywhere. It’s tiring. I unsubscribed finally. Best of luck to tony and Michael
More politics than sports.
Politics politics politics. I don’t care about your politics. I’m looking for sports news, and this show has less and less sports news, and more and more politic news.
Goat stuff
Purely the greatest television show of all time, so glad it’s available as a podcast as well.
Dion Coxe
Walk out
Wilbon, time for you to walk out. Kenny the jet walks off. So. Nothing to talk about anyway. No games. Walk off - No pay.
covid no
Double standard phonies
These guys can’t shut up about racism when its blacks or indians...oh the teeth gnashing about the redskins or blm. But when montrez harrell slurs Luka....crickets. Nothing to see here just move along. Screw You especially wilbon your such a preaching moralizer all the dang time.
Favorite podcast to start the day
Love these guys and this show...but what happened to the daily podcasts? I haven’t had any for several days even though the show goes on. Hope they return soon.
Past it’s prime
Wilbon and Kornheiser have definitely changed as they’ve aged, but it seems they are pretty out of touch with the real world. Wilbon has been a one-percenters for much longer but Tony has quickly gone that way over the past few years. Also, the podcast sounds horrible. ADS!
Advertisement volume levels
Gaht dayum. My ears are bleeding from the Ads. Just make the volume levels lower for the Ads. All the reviews are about this 😂
Please fix the AD volume!! It’s ridiculously loud and needs fixed immediately. Show is great but the Ads needs addressed.
Audio levels r trash
Show and content are always great. But the audio levels between show and ads are all over the place. Ads usually come out blaring and send me rushing for the volume button.
Fix the sound
Show is great but the sound on the ads is unbearable. This has been going on for a while and many people have written reviews about this issue so it’s clear no one at ESPN actually reads the reviews. For a company that size to have this issue go on this long is an embarrassment.
WAY TOO MANY ADS. This is a TV show that is incredible, so they just added tons of ads into the podcast and its really bad. As other reviewers have mentioned, the ads are also too loud. TOO MANY ADS
Amazing of course
I am so happy they went back to their traditional format like Wilbon asking Tony something and Toby making a funny joke, etc.
Amazing Super Awesome Dylan
More ads than show now?
Love PTI but the load ass ads now popping up after every topic? Mike and tony deserve better. Goodbye podcast
appleman 503
Too many ads these days!
Man I love the show but what’s going on with these ads?!? They come every couple minutes and are extremely loud.
Ads too frequent and WAY TOO loud
Love the show. Love the guys. In the last few weeks it seems every third minute is another ad and they play at FAR greater volume than the show. Please fix both.
PTI fan since 2004 - But These ads make me want to walk
I love Tony and Wilbon, and would sit through just about any ad to listen to them, but ads between every segment is unreasonable. Please fix this.
What’s with the ads?
Super loud ads in between every story. Is this really necessary? This used to be my happy place. Oh well.
Obnoxious Ad Volume
Blasting those ads is just awful. Is this an actual advertising tactic?
Turn down the ad volume!
Love the show. Suddenly the ads are significantly louder than the show. Blows my ears up every time. What happened? Where is the technical quality control?
For the love of God
Please focus on what we all loved about PTI from the beginning. Sports. We all have our opinions about the current state of the county, but you two are no more qualified to tell us how to think and act than anyone else. You tell us that sports is supposed to be a distraction from our everyday issues, yet you drag the program in to liberal issues that you think are the dominant thought of all good Americans. Stop trying to tell us what to think and do your job as sports reporters.
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Please fix the ads
Can we please fix the audio? I’ve been listening for years and love Mike and Tony but all of a sudden the ads are twice as loud as the show. Makes it tough to listen to in headphones. Hopefully someone at ESPN is reading all these reviews and can get it straightened out.
Commercials in the middle of topics. Bye bye guys. Show is to political and not worth the listen
Too Many Ads!
Very recently PTI has put an ad in between every story rather than in the natural commercial breaks. Plus ads before and after means I’m not going to listen anymore! Even though I love Tony and Mike!
Love this show, too many ads
The ads are coming in mid-sentence, really??? I get the purpose of them, I am not suggesting getting rid of them, but “come on, man!”
Tim R
Fix the audio!!
Love Tony and Mike, love the podcast. But I almost went deaf listening to Tuesday’s show when OUT OF NOWHERE it cuts to commercials and blasted my eardrums! Please fix!!!
What’s going on
What happened to this podcast? All of a sudden we get 3 commercials every 5 minutes? And can you can turn the volume down on the commercials? Please! ESPN is ruining the best podcast out there. Or.....what’s can only get PTI if you pay for ESPN plus? Very sad. Say it ain’t so Tony
Jerseygirl from SC
Wilbon calls everything racist, but the last straw was after the Bubba Wallace fraud when Wilbon called everyone who did not agree with him a racist and then refused to apologize the next day when the “noose” turned out to be a pull string. I so tired you him.
I’m so glad I can take Mike and Tony outside while I garden!! Be a fan for YEARS.
mama hart77
Gone full SJW!!
I used to love PTI, but recently they have gone full SJW. I didn’t mind when it was an occasional political opinion slipped in, but lately it seems like they talk more politics than sports. I come to a sports podcast to hear about sports, not politics. The final straw was when the “noose” in Bubba Wallace’s garage turned out to be nothing of the sort, and instead of the story being how great the outpouring of support was when there was never even a hate crime, Wilson made the story about a guy I’ve never heard of (not even an athlete; just the son of another guy!) making a racist comment. Because that is obviously a more important aspect of the story. I’m officially out.....
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My absolute favorite ESPN content.
Knowledge and wisdom
With no significant sports being played because of a world pandemic these two are a welcome reminder of sports of our past. Continue your great sports commentary; it's excellent!
Sports, not politics
I go to sports as a diversion from politics. I thought ESPN had learned their lesson when the junkie skipper left. Nope.
Tired of Wilbon Hating Everything
Just done.
I can’t wait until sports comes back so you two can stop talking about politics
I’d give it NO stars, if I could. Wilbon is turning into a political putz. Dumb, stupid, and other derogatory name calling pretty much the regular thing now. Bring back Bomani
Dave Gentjil
Best 30 Minute Sports Show
I have been listening to these two since 2005. I love their historical knowledge, contrasting styles, and great insights to all things sports. I listen to them every dan.
Michaelangelos McCormick
Turned to a disappointment
I realize there needs to be informed dialogue about the pandemic & race following George Floyd, but when Wilbon speculates if the CNN reporter was “led off to a noose” and “are we in the Jim Crow South,” I’m out. Wilbon’s increasing yelling and “I’m right because I know Charles Barkley and you’re wrong and an idiot” has run it’s course. Unsubscribe.
Stale and repetitive..
Allow me sum up the show.. Mike: Millennials are dumb and all hail Chicago. (Whilst screaming angrily for some unapparent reason) Tony: I have a podcast, I just won an Emmy don’t fire me, and goodnight Canada..
still the best
I can’t get thru a day without tk and wilbon
Pat hates this
Solid alternative
I’ve been a fan of the show since the beginning. I miss being able to see the show. Podcast keeps me entertained until the show resumes.
Their time is over. They need to retire.
The Best
THE Best sports-related show, whether watching or listening. No yelling or shouting to have your opinion heard over others, just pure sports reaction and experience. These guys are getting up there (especially Tony), so it’ll be a sad day when they retire someday.
Tony and Wilson
Excellent Happy to see you back Tony and Wilson be safe
eruc solomita
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