Promenade Merchants: A Star Trek Podcast
Promenade Merchants: A Star Trek Podcast
Promenade Merchants Podcast
What’s Old, New, and Upcoming in Star Trek, served with a side of raktajino!
Episode 66: The Curious Case of Captain Shaw
Production Note: If you’re looking for episode 65, you can find it in the Strange New Pod feed for Captain Picard Week 2. Thanks once again to the Duras Sisters for joining us. This episode, we talk about the first two episodes of Season 3 of Star Trek Picard.
Mar 1
32 min
Promenade Merchants #64: The Picard Week Preview
Heather and David are getting ready for Picard Week with our friends at Strange New Pod, during the time of no Trek. In this bite-sized episode, we talk about things that aren’t necessarily Star Trek but have a Star Trek feel to them. And we look ahead to what’s to come in 2023.
Jan 24
26 min
Promenade Merchants #63 – A Gap in Trek Time
This episode Heather and David discuss the problem all Trekkies have faced—what to do when there’s no new Star Trek. The crew talk about the things they discovered when Star Trek had gone dormant after the end of Star Trek Enterprise and much more. We wrap up Season 1 of Star Trek Prodigy, with some strong opinions, and look ahead to what we’re most excited about from the Star Trek franchise in 2023.
Jan 10
44 min
Promenade Merchants #62: Fresh Takes from Jonathan Frakes
After we discuss our most iconic Star Trek figures (and we’d love to hear from you), Heather gives us a debrief from Galaxycon Columbus, and the panel hosted by Jonathan Frakes. Later, Star Trek Prodigy has hit another gear of excitement, and David has had a major turnaround.
Dec 14, 2022
36 min
Promenade Merchants #61: Live Logs and Proper!
This week’s episode, we attempt to bring some levity and positivity through Star Trek, starting off with David having nothing bad to say about Jankem Pog this time around! For old business, we get as geeky as possible and look for obscure Star Trek trivia that have yet to be referenced in the modern era. Two quality episodes of Star Trek Prodigy that continue to entrench the animated series into the Trek universe, with maybe a playful jab at Trekkies. And then there’s Mission Seattle…*sigh* Dial 988 if you’re feeling like you need help
Nov 22, 2022
44 min
Promenade Merchants Podcast #60: Star Trek Prodigy’s Future…Badmiral Janeway?
Star Trek Lower Decks’ third season ended with a bang. Several bangs actually. Ships were blown up and blown up good. We’re joined by Anika Dane from the Antimatter Pod to talk all about our thoughts on Season 3. Later, we speculate about the future of Star Trek Prodigy, 12 episodes into its first season. Is the crew of the USS Protostar meeting Starfleet soon? Where is Chakotay? Is Janeway the new Badmiral? (No. No she is not.) Plus, the Borg. Tell us your favorite moments from the Collective. Send us an e-mail!   Follow Anika on Twitter at @manicpixiedane Check out Antimatter Pod  And Follow Antimatter Pod on Instagram
Nov 8, 2022
51 min
Promenade Merchants Podcast #59: Do We Really Need Another TNG Movie?
On this bite-sized episode of Promenade Merchants, Heather and David ponder what some may consider a blasphemous question about Star Trek and the cast of The Next Generation. Later, we discuss two out of three of the newest episodes of Star Trek Lower Decks. Because one of them is strictly for the birds. And the latest on the release of Star Trek Resurgence from Dramatic Games
Oct 19, 2022
34 min
Promenade Merchants #58 – The Podcast…is Landing?
Star Trek Lower Decks continues to give us laughs at maximum warp. Red Rutherford, Delta Shift, and a lesson about relaxation. And we have to talk about the marketing campaign “The Starship is Landing” from CBS, because…huh?! We celebrate the villanous Kai Winn and the brilliant Louise Fletcher.
Sep 27, 2022
42 min
Episode 57: Star Trek Day 2022 Wrap-Up
Star Trek Day took care of a lot of this week’s podcast. We’re breaking it down. Old Business, we want to know. Which Star Trek alien would you like to be? In New Business, all the updates from Star Trek Day and why we’re loving episodes 2 and 3 of Lower Decks. In Upcoming, something new from Nicholas Meyer of The Wrath of Khan fame, and more.
Sep 14, 2022
38 min
Promenade Merchants Podcast #56, the Mike McMahan Reset Button OR the STLV that wasn’t!
We have new Star Trek to talk about, after a long arduous six weeks. Heather has a bone to pick with the Lower Decks main man Mike McMahan after the season 3 premiere “Grounded”. Later, David talks about why DIDN’T go to the 56-Year Mission in Las Vegas, and why being a responsible adult is a bad idea. Plus, bits and pieces are coming out about Star Trek Picard Season 3. Intrigued? Tune in.
Aug 30, 2022
40 min
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