PROFIT With A Plan
PROFIT With A Plan
Marcia Riner - Business Growth Strategist
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Fantastic podcast series
Marcia Riner is so talented and so great at interviewing her guests and turning the interviews into an inspiring, engaging and thought-provoking conversation. She asks thoughtful questions and does not hesitate to double-click on a topic of interest. I would recommend subscribing to her podcast series to any entrepreneurs, business leaders and CEOs, who are on a mission to move from launch to success to significance.
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Great insights for business owners!
On this podcast Marcia Riner provides a steady dose of insights for small business owners to lead a more profitable and enjoyable business. Who doesn’t want that? I encourage anyone who’s interested creating a more valuable business to tune in.
Top notch insights
Besides being a great host, Marcia has a wealth of knowledge and has done a tremendous job of bringing on a wide range of guests to share their expertise. I’m looking forward to future guests and leveling up from the podcast.
Julian Hayes II
Great content!
Thanks Marcia for sharing your expertise and for having knowledgeable guests on the show!
Patrick K F
Great insight!
Marcia asks great questions and offers great insight!
Ashley Micciche